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Back in September of 2012, I was a driving a leased Mercedes C-300 and was interested in lowering my car payments due to a hardship. I contacted South Shore Honda located at 704 W Merrick Road in Valley Stream N.Y 11580 and explained my circumstances. I was faxed a credit app and was approved for a 2012 Honda Accord immediately. Of course I was, my credit was very good up until this point.

I was thrilled and began a process of accepting the Honda and getting out of the Mercedes. Trusting the dealerships knowledge of the process I was instructed by the Finance Manager (Carol) to simply return the Mercedes and pick up my Honda. The instructions that were provided to me was as follows: Return the Mercedes to the Manhattan dealership. I asked if I should request paperwork for the Honda dealership to have and I was told not necessary, just drop it off and return the keys. The Finance Manager Carol instructed me to stop and open a credit card to any department store, giving the fact that returning the Mercedes was going to dampen my credit and by opening the credit card and using it once or twice and paying the bill right away would strengthen my credit after the return of my Mercedes. So this is what I did.

I having been driving the Honda since 9/5/2012 and the lease of this car is now ending. I am shopping for a car after careful review of my credit report. I now realize that Mercedes is holding me responsible for $13000 which is the remaining balance for the term of the lease. I was never told that part from the Honda Dealership when I began this process. I do believe at this point that I was instructed to do this for Honda to gain the sale and I believe somewhere along the line that is fraudulent.

I had never received notification to this from Mercedes due to the fact that I moved, so I am thinking things were OK until now. I have contacted the Mercedes Dealership and Headquarters to Honda to begin the process of clearing this matter and I will certainly be contacting the Attorney Generals office to lodge the complaint. I am requesting that this correspondence is only shared with the Dealer Principal on this complaint and correspondence here after. Thank you.

Satisfaction Rating

I want to tell you about my visit to South Shore Honda on Saturday, January 31. To make a long story short, the service rep wasn't honest. He lied by omission. I'm only one customer, I know. I also know that my dissatisfaction will not affect SS Honda in any way. But I will tell you, that one of the reasons I chose Honda was because of the proximity to my home and the honesty (I felt) of the service center. It is no longer the case. When I spoke to the representative on the phone prior to him ordering a part needed for my car, he told me that my extended warranty did not cover the hardware and that the work would cost approx $92.

When I brought the car in on Saturday, before the work was started, I again asked how much it would be, he again repeated what he told me on the phone. When I picked up the car, to my surprise, the bill was over $300! When I asked about the cost, he told me that he had told me the cost on the phone. He did not. I repeat, what he told me on the phone was the cost of the 'hardware' not of the engine clean. But I guess, what I should have asked was what the TOTAL cost of the job would be, right? Not just part of the job, because customers usually ask what part of the total job would cost, especially when the customer asks twice, correct? Customers will pay for what's needed on their cars. What they want, what they expect is upfront pricing.


On 7/27/2010 I awoke with the intention of driving to work to my surprise my 2008 Honda Accord would not start. I immediately had the vehicle towed to South Shore Honda at above location. I spoke to Jason identified as the Service Advisor and informed him of the problem. I made several calls to Honda on 7/27/10 to find out what the problem was to no avail. I was hesitant to pick up the vehicle Sam informed me there was no charge he changed the battery, and I informed him the battery was not the problem he insisted that it was, and even though I drive the vehicle he had more knowledge than me, and disregarded all of my communication.

On 7/28/10 I was informed by Sam (svc. mgr. ) the vehicle was ready for pick up in which I complied, and I was afraid of being stuck on the highway with the vehicle which eventually happened. I took the vehicle and parked it at my home until 7/5/2010 I went to the bank and got stuck. I had the vehicle towed once again to South Shore Honda and as of today's date I contacted Honda America, and South Shore Honda to no avail. On 7/5/2010 I notified American Honda and received a case no. (which has not assisted in anyway) I still have no idea what is wrong with the vehicle, and no one from South Shore Honda has reached out to assist or inform after hundreds of phone calls by this writer.


I went into a dealership to purchase a car and was told because I was using the Cash for Clunkers program that I would not be able to negotiate the price. I was also told that I couldn't go to other dealerships to find a cheaper car, because they had submitted my paperwork and that Cash for Clunkers was trying to protect the dealers. In addition, accessories were added to our car by the finance specialist, not the salesperson, which led us to believe they were standard on the car. There was no disclosure of prices at all. In addition, options that were placed on the car, such as total loss insurance, was made out to be mandatory.

In the end, the price of the car was $10,000 more than the sticker price with all of these add-ons; and nothing on the contract was itemized, so that we would be able to tell what the cost of the car was. We tried to renegotiate with the dealership, but they were completely closed off to all negotiation, even though they admitted not going over the pricing with us.


I purchased a new 2008 Honda CRV On September 18th. During the Morning I drove up there to process the paperwork and get the insurance in place. In the evening my wife dropped me off. While I was there in the morning, I sat down with Carol, from the Finance Department. She offered me waranty that she said would be for $9 a month for the duration of my finance agreement(36 months).I agreed to this,that the extra 9$ would be added to my monthly bill for 36 months.

That night i was dropped off to pick up my new vehicle. When it was time to sign the finance contract, I noticed that it was about $30 higher than I expected. The warranty I agreed to was not an extra $9 but $30.This came to a total of $975 for the warranty. I refused to sign this contract and accept this warranty. I wanted the contract revised without the warranty. Honda refused at the time, explaining that the person who does this paperwork was not there. It was 7:00 p.m. They told me the only way it could be done is if I came back the next day.

At this point, I requested a full refund. They said I could have the check back that I just gave them, but they could not refund my $500 deposit. The reason was because I did not have the sales receit. Even though I did have the credit card with me, and obviously they knew who I was if they were going to let me walk out of there with a new car.It seemed to be common practice at this dealership. The other salesman and mangers just shrugged thier shoulder and smiled during this ordeal.

One last thing, the finance manager(Carol)was dishonest, THERE WAS NOT ANY MIXUP OR MISCOMMUNICATION. She explained that the $9 extra that she figured out was for 60 months. She explained that she is use to doing 60 month financing and thats why there was a mixup. Her lame excuse does not even add up. $9 for 60 months comes to $540, not $975.

Because they would not refund me $500, I felt i had no other choice but to come back the next day and complete the transaction.

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I brought my 04 honda accord their because it had failed inspection by the state so i needed to know what was wrong.When honda finally called me later that afternoon they told me i needed my alernator and my battery replaced which was gonna cost me about 800+ to replace.What does the battery and alternator have to do with not passing inspection of emmissions?

Now i had already taken it to my local mechanical P&K auto on elmont rd in elmont.He had told me he has checked out the car but he didnt find`anything wrong with my car.No lights or guages was on after i took my car home from P&k but now when i left honda my battery sign came on, my abs sign,my brake sign.I took it back to P&K after i took it to honda after i seen the lights after South Shore.He told me they had done something to the car because after i left the dearlership i noticed those lights and gauges on.

Now this was after one day.I taken it to P&k on Sept. 10 and taken it to honda on the 11.P&K found nuthing wrong with it after i left him on the 10th.I know they had done something to the car and i do have him to say that no lights or guauges was on after he looked at the car.He also has no problem to testisy that nuthing was wrong with the car and someone did something to that car to make the lights and guauges come on.I know my battery and alternator was fine before i brought it to South Shore Honda.That assissant manger i spoke to was DEO.This is South Shore Honda on Merrick blvd in NY.


I had sent a certified letter to South Shore Honda with reference to service that was performed on my 2001 honda odyssey on 3/17/04. My veh, needed the ny inspection done, oil change and a couple of minor things that needed to be looked that were still under warranty. I brought my vehicle in that morning at 8:00am and was told they would call me in a little while.

I did not receive a call from them until 3:00pm and was told my veh. needed several things done first. the a/c filter needed to be flushed, radiator needed something and other things to be done to the veh. i was not expexting. i was told the veh. would be ready at 5:00, i was not given an option as to whether or not the repairs needed to be done at that time, but was later told by a honda representative that they should have given me the option as to bringing my veh. in at another time for those services. i went at a6:00 to pick up my vehicle and it still was not ready. i had to wait another 20minutes.

As i started to go over the bill with the girl, i was flabbergasted at the labor charge for this service, the bill was $550.00 and the labor alone was$450.00. i had inquired about the labor rate as to why it was so much when i only spoke to them at 3:00 supposedly before they did any of the work and the vehicle was ready at 6:30. i was informed that my vehicle was worked on prior to my phone call at 3:00, which indicated that they started working on my vehicle prior to my approvel. It also explains why they didn;t give an option to bring my veh. back at another time.

I had also asked that my speakers be looked at because they were not working properly and was a little statiky. I was told theat they were fine. I had taken my vehicle in later to another honda repair shop and was told that my speakers were blown.. A few days later i had received a phone call from honda calling with reference to the work just perfomed on my vehicle and he was calling to take a survey of satisfaction. I had explain the above to him and how i was very very dissatified with the service and that i refused to bring my vehicle there again for service. I had received a phone call from the service manager at the honda dealer several days later, explained everything again and he said he would look into it and get back to me. never heard from him again.

I had since brought my vehcile into a different honda dealer August 2004 for a possible trade-in and was told that my driver side sliding door must h ave been hit or in an accident because the door had been repainted and the trade-in value would be less. I had advised the dealrership that my veh. was not in any accident and was told must of happened prior to me taking possession of the vehicle.

I had requested a call from the south shore honda dealer to discuss further to a Mr. Ed Parlow and never received a response of any kind. I am very unhappy abouth this situation and i was giving the dealership a chance to address the situation but received nothing.


Please read below a copy of the letter sent to the dealership.

Dear Mr. Parlow,

I am writing this letter to you to share with you my disgust, dissatisfaction, frustration and disappointment I experienced in dealing with your organization. After months of endless waiting for the Honda Accord EX, I received a call on October 15, 2004 at 7:27 a.m. stating my car has arrived and was given the VIN number. I immediately began the process of searching for insurance quotes with the VIN number I was given, so I can finally drive this car I have been patiently waiting for.

On October 21,2004, I met with your sales manager Stephon and your salesperson Dennis Cullen to go over the final figures and to discuss payment options. I was given a trade-in value of $9,700.00 at this time for my Honda Accord EX year 2000 that I originally bought from your dealership. Needless to mention, when you did an extensive appraisal on my car a couple of months prior to this second appraisal, I was told by you that the trade-in value was $12,000.00.

I agreed to the amount of $9,700.00 and began to fill out the necessary paperwork, leave a $100.00 deposit for registration fees and fill out the credit application. On October 22, 2004, I received a call from your salesperson stating I was approved for the loan under the terms I was given which stated a $5,000 deposit would be left on the car, a $4,700.00 check would be given me for the balance of the trade-in and a $300.00 a month car note would have to be made.

On October 24, 2004, I met with your financial manager Shaheed to go over final paperwork and was told the monthly note has been raised to $329.00. I didnt agree to this because it was not what was originally guaranteed. I received a call October 30, 2004 from your sales manager Stephon stating the $300.00 monthly note is still in effect, that it was worked out with the bank and for me to come pick up my car. I came to your dealership November 1, 2004, finalized all paperwork and drove home in my brand new car or so I thought. I received a call on November 2, 2004 stating after another (which would make the 3rd) appraisal was done on my car, it has come to the decision of South Shore Honda that my trade-in was not worth $9,700.00 and the check that I would receive would be $2,500.00 less than was originally agreed upon. I came back to your dealership to try to work something out and was dismissed on all grounds. I was told my contract was null and void if I did not accept the lesser check.

I asked if I could speak with the salesperson, sales manager, you Mr. Parlow or anyone I originally dealt with in purchasing the car and was told, No, you cannot. This deal must be finalized or voided tonight with me without any other options. I assume this statement is in accord with your aphorism, We show our appreciation to our customers by honoring our obligations. This was a totally unfair business practice in the sense that I should have been able to make a decision after speaking with the original people I dealt with.

Mr. Parlow, the $2,500.00 was never an issue, the first car I bought from your dealership, I paid $25,647.00 in cash and every consecutive car purchase thereafter I did the same. The money was never an issue, it was just the principle of me wanting to be treated like the customer that I am. I was told if I drove off in the car I drove there in, the car I signed all final papers on, that it would be reported stolen because my contract was being shredded.

I called 911 to make sure I made the legally correct decision and upon their arrival, I explained the situation to them and the two police officers explained to me that I had every legal right to drive home in either car because there are three business days after a contract is signed to cancel the transaction. After earnest contemplation on this entire ordeal, I felt it was best to just drive home in my old car and so I did. Your employee asked me for all sets of keys to the new car and being that I was coming straight from work, I didnt have them with me, he then accused me of attempting to come back and trying to steal the car by saying, Well, dont worry about coming back here for it after we leave because this car will be locked in the service department.

Mr. Parlow, I am a full-time student working on my 2nd degree while holding a full time occupation and I have never been so insulted in my life. I have referred 3 persons to South Shore Honda prior to this ordeal, all of which have ended in purchases, 2 people to your service department who are now loyal customers and 2 prospective clients that were to come in on a future date.

I have filled out surveys and wrote letters of recommendation in reference to South Shore Honda and am feeling every ounce of regret. I have never had such a catastrophic experience in any dealings in any area of my life.

To make matters even worst, upon my arrival to discuss the options of the trade-in, your staff didnt even deem me worthy of an apology of this whole miscalculation.

If the contract had to be voided I could not dispute it, I just wanted to come back the following day to speak with you and Stephon to work something out and was never given that opportunity. There is nothing that can be done from this point on, therefore I am not asking for anything. I just want you to know you have a lost a VERY GOOD client who has relayed this terrifying experience to many of your other VERY GOOD clients and to prospective clients.

I hope in your entire future business transactions, you keep in mind that you are never just dealing with the one client sitting opposite you, you are dealing with everyone that client knows, everyone they know and so forth. I am very distraught over how I was treated by your staff and I hope anyone else that walks through the doors of 704 W. Merrick Rd. has to never deal with such a horrific experience.

I have to pay canecellation fees with my insurance agency. My credit has been affected by this with no fault of my own. The dealership did not live up to their end of the contract.




In 1996 I was driving my 1990 Honda Accord and the spedometer and tachometer malfunctioned. I slowed down as the car shutoff. After a few moments I started the car and it was able to be driven home. The next day I drove it to South Shore Honda and asked them to do an intensive diagnostic on the car. I have dealt with a certain person at this shop and he always gave me 100% reliable answers, but he was on vacation. The person I dealt with told me he would call me the next day with the estimates and details.

The next day at 3 p.m. he tells me a balancer shaft needed replacement, I said "okay do it". He called me back ten minutes later and says " the engine has oil starvation" and a new engine block has to put in. This is where it I tell him to forget it and put the car back the way I drove it in and I will find another dealership to do a diagnosis. The man told me he could not put it back together and would leave the engine in the trunk and I would have to tow it out and pay 179.03 for work done to the car. I couldn't believe this was happening. I went in the next day for the car and he confronts me that the car is junk and an employee at the dealership would buy it for two hundred dollars.

I paid the money to the dealership and towed it to a local auto repair shop in my parents neighborhood. The car's engine was missing parts and would cost a few hundred dollars to put it back together; it took half a day to test it after the rebuild. Honda's are exceptionally good cars and the engineering behind them rivals BMW and Mercedes for quality. This situation has bothered me for years and I am often very cautious of dealerships and only use one person that I can trust in that dealership that gives me good results. All my friends like Honda but some dealerships are hurting the Company and Honda of America seems not to care. I know it sounds bad but I called the head office for the Northeast, a day after I got the car from South Shore, and the gentleman told me he has to trust the dealer, that was a bad resolution without a proper investigation.

Mercedes always double checks their work because I went with my neighbor and it is an impressive diagnostic reporting system as well as informing the consumer.

This is my last Honda or Acura. It may have been a rare instance for Honda or it maybe something that isn't talked about in public. Honda's and Acura's are good cars but the way the head office responded tells me their system is flawed. This was my only car at the time and I had to commute from NY to NJ by bus to train to bus.

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