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On 9/7/2016 I had an oil change for my Rav 4 for $54.99 and on 9/17/2016 I had an oil change for my sons Rav 4 for $65.12. Both Rav 4, we bought in 2013 from smithtown Toyota. Why there is a price difference for the same job? On 11/24/2016, I went for a lifetime free inspection for my 2013 Rav 4. They recommended wiper insert for $34.99. They claim is torn which I refused because my wiper works 100% well. Then they wanted me to change my engine filter and cabin filter. They did not pass my New York state Inspection. I have never seen any dealership unfaithful and cheaters. Mainly the elderly people are their victims. I have all paperworks with me to prove the above incidents.

Satisfaction Rating

Thank you Smithtown Toyota Service Department for wasting my time this lovely Saturday morning. Set my alarm for 6:00 am to make my 7:00 am appointment and you tell me at 8:25 that the tires you said arrived on Thursday were in fact not in and just sent someone to Middle Island, 30 minutes away, to see if they had them. Took back my keys and will price out tires elsewhere.

Satisfaction Rating

I am very pleased with Smithtown Toyota. As a first time buyer the atmosphere was definite and outstanding. My husband did the research the night before and the next day we traveled from Freeport to Smithtown (Aprox. An hour away) and drove off as new owners to a RAV4 2015, the sales rep ** and financial manager ** we're beyond helpful... Extraordinary and precise. We look forward to doing more business and definitely recommending those who are seeking care, business and a deal. Thumbs up Smithtown Toyota... Thanks for the comfort and a breeze ride.

Satisfaction Rating

My car started burning oil at 62,500 miles, approximately 7/8 of a quart per 1175 miles. I have had 2 oil consumption tests to confirm this. Toyota is unwilling to acknowledge that there is a problem even after I have received a warranty enhancement from Toyota stating that there is a problem. Smithtown Toyota filled the engine oil 3/4 of a gallon over the recommended fill and I had to make them remove the extra oil. They added extra so that it would fail the consumption test and I would be responsible for the cost of the repair. They are not to be trusted and have a manager that is incapable of seeing that there is a problem. He specifically said that Smithtown Toyota does not want to have to pay for the repair even though there is a problem with the engine. If I want the repair I would have to pay the entire cost.

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I am totally disgusted with the visibility when driving my 2006 Solara. It is impossible to see what is in the rear of the car (lower down). I have more scratches and dents on my rear bumper than on any other car I've driven in all my 55 years of driving any car, and I have owned Toyota cars. Recently, I just hit the front driver side front, by the bumper, because I was unable to see a low brick wall while driving into a driveway. Both of my bumpers are totally wrecked due to poor visibility. Anyone who has driven my car agrees. I would like restitution for these damages. This is a constant problem. I don't know who this car passed driving safety inspection.

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Satisfaction Rating

I bought a 2005 Nissan Maxima with 75,888 miles on it by trading in my existing vehicle (2007 Honda Civic Si with 59,600 miles on it) from Smithtown Toyota on December 4, 2012. Exactly one week and one day later on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, I dropped off the car due to some transmission issues I was having (transmission would jerk when shifting in all gears especially from 1-2 and 2-1). I also noticed that my car was making a whining noise, which became louder and higher pitched when the RPMs are higher, and that there was a squeaking noise from the engine bay. The next day, I received a call from Michelle in service saying that the tech confirmed my problem, and the car was going to be sent to a transmission shop that Smithtown Toyota uses (Bayport Transmissions). The tech also tightened my heat shields, which were causing the squeaking noise (the noise came back 2 weeks after I got my car back).

I checked in with them several times (approximately 65 outgoing calls) over the following week. But I was never given an answer regarding my car, or my call would just get disconnected several times. Finally, on Thursday (December 20), Michelle told me that the transmission shop confirmed my suspicion of the valve body of the transmission and that the part was ordered. I knew I would need to give them more time due to the holidays, but as we were beginning week 3 without my car, I called the NYS Lemon Law arbitrators number and spoke with Ann. She called the dealership and was told that my car would have all issues fixed and that they would return the car by the end of the week. At the end of the week, Michelle told me that my car’s transmission work was done, and the parts were ordered for my other concern, which was the timing chain whining noise that becomes louder and higher pitched with higher RPMs. (I had sent her and her technician the Technical Service Bulletin for that job, and the tech agreed that it was the problem.)

It has now been over 3 weeks since the parts were ordered, and according to Michelle, whom I unfortunately still need to call on a regular basis (as I never hear back from her or get a response to my messages), the tools are the only things that have not yet arrived. She advised me to speak with Tom from parts. When I called him, he told me Nissan was giving him the runaround regarding the tools. I found that to be a lie as Nissan does not make the tools (Kent-Moore makes them). I was also able to find a vendor for the tools in less than 5 minutes by searching the internet. I had to then call Tom, and I sent him an email with link to the vendor for the tools to do the job. At this point, I am extremely frustrated and will not do business with Smithtown Toyota ever again.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a 2012 Toyota Tacoma on June 6th, 2012. I traded my 2009 Tacoma that I purchased form Smithtown Toyota. The deal was to pay 62 dollars below the invoice price but have a bug shield, running pipes and the 0.9 % interest rate included in the deal. Well, After purchasing 3 trucks from them in the past, I let my guard down when signing the final paperwork. The Truth in Lending statement had the agreed upon payment we discussed of $284.64. However, after reviewing all the paperwork the next morning, I find out they charged me 3.24% when I clearly qualified for a lower rate. In addition, they charged me $845 for the bug shield and running pipes. This charge was hidden on the Smithtown Toyota car invoice sheet which was among 12 closing papers slipped in the middle of all these documents at closing.

I went online to AutoAnything and found you can purchase these items for $190 with free shipping included. My salesman, Anthony, and the sales crook manager, "Guy," refuse to refund my $845. Also, in NYS, if a customer requests the initial credit report they used for qualification, they are required to provide this document to the consumer upon request. They have refused to do this. So, they are now in violation of New York State banking law. Be advised to be very careful when negotiating with these crooks.

I have requested that the owner call me to discuss this matter but to date, no call. I want the $845 returned to me and for them to refinance this truck at the lower rate I qualified for. I would recommend buying at the Riverhead Toyota facility as they are honest and you don't have to count your fingers after shaking hands with the Smithtown crooks. It's just really too bad that the trust I had in Smithtown Toyota has been destroyed because of a bunch of greedy, untrustworthy sales losers. I will continue my blog (currently 87 followers) about them, redirect as many sales to other dealers as I can and use this terrible experience in my sales training sessions across the Northeast region until they cut a check for $845.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a pre-owned Toyota Corolla 2005 in SmithTown Toyota dealer in January 7. However, the tire pressure warning light was on twice within one week of my purchase. Since I was still in the warranty, I went to the service department. Michelle ** hosted me. But it seems that she didn't check the tire at all and just reset the light for me, telling me it was due to low temperature in Ronkonkoma. I went back, pumped in the air into 4 tires to reach the normal pressure (30). I monitored the pressures with my air pressure gauge along with the temperature and recorded the data.

My measurements shows the tire pressures are independent of temperature. And the pressures of both my front tires dropped a lot. It was only 17 on my left front tire and 18 on my right front tire. I went to the dealer again on January 28, showing Michelle my measurements and my requirements on inspection. However, this arrogant woman even didn't see my results, let alone my requirements on that paper. She kept on talking about the temperature assumption, though we all know it is not the fact on my front tires.

Actually, she even didn't check the tires for me. The tires are supposed to be taken out and immersed into water to see very carefully whether there is leak or something. But she rejected to do that. All she did was pump in the air for me. It does not solve any problem. To sum, the service department, or this Michelle **, refused to do anything that would help in my tire problem I requested. And she didn't help anything useful. I was strongly dissatisfied with their service, attitude, technique and everything.


My husband and I went to Smithtown Toyota on Sunday November 15, 09 and spoke with salesperson Scott. He showed us an 07 Camery which we really liked but had damage on the front right bumper. We decided to buy it anyway. We never talked about what the certification in-tailed. When we returned home my husband looked on their website and found out that a pre-owned certified goes through a 160-point inspection. Which states the "Bumpers are free of cuts, gouges and scratches. So we were pleased to know that the bumper would be repaired.

On Friday the 20th we were getting prepared to pick up the car around 6pm when Scott call to confirm everything. He said the car was ready and going to be detailed now. I asked if they fixed the bumper and he said "what bumper, we never talked about the bumper". I explained about the 160- point inspection and he said he sold it to us as "as is", I explained that he said it was certified and he just got angrier and nasty. I called the Customer Relations Manager, Bob M he said he would speak to them and call back. Brian the pre-owned manager called back furious, saying that your right, your right I'm not going to sell you the car. I explained that I couldn't believe that a company like Toyota would sell certified pre-owned but not do the 160-point check that they advertise. I put in a compliant with Toyota Customer Relations.


1. Violation of Federal Regulation: states that, "NHTSA has clarified that consumers who want to purchase new vehicles not yet on dealer lots can still be eligible for the CARS program. Dealers and consumers who have reached a valid purchase and sale agreement on a vehicle already in the production pipeline will be able to work with the manufacturer to receive the documentation needed to qualify for the program." Smithtown Toyota is active participant of CARS for Clunker programs. But it seems like they are only interested in cash for clunker deals by selling cars to MSRP or closer to MSRP.

Smithtown Toyota did not request a car in their stock. When the print out of above regulation was presented to the sales manager, Mr. Lou **, he flatly disregarded the regulation and said that he does not care for this regulation and would not order a new car which is already in the production pipeline or will locate a car from another dealership only due to my negotiated price. When asked to give in writing whatever he just said, he got very very angry, denied the requests, and:

a. Cancelled the previously negotiated written purchase agreement (which was written a day before by Carolyn with the help of sales manager Anthony to locate a car from another dealership)

b. Immediately and quickly left the office, leaving customers alone surprised, shocked and stunned. His sales person Carolyn ** followed him

2. Disrespect of Members: Customers arrived this dealership as Costco members. Costco Auto buying program offers no hassle policy. Costco Program States more than 2,400 hand-selected dealerships nationwide, participating dealerships are carefully evaluated and selected for their dedication to service, aggressive pricing, proximity to Costco warehouses and large inventories. Mr. Lou ** and Mrs. Carolyn ** has disregarded their position as specially selected dealership to show their professionalism.

3. Greed: Dealership had very visible sign for greed and they have expressed it well. Their attitude and behavior changed completely when documents were presented for cash for Clunker Program. Certainly, they were not happy to materialize on negotiated written purchase agreement. Instead, they got angry and killed the deal.

4. Training: It appears that this dealership is lacking management issues, respect for Federal Laws and Regulations and honoring the agreements with special groups/clubs - also treatment to customer as general. A fresh training would help them to avoid any further situations like this.


the clutch went on my car at 19000 miles and the dealer told me that is not covered under the warenty.
this is not the 1st car that i have ever owned that was stick. i had 2 others 1 - that i never changed at all with 190,000 miles and on at 125,000 that i changed once.

this has made me go into to debt being that they are charging me 1594.91


I wrote a check for 246.00 on 8/24/2004 and I had a problem with my checking acct and I stopped payment on the check. I replaced the check the next time I went for servicing on 4/25/05 with my visa account. As of now the check is still showing as outstanding on my credit report with zenith acquisition and has been with various collection agencies up to this date. I have called and written to Smithtown Toyota and have not even had the courtesy of a reply. I want this taken off my credit report and to stop being sent to collection agencies. This is ruining my credit.

I didn't know it was on my credit report until I went to refinance my home and because of this my credit score is low. This is going on for years now and I want it taken care of.


On February 13, 2007 my 2003 Toyota Camry was in for service. When dropping car off the evening prior I put black clear coat on my rear tires to insure the tires were rotated. When my husband picked up the car - he noticed they had not been rotated. The service associate agreed and asked him to wait for them to be done. He waited 1 1/2 hours and then asked for a manager. The manager was not available he asked for a refund and was told no. He left and we cancelled the check.

The following morning the Service Manager Donna called and apologized for the problem and offered a free service. I explained I would not want my car serviced by them again, becuase I no longer trusted the work they did or would do. They failed provide the service on my car we paid for. She said she would not charge us for the service and would refund the $30 bank fee for the cancelled check. I expressed concern that I had a lifetime oil change and previous service warranties. She said they could do anything about that. I asked for the owner to contact me. He never did.

I contacted Toyota's 800# - A Michele from Toyota called and was rude and explained they could do nothing. I forwarded letters to the President of Toyota and the Owners of Smithtown Toyota and received no responses. I forwarded the $30 bank fee statement via fax and asked for a confirmation response. Donna never called to confirm receipt. On March 16th, 2007 I called and spoke to Donna - she claimed she was still working on the refund. That I would not hear from the owner - she was keeping him at bay and asked sarcasticly did I want the mechanic crucified?. I explained that is not what I wanted, but what I did want was what I had asked for in our original conversation on February 14th and that was compensation for the Free Oil Change program I had and that previous services should be warranted by another dealership. She said that would not happen.

I told her I was planning on going to the Better Business Bureau/Consumer Affairs and she said she would now not refund the $30 bank fee and hung up the phone. How could a company get away with this. Failure to provide a service - charge for it - reneg on promises - not respond to Corporate Letters. How disgusting and unprofessional.

Extremely upset. Lost trust in Smithtown Toyota and it's Corporate headquarters. They need to be held accountable and at the very least be concerned about their reputation.

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