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I went into Smithtown Kia looking to trade my Honda Accord for a Kia Optima. My salesman Victor was very nice. Got my car appraised and good my husband and I that they would buy out my loan so without hesitation we continued to talk numbers on a lease. Finally I came to an agreement. Left a deposit. I had pulled my credit report before I started looking plus my bank had approved me for a line of credit 2 weeks prior to my looking, so I knew exactly what my credit score was.

I received a call to arrange a delivery date. Wow delivery! Ok so I asked what my monthly payment would be? I was told that I needed to speak to the financial mgr. Roy. Four days later the day before pick up I called again to speak to Roy and when I got him on the phone he tells me I'm a tier 5 when I already knew I was clearly a tier 2. Needless to say I was shocked but Roy assured me that my payment would only be a few more dollars a month so with that I did go to into Smithtown Kia to speak to Roy on my delivery date. My husband and I did speak with Roy who assured me the payment would only be a few dollars more now hits me with $60.00 more a month!!! I was tired of hearing salesman crap so I asked to speak to the General Mgr.

The General Mgr Anthony came into Roy's office. I explained my situation. Anthony took another look at my car. Came back in threw a number for my grade at Roy and now the payment went down almost $50.00. I did take the deal because I was truly upside down in my accord and I wanted out.

I do have to say I did go in with all my facts, proof of the facts and I was not willing to take the deal if the price did not go my way. I find that like every car dealer if you're not a knowledgeable consumer they can and will pull a fast one on you. Pull your own credit report and score before your final deal because it will help you out in the 32nd. That's what I did. GOOD LUCK.

Fair warning to all consumers considering doing business with Smithtown KIA. As many other reviews have noted this dealership will say and do anything to get a deal. My wife and I entered into a good faith agreement to lease a new KIA and agreed to terminate our lease early with Hyundai with assurances that I could leave the Hyundai with them and they would return the car. I expressed concern that the car was not inspected and did not want to be blindsided by wear and tear damages on the returned Hyundai. Justin the sales rep assured me and my wife many times that the car was clean and that they were part of Hyundai and they would not risk losing a customer by sending me a bill.

After finding they held the car for over 1 month, I got a $900 bill from Hyundai for damages to the car! The dealership and Justin refused to take responsibility for this after all their assurances this would not happen. I have been chasing them, rarely getting return calls since Oct 2014 and have elevated this to KIA consumer affairs. KIA Consumer affair is useless because KIA Smithtown is an independent dealer and cannot force them to work with me to get this resolved in an amicable way.

My contention that KIA Smithtown is responsible for all outstanding Hyundai Finance charges is based on the following: The transaction and my decision to leave The Hyundai with KIA Smithtown was based on the representation that Hyundai and Kia were under 1 company umbrella and assurances that as such I should have no concerns. Confirmation from the Sales Rep. Mr. Justin ** that the car was clean and not to worry Hyundai would not bill us for anything because Kia and Hyundai don't want to lose customers. Needless to say we accepted the constant assurances and did not expect anything but a positive outcome from his assurances. That the car was agreed that it was left in good condition and but held for an excessive amount of time over 30 days and that the damage occurred while in your position.

I purchased a new Kia Forte from Justin ** and it was a wonderful experience! This was my 1st new car purchase so we shopped for the best service and best price. Not only did he get the car I wanted, but he also got me the best price. Gregg the Sales Manager was very helpful and even thanked me for purchasing at Smithtown Kia. They gave me a 20-year warranty and my 1st year of maintenance for free. The finance manager was kind and very considerate of my time all. When we picked up our new car everything was exactly as promised! I recommend this dealer to everyone I see. Smithtown Kia is the BEST!!!

Very deceptive on their tactics while they give you one price the first day, the price change the minute you go finance dept. by increasing Your monthly payments by $60.0 or more a month and changing the number of monthly payments from 60 to 72. If you don't read the fine print then they want to make you feel stupid by giving you a lecture of simple mathematics and try to force you to get a lease instead because you no longer qualify for the incentives or discounts from the manufacturer. I was very disappointed about this dealership. They were very friendly at the beginning of the deal but they change the attitude when I begin asking questions about my payments.

So after almost three years into our Toyota lease the wife and I decided to start looking for a replacement vehicle. On a Sunday afternoon, 09/29/14 we were passing the KIA Dealership in Smithtown and decided to stop in to see what they had to offer. Well after the wife and test drove the Sportage we were immediately sold so I told the salesman it was time to discuss business. He was relatively new to the job and struggled a little bit with the technicalities but we listened to what he had to say and he seemed like a nice gentleman. I told him that I thought I had about two payments left on the lease at about $240 a month and I would come back with the actual figures. I had these set up on auto pay monthly and was not quite sure of the specific payment or how many were left. So after an agreement was struck I came in the following day and was very clear that three payments were still due on the Toyota lease ($254.18 *3 = $762.54) and was reassured that any other fees (if applicable) would be paid.

I was told that this would all be taken care of and I had nothing to worry about. He assured me that the dealership would buy out the balance of the lease and the transition would be seamless without any out of pocket expense for us. I was on my way to owning my first KIA. The other day I received a late payment notice from Toyota so I contacted my salesman *. *. and he apologized that the payoff was not made and dropped a check in the mail. Check arrived a couple of days later in the amount of $480 from the original guesstimate I provided to him?

He called me back and basically told me that I was out of luck so I'm out $282.54. It is not the money but the lack of honor and integrity especially from this young man that stings the most. He has no concept of life time value, he has lost all my referrals, I will not use their service department or purchase accessories and I will never buy or lease another vehicle from them again. The lesson learned is that they will say and promise anything to make a sale, I let my guard down and shame on me for trusting him. After this experience I will always believe that there are few professions that carry as many negative stereotypes as car salesmen. I have a call into the main headquarters and I will post the outcome.

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Finally checked and refund received. Worst service I have ever received. Have been so far removed from lack of, that it was a reality check. Bad service is alive and well here. We know the line, tell one person and that person tells multiply. If it should ever get better, will pass that on as well. Chapter closed...

After receiving call from Jeff on Saturday telling me to keep looking as refund will be posted to acct on Saturday, the 26th of October, nothing. Decided to wait until this morning, Monday to check for my $500.00 refund deposit and again still nothing!!! Seems they will tell you anything they think you want to hear except the truth. No refund yet!!!! Stay posted... More importantly... Pass by and don't go there.

Today Saturday, October 26, got a call from DLR stating refund was processed. Still not in my account. He states, “Just keep checking throughout the day.” Like I have nothing to do. He was very rude!!! I have been waiting and still waiting for refund since process was initiated on Tuesday. Now I get a call from a woman who left voice message that states, “Nothing more I can do for you, but that you should have your refund either, get this, on Monday or Tuesday.” So who is lying here??

Heard from a woman late last night and told me my deposit refund I would see in my acct today. Well needless to say, I have not gotten it. I checked my acct!!! Seems to have a terrible process in getting refunds back to customers. Stay away from them. I am still waiting for Jeff to call me since yesterday and nothing. This has been going on since I gave them the money last Sunday and today it Saturday. They don't seem to care...this is how they work. Don't go your gas and go anywhere but here!!! I will keep you all updated as to how this comes to an end. Can you say, attorney??

On Sunday, October 20 I went into this dealership thinking I was going to get a vehicle. I put a $500 deposit down which was taken out of my account. On Tuesday, October 22 I personally went back to Smithtown Kia and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Jeff. He was very helpful at the beginning and took all the information that was needed for me so that I can get this credit back into my account. I was told that it would be credited back into my account in a day or two. Needless to say Wednesday nothing, Thursday still nothing. Friday I called again and spoke to Jeff and asking where is my money. He goes on to explain they have a process that has to be followed through and that he will check. He calls me back to tell me that I should get it today.

I've been checking my account all day and still nothing. I sent in a complaint on their website and a young lady called me back tonight (thank you Alysia) and claims that I should have my money tomorrow which is Saturday. Terrible service was rendered to me. If I had not decided to send in a complaint through their website I would not have gotten any call back as Jeff still has not returned my call. At this point all I am still looking for is my $500 refund which they claim will hit my account tonight. Such aggravation!!! I have never ever gone through this type of lack of service as they rendered to me. Service is on their recordings but certainly not in their vocabulary. Poor!

Just had what I would call the worst experience shopping for a new car. Salesman rushed us through deal on Sat. night saying we must pick up on Monday, Labor Day. In the process they low called my trade and then came with a reasonable number on the car. We were apart around $1,000. I said thanks but the only way I old I it was for a net after trade (before taxes) of $19,000.00. Then he gave me lease numbers that I said sounded okay but I needed to think about whether I wanted to buy it so keep all the paperwork in case. He was going away but his associate can handle.

Someone was to call Monday and arrange for pick up. 11:30 no I called. "Please call back later." 12:30 I called, associate not to be found, finance guy said he knew about deal, car was already prepped and to come in 2:30. 2:30 sit for an hour and told to please go home and come back in hour. Return 4:00 "Be right with you." At 5:30, they realize they never got insurance binder. Had to call and have emailed since no one there could apparently work fax. A call to selling salesman away for the weekend - no response or call back. Finally at 6:00 "Finance guy will see you." Gave me paperwork with selling price $3,000.00 higher. Says that if I took zero finance, I lost rebate. Can do mis threes as to rate. I complained, okay, can do 1.9 percent. I said okay.

Whoops, he made mistake. It was now 2.9 percent. Doesn't know how salesperson got $19,000, they can't sell for that even though sales manager who agreed to the deal was sitting right outside and never had the courtesy to even come in to explain to me. We said we have never had such an experience (we have four cars, are a repeat customer, and have a credit score over 800), told them to put plates back on old car and left.

Okay, here it goes! First, in a nutshell... do not do business with Smithtown Kia located on middle Country Rd in St James N.Y. (Long Island)! Here's why... I bought a slightly used 2012 Optima with about 16,000 miles on it and picked it up September 18th, 2012. While signing final paperwork, I noticed a charge of $2,000 for "Profolio," which tuned out to be an extended warranty. At first I was annoyed because instead of the finance guy asking me if I wanted it, he just threw it on. After he explained all it covered, I let it go.

Exactly one week later, I went back to cancel it after reading nothing but bad reviews on the warranty company. Well, the finance guy then became standoffish and it was oblivious he didn't want to cancel it. I stood fast and said I don't want it. The contract stated I had two months to cancel and get full pay back to bank since it was rolled into loan. He got the cancellation form and after I filed it out, he stated it takes six weeks to cancel. So I waited the six weeks. During those 6 weeks, I called the warranty company 3 times to see if they got the cancellation from the dealer. They stated they never received any thing at all on my car.

So after the 6th week, I called Roy (the finance guy) to see what's the deal. He said he had to get back to me after he contacted their main office (wherever that may be). So after a week of me calling Roy and the general manager Anthony, and of them never calling me back when they said they would, I called Kia customer service which like most people had said, they do nothing but call the dealer for you. After another week, Kia customer service called me to tell me the money was sent back to bank. This is mid-December 2012 now. I saw they only returned $875 of the $2,000 they were supposed to. I called Kia again and they said they'd call the dealer. Kia called me and said the dealer would call me at after New Year's because now the guy handling my case at the dealer was out till then and Kia was closing the case on their end because it involved a third party (the warranty company).

So of course, after the new year, I heard nothing from the dealer so I took them to small claims court in late April. A man was there representing the dealer (turns out to be the general manager Anthony, who is also a paralegal according to him) and he asks for an adjournment. So it was granted and the next and final court date was June 6th. When the judge called my case, Anthony said he wanted to settle. So we stepped into the lobby and he proceeded to shake my hand, apologized and blamed the missing $1,125 on the bank crediting the wrong account. So we signed a 15-day settlement that Smithtown Kia would pay me the $1,125 by June 21st because according to Anthony, "I've waited long enough."

So this past Thursday the 19th, still no check from this place that is like less than two miles from my house. I called Anthony at the dealership and politely reminded him he had two days to pay me. He stated, "Oh, the check was just cut and I made sure it was mailed out Wednesday." So now it's the 21st and it doesn't take 3 days for mail to come from the next town over. So if I don't get the check tomorrow (Sat), then I'm going Monday to the sheriff to start a bank execution since Smithtown Kia obviously doesn't want to pay me 8 months after I canceled the warranty.

I've told every and anyone who would listen not to buy from this crooked dealership. It has bad reviews all over and a BBB rating of F! This dealer is full of crooks and liars who once they get your money, they never want to turn it.

When I purchased a Kia Sorento EX, they didn't have the color that I wanted. So they told me that it would be a couple of days and that they would call me. Needless to say, they did not. I went back to them and I was told that it was on the way, and it would be arriving the next day. Again, no one called me. I went back to them and I was told to choose a different color. I refused. **, the manager, then told me that he would get the color that I wanted in a couple of days and that he would call me. Again, no call. This went on for two weeks. I finally got tired of this runaround and went to Kia of Riverhead; I got the car that I wanted the very next day. Smithtown Kia has a bunch a crooked salespersons and an even bigger crook as a manager.

I purchased a 2010 Prius from this place and they called me a week later telling me that they forgot to add the taxes in the car. They would not speak to me the right way. I asked them questions and they hung up the phone on me, from the finance manager to the general manager of sales. I would like to know how we can solve the issue of their mistake by leaving out the taxes. I see a car that was supposed to be $16,900 and it was $17,700 and came out to over $20,000 with a warranty for $2450 which I thought was $1250 because the finance guy, Jay, said that it was 20 dollars for 3 years.

So now, they tell me to pay up or they are going to repossess my car that I did not even get a payment book for yet. They said they will figure out a way and get back to me and that is their way. They are rude and cruel and dishonest and will not even let you know who owns the company. Even the people who answer the phones hung up on me. They would not give me the sales rep who sold me the car to speak with. So what does a girl do besides hand her papers to her attorney? I did trade a car in when I purchased this one.

This was the worst car buying experience ever. Everyone in this dealership was a piece of garbage. They were all typical sleazy salesmen and managers; Charlie was the worst. I put a down payment on an Optima on July 6th, Peter was my salesman at first. He promised the car within a few days and said they just had to locate the model and color I wanted from another dealer. I waited and waited. Nothing. The worst part was that Peter said he was going to be in the office the next day working on locating my car. Funny thing is, I bumped into him the next day at DMV when I was returning my plates during lunch. He was off that day. No calls, no car yet.

I called the next day, no response. I couldn't find the car yet. I had to drop off a registration the next day to "validate" my incentive for going from a Honda to a Kia. When I went to the office, Peter was there but never acknowledged me or said a word. He was helping a new customer, so what the **, just ignore your previous customer? I called everyday to see where my car was. Nothing. I got so bad that Peter would not even take my calls. I was put on hold, switched to his phone and when my caller ID number came up, he would see it and immediately place me back on hold. I finally had to speak to the manager Tony --another piece of garbage.

He, too, promised me next week. NOTHING! Charlie then got involved and he told me: Don't talk to anyone but me, I am handling your deal now. Great, I thought. Then I got the runaround from him every single day. The car was coming in soon, it's on the truck, should be here today. I'd call and hear another excuse everyday! This went on for two weeks. I finally asked for my money back. Charlie said, I promise you the car is coming in on Monday, you have to be patient. I said I had been more than patient in the last 3 weeks. Monday came and went with no car. Tuesday, he said it was scheduled to be delivered but the truck must have been delayed. Wednesday, I called again and he told me that the car they needed to swap with was deliver that day; now all he needed to do was send his driver to "swap" the dark gray car for the light gray I wanted. That would be tomorrow, Thursday. He told me to call in the morning and he would personally handle the transaction.

I called again Thursday morning but I was told that Charlie was on vacation! Now I had to talk to Tony again. Tony said, I don't know what you're talking about, we didn't get any cars delivered yesterday! Unbelievable, lie after lie after lie with this Smithtown Kia dealer. I asked Tony that day to cancel my deal. He said fine and would refund my deposit. It has been two weeks and I still do not have this refund. The best part of all this, I went to Lindenhurst Kia the same day I canceled my deal and they had the exact same model I wanted. I put the deposit down and had my car the next morning. No one should go to this Kia. They are the worst dealer ever. Not even the other KIA dealers in the area will work with them that is why they have such a hard time getting cars in. I was the third person in less than one month who left Kia Smithtown having the same problems and went to Lindenhurst and got a car within days!

I am writing this letter in regard to my recent purchase from the Smithtown KIA dealership located on 726 Middle Country Road, Saint James, NY. I would just like to start by saying it was the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered while purchasing a car in the 46 years of my life. I was in contact with a sales person named John **, who gave me a fair price on the car I most desired: the Optima Hybrid in pearl white. I saw this car at the NYC car show at the Jacob Javits Center and wanted the exact same thing. I understand the color of my choice was not available so John and I worked together to get as close to my choice as possible. When I finally compromised on a color I was not completely satisfied with and we came down to the financing processes and I was approved for a loan immediately.

Being a business man by trade, I figured my payments out based on the price, loan length, tax, and loan rate of 1.99%. This should have come to $151.00 per month. Denis, the finance manager at that dealership, called me into his office and quoted me a price of $225.00 per month. When I questioned this number Denis said this includes the extended warranties which is mandatory to take with a Hybrid. This was not explained to me until that day of closing, and I later found out this is inaccurate information.

I was also offered a "deal" by a man named Tony, a sales manager as well, on the warranty. If I gave them $700.00 up front, I would not have to pay $1550.00 plus tax throughout the length of the loan. So I skeptically gave them my debit card because I was in a vulnerable situation, I had sold my car and had no vehicle. The man in charge of finance department, Charlie, passed a comment that it's no big deal I have a lot of money. I found that a complete insult. Not to mention a scam in the works. However, due to my vulnerability, I signed my life away.

Later I found out it was not mandatory to take this plan, and the $700.00 that they promised would later become $1550.00plus tax added to my loan. When I called to get my warranty moneys back, I was put off in the rudest way. So I went to the dealership and Denise, the finance manager, ran out and refused to discuss this with me in person. I am still trying to get my money back. Charlie, the sales manager, keeps telling me to call back another day. This has been going on for too long. I am aware I am entitled to cancel within 60 days. I also realize they conveniently neglected to give me a copy of these warranty policy regulations.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the Attorney General, the president of the KIA Corporation, the Better Business Bureau and the Smithtown dealership as well. If I need to contract an attorney to retrieve my refund in full, I will expect that cost to be absorbed by this corporation too. Thank you in advance for listening to my unsatisfactory experience. I was treated unfairly and it will not go unnoticed.

I went in to purchase a Kia Forte and got this great sales pitch on how they can save me so much money. I left $100 deposit. The next day, I called to find out what deals they got me and told me to come in at 3:30 that they couldn't discuss it over the phone. When I get there, they told me they got me approved for a Kia Optima not the forte as I requested. Then they called me into the finance dept and gave me a ridiculous monthly payment amount and told them no way refund my money. Two weeks later after a lot of *** from them on how they had to go to Toyota to do a refund and all this stuff they never refunded my money. I am still waiting for a refund. Smithtown Kia is a rip off who needs your deposit money because no one in their right mind would purchase a car from these thieves.

I walked into KIA of Smithtown on May 28th looking to buy a KIA Forte. I was already a KIA owner whose car needed extensive work done and was at their service center. I realized it was a better option to invest in a new car rather than the 2004 KIA I already owned. I filled out the paper work that Friday and put $500 down on my debit card and they sent me on my way after telling me they would call me the next day. After not hearing from them by 12pm the next day, and in desperate need of a car, I decided to call them instead. I never got a straight answer. All they told me was that it was a busy weekend and they were taking care of other customers.

By 3pm, after being told they would call me back (and never did) for the 3rd time, the salesman told me to come in Monday 10am to finish up the paperwork. On Monday, I received a call telling me not to come because of the Memorial Day holiday and the people that could put the paperwork through would not be there and to stop by Tuesday after work. The salesperson assured me he will be there until 9pm. I called Tuesday after work at about 6pm and to my surprise the salesman left for the day. I decided I needed to stop by and get some answers. This is when I dealt with the manager, Charlie. They didn't tell me anything they couldn't have told me Friday or Saturday the latest. I basically couldn't get the car because the interest charge would have been extremely high. These people wasted my time for three days with my money in their pocket.

The next day, I decided to go a Nissan dealer and it was the best choice, they actually want to sell cars. The people at Nissan went above and beyond my expectations. I left with a Nissan Altima the same day. I needed to call Charlie to let him know I needed my downpayment back. At first, they kept giving me the runaround. They kept me waiting on the phone then the line got disconnected or so I want to believe, not that they deliberately hung up the phone. When I finally got through to Charlie, he informed me he would have to put the paper work through home office and then they will reverse the payment and depending on the bank, I will see my money early next week.

I want you to keep in mind one little detail, Nissan had to reverse a payment in error made with my debit card and they were able to do it right then and there with no need to get in touch with home office as I was told by Charlie. Nissan's reversal cleared within two business days on my bank account. On Thursday (6/10), after a week of my conversation with Charlie, I still did not see the reversal of the $500. I then decided to call and find out what was going on. The salesperson I had originally dealt with told me he will find out from the manager and to call back the next day, Friday. On Friday (6/11), two weeks after the first time I walked into KIA and left my $500 with them, I talked to Charlie and he told me that they have been waiting for me to come with my debit card because they needed my card number in order to process the reversal.

At this point I've had it with them and completely lost my cool. I demanded an explanation to why they did not contact me telling me they needed my card and why Charlie did not inform me of this when I spoke to him the week prior. I requested they put my reversal through immediately and Charlie had the audacity to tell me he will do it when he has time, if not, he will do it Monday. I decided to call KIA's customer service and put forward a formal complaint. At that moment, the customer service representative got in touch with Charlie and made him put my money back instantly. Needless to say, the money cleared in two business days on my bank account. I was so appalled by Charlie's actions that I made it my goal to let as many people know about his nasty tactics and to stay away from KIA of Smithtown.

I am a 38-year old single mother and this is my first time ever buying a car, new or used. I had a check in my hand for over $27,000 made out to Smithtown Kia. I had this check for one week, waiting to get into my new car. On Saturday, March 13th, I signed a sales agreement with Salesman Harold ** (with the help of General Manager Charlie) for a 2011 EX V6 Sorento. They did not have the exact car I wanted in stock, but Charlie found one at a dealer in New Jersey that according to him, "We do dealer swaps all the time. I can have the car here by Monday". I agreed, signed a sales contract and put a $500 deposit down on the car.

Harold called me on Monday and said it would be ready for pick up on Thursday and that he would call me on Wednesday to set up an appointment. He never called. I called on Thursday and Harold said it was delayed but on it's way now and would be ready for me to pick up on Saturday morning. He would call me Friday to set up an appointment. I was not called again. I called Friday afternoon and this time, I spoke directly with the General Manager Charlie. He said the car hadn't even left New Jersey. He also said, "You know, if you had just bought a car from the lot, you would be driving it right now" (implying it was my fault that I was unhappy with what was going on). He promised that his guys would be picking up the car on Monday morning and everything would be settled Tuesday afternoon (the 22nd, a week after he had originally promised to be able to get the car!).

Saturday morning, I received a call from Harold, someone who had blatantly lied to me twice and not follow through on promised phone calls to me. He said to me in a completely fake concerned voice "Kim, what happened?". By this time, I never wanted to hear his voice again and I let him know it. Monday the 22nd, once again, I was not called. When I finally broke down and called the dealership, Charlie had already left and no one knew of any car being delivered. I had someone in my corner who stood up for me (kind of Consumer Advocate). Charlie called me Tuesday, March 23rd. I told him to refund my deposit. He took my credit card number and said my account would be credited in a couple of days. I don't believe him so I put a dispute on the charge with my credit card company. This is my first and last car buying experience with Smithtown Kia and probably Kia in general.

I have had an ongoing problem with Smithtown Kia. In January of 2010, I signed a contract with Kia and left a $1,000 check on a 2011 Kia Sorento. I was told at the time of the contract that I would have the Sorento by the end of the week or at the very latest the beginning of the following week. When that time passed I was told to give it another week.

In the beginning of February, I was told that the sales personal I had dealt with had been fired and that in the future I would be dealing with the sales manager Charlie G. Well, he never called and sometime in mid-February, I called Kia's main office to find out what the problem was. I was told that I should have already had the car and that there were several in the Northeast which could have been driven or shipped to NY.

Two weeks ago, I called Charlie to ask him the status of my Sorento. He told me I would have it on Thursday which was only three days away. When I called the following Monday, he told me they had received a total of four Sorentos but they were sold to other clients I was totally baffled by that remark. He assured me my Sorento was coming in within a few days. It did not and still I let yet another week go by giving them the benefit of the doubt.

On Saturday March 6,2010, I went into their store and asked him for my money back. He told me he could not give it to me and that I would have to wait another week. This has created a great deal of stress for me because I am still in need of a car. I would like to file this complaint because they cashed my check in the 3rd week of January with no results. Empty promises are the only thing I have received from this company and I hope that they are forced to return my money and that they are instructed by the BBB and Consumer Affairs that these kinds of practices are not acceptable or are allowed by New York State. All I want is my money back. At this point, I am in the process of purchasing another car from another company and I need my money asap.

we have a 2006 sedona that has defective emergency brakes. thaey fail to hold the van in my driveway which is steep and this has been snce we took delivery of this van. this problem has been ignored and denied by all people until the factory serice rep was brought in. his repair was short lived. also the van has a water leak in the third row seat storage area. the motor has a knock when started in the am and this engine has only had synthetic oil used in it.last visit to smithtown they refused to look at van and my wife got stuck as a result of them not checking the charging starting system.

Loss of vechicle for mutiple failed service attempts . musty smell in van. noisy motor. no tradein value at dealership.

My wife & I stopped by Smithtown KIA one evening, shortly before the dealership was closing to inquire about a used KIA Sedona we'd seen listed online. After speaking with an extremely nice salesman & taking the car around the parking lot for a quick spin, I placed a $500 deposit to hold the used car while we made a final decision. We were told the deposit was fully-refundable. [I did NOT agree to purchase this or any other vehicle during the visit.]

Upon returning home, we saw this same vehicle was listed on KIA's website for several hundred dollars less than it was being offered to us. After a phone call or two, the salesman agreed to offer us the lower advertised price.

My wife returned several days later to look at the Sedona again & give it a real test drive. In the daylight, a fair number of minor dings, scratches, etc. were clearly visible which had obviously not been attended at the dealership. When these were pointed out, an offer to touch them up was made.

The test-drive was satisfactory - not bad in any way, but not overly impressive either. Unconvinced this was the right vehicle, we stopped by several other dealerships & subsequently found a different pre-owned mini-van that was more suitable/right.

This morning my wife called Smithtown KIA & told the salesman we would regrettably not be purchasing the Sedona. He told her to simply bring in the Yellow copy of the slip we were provided originally & the $500 deposit would be refunded. Up to this point, we'd never had a more pleasurable experience with any car dealership - or salesman. [Kudos to Brad!!!]

Shortly thereafter, the Used Car Manager, Rich Milano, called my wife to ask how they might salvage a deal, inquiring about what we were looking for, if we'd found another car, etc.,... He stated he had other vehicles [KIAs, Hondas, Toytas] available. My wife politely explained we'd already made a decision & would not be buying one of their cars & the call ended.

Rich Molina called back a few minutes later [I answered the phone] to now say he would NOT be refunding my money. When I said we'd been less than an hour before & that the deposit was NOT made as part of any purchase agreement, he said the salesman was no longer involved with the sale [?]. His demeanor was unpleasant, if not outright combatative - citing my obligation for 15% of loss or damages resulting from my failure to complete the purchase [which I never agreed to/finalized in the first place]! I asked for the name of the dealership's owner & requested he call me directly.

I have contacted KIA [Corporate] Consumer Relations to register a formal complaint; contacted the Credit Card company & put the charge in dispute; and my wife drove over to the dealership to return our Yellow copy. She received a receipt, but no clear indication any refund has been/is being processed... I await a call from the owner.

In the meantime, I'm gathering Consumer Protection contact information at the County & State level, the Better Business Bureau, etc... I fully expect the Credit Card company will validate my dispute - but am still outraged by having to deal with the stereotypical used car salesman tactics & attitude displayed by Smithtown KIA - and Rich Milano, specifically!

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