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I sent this letter after about three weeks of attempted arrangement with the initial salesman to pick up floor mats: There are no floor mats in my brand new car. I picked up the car at night in the rain, my observation skills were not at peak performance. When I called the next day, the salesman said to check the window sticker; floor mats are not on the sticker. When the initial sale was taking place, we never reviewed window stickers or options, we drove a test car which he said would be the same inside (picked different color, but it had floor mats) as the car I choose.

Over three weeks of calls which were not returned by my salesman, I did reach him today and he provided a disingenuous statement of which inspired this letter. It is such a small item that I can easily provide myself; however, the way in which this transpires soils my future prospect of leasing with Toyota. I emailed this letter to four depts at Rockland Toyota. I received this response: "I am sorry that your vehicle did not have floor mats, but floor mats are an option item in every car. I am the sales manager who worked your deal for you the night you were here and also authorized Reggie ** to pick you up the following morning from your house to complete your deal. I would love to provide you with a set of mats at dealer cost in order to accommodate you, please let me know if you're interested that option. Again, I am sorry that you didn't order mats with your vehicle but We would be glad to order you a set for your new vehicle".

They offered me $137.00 floor mats, dealer cost $99.00. I purchased a set on my own for $11.00. I was not satisfied with the way in which this transpired. Options seems to be the emphasis of this situation. I believe the salesman to be at fault for moving forward on the deal and not clarifying options. I am upset that I received a response which appears as if my letter was not read. I fault myself for impulsivity as a consumer for not handling this sale step by step.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a van 6 months ago with extended warranty. I take the van to Toyota for ABS light and find out they will not cover the repair because of rust in the under carriage of the van. The bottom of the van was rusted from water damage. 6 months and 2000 miles sounds like a hurricane flood car.

Satisfaction Rating

When I bought the car, I was promised a car wash every time I had an oil change. For the first three, no problem. However, for the fourth and fifth, I was told the machine had broken and to write the owner to rectify the situation. I registered a complaint and was told in so many words, "**. We aren't fixing the car wash" and that was an extra service never promised by a Tara, who I must tell you was a little snotty on the phone. They could care less about keeping their word. My lease is up in one year and I will surely not solicit them for a renewal.

Satisfaction Rating

I took my car in for the 5,000-mile tire rotation. After two hours, they returned the car with the front bumper hanging off the car. At first they tried to get me to use my insurance for the repairs, but I would not allow them to do so. They then took my care to the repair shop and said that the car would be ready on Monday as the incident was on Tuesday. Monday came and gone and they did not call me to come get the car. They finally called me on Friday and said the car was ready. When I got the keys back, the service manager told me that they were upset about what happened and that they were going to do something for me. I asked him what they were thinking about doing. He said they will call me with the result.

The call never came. The new parts are not fitted properly and I can still see the ripples in the paint. The car is a Camry XLE hybrid and now the electric motor is making a clucking sound when the car is going slow. I called the dealer to let them know the problem and they said that I should call back in 8 days when the service manager, who assisted me when the care was damaged, returned back to work as he is the only person who can assist me with the car. At this point the car is parked at my house with 6,000 miles on it and I cannot drive it.

Satisfaction Rating

I went to purchase a used 2007 Lexus GS350, and I made an appointment to see the vehicle and test drive. Upon arrival, I noticed the car was not on the lot. I was advised by Finance staff that the Asst. Manager took the vehicle home for the night. How do you make an appointment with someone and then let your staff take the vehicle home for the night? The Finance director attempted to smooth things over by stating he will bring the car to my home so I can test-drive it. I understand that the vehicle is used, but clearly, I don't wish to purchase a vehicle that has been dogged by the staff. I also don't like to have my time wasted.

The real kick in the pants is my daughter is an employee there and attempted to purchase a vehicle from them and they were not even accommodating to an employee. Hence, we went to Nissan and purchased a lovely brand-new vehicle without hassle with sales staff that was very accommodating and even purchased a meal and beverages for us while we waited for the vehicle to be prepped. This salesman was so accommodating at Nissan that the transaction ran after hours and he stayed and washed the vehicle personally so we could take it home that night. Thank you, Nissan! Rockland Toyota, you can go scratch your ass!

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Satisfaction Rating

Tricked by Rockland Toyota - I went in on 05/28/2012 and was given a quote of $28875 on a Toyota Venza XLE including destination fee. I got it down in writing with the features that came standard and said I would be back in a day or two to purchase. On 05/29/2012, I called back and reconfirmed the deal and they said all I need to do is come and bring in my license and relevant documentation. I did all the needful and came back on 05/31/2012, the last day I could get 0% APR to buy my car and they tell me, "Sorry, we gave you a wrong quote. That was on an LE and not an XLE. The new price is $32000 and change."

I repeatedly asked them if they would help me out and compromise as it was too late for me to go to another dealership and not miss out on the 0%. They refused and said that the max they could do is invoice. I showed them another quote for the same car from another Toyota dealership that was lower than what they were stating was invoice and they immediately said, "We will match that too."

These folks have no integrity. They state a lower price to get you in the door and they go back on their word and put you in a bad spot. I would never go back here and never recommend these treacherous folks to anybody.


I took my 2007 Camry in for stuck accelerator problem. I was told it would take 2 hrs and actual was 5 hr. They had no loaner cars. I was told the floor mat fixed when it wasn't. I was told the oil leak recall was done despite the fact that it had been done 3 mos. earlier at another dealer. Consequently, I lack confidence that the work was actually done and lost 1 days work. Apparently, dealer is billing Toyota headquarters for work that was never done. I may still be driving a time bomb!


I came in to buy a car on the winter of 2010. Within two or three minutes the salesman told me if I wasn't serious about buying a car, "Don't waste my time." At a time when nobody is buying cars! I was flabbergasted. I would never buy anything from these people. This is a schlock operation. Rude and overbearing. I can't imagine buying a car there.


I took my vehicles several times for service. They kept it for almost a week each time, drove it back and forth to Middletown. They gave me no rental until the last time I refused to accept their crap. And they did not document properly my complaint, waited until the warranty expired (engine lights kept going on and off periodically), fixed one catalytic converter during warranty. The lights came on again and they did not document this or it was erased from the system. When I finally confronted them, they refused to fix a pre-existing condition (Chris, the customer care rep refused to fix the problem). He asked me to wait until he went back to India - he was trying to see what he could do. I have a business and this is absurd. I went to Toyota seven times in nine months with two Toyotas and in two cases had to diagnose the bearing problem myself. t=They failed to detect this.


I also bought a Toyota Tundra from Rockland Toyota and received a ticket for no inspection in the city. The truck was only 6 months old! I never complained and got over the minor glitch. However, I went back to buy a Sienna for my wife 3 weeks ago and settled on a price. The next day, I sent my wife down to close the deal and some manager told her no mam we can’t give it to you for that price, and raised it an additional $750.00. And told her there were no deals from Toyota when the clunker deal was being used. How low down can you get? The clunker deal is a government program not a Toyota program!

Here’s my deal, I work very hard for my money and am glad the government is helping to get rid of old cars and give a nice price for them. But when people take advantage of you riding the back of tax paying people, I don’t believe they should be allowed to partake in the program. Shame on Rockland Toyota, very unprofessional and greedy to boot. I’ll never do business with them again.


I must be fair. Rockland Toyota fixed the issues regarding their maintenance repair of my 1992 Toyota All Trac Turbo Celica. They fixed the clutch properly and after driving the car to Virginia from Rockland, I have to say that given the chance Rockland Toyota strives to alleviate the problems of a past repair, that means they are pros. The car drives like new since Rockland Toyota fixed some work that was done wrong or had defective parts.


I had new clutch, struts, timing belt installed on 1992 Toyota All Trac Celica. Clutch engages completely wrong, it's not smooth. The car shakes violently as well at 40 mph. Dealer won't fix either issue after spending over $10,000 for maintenance. Car was never in an accident and I'm the original owner with only 75,000 miles on it. It was in perfect driving condition prior to delivery for above service. I figured since the car was 16 yrs old, to have the work done. It is my baby, oil changed every 2,000 miles. I am 83 yrs old. The car is not drivable now; they ruined my car. This car is extremely rare, and they ruined it, but I believe it is fixable. Rockland Toyota doesn't have the intelligence to work on this car, it seems.


purchased scion xa 2005 basic- no add ons. car came in with floor mats, did not even notice... they were just floor mats afterall. I was then notified that i was mistakenly given floor mats and that if i did not return them that the price would be added on to my car payment. Had to drive all the way back from manhattan to return floormats.

Then I was contacted by my insurance company that they never revieved a fax of my window sticker from Rockland Toyota. Long story short... after several frustrating visits to the dealer about a simple fax of a window sticker (that I did not possess to fax myself) I was told to calm down and that it wasnt really their responsibility to deal with my insurance... only a courtosey. had i known that in the beggining i would have kept the sticker and faxed the info myself. Summary- extremely unprofessional dealer!


I had a very unprofessional and treacherous experience at Rockland Toyota. I was deceived with the vehicle I purchased. I was told by the salesperson the 2007 Toyota Tundra I purchased had a TRD package. There is a sticker on both sides of the vehicle stating TRD off road which to me would also indicate the truck was equipped with it. I later come to find out, about 4 days after the purchase, that the truck was not equipped with the TRD package.

Prior to my finding out about that, I received a call from the dealership, about 3 days after purchasing, saying they gave me illegal plates. The vehicle is classified as commercial and I only received standard, non-commercial plates. I drove on parkways such as the Taconic and Palisades where a commercial vehicle is prohibited and unsafe.

Furthermore, the inspection sticker expires January 2009 when I paid $37 for an inspection which should expire September 2009 that I did not receive. Elsewhere inspections are $21. They also did not provide me with an owner's manual.

After finding out I was deceived I called the dealership numerous times and basically got nowhere. I called Toyota Headquarters and got no where also. The owner called me on 9/11 and told me the stickers on the sides are designs. That's FRAUD to me not design! He refuses to take the vehicle back. He refuses to put the TRD package in the vehicle I purchased because it costs too much. He offered running boards or fog lights to alleviate the situation. As I was purchasing the vehicle the salesperson said I was complaining like a little *****. I have exhausted all my options with the dealership and will be taking legal action.

i went there, they sell me a toyota corolla, used car, the price tag was 8.000 and when i signed the document it did show the amount after all taxes calculated, i stuck with the bill of 16800, after i paid for 2 years, whats really happen is the interest was so high as 22% and i will stuck with this car for four years more to pay, thus insane,

why can they not explained the hidden cost to the people, so that they can decide, whether they want it or not, please any one should be carefull what you get yourself into, because this people rob you, now i lost my job, i can afford to pay my car, they calling me everyday and say they will reposes the car, after i paid for it for 2 years, so i will lose my 6000 and my car...thus insane


My Husband and I purchased a Preowned Certified car from this dealership. At the dealership it seemed to be a smooth transaction, We gave a check for a 2,500.00 deposit for the car they endorsed the check it cleared and the funds were taken out of our bank account.At the end of may my husband was looking over the paperwork of the car and noticed that the Legal Bank document that they had printed out for us at the dealership right in front of us stated that we only put a 2,000.00 deposit down, before i even called them up to find out answers i called my bank to make sure 2,500.00 was taken out i reveiwed the paper work to make sure everything was accounted for and it wasn't a error, it wasn't so i called up the dealership on June 3rd and asked to speak to the someone i explained why i was calling and they put me thru to Lemuel B I explained the situation a second time this time he wanted me to drop off the Paperwork and the cancelled check off the next day i said no problem.

The next day i went into to the dealership asked for him a waited 30min for him to appear after they paged him about 3 times he took the paper work I thought he was going to reveiw it right there he said he made a copy and he would have to go thru it with the accounting and account for the funds (he made it seem that someone had fudged the document and taken the money) when i asked him about it he said no no no we sell a lot of cars here and we run a professional buissness. So isued a 2 week ordeal of finding out what happened to my $500.00.

Every time i would talk to him he would tell me were looking in to it call me tommorow i would call him state my name and they would tell me he stepped out I finally got in touch with him after not leaving my name and he gave me this ridiculous excuse that the 500.00 was finaced into the price of the car. So if this is true and I handed you a $2500.00 check would you put down $2,500.00 or 2,000.00 regardless of what the price of the vehicle is it is a legal binding document there should not be any mistakes.So after all this I called the manager of this dealership and boy was he rude when he got on the phone and i said is this Nando the manager He said yeah whos this ok I let this go explained the situation after this he says so what would you like done, i dont have the paper work you can bring it buy ,I said to him I already brought it by a week ago exactly and spoke to Lemuel and got no response he tells me ok i look into it and get back to you.

Now it is a week later and I am still waiting to hear back I even had my father call explain the story to Nando my father gave him my cell phone number they already had my home number not that anybody from that dealership called me back(only when they wanted to sell me the car did i get phone calls)so Nado said to my dad i will look into it and call you back now it is June 17th and nobody has called. my dad called back on June 15th and they told him that I needed to drop the paperwork off to the finace guy so he can take a look at it low and behold the finace guy is Lemuel Bonay and he had the nerve to tell Nando that hes been calling me. So now 2 weeks later and still no answer.


I gave a $500 deposit to put down for a vehicle and they also checked my credit. I wasn't satisfied with the price and interest rates so, I decided to ask for my $500 back. I made several calls and got no answer. It's been two and a half weeks and still no answer from this dealer.


I was looking for a new car at Rockland Toyota on Saturday, March 1, 2008. My friend and I looked at new minivans but based on my price range, I did not want to buy the most basic model. My friend suggested that we look at certified, pre-owned Toyota Sienna's. We looked at 3 of them and 2 were not to my liking. One of them interested me and we took it out for a ride. My friend drove because I had an injured knee and was unable to drive the car. When we returned, as we were walking inside the salesman Bobby said it was an All Wheel Drive vehicle (AWD).

I remembered reading about AWD minivans and that some of these were equipped with 'Run-Flat' tires. All the reviews on the run-flats were bad. The tires wore out quickly, they were expensive to replace, a rougher ride, etc. So I asked Bobby if this van had run-flat tires on it and said that if it did, I was not interested. He looked at the tires (remember, this is a Toyota salesman, kicked them and said he would check on it.

We went inside and I asked Bobby the price of the van. He said it was 25,990. I asked him how low of a price could he get me. He said he thought he could get it down to 25 and would try for 24,700 or so. I told him to see what he could do. Before he left to go upstairs to the finance guys, he asked me for my license and credit card. I asked him why and he said that the finance guys want to know that i am a serious customer before they start talking price. he took a few steps away, stopped and said 'by the way, if you bought the car, how much would you be putting down?. I told him that i would put $1,000 down.

Bobby came back a few minutes later with a price sheet and to my astonishment, a credit card receipt that had been run and processed for $1,000!!. i asked him why he ran my credit card. he said that before we can talk to the finance guys, i need to sign my credit card for the down payment. i told bobby that point 1, who said i would be putting the down payment on my american express card and point 2, why would i sign a $1,000 deposit when i had no idea how much a car payment would cost me and i didn't even go over any financial terms. he said that this was their policy.

i told him that i wasn't signing anything before i spoke with someone in the finance department. Bobby finally said they would do it my way and brought me up to the finance dept. Once upstairs, i again asked Bobby if the tires were run-flat tires. Again, he said they were still checking. Please, we are in a Toyota dealer and nobody was able to tell me about a set of tires on a particular car? they didn't because i had said there was no deal if they were run-flat tires.

i met Lemuel Bonay in Finance and expressed my displeasure of how Bobby ran my credit card without my knowledge. He apologized for Bobby, saying that Bobby was a 'dinosaur' and did things his own way. Lem ran the numbers and quoted me a high monthly payment - over $500 per month. i told Lem that i was looking for a $450 payment per month for 72 months. Lem said he would check on Monday for a better rate and i told him i would check with my bank to see what the payment would be. I again asked Lem to check on the tires and he said he would.

Lem asked me to sign my $1,000 credit card receipt so he could hold the car while they checked on financing. i told Lem that i did not want to leave that much when i still did not know if i could find financing agreeable to my budget. i told him i would be more comfortable leaving a much smaller amount. Lem said that it would be 'a real pain' for him to cancel the $1,000 transaction and run it again for a lower amount. So Lem wrote on every copy of the contract that my deposit was fully refundable and initialed this. Once he did this, i told Lem that i would be nice and sign my $1,000 deposit so he didn't have to endure the 'pain' of canceling it and running a smaller amount. My buddy said that if i did take the car, would they replace the 2 front tires because they were bald. Lem said sure. we asked about getting my deposit back if things didn't work out with the financing or the tires and Lem said it would take him 48 hours to credit my account.

Lem called me back on Monday and said he had pricing for me around $430 per month for 75 months! 3 months longer than i wanted - this is not favorable financing. i told hm that this is not good for me and told him that i did some checking around and found out that AWD vehicles all have run flat tires and i was not interested.
Lem called me back and said they were changing the tires and when would i be picking up the vehicle?

i called and got Lem's voicemail multiple times and told him that there was no deal and i wanted my account credited like he said he would.

did Rockland Toyota credit my account? no, they called me at home at least twice, harassing my wife, asking when i was picking up the vehicle and telling her that they needed to get the vehicle off the lot.

Tara, the Client Relations manager there said that i needed to speak with the User Car Manager in order for him to sign off on my credit. Why i need to speak to anyone further is beyond me.

it's been one month now and they Rockland Toyota has yet to credit my 'fully refundable' deposit back to my account.

My American Express Card has been charged an unnecessary $1,000.


On November 9th 2007, I and my husband entered your dealership to browse/check lease options on a new Toyota Camry. At this time, we were approached by your new sales representative Max Lamarque requesting the nature of our business.

We presented our interest in leasing a new Toyota Camry. Additionally, we had a silver 2005 Toyota Camry XLE sedan leased (36 months) thru New Rochelle Toyota which matures in December, 2007. The old (2005) Toyota Camry was in good condition with the exception of minor paint gouges, a minute crack in the front windshield and excessive mileage.

We furnished Max Lamarque with our Toyota Preferred Customer Certificate and discussed details of our old Toyota Camry lease especially excessive mileage. It was explicitly stated to Max that if excessive mileage charges couldnt be waived we would not accept a new lease contract and wed keep our old Toyota Camry indefinitely. Max immediately assured us the fee would be waived because of our preferred customer status.

At this point, I and my husband felt confident enough to proceed.

Max Lamarque initiates the credit check, arranges inspection of our old vehicle and conferred with his superiors. Once completed Max mentioned the credit check went well, the old vehicle was in satisfactory

condition and the car would be accepted as is?. Since there were two (2) payments remaining on the old lease, Rockland Toyota offered to make these payments. At this point, we asked Max (again) about excessive mileage and were assured its not an issue.

Therefore we requested lease financials on a new 2008 Toyota Camry XLE sedan (w/ navigation). Max Lamarque consulted with his superiors then provided details on a new lease including down payment which was satisfactory to us. We proceeded to fill out the new lease paperwork, select car color scheme, discuss

delivery date and made final down payment of $1,889.27 using a credit card. Max provided a delivery date of four (4) days.

After a week of confusion locating a viable car, Rockland Toyota/Scion (Max Lamarque) contacts us to arrange pickup of our new 2008 Toyota Camry XLE sedan. After arriving at the dealership we completed additional paperwork, received car keys and brochures then Max shows us the vehicle providing a brief walkthrough. Afterwards, we drive off very happy about our car lease experience at Rockland Toyota/Scion.

A couple of weeks later, we receive a certified letter from Toyota Financial Services requesting fees for wear and tear plus excessive mileage totaling $5,069.00 on our old (2005) Toyota Camry XLE lease. Immediately my husband calls Max to discuss this letter.

My husband confronts Max Lamarque about the letter and our previous conversations regarding excessive mileage on the old lease. Initially Max denied responsibility but when reminded of one conversation

he strangely states maybe he wasnt clear about excessive mileage but felt he did his job?. My husband states his intention to complain to his superiors and wants one immediately.

Max refers my husband to Jose Cornelius/Sales Manager of Rockland Toyota/Scion who wasnt in the office. After a couple days of leaving voicemail messages, Mr. Cornelius finally contacts my husband to discuss our complaint. Mr. Cornelius offers us to come (into dealership) and review our paperwork which is puzzling because your dealership has copies of these documents. Anyway, my husband left messages for Mr. Cornelius to schedule the meeting but neither he (nor anyone else) returned our call which is careless and more frustrating.

In conclusion, we are angry and feel deceived by Max Lamarque and your dealership Rockland Toyota/Scion. This is unacceptable and were proceeding to file complaints.


After a horrible buying experience, an apology from General Manager Frank Caputo and a I feel horrible about our screw ups, what can I do to make it up to you speech, Mr. Caputo adds insult to injury by refusing to replace a lost car key. I asked a now former employee named JR if I could leave my VW Jetta overnight so I could drive home my brand new 2007 Camry SE.

I told him I would have my wife drive me to the dealership the next morning to pick up the Jetta. JR said it was no problem but I would have to leave the key with him just in case they needed to move it. Simple, yes?

When I arrived the next morning, JR was not in that day and never told anyone where the key was. I spoke in person with Tara, the customer relations manager. She assured me that she would tell JR to mail the key to my address immediately. Four months and over a dozen phone calls later, from Jeff Martinez to Tara to Frank Caputo, I've now been told that there is no way I can prove that I ever left the key in the first place because the employee no longer works there. This used car salesman mentality comes directly from the general manager himself.


I took my Toyota Camry to them asking them to check my brakes and my muffler. My muffler hit the curb while I was parking one day and was making lot of noise. I mentioned to them clearly that I wanted my muffler fixed. I asked them to take my car for a test ride and hear the noise of the muffler . The first thing that made me suspicious was the service manager telling me there is a $125 fee if I don't get any work done with them.

No toyota dealer ever told something like that to me.

They call me and tell me that the noise was not because of muffler but because of a broken timer belt. I found that very funny , since I noticed that the noise started only after I hit the muffler against the curb. But I thought may be they know better , may be nothing really happened to the muffler as it didn't hit the curb real hard. So I asked them to do what ever was necessary to fix the noise , but take a second look at the muffler and take the car for a drive. I gave them the car just before the thanksgiving weekend and it was not ready for the weekend.

I had to beg someone to drive me to Rockland Toyota so I could get a loan car. After a week they tell me its done. I go back to get my car , and I'm told there is still more stuff to do like flushing some transmission Fluid and things like that and I have to bring in my car after the holidays, meanwhile I being charged $1000 for repairs I didn't need and that had nothing to do with my muffler. I pay up and they bring my car. I notice the sound of my broken muffler even as they bring my car up to the front.

I'm very very unhappy but , I was in a rush to go to work. I get into my car and press the gas pedal and then I find out how I have been taken for a ride and robbed of more and a $1000. They did nothing absolutely nothing to fix my problem. I go back them , ask them to ride with me in the car and show them how noisy it is. They admit that there is a problem there , but they say they could only do the most important thing for the car and they felt it was changing the timer belt.

This when I told them clearly that the owner whome I baught the car from told me that he has already cnhanged it. And after changing it ... it still dosen't do anything to fix the problem Its like I go to a doctor and tell him I have pain in my leg and he does an open heart surgery and charges me an insane amount of money. I don't know if I have to laugh or cry. I'm still driving the same car , I need ear plugs when I get in .. it makes so much noise when I press the gas. Some please help me .. what to do ... I have guests coming , I have to drive my wife to the clinic a few times a week. No one wants to ride in my car any more...


Oh, how I wish I'd seen this website before purchasing my Rav4 2 weeks ago! The price was good. However, when I asked if they could do any better with the selling price Ron told me he couldn't, but would throw in an extended warranty. In addition, Ana told me when the car was ready for delivery it wouldn't have any scratches on it; it will look like a new car. Two days later when I arrived to pick up the car, I saw Ana getting out of my car with a friend and two cups of coffee. Very unprofessional. When I reviewed the bill of sale, I realized I was charged $1700.00 for the warranty Ron said he would throw in. He explained he meant the monthly payments wouldn't change, but I still had to pay for the warranty. And the car had plenty of scratches on it. But, I was told, Well, it IS a used car. I am still battling for new floor mats. The mats in the car are horribly stained and have holes in them. I refused to drive all the way back there for floor mats, so Ron told me he would mail them to me, overnight delivery. I should have had them within a week. That was 2 weeks ago. When I spoke to the general sales manager (Frank), last week, he said it would be too expensive to mail the mats to me, but he would find someone to personally deliver them to my home. They were supposed to be delivered today. I've made multiple calls to the dealership and each time I've been promised someone will call me back. No one has.


In the the third week of July my wife Rose and myself entered Rockaland Toyota to purchase a vehicle. We placed One Thousand Dollars Cash down on a vehicle and we were informed to come back two days later. After review of what the auto had and the amount of the auto we decided to wait and not continue which is the customers right. My wife promptly notified the manager and she was told that a reimbersment check will be sent out Friday. Three weeks have past numerous telephone calls were placed to the manager with no return call.

I am a loyal Toyota customer but the total disregard for customer satisfaction has caused me to look at other vehicles. Rockland Toyota has held my money and have yet to notify us why. I am will to proceed with the courts intervention and scar the customer satifaction which Toyota relies on. I only request my money back and do not wish to deal with cheats and liers.


This dealer has no integrity or business ethics. I went to him to buy a new Camry. The guy there was very quick to close the deal and gave me a good offer. They accepted an advance from me to deliver a vehicle within a week. Today it is more than a month and I am still waiting for my vehicle. Over and above this, I am the one who is following up with this dealer on a daily basis and he never responds to my emails and hardly takes my calls now that he has my advance money. He delayed me giving some lame excuses. 20 days back he was telling me that the car is there with other dealer and they just have to pick it up.

After 20 days now they are still giving me some excuses. A week back I went to this dealership after being frustrated with the experience of buying car from him. The manager was not present but some other sales person told me that they have a different color car (different from which I ordered) if I wanted. The next day the manager calls me and tells me that he is working very hard to get my vehicle but it is a different color car (the one which I saw in his place the previous day). He told me that he is going out of his way to make that car available to me. OH MY GOD. This dealer doesn't have any business ethics. Such a liar he is.....This is how this dealer bluffs with the customers.

The reason why he is doing this is because he has my advance and he thinks he has taken me off market and he now is more worried about his new customers. Please don't fall prey to this dealer's marketing and deception.I asked him to refund my advance a week ago and I am still waiting for it.

Based on the dealer's promises, I accepted advance from someone to sell my old car. Since i never got the delivery of my new car, I had to pay the advance back to the guy who was buying it. He even fought with me for accepting the advance and not giving him the car.

I had made some plans to drive out of New York based on the purchase of my new car. I had to rent a car since I did not have my new car.

Now I am frustrated with this whole experience of buying a new car because of this unprofessional dealer


Please remove the complaint by Ron of Saddle Brook NJ (3/16/03). It is grossly inaccurate. We are a prestigious, award winning dealership, and have earned every award including customer satisfaction. We strive to make every customer completely satisfied. We are in good standing with Consumer affairs and all other regulatory agencies.

Please remove the complaint by Ron of Saddle Broo


In December 2004 a 'certified preowned' Toyota Camry LE was purchased for $16,000 cash at Rockland Toyota.

The car came with keyless entry. The salesman promised to send it in the mail. It never arrived. When questioned the dealer gave me the runaround and it never materialized. I placed formal complaints to the Toyota Customer Service Hotline to no avail 3 times. I ended up buying one for the hefty sum of $200. This was just the beginning.

The car has been in the shop every two months since I bought it. The repairs have cost almost $1,000, none of them covered by the certified preowned program, the limited 6 month warranty or the 100,00 mile powertrain warranty. The problem still occurs. The cars shuts down in the middle of traffic at random.

After fixing it for the 3 time in 8 months, I decide to trade the car for a new Scion at a different dearlership. I drive the new car off the lot and everything seems fine until the dealer calls off the deal.

I now have documentation that my 2002 Toyota Camry LE sold as certified preowned' at Rockland Toyota was a car with undisclosed frame-damage. It turns out that the car had been in two accidents, one of them major, before finally being sold at Rockland for full-bang: $16,000.

The car has never run properly. When confronted the dealer is argumentative and gives me the runaround.

The carfax never showed all the accidents and the dealer screwed around with the vin#'s as he did with the other complaint listed on this site.


I put a $500 deposit on a car that my daughter in college was buying, with me as the co-signer, and signed a purchase agreement. Two days later, I confirmed in phone discussion that we had worked out the insurance for her, but were checking the other finance options with my credit union as the rate they offered, 7.5% seemd too high.

I spoke to the sales person on Friday afternoon to confirm again and see what papers my daughter needed to sign. He was off that day, but told me to call his Anil his sales manager, which I did and left a phone call back that day (Good Friday). Monday morning I got a call saying that they had sold the car to someone else by mistake, even though we had a written agreement and they had a $500 deposit. They then kept putting me from one voice mail box to another. I finally talked to the used car sales manager and said that we had a written contract and that if they didn't get me that car, there would be legal recourse - he was sarcastic to me, saying that they weren't responsible and told me Hey this America...people sue if their cat gets hurts....get over it, it's only a car. I asked to talk to his boss, and I got the voice mail chain again.

Consequences were a broken contract and now my daughter, who is extremely disappointed will need to start the search again and come down from Mass to search with me.


It was the 28th of August, we were there to purchase a Scion xb. We were told to leave a deposit and come back the next day, because the insurance company was closed. We were told everything would be ready, all we had to do was sign the papers. We came back the next day,and we were told to wait for the financial manager. After waiting 3 hours, he told us that we weren't approved. We wasted time and waited for nothing. Someone should have done their work and got all the facts correct before telling us it was ok. That was the first problem.

The second problem came when we tried to get our deposit we made for the car, it was only $100. We left several messages to the manager and to the person incharged of giving back the refund. We ended up going there a few days later because we didn't recieve any calls.

We went to Rockland Toyota and asked to speak to the manager. Aniel was his name, we told him the situation, he apologized and said that he'll take care of it and we should come back the next day. He asked us what time would be good, we said at 10am would be ok.

The next morning on September 28, it was raining heavily, we weren't able to get there at ten but eventually got there when the rain tapered off in the afternoon. When we got there, the sales manager was not there, we told another sales manager (Jefferey) that we were here to pick up the check. He didn't know anything about the situation and ended up calling Aniel on his cell phone. He told Jefferey that the check was mailed out because we weren't there at 10am. We did say at 10 would be ok, but we never told him to mail out the check if we didn't show up. So that was another waste of our time.

Today is October 4, it's been a week since he said that it was mailed out and still no check. Rockland Toyota has a refund policy that states ALL REFUND WILL BE MADE WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS. This policy should be changed if they can't follow it. It's been over a month already, doesn't look like they are doing their job.

We can't describe how annoying this situation has been.

We wasted so much of our time not to mention the one day we waited for 3 hours. I mean it's only $100, We're not asking for too much, we just want our money back. We don't understand why they weren't quick to mail out the check when it was supposed to be mailed. And why did they mail it out without our request when we told them that we would be there the next day to pick it up. A hundred dollars may not seem like alot,but it's their duty to get that money returned to us,especially if their refund policy cleary states in Bold that all refund would be made in ten business days. The funny thing about this situation is, out of all the people we spoke to, including the 2 sales manager, niether one of them got our information. They don't know and didn't ask us what our names were. How would they know who to send out the check to and to what address? We gave them chance after chance,and we were nice about it. It doesn't look like it pays to be nice.


On 1/04/2003 I purchased a vehicle from the dealership listed above. The sales person was very quick to close the deal and was not the best at explaining the contracts to me or even what he was doing. I was Told I would have to purchase a warranty in order to make my car certified. The warranty cost me about $1300.00.

I was able to take the car home that day but was missing something's (Extra keys, all owners manuals and warranty books, floor mats), that I was told I would have to come back for them the following week. While driving home I realized that something was odd about the car, the airbag light would not go off. I returned on the next Monday to get the rest of the things that were promised to me and they did not have them. I told them about the Airbag light and the sales guy seemed unconcerned about it. He told me to come back in a day or so to pick up the keys and such. When I returned they did have everything and once again I complained about the Airbag light.

I was told I would have to make an appointment to have it looked at. That night I read the owners manual and discovered that the airbag light staying on all the time meant a possible malfunction in the airbag. I went to the dealer again to stress my concerns and asked how a 128 point inspected certified car past and got sold to me with a faulty airbag. Not to mentioned got passed an NY State Inspection. The sales Manager Bill Palumbo said that he would have never let the car out of the lot if he thought it was dangerous. But the only reasoning they knew about this was because I complained to them.

All most a week later the car was in the shop getting remote keyless entry installed and having the airbag light fixed. When I got the car back I was told that they were unable to repair the airbag due to not having the parts. It would be almost a month before I would have that problem fixed 1/30/03. In the mean time I started to have other concerns about the car. The brakes and air vents were both acting up and I would be in the dealer at least 4 more times having the car looked at all though they checked them and said they checked out fine. I am still continuing to have problems with them today. When I had the work done on the airbag the service department failed to set my steering wheel correctly. When I drove the car home the steering wheel was set to the left and the car was driving straight. When I straighten the wheel out the car took of to the right.

Once again I was back at the dealer having the car repaired. After taking the car home the next day I discovered that two pieces of the dashboard were messed up. One piece was cracked and the other a plastic pillar between the window and door was loose and falling off. It would take another 3 times in the shop before this problem was fixed. I made sure to get the paper work on all the work that was done to my car but on one occasion the service guy told me paper work is to complicated and he would have to mail it out to me. In two months I was in and out of the dealer about 12 times regarding problems with this car and to this day my steering wheel is still not corrected. Other problems I have come a cross have not been on the service end but on the sales side of things. It seems my car was all ready certified and I did not need the extra warranty they sold me.

On the sales contract it states my car was new and sold at new price when in fact it was a used car. It says that I traded in my old car for $85.00 when in fact it was $7000.00. There was problem with the payoff amount for my old car. The dealer sent my bank a check that did not cover the whole payoff and I had to cover the difference. I never received any certification papers or carfax report, all of which I should have gotten upon purchase. When I did get a Carfax report from the dealer it was incomplete and it took them 3 times to get the full report. Afterwards I printed out my own Carfax report off their website and there were differences between the one I got from the dealer and the one I got on my own. The major one being that mine lists my car as a Fleet vehicle when theirs does not. There is all so a concern on the financing that the dealer gave me. It seems the APR they gave me is not the one that calculated my interest rate, it's all most a difference of 20% higher. I have filed several complaints with Toyota Corp. and have gone back to the dealership to resolve my issues. The Dealership has seem to turn against me and will not cooperate in resolving my issues. On the last occasion that I was in there to cancel my extra warranty that I did not need. The General sales manager (Bill Palumbo) became very nasty and difficult to deal with. He even went as far as insulting me by calling me names, refusing to work with me when I questioned him about the discrepensey in my sales contract and told him that he sold me a defective car.


I recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Corolla. Im 20 years old and is my first time buying a car. I was told that the car was $14,995.00, I put down a down payment of $1100.00. I didnt realize that I was actually taking out a loan from the Toyota Company itself. But what wound up happening is that the bill or the total amount for a $14,995 car wound up being $25,799.40.

First I was told that the car I purchased was used as a demo car, but in reality it was used as a rental/fleet car, I discovered this by a receipt that was left in the glove compartment. Also I was told that lojack was included in my original purchase, but when I went to make an appointment for the installation of the lojack, they said I wasn't approved the full amount of money. I then called the loan/the company (toyota) and the informed me that the dealership asked for $17503. The reason why I am writing you is because I honestly don't know the correct thing to do. When I purchased the car for $14,995, I would of never thought that the amount would be 25,000+.

I honestly can not afford this car. I made a very naive decision and when I went to ask what I could do about taking the car back, the contract read that it could not be cancelled. At this point I did not know what to do or say. I was suckered into this deal, yes i did want this car but i was under the impression that the car was a demo (a car used around the lot). When I went to complain about the fact that i was deceived they then told me that it was used as a fleet car and that i should of been aware of this due to the mileage on the car (10,000+). The dealer said that there was nothing that could be done because the gentleman that did the financial deal with me was not there. He was very rude and agreed to listen, but claimed there was nothing he could do without the gentleman. My question is aren't ther files that he could of looked into.

All I wanted was a run down of what happened because i went home and realized that the payment was too much for me to handle and I wanted to return the car. I didn't specify the return, because of what the contract said. The car was also had filthy rugs and a dent on the right passenger side. They agreed to fix that but I feel that the car shouldn't have been given to me like that in the first place. Your probably thinking that i don't know what i'm talking or complaining about. Truth is I don't know if I or the dealer did something wrong. All I know is that the payments are too high and I can not afford the car and would like to take the car back.

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