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I bought a 2007 GMC Savana 2500 from Riverhead Nissan. From day one, I had to bring it back due to stalling issues. I called and dropped it off to have it checked. A week later I get a call from the dealership saying "your van is ready." Went and same thing. The van went to 4 different dealerships to have the issue resolved which it wasn't. It spent a total of a month and a half at the dealership and still couldn't figure it out. As I was telling them, it was a tranny issue. It took me to go there and be pissed off and demand my van went to a tranny shop before they actually agreed. Once the repairs got done, I get a call from the used car manager to tell me he needs pic.

I said why they were trying to run it through my extended warranty. I said, "No, this issue was since day one." Not only they had to rebuild the rear-end of the van, change a squealing belt, rebuild the tranny too. So I get the van back and I check the front end steering because it feels loose. I find my steering box is leaking power steering oil, breaks are completely low. Pitman idler arm, inner tie rods was completely shot. A van I owned for 3 months and only drove it for a month and a half, put maybe 3045 miles on it, because the dealer had it for a month and a half.

The worst part is I called my extended warranty contract that I bought to find out they canceled me because my van was used for commercial use which the dealer knew that I was buying it for that reason, not to ride kids around in a work van. So all those repairs came out my pocket. This is how I get treated after buying 4 cars from them. I have no respect for the so-called managers. They don't know how to do business. They don't care about us. I'm done with them. They won't get another penny from me. They need to shut this place down especially if they are ripping everyone off. As I said, the managers are to blame - no one else.

Please READ THE WHOLE REVIEW, TRUST ME IT'S WELL WORTH IT.. Was friends with **, keyword "was". Went in to look at a new 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Wanted to trade in our leased Kia Sorento but the only problem was that we were over our mileage by 20,000 miles. We brought $5,000 cash to put down because of the miles overage. We pick out a new 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe and filled out the paperwork. They offered us almost the same payment that we had with the Kia Sorento and we had to pay $4000 for the miles overage. I kind of figured that would be the amount and that's where the story gets absolutely insane...

I tell my good buddy ** that I happen to have the $4000 dollars on me and I will give it to him in cash (MY FIRST MISTAKE) and he tells me to come over to the corner by the dais platform (IMPORTANT FACT YOU'LL READ ABOUT LATER). I count out 40 $100 dollar bills and hand them to **, he then counts out the $4000 and then hands it to ** the finance manager. I then walk away to get my ID and when I return to the dais platform I sign some papers and then ** says to me and my wife to come sit in his office and finish up the paperwork. We sit down with ** and fill out all of the paperwork which takes about an hour and BS for about another hour while the car is being prepped and cleaned for us.

DONT MAKE THIS MISTAKE, LEARN FROM MY STUPIDITY. The whole time we sat there we never knew we had to have a CASH RECEIPT given to us. (Remember we were GOOD FRIENDS with this guy!) And even though on the contract it showed that the $4000 was paid cash and put down for the down payment it didn't make a difference. Fast forward we get the car, no pain, no BS, what a smooth transaction. I was in awe at how smooth the whole process had gone. I give ** a hug and say "thanks for everything" and drive off into the sunset.

About 17 days later my phone rings, that's right SEVENTEEN (1) (7)... And ** the Finance Manager leaves a message on my answering machine and says "please call us back there is a slight issue, no big deal though, just give us a call please..." Me and my wife look at each other, I open my MACBOOK open up my audionote app and decide I'm going to tape the phone conversation. (Legal in NY State to tape a conversation between 2 people without telling the other person which is admissible in court... if it is more than 2 people, like if my wife was listening or talked it would be inadmissible.)

I call ** back and he... wait for it... wait for it... c'mon give it guess?? He goes on to say that we are not in any sort of trouble or that it really isn't any of our fault and that we are not going to be liable but... that RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI (AUTO MALL) uhm can't find our $4000 cash deposit! And ** wanted to know if I could go and check my shorts from 17 days before to see if I accidentally took it with me! Do you believe this crap? So then I laugh and say "seriously are you kidding me?" I ask him how come it took 17 days for RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI (AUTO MALL) to realize that they were missing $4000 in cash?

He said it was a minor accounting issue. I told him we bought it on a Friday, when does the accounting department balance their daily sales? He said that they would of done that on Monday. I said "so it took you 14 WHOLE DAYS to call and ask me to check my shorts? What type of business are you clowns running over there?" I asked him. So I hung up the phone on him and called up my good friend ** and again taped the conversation (THANK GOD I DID) and he told me he was at a hockey tournament and I told him "what happened?" And he told me not to worry about it nothing will come of it. He also said "Yeah I remember you counting the 40, $100 dollar bills on the dais like you were in front of a judge paying off a fine", and I said "yeah I counted it out then you counted it then you gave it to **." He agreed and said "don't worry about it."

I called up the manager at RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI (AUTO MALL) and he told me to come down and talk to them about it. The next day I went down and talked to them. And I told them that I taped both conversations and my friend ** even admitted on tape that he saw me hand him the money!!! The manager said I was guilty because "Who tapes a conversation unless they're guilty." The manager then told me and my wife that we were responsible for the $4000 dollars because we didn't have the cash receipt. I asked my friend ** (salesman) how come he didn't provide us with a cash receipt and ** replied in front of the manager that we didn't need it, it was on the contract that there was the $4000 cash deposit for the down payment. So then I replied "then why the ** are we responsible because you LOST $4000 dollars?" (CONFUSED YET??)

I then asked the manager if they had cameras to maybe prove that it showed me giving ** the money and then him handing the money to ** (finance Manager) and the manager replied no, that unfortunately the part of the dealership where I handed ** the $4000 dollars, at the dais platform, the cameras didn't videotape it because it was set too far back. He said that was the only part of the dealership that couldn't be taped! Hey I wonder if anybody else was as stupid as I was and gave cash to 2 thieves in a part of the dealership that the camera couldn't videotape?? I then left with my wife and called the Riverhead police department and filed a report in case this went further. 2 weeks later which was our 22nd year anniversary we receive a letter that we were being sued by ** who represented RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI for $4000 dollars saying that we were responsible and that we drove the car off the lot without paying for it! My lawyer called ** and threatened them and they dropped their suit.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who is THINKING of purchasing a vehicle from RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI (AutoMall). And yes, if you're wondering ** and ** still ARE STILL presently employed there at RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI, which absolutely blows me away. 1) What reputable business takes 17 days to realize they don't have $4000 dollars CASH so they blame it on the paying customers? 2) How come that part of the dealership has no cameras being videotaped? 3) How come ** are still working there, is management in on it too? Do yourself a favor and look for a different dealership, because in my honest opinion and from my past experience they are the absolute worst dealership on Long Island... Disgruntled Paying Customer.

I am 21-year old student, my grandma bought my car from here three years ago. Since I'm going into my senior year, my mother bought me a new car. We had gone in to sell my old car. First mistake was buying the 2010 Hyundai Sonata for about $12,000 when it had two burns in the seat and a scratch on the door. They said they took off for it but actually didn't! We went in to get an appraisal for my car. The woman, ** I believe, said we were better off trading in my car and my grandmother's car and getting a new 2015 saying that it would effect her credit otherwise? I told my grandma that was a lie but she went with it anyways. Our appt for the appraisal was at 11am. We didn't get the value until 3:30. I kept asking the sales women what was going on? Why is it taking so long?! She said "they're working on it." I left to go outside numerous times, neither cars were even touched!

This isn't our first trade in or time buying a new car. I come from a family of 6, we frequently buy cars so this didn't make sense to me why it took almost 4 hours to get an appraisal when we had an appt. The sales women set up everything for the new car; washed, waxed - the works! Meanwhile ... We had yet to speak to a finance manager about monthly payments OR GET THE TRADE IN VALUE!! How can you set up everything for the new car without getting the payments straightened out?! TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES!! I went with my mother to get her 2015 Lexus in December. FIRST THING discussed was her trade in value and we didn't even have an appt. Next thing was the monthly payments, then an hour to an hour and half later, we walked out with her new car. Same thing with my brother at Nissan of Huntington.

I have no clue what they're taught here on how to make a sale but my mother told the manager who came to congratulate us on "our new sale" (this point still haven't gotten any numbers) that they're trying to get off on people, terrible sales representatives, and bad business practices! Beware of this place! My grandmother's new Altima doesn't even come equipped with half the things that a Chevy or Ford 2015! Or any other thing make/mode of same year! This place is terrible but my grandmother loves her Riverhead Nissan.

I had leased a Nissan from Riverhead and they were suppose to make a final payment on car and never did. Nissan corp said it wasn't paid. When I called up, manager, ** said, "hey," as if he was talking to a buddy of his. I told him how aggravated I was, that I would go down to showroom and let people know how unsatisfied I was. And he said, "Well, if that's how you are, then go ahead!" As if I was low class! Don't buy a car from these people. I was in there all day trying to finish a sale from them.

Just as previous consumer stated, Riverhead Hyundai tried to over inflate the price of my new car purchase by almost 6,000 dollars. When I called them on it, they started to play major games by telling me they didn't have my trade anymore and they paid off the loan and would have to sign a new contract. When I refused (because of all the add-ons that I didn't want or need), they said they wouldn't register the new car. So I told them to keep it then. Needless to say, I signed a contract on the 2nd, I was without a car for over 5 days and missed 3 days of work because of not having a car, and still out my deposit of $1,000.00 that they refused to give back today 3/18/15 when they canceled the deal (they're playing games with that too). They were very rude to me in the showroom filled with customers.

If you run into this situation, do not sign the contract and call Santander bank directly about your application and they will give you their details about your loan. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE OR ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS FROM RIVERHEAD HYUNDAI!!! THEY WILL SCAM YOU.

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SCAMMERS! SCAMMERS! SCAMMERS! Bought a used Hyundai 2013 from them, the internet price was 12998. When you start signing the contract, you immediately see that there is $995 charged for "dealer fee for certification", however pay attention the small font on their website: "Prices do not include sales tax, DMV or State and Government fees. Riverhead Hyundai does not charge dealer fees." Too bad I figured that out after signing the paperwork. So the first blatant lie and rip off.

Next surprise, as the others saw here before: the car was financed through Santander bank and the finance manager, after I asked the questions about the costs, became very rude at the end, said that 2000 is added to initiate the loan, however in his computer those 2k were written under "warranty" box. So the car price increased instantly by $3000. I believe, they do the same scheme over and over again with $2000+$995 added - they scam the people. So fellow prospective buyer - DO NOT GO THERE!! They are going to rip you off in hidden fees.

Bought a Pathfinder from Riverhead Nissan on 9/9/13. Finance department said I couldn't get financing without complete warranty 2500. Extra. Next day called finance company and they said that's a lie and illegal that you don't need a warranty for coverage. Have been back 4 times to cancel warranty and each time they say it will be taken care of immediately. It's been a year and I've filled out 4 forms to request cancellation of warranty. They refuse to do anything and when I asked for the year payment through them that I have been waiting on they said it's not gonna happen. Don't waste your time with this dealership. Had 3 family members buy from them and nothing but problems. We are all going somewhere else for cars when we are done with these. They're nice till they get your money then your on your own. **, the manager is very rude, and doesn't care about the customer at all. Just stalls things and everything is "I'll look into it." Don't waste your time or money.

I purchased a brand new Nissan Armada from this company. The sales team was extremely misleading and altered the terms and contract price of the purchase. The sales person went to her boss and the finance manager and agreed with us, that the interest rate and purchase price of the contract was not what we mutually agreed upon.... Mind you we had their offer to us written down on their letterhead by their staff. Their response was too bad because I signed the contract and the previous offer was no longer valid. I purchase the car the same day the offer was made.

My wife and I left as the paperwork was being drawn up to drop our toddlers off at their grandparents house. When we arrived back to the showroom, the sales floor was closing. We waited about another half hour for the paperwork to be finalized. We didn't read the contract because we had the agreed upon rate and purchase price written down and didn't want to hold up the staff as they were being held late by us. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine a dealership getting away with such criminal activity..... When we confronted the staff the next business day (Monday) they (staff) treated us like we were the criminals.... It was a horrible experience! All I can say is buyer beware and look for another dealership!!!!

Sold me a used car which they claimed the Carfax was clean and never in an accident. Come to find out the car couldn't be aligned and had frame damage in the front and rear of the car. It was repainted and damaged throughout the whole car. When I went back to complain they said it somehow slipped through the cracks of their inspection and there is nothing they can do about it. They not only sold me an unsafe car, but they couldn't care less about customer service. They never return phone calls. I had to call multiple managers just to get an answer. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!

I was rushed through a pitch and promised rates and prices that were not delivered. The vehicle I ended up with has a factory known defect, and the warranty extension was over in three thousand miles after the purchase. I did not know this, nor did I know to look for the issue. Now, I cannot afford to repair the vehicle, and I have a loan on a useless vehicle, not to mention the $2,000 added to my loan amount in hidden fees!

I bought a 2004 Kia Sedona in November 2011. I had many problems and the truck went back to be repaired five times and still not right. I found out when I went to trade it in that it had been in an accident. They never told us about it. I filed a complaint with NYS DMV and plan to file with an attorney. Shady dealings.

They sold us a car that was in a major accident and didn't tell us. We found out a year later when we tried to trade it in. When we tried to call and make things right, they did not want to work with us at all.

I went to Riverhead Auto Mall to purchase a used car. I spoke to James **, the salesman. He was very helpful, he showed us a 2005 Grand Cherokee. It was a good deal. I got the car the next day and I had a problem with the car. The mode selector switch isn't working, so I went there and spoke to someone named Tom about the problem. He told me that there is nothing he can do because it's not covered under the lemon law. So I called the attorney general and they told me he has to fix it because I still have the 30-day warranty. So I went back and spoke with Tom. He still told me no. Then I told him that I have a one year extended warranty, then he said okay. While I was leaving, I spoke to someone who works there. They told me that the warranty covers it. So it looks like I may have to put a claim in with the attorney general and the consumer affairs. My advice to everyone out there, don't ever go there. This guy Tom is useless.

My husband got a job there. The manager SpongeBob fired him because he knew more than him and was a better worker. They fired him because of discrimination and jealousy. I know I have to find a lawyer. If there are any lawyers who read this, please email me.

My husband and I purchased two cars from Riverhead Automall. We thought the amount was higher so when we got home we went over everything. We were both charged a fee of $1290. I was also charged a fee of $1700. A few days later my husband made an appointment to see Christine who did the financing. She told us that the amount was what we would pay once we are finished with the loan.

A few days later we got our loan books and that was not the case. After trying to get some answers for four months, we made an appointment to see Christine again. Of course when we got there she had left for the day. So we spoke to Gene and he told us that the fee for $1290 was a prep and transportation fee (never heard of this). The $1700 was an extra fee for the extended warranty which I already paid $2000 for. I called the Quality Guard Co. and they said I paid $2000 for the warranty. They have ripped my husband and me off for $4280. This is a sin and I need help to stop them from doing this.

I'm dealing with salesperson, Nick, who initially was very nice and accommodating. We decided to leave deposit for new 2011 Elantra. I had emergency surgery, so I told Nick that I would pick up the car in several weeks since I was unable to drive after surgery. Nick said that was fine and car would be there for me.

So after two weeks time, I called Nick (like I said I would) and left several messages for him without any return phone calls. I was very upset that nobody called me back since this is one the largest dealerships in LI. It is very difficult to reach this salesperson, which seems very strange when you are trying to purchase a big ticket item (go figure). Finally reached Nick, and all he gave me were excuses. Then I get a call from his manager, Vito a few days later asking me when I would pickup up the car. I said "didn't you speak to your salesperson, Nick," and Vito said "I know nothing about this, and was extremely rude!" I actually told Nick I was picking up the car on Monday.

I find it very disturbing that you don't communicate with your own salespeople. Of course, this is very upsetting as a customer, and having these issues before purchasing the car made me apprehensive about working with this dealership, so Vito refunded my deposit before I had even asked for it back. Another rude and cowardly act! I would never recommend this dealership to anyone! Not sure how they stay in business. Oh well, best of luck to you!

I've had a very difficult time looking for my first owned car. I'm sort of picky because I want something that would last me a while. I was preferably looking for something with decent mileage, dark exterior and black interior. I pull into the lot and see a great condition '06 Nissan Sentra black/black with only 50k miles and only $7,795.

We talk to the sales man (frank) and we were told there were 2 prior down payments on the car, one could not get the financing for the car and the other had been waiting several days for a cosigner. We offered to buy it that day in cash. The owner of the dealership said, he talked to those 2 people and they said it was fine and that the car was ours. We said, we'd be back in 1 hour to finalize the deal. On our way back my stepfather gets in a major car accident on the way to the dealership.

We run into the dealership and explain as we leave a $500 deposit, he says the car is definitely ours and rush to the hospital. He emails me later that night with the final numbers of the total cost of the car, I set up my insurance and fax him the insurance card and he responds saying the car would be entirely ready for me to pick up at 11:30AM the next day. Needless to say I get out of college at 10 am and my mother was going to get the bank check around the same time when we get a phone call. The person waiting for a cosigner came in and bought the car around 9:30 AM. We were lied to and toyed around with. Now my family is left with only one car between myself, my stepfather and my mother because they gave us a false promise of a car.

I paid $32,000.00 for a Hyundai Santa Fe. I thought I was paying $25,000. I put down $7,000 thinking I was financing $18,000. When I got my payment book from Chase, I thought there was a mistake. The payments were for a $25,000 loan. I called immediately, and was told that amount was correct. I went to the Auto Mall and spoke to the manager of finance and was told the papers signed by me had the correct amount. I was duped by the salesman, who told me to sign all the papers and he would go ahead of the line and get the signatures I needed because I had to get home to my husband who was terminally ill with cancer.

I had a friend come in to stay with my husband so I could go get a car for us. The vehicle we had was a leased truck which was very difficult for my husband to get into. The salesman at the Riverhead Auto Mall took advantage of me. There were other people ahead of me so the salesman had me sign the finance papers. They were blank, I trusted him to get the paperwork in order, instead of helping me, he fooled me. I cry every time I have to pay the car payment. It is a reminder of my husband's illness and how I was taken advantage of by the Riverhead Auto Mall. This happened on 1/19/08.

I went back to the dealer twice, each time they reminded me that I signed the paperwork. They also said that the salesman was no longer with them. I was so embarrassed that I made such a foolish mistake of signing a blank form, but I was sitting and waiting for such a long time. I just wanted to get home to my husband. It was a "sign and drive" deal. I was anxious to drive home in a vehicle my husband could get into. Now I am in a difficult financial situation since my husband died and I really can't afford this big car payment. If my husband were with me that day, none of this would have happened. It makes me sad because I let him and my self down by trusting a car salesman.

Just like the woman from Lake Ronkonkoma when I purchased a car from them, they had told me in order to secure the loan from Chase, I had to have the Gold Warranty Package. Someone recently told me there was a class action suit against this and now I'm seeing someone else with the exact same story. I'm wondering. Is this true? At the time, I was 20 years old. Are they preying on the young? If so, it must be stopped. The car ended up costing me $6,500 more than they told me. I have had a horrible time keeping up with the payments. The car had been repossessed once. This is horrible that they could do this to young people just trying to start off in life. I should have the car paid off by now, but now, I owe late fees and other charges from not being able to pay the high car payment.

I was charged $500.00 for a maintenance agreement I did not want or ask for. I called the very next day and was told it was part of the cost of the car. I asked many times if there were any additional fees. I was assured by the salesmen there were not any. This happened on 11/10/2009. I called before 24 hours to have it removed. I contacted customer service and spoke with at least 6 people. I faxed forms for days, only to be sent back to the dealer who would not help me.

We purchased a car yesterday. We asked for NO after market add ons or "sneaky numbers". We were getting financing through Chase. We went to pick up the car, sign the papers. They kept us waiting 2 hours...until after 5 pm. The finance manager said that these charges were required by Chase to finance the deal, but Chase says this is not true. $2000 for an extended warranty, $1250 for a guarantee on the warranty and $1250 for etching. She said Chase required this (they don't) and that we had to take them as part of the financing offer.

I called Chase and the warranty company first thing today...NONE of this is required. The dealership is not refunding, nor will they allow us to return the vehicle -- we haven't even had it for 24 hours. PLEASE HELP US!

$4500 in charges we do not need to finance this car...a 18 year old is the one that bought this car. We asked for NO add on's and they deceptively made if seem as if it was the ONLY way to get her a bit of financing (we paid overf half down.) Can you please help us with recourse on this and a refund? Chase & the auto warranty company will provide us letters saying that none of these items were required.

She lied through her teeth on this! And a poor 18 year old is going to be saddled with paying these unneeded items off for many years. We are crying. thank you.

I purchased a used 2004 Mercedes SL 500 from this dealer on May 7, 2008. At the time of purchase, the car had 30,000 miles. Upon delivery the convetible flap malfunctioned. I was given a "WE OWE" from Riverhead Auto Mall which meant that they would pay for the repair. I was instructed to take the car to Mercedes in Southampton for repair. I went there and the representative immediately called Riverhead Auto Mall. Smitty (the man at Mercedes) informed me that he was very good friends with the owner of Riverhead Auto Mall. They had a conversation on the phone and then Smitty looked at the car and said, "The flap has reset itself." This meant that there was no need for repair.

I documented this and wrote a letter to Riverhead Auto Mall. I knew that I had 90 days to see if the problem continued. After owning the car for 100 days (10 days after the 90-day guarantee), I began to hear a noise in my trunk area. It sounded as if something came loose. It happened every time I stopped and applied my brakes. I ignored it for a few days and then one rainy afternoon, I pulled the car into a parking lot and opened the trunk to look. The trunk was soaked with water. I called Riverhead Auto Mall from the parking lot and told them about the leak and the noise. They gave me an appointment to bring the car in on August 18, 2008.

At that time, the dealer unclogged drains in the rear of the car and told me that they refused to fix the gas tank. I was told that my guarantee was up. I just cannot believe that 12 days after a guarantee is up, a gas tank breaks. I brought the car to Mercedes and they had to repair it. Since the car had low mileage and this was not a typical problem they charged me $1,779.12 instead of $2,500.00. I was very upset but figured that now the car was fixed and I would have no more trouble.

The other day, I opened my truck after it was in the rain and I discovered that the trunk was soaked with water. My gym clothes were soaked and the whole back of the car was soaked so much I needed a wet vac to extract the water. I called Riverhead Auto Mall again and told them that they needed to look at the car again. I told them that the problem was still there. They gave me an appointment to come in on December 29, 2008. After looking at the car, I was told by Tony that the car needs to go to Mercedes because the trunk is leaking at the back corners. I insisted that the car was like this since I bought it from them but they would not repair it for me.

I feel that I am being given the runaround. The problem with the water leaking was present at the time I bought the car. The reason it was not discovered sooner is because I usually keep the car in the garage. I feel that I spent a lot of money on this car and that any preexisting damages to the car should have been paid for by Riverhead Auto Mall. Now, I have the choice to drive the car as it or pay for another repair at Mercedes. This is very unfair, I have only had the car 6 months. I have already spent over $1,700 to fix a broken gas tank. I hope you can help. Riverhead Auto Mall was very unreceptive to helping. I have been a customer with them before and personally purchased 3 cars from them prior to this. I never expected this kind of treatment. It is such a shame.

I purchased a new Pathfinder in 2004 with an extended warranty because Riverhead Nissan's finance manager, John, advised that if I did purchase the 7 year extended warranty it was a "bumper to bumper" warranty and it would cover the $1,600 Pioneer stereo/dvd/navigation after market unit that was being installed by an outside vendor (which Riverhead Nissan chose). So, like a fool I believed what he said and purchased the extended warranty. In 4 years, the unit has already been repaird twice and replaced once. All of it had been covered by Nissan but recently when I brought the unit back, yet again, I was told the extended warranty would not cover it and Donna, in their service department, advised that it would cost approximately $300-$600 for the outside vendor to send out and repair.

After speaking with John and asking him why he would lie to me he said, "Sorry, if I mislead you but the unit is not covered by the warranty" --although the warranty does not say whether it is covered or not. I raised this with John and Donna and asked them why they took care of it for the first 4 years if it wasn't covered by a warranty and was told that the outside vendor who they contracted with when I purchased the vehicle gave them a 3 year warranty. Both John and Donna told me they would give me a discount on the repair of the stereo system and yet again I believed this. When I was notified today that the stereo came back from the vendor, I was told that the cost was $600.

Surprise, surprise - the exact amount (on the high end of course) as to what Donna "estimated" it would cost. Not, $450 or $575 or $351 but exactly the maximum amount of what I was willing to pay. What happened to the discount? Donna told me it would cost $300-$600 to repair PLUS they would give me a discount so how could it cost $600??? Donna claims they are giving me a discount and that Nissan isn't charging me at all and this is the direct cost from the outside vendor. Why should Nissan charge me? It's not Nissan's radio, it's not being installed by Nissan it's only being installed in their parking lot at their shop by the outside vendor. Why should Nissan be entitled to anything??

My point here, NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase an extended warranty. There is ALWAYS a hook!!! I own 4 cars and purchased the extended warranty on 2 of them and on those 2 cars neither of them have EVER had their extended warranty honored. They tell you what you want to hear "it's bumper to bumper" -- but it's really not. Keep that in mind when purchasing a vehicle and I certainly wouldn't recommend Riverhead Nissan for those on Long Island because I and a friend of mine, have never had a pleasant experience with anyone working at Riverhead Nissan and with so many dealerships around - why go somewhere when someone's telling you their experience hasn't been good????

I was looking at a used Dodge pick up truck at Riverhead Auto mall about 0ne month ago. I was interested in the vehicle and was told by Teameo that I had to leave a $100.00 for them to hold the truck, so I did. They told me that they could provide financing at a better rate than I allready had thru my bank so I filled out the paper work for the loan and waited to hear back from them.

I went to pick up the truck that Monday and to discuss the financial part. I had allready negociated the price of the truck at $12700.00 and a couple of things that needed to be fixed. When I went back to pick the vehicle up I had to talk with the finance guy named Rich. He told me the rate he got was at 10% and I had allready been preaproved at 6.8% I told Rich I would finance the vehicle thru my bank. When I went to sign the papers their was a $1300.00 prep fee.

I asked Rich what that was fore and he told me that's what they charge everyone. I told him I didn't want the truck and I wanted my deposit back. Rich told me it would take a week for my deposit to be returned. It's been over a month and I have not received my deposit and Rich nor Teameo will returm my phone calls.

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