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There was a defect in the car, and they wanted me to take a day off work to do work for a job that would take up to 7 hours. I asked for the manager to get on the phone several times, and I was told no. I also asked for the manager to call me back several times, and there were no calls back. I filed with BBB. And I went to Honda Glen Head and in and out in under 1 hour. Honda Manhasset, animals. Do not go there; it's a waste of time.

I came to PS Honda on January 2, 2010 and met with the sales person to discuss used car I wanted to get. After negotiations, I wanted my car to be financed and was told that it is 6pm and they can not process my credit application that night, but to come back tomorrow (Sunday) for the rates and to sign the contract and on Monday morning I should be able to pick up my car.

I called (good thing I didn't just go) next day and asked to speak to a finance manager who informed me that all the banks are closed on Sunday and he won't be able to get the rates until Monday. I explained that I have no car at the moment and the reason I agreed to buy a car from PS Honda was because they said the car will be ready on Monday. On Monday I was at the place at 9:30am and wasn't seen until 11am. The finance manager gave me the rates and I wanted to finance. He gave me the rate of 6.74%. Then they told me that the car needs to be inspected and registered and it will take until 5pm! I tried to tell them that I was told I can pick up the car right away, didn't help.

Since I had no car, I had to spend 5 hours waiting for the car to be ready. When the car was ready, I got the contract and the rate indicated was 6.91%. They also overcharged me for the license plates replacement by $128. When all this was fixed, I left at about 6:30pm! I realized that the seat belt buckle on driver's side was not working properly. I came back and they ordered the part for me. When they called to tell me that the part arrived, I came to install it on Monday January 11 at 5pm (service is opened until 6pm). I was told that it is too late and I have to bring my car during the day. I tried to explain that I cannot take a day off every time I need my car serviced and I never have in 20 years I have been driving.

They got really nasty and said that I have to make the time and that's that. I asked if I could bring the car at 5pm on Thursday or Tuesday (service department is opened until 8pm). They said no, I have to bring it during the day or Saturday, but it would take hours to fix. I asked what would I do without a car all Saturday or how would I even get home (25 min drive away)? They said I have to make arrangements. No one was listening and they were getting nastier and nastier. It is the worst customer service I received in my 40 years of life. Needless to say, I will make sure all my friends and neighbors know about my experience and hopefully no one else has to go through hell I went through and still am going.

About a week ago I got my first payment slip from Chase bank (that financed my car) and the payment indicated on the stab was for the wrong amount. The rate that I have on my contract is 6.74 and the rate your company forwarded to Chase bank is 6.94. It is unbelievable that I am being scammed like that.

If only that was the last interaction I ever had with their company it would be great. However, about two weeks ago I received a call from the salesperson, Bonnie, who sold the car to me, stating there was some kind of mistake on the contract and I need to come in with my father to sign it again. I explained to her, that as far as I am concerned the contract has no errors on it and if she believes there is, she should send me a detailed explanation by mail. I do not live around the corner from the show room and my father lives in Brooklyn.

Subsequently, considering my unfortunate history with your company, I am not going to make a trip and ask my father to drive all the way from Brooklyn to sign another contract with a mistake made by you, not me. She said it's okay. Couple of days ago I started getting calls from Ross (I believe from a finance department) asking me to call him. He did not explain what it was, but insisted that I call. Since I didn't see any problems that I needed to resolve with your company, I did not return his calls waiting for a letter or any other written explanation of what the matter was like I explained to Bonnie. This morning I received a harassing voicemail on my cell phone and my home phone.

Here is an exact transcript of this message: "Hello Ms. G., this is Ross from a finance department. I am sure you are tired of hearing my voice on your answering machine, so I am going to make it short and sweet. You owe us money and you don't want us to repossess your car. If your car is repossessed, it is going to be very bad for your credit. This is the last call I am making you must call me".

This message is saved on my answering machine and will be forwarded to my attorney. I called him back to see what all that was about and he said that I owe them money for a down payment. He claimed that a down payment I made was $2000 and they made a mistake on the contract and put down $3500 instead. He also produced an absolutely false statement that when I spoke to Bonnie, I said that I am going to come in and sign a contract, but I never did. As you can see above this was absolutely not a conversation I had with Bonnie. I said that I am going to come home and look at the contract to see what the problem is.

However, when I got home I heard another threatening message from Ross similar to the one I described earlier. I am attaching a letter I wrote to him so you can get a feel of my frustration. At this point this has to be resolved to my satisfaction and any harassing calls or letters will be forwarded to my attorney. If your company believes there is a mistake on the contract you signed, you should handle it in appropriate manner and not make it sound like I am running away with the money I owe you. This is unbelievable and unacceptable- I am being threatened by the people that made a mistake on their own contract. You have a legal obligation to honor the contract you signed just as I am honoring mine.

Now I have a muffler system that cost $500.00 and is not correct and since they won't redo the muffler the way they were supposed to. I can't afford to have it fixed. The car doesn't run the way it is supposed to. Right now the only contract in my possession is the one that has all the correct information on it and signed both by me and by your company. Also, on the contract I have, the rate is 6.74 and I am being charged 6.94 by the bank. If this error is not fixed I will consider it a legal matter. In addition, while reviewing the contract today I noticed that under the itemization of the amount financed there is another error made in your favor: on the first line the amount of cash price is indicated as $10,589 and on the receipt of sale that I have it is $10,550.

When I bought this car I fulfilled all my obligations and paid everything I was asked to pay. I do not wish to hear from your company again, unless it comes from you or the owner. This is a real disgrace to treat customers like that. They want $1500 from me on top of harassing and verbally abusing me.

On Nov. 11, my wife and I were victims of fraud perpetrated by PS Honda, a car dealership in Manhasset, New York. We purchased a pre-owned vehicle, a 2007 Honda Pilot, from a PS Honda manager Carmello (Mel) ** and his salesman, Anas **, for the agreed price of $23,150, which resulted in a final purchase price of $25,544.56 when the purchase fees (registration and inspection) and taxes were applied. On the day of purchase, we left a $1,000 deposit, which I charged to my MasterCard.

Before picking up the vehicle, we had to meet with the PS Honda's finance manager, Mike ** to discuss how we were going to pay for the vehicle. Unbeknownst to us, this meeting was also about Anthony proposing to us several other upgrades that were available to us for the said vehicle. Anthony offered us a remote starter option, an upgraded alarm system and a seven-year, 100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper vehicle service contract (Honda Care) for additional costs.

My wife and I declined the remote starter option, but we were interested in the service package and upgraded alarm, as the new vehicle would be our family car, which would be used to drive around our two young children--a one-year old and a four-year old. We wanted to make sure we covered all the bases when it came to their safety and we also wanted to cover ourselves because you never know what you're buying when you purchase a used vehicle.

Anthony offered us the alarm for $595 and the service package for $3410, plus tax. The additional costs were well above what we wanted or intended to spend on this vehicle and when we expressed these concerns to Anthony, he hard-balled us into taking the additions, leaning on the safety of children, who we had in the office with us, and also the amount of money we'd be saving on service over the years. He stressed that the contract would be like buying a new car, as we'd be getting the same bumper-to-bumper coverage all the new Honda vehicles get when they're sold (7-year, 100,000 miles).

We left the office with a tentative agreement on the additional costs, which Anthony hand-wrote on a vehicle information sheet for us, and I promised to get back to him to let him know our decision either way. When I got home, I did some research on the Internet on the Honda Care package and found out there was no such coverage for pre-owned vehicles. The only option for pre-owned vehicles is to pay for an extension on the original 7-year, 100,000 mile coverage the original owner had. I phoned Anthony and asked about the information I found online. He angrily reaffirmed that I would be getting a new 7-year, 100,000 service contract "from Day" when I drove home the vehicle.

When I hung up the phone, I again did some additional research online and found out that we also were overpaying for the new coverage. I called a Honda Dealer in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge Honda) and they told me the package Anthony offered me wasn't available for pre-owned vehicles and that I could only get an extension on the original coverage, which they offered to give me for $1,905 (as opposed to PS Honda's $3,410) plus tax.

My wife and I agreed that we'd make the decision on the additional costs the night we picked up the vehicle, after we spoke to Schifano and told him what we learned about the questionable offers Anthony placed before us. S. is a friend of a close friend of ours, and he had seemed to be very honest throughout our dealings.

When we picked up the vehicle the next night and told S. what Anthony had told us, and what we found out when we did our research, he was very apologetic and offered to give us the Honda Care package for the same price the dealer in Brooklyn offered it to us for. He explained to us that Anthony had put the wrong coverage code down on our contract and that was why the rate was so high. He assured us that he would talk to Anthony the next day and straighten everything out.

So when all was said and done, we took the new alarm offer ($595) and Honda Care service package for an additional $2,500 plus tax ($2,717.44), as opposed to Anthony's original offer of $4,005 plus tax ($3,410 + 595). To cover ourselves, we paid for the car by certified check for the amount we agreed upon and put the additional $2,717.44 on my credit card. We walked out of PS Honda that night happy, thinking S. did the right thing by us by being offering us the coverage for the same rate that Bay Ridge Honda quoted us.

A few weeks after buying the extended service, I received the Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract packet in the mail. I immediately looked over all the information on the Identification Page of the contract to make sure all the information was correct and accurate. In looking over the information, I found everything to be accurate until I reached the VSC (Vehicle Service Contract) Customer Retail Price Section. PS Honda filed that we only paid $480 plus tax ($522.60) for the contract and that we paid $26,675, not $23,150, for the car. Both of these amounts are fraudulent claims.

When I contacted the Honda Care corporate office and told them of my findings, they explained to me that the VSC Customer Retail Price Section is supposed to reflect the amount of money I paid for the coverage. I told them what I actually paid and they said I needed to contact the local dealer to find why this information was inaccurate, as this information is supposed to reflect what I actually paid.

I tried to contact S. four times, leaving messages each time. Twice I managed to reach P. and when I explained the situation, he assured me that S. would call me back regarding this matter. It has been three weeks and I still have not heard back from anyone, which leads me to believe all the more that some kind of fraud is being perpetrated.

Since the VSC states that I can "cancel this contract and receive a full purchase price refund on or before 60 days following the commencement of this contract," I need to resolve this matter immediately in order to get my full money back. But the fraudulent way in which PS Honda filled out my Honda Care coverage contract only entitles me to the $522.60 amount they filed with the corporate office and not the actual amount I paid.

I have all the documentation to back up my claim and can provide any and/or all as proof of my claim, if need be. At this point, I either want the coverage for the price they filed with the corporate office ($522.60) and the remaining balance that I paid refunded to my MasterCard, or I want the full amount refund to my MasterCard and I will get my coverage from another dealer.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. My wife and I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help us with this problem. My wife and I were grossly overcharged by PS Honda for the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty we purchased for the pre-owned vehicle we bought from the dealer. And because of the fraudulent way in which PS Honda filed our Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract, we are only entitled to the $595 claim they filed as opposed to the full and actual amount ($1,905 plus tax) we paid.

On July 29, 2009, I attempted to lease a vehicle from PS Honda model 2009 Honda Civic EX with navigation system and other standard equipment. After agreeing on the terms of the lease and completing all the necessary paperwork, I was ready to take delivery of the vehicle. I walked outside the dealership to do an inspection of the vehicle exterior and interior condition when an electronic problem with the Bluetooth Navigation system was discovered as the salesperson was trying to set-up the system. The vehicle was taken to the service area where PS attempted to repair the problem with the vehicle with no success. I was advised that PS was unable to repair the vehicle at that point.

I advised PS Honda management that I refused delivery of damaged goods and requested the refund of my initial payment ($2,000). After numerous attempts to obtain a refund from PS Honda, they refused to return the money and wanted to obligate me to take that car or another car that I did not want. Even though I explained to the PS Honda staff that I was doing business with them in good faith, as of today, August 4, 2009, PS Honda refuses to refund the amount of $2,000 for a problem that is beyond my control as a customer. I had made numerous calls to PS Honda as well as Honda Financial Services but they were unwilling to resolve this.

On February 25th I put a deposit of $500 for a Honda CR-V 08. The car was to be delivered on 2/27- 2/28. Both days I called car was not delivered ... I was given the run aorund, no on was availbible. On 2/29 I was told the car will be delivered to teh dealership 3/1. On 3/1 the car was still nto dleivered I spoken to in a harsha nad rude manner. I asked to ahe my deposit was nto returned. On 3/2 the car still ahd not arrived and I was told the car will not be delivered till 3/6/ 08 or 3/10/ 08.

I then AGAIN asked for my money and htey REFUSE to give me my depoist of $500 after I was guaranteed I would be given my $500. I was verbally abused... and also threated by their finance manager. i was very specific and clear with them from the beginging. I stressed how i wrok upstate and i live in Queens and a car is crusial for me. and Still took my money knowing they will not have my car availible. Once they took my deposit. Their attitudes were completely different. no one was ever availble..and if i did speka to one knew anything. I have NOT signed any documents authorizing them to with draw my deposit.

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