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This dealership pocketed nearly $10,000! Never applied the money to my financing and submitted doctored paperwork to the bank. They took complete advantage of the fact that I have a disability. I'm now stuck with a car that isn't worth half of what I owe!

I placed a down payment on a truck. When they could not provide me with financing, they promised me a refund. I called several times and every time I called, they said they would be sending it to me in the mail. A month went by and then they closed the doors. I have never received my deposit back.

We leased a car from Northport Ford in Feb. 2010. The current lease is up at the end of this month. About 2 weeks ago, we received a phone call from a former employee of Northport Ford who informed us that Northport Ford was shut down due to deceptive practices. With that, I contacted Ford Motor Company and told them that our contract did not make sense and they advised us to go a dealer to work things out. At the dealer, it came to light that we were taken advantage for about $3,000 and that our contract did not make any sense. The numbers simply did not add up. They advised us that they could not make good on what happened and that it would be in our best interest to sue Ford directly.

I purchase a new 2012 Ford Fusion from Northport Ford on 10/31/2011. The dealership took back my current vehicle a 2008 Lincoln MKX. There were a few months left on the lease. They said they would accept an early termination on the car. In November, I received a statement within 10 days from Alliance Inspection Management stating that there would be no additional charges for the condition of the car. I then received a letter from Lincoln showing the car was not paid off. The representative from Lincoln told me they were supposed to pay off the car within 10 days of accepting it.

Between November and the end of December, I made numerous calls to Northport ford, leaving messages for Ed, the general manager. I even stopped in several times. Most of the calls were not returned. He finally returned my call at the end of December and told me he looked into the situation and that a check would be sent immediately. I thought everything was taken care of until I received a letter dated 1/20/2012 from Lincoln Finance stating that the bill for $1464 has not been paid.

I also believe that sometime in November or December, Northport Ford sent a wire to Lincoln but then pulled it back. I stopped off at Northport Ford today. They are shutting down. Their entire inventory is gone. I don't know what to do. Please help me.

We leased a F150 from Northport Ford in October and traded in our BMW. The loan on the BMW was not paid off. We are on the hook for those payments until Northport Ford pays it off. It has been more than two months at this point. There is no excuse. We have incurred payments and late charges. We are now paying two car payments, one of which we no longer own.

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I traded in a 20 Ford F 150 for a 2012 Ford Explorer on September 11, 2011, at the Northport Ford. They sold the F150 a couple of weeks later, and still have not paid off my loan, and the person who purchased the truck, traded in his van for the F150, and Northport Ford has not paid his loan off as well. I can't get the title to the F150, until Northport Ford pays my loan off. There are big issues with this Ford dealership. I am just wondering if they did this to anyone else. Please let me know.

I purchased a 2011 F250 from Northport Ford. I am a contractor and I use my truck as a tool. I needed to buy a bigger truck for snow removal. The salesmen was aware that I was going to be plowing with the truck. I purchased the truck and went to the plow up fitter that afternoon. I was informed that my truck wasn't eligible to put a plow on. My front GAWR is 5200lbs and my truck needs a front GAWR of 5600lbs or 6000lbs to be able to put a plow on the truck. Northport Ford told me specifically that the truck I purchased would be able to handle the plow. Northport Ford has not been able to give me a solution for about 3 weeks. I have been to the dealer almost everyday for the last 3 weeks and numerous phone calls. They haven't been able to give me an answer and when I am able to talk to them they just blew me off.

They billed a Vin Etch 5000 Policy which we did not want and refused to cancel afterwards. They did not honor Ford Financing advertised rate of 3.9 and would not allow me to use my own approved financing through my bank at a lower rate and term because they had a deal with Valley National Bank. The owner of the dealer said our only option was to finance the car with Valley National at 7.75 for 72 months because our credit score was bad. I don't believe a score of 786 is bad. When I got upset, the owner promised in writing that as long as I make my 1st 4 payments with Valley and open a checking acct. with BFCU, then he will refinance my car at no charge to me at 3.95 for 60 months. I had to do this because they would get compensated by Valley N.B if his customers do this.

He also told me that I have to bring in the consumer survey for him to fill out for his own dealership, and he would do the 1st oil change for free in return for the survey. I was overcharged by almost $7,700 over sticker price and refused to cancel the Vin Etch which I have no clue what it is. After we made the 4 payments and opened an account with BFCE, he humiliated me at his dealership and basically forced me out. He did not even bother to read his own promise letter. Now, I'm stuck with a warranty policy I don’t want and payments for 72 months at 7.75 instead of 3.95 at 60 months. I was cheated and tricked and lied to. I want the Vin Etch policy cancelled and refunded to me. I want to pay only the sticker price on the car which said $27,230 instead of $34,017.26 which I'm charged on the settlement sheet. Cheating and lying to consumers is not a good business practice, and dealers should not be allowed to get away with this.

Northport Ford has Changed For the Better

I bought a truck from Northport Ford under the previous ownership in January of 2008. In short, I was taken advantage of that could have resulted in legal action. I took my problem to the new owner, we conducted ourselves like gentlemen, and all the new owner wanted to do was make me happy. If the new owner Lloyd could have, he would have given me the shirt off his back. Lloyd brings integrety back to Northport Ford. Long Island can feel safe to buy a car there again.

Went to buy a new ford van on Jan29th2008.I was trading in my ecoline van which they would give me 7.000.00.The loan on this van was for 11.400.00 so I gave the my american express for the remaining 4,400.00.To this date of march 20th the loan for my old van has not been paid.I have been there and they have no answers for me.

My sister leased a 2006 Ford Mustang from Northport Ford but decided to return the car before the end of the contract. My sister brought and dropped off the car back to Northport Ford, paid the early termination fee of a little over $6k. Since my sister paid the early termination fee, returned the car back to the dealership, it was and still is their responsibility to pay back the remaining amount of the loan of a little over $20k to Chase Bank.

This took place in December of 2007. It is now March 3, 2008 and my sister is still getting bills from Chase for a car that she does not even have. Northport Ford should have paid the remaining amount of the loan 3months ago but still have not done so. As a result, my sister's credit is getting worse and worse as I am writing you this letter. My sister and I have visited the dealership all together 4 times now. My sister went the first two times, and I went for the remaining.

When my sister went to visit them for the first time after we found out about this issue, Northport Ford had told her that there was some type of mistake on their part and that they would resolve this problem and pay the remaining of the loan. However since they did not stay true to their word, my sister got another bill from Chase therefore went back to Ford again. Again, they said that they will remedy this situation but again, did not.

Around mid February, I visited the dealership and spoke to the owner. Questioned him about the situation. He said that he had sent a check to Chase a few days before my visit. So my sister and I decided to wait for 2 weeks to give it some time for the check to arrive. 2weeks passed, and Chase still did not receive any check. Again, my last visit was a few days ago, could not get in contact with Rob because according to one of his employees, he was out on vacation and said that he will be back on Monday. Today, I called the dealership but again, could not get in contact with him.

My sister's credit is getting worse everyday. My sister who lives in New Jersey and works in Manhattan had to call out of work to come to Long Island multiple times in order to resolve this situation. This has caused my sister and our family much unnecessary emotional stress.

I brought my 1999 Expedition in for service on 8/2/05. Not only was the vehicle not serviced, I had to pay $92.33 for diagnosing a problem.

Before I even get into that, I would like to address a situation that reoccurs each and every time I bring my vehicle in for service at this facility which is the smoking problem. I dont know if the no smoking law applies to auto repair shops or not, but it should. My car smells of cigarette smoke so badly that airing it out was not enough. I had to clean the entire inside of the car including the windows. If that werent bad enough, the smell is even inside the air conditioning system in the vehicle. He even used my vehicles cigarette lighter, which by the way has never even been used. I even spotted a burn mark in the carpet on the drivers side. I said that it was UNACCEPTABLE and I wanted something done about it.

Now, onto the second problem at hand. I had an appointment for 8/2 at 9:00 am. I left my keys with Tony and advised him that I needed a wheel alignment and I complained of a delayed acceleration when the air conditioning is on in the vehicle. He made note of that and said hed call me later on to let me know what the problem is. At 1 or 2 in the afternoon, Tony called me to let me know that they havent gotten a chance to even look at my vehicle yet and they may have to keep it overnight. I didnt feel well that day so I said okay and hung up.

About a hour later, I realized that I had an appointment in the morning that I couldnt miss so I called Tony back. I told him that I absolutely needed it back today. He said hed see what he could do. At just before 5 oclock Tony called. He said the wheel alignment wasnt done because of a defective tire and I would have to bring it back to where I had purchased the tires which happens to be a very reputable tire company who Ive known my whole life. They take very good care of my family. I called Tony from the tire shop to find out which tire he was referring to and he couldnt remember. So they had to remove all four tires and put them on the machine to check them. They all turned out perfectly fine and these people took a lot of their time and energy to check this out for me. It is my belief that Tony couldnt do the wheel alignment because it was too late in the day and so they made up this thing about the tires. When checking the paperwork it states possible shifted belt. When I spoke to Tony on the phone he told me it was the tire treads and the tire was defective. If he made the whole thing up just because he didnt have time to do the wheel alignment thats pretty lame! Why do they give people appointments if they have no intention on completing the job the same day. I find this to be the case quite frequently at this facility.

When dropping off the vehicle at 8:45 am on 8/2, Tony never advised me that there would be a charge to check out the acceleration complaint and when I picked up the vehicle despite the fact that there was no work done on it at all. They charged me $92.33 to diagnose the problem. He said that I needed a new transmission. I couldn't comprehend how they determiend that. I took the car to a transmission establishment that's been around forever, and they told me the transmission was fine and nothing was wrong with it. Northport Ford is crooked and they lie to get business. The service techs work on commission so they try to get you to spend a lot of money. That is so wrong. I also wrote to Corporate Headquarters and never heard back from them either.

Getting back to the transmission, when I told Tony I wasn't going to pay the $92.33, but I would pay the rest of the bill. He said they'd deduct the $92.33 from the bill when they do the transmission. Can you believe it? He wouldn't let me take my car home until I paid the entire bill including the $92.33.

I traded in my Ford Tauraus for a pre-owned Ford Freestar approx. one month ago. In an effort to get us in and out of the dealership (after waiting 2 hours), Charlie had us sign blank applications and told us he would fill in everything later on and verbally told us our monthly payment would be $570 a mos.

We left there with NO paperwork in hand. He also said we should have paperwork in about 1-2 wks. Like I mentioned above here it is one month later, no paperwork. Not only that, I come home this week to find a bill from the lender (CitiFinancial) for a monthly payment of $619. This is not what was agreed upon. I've been transferred to numerous people (Joe, Charlie, Matthew, Christine)all of which not only gave me the run around, just don't even bother to call me back. As of today, 9/15, we are scheduled to meet with Joe and Charlie to iron this all out.

If nothing else, comes out of this, I just want people to know the type of people they are dealing with if they choose to take on Northport Ford as their dealership of choice. I have also filed a complaint with Ford itself (1-800-392-Ford). Chalk this up to a lesson learned!

I purchased a used vehicle from Northport Ford 2 months ago after seeing a special offer they were running. The special offer was that if I purchased a vehicle from their lot, I would receive a cruise for two to the Bahamas. Because of this special offer I decided to purchase the vehicle from them.

The sales rep (Ron) told me that I would receive the cruise certificate in 4 6 weeks. Its been over 8 weeks and I have not received the cruise. I recently called their office regarding this cruise and a rep called me back saying that I will not receive it because they ran out of cruise certificates. When I purchased this vehicle, I was promised the cruise. I purchased this vehicle from this dealership because of the cruise incentive. They do not want to keep their promises or return my calls. I have called, emailed and faxed the manager and he has not returned anything.

This dealer is very deceptive and unethical. I also had other issues with them while purchasing my vehicle. They told me they were going to repair certain problems with my car before I purchased, and they never have.

Conclusion: I want them to deliver the cruise they promised. The sales rep kept on repeating the benefits of the cruise before I purchased the vehicle. They told me I definately would receive the cruise. I do not find it acceptable for them to make this promise before I purchase the car, then say its not available after the sale.

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