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Nissan of Manhattan failed to find issue with my 2011 Nissan Altima after 3 visits to the service department which resulting in radiator leaking onto engine and destroying the vehicle. My first visit to service the vehicle after check engine light came on was December, early December where I was told it was just a sensor issue. At that time, I was also under warranty which expired in January 2014. After the third visit and $325.00 worth of services, I was told that my engine was damage due to a crack in the radiator which leaked fluids onto the engine and also driving car while overheated.

I took my car into Nissan of Manhattan with clear and precise details of what was going on with the car and trusted that their diagnostic was accurate but in the end they failed to find the issue of the car overheating and shutting off which lead to the engine becoming damaged. At this point, I was forced to return car to the bank in which I have finance the vehicle because I could not afford a new engine which I was no longer covered for under warranty. I was told that the engine was $7800 and I would need that in order for the car to run again.

At this time, the car was completely useless to me and the General Manager treated me as my issue was not important to them anymore after I expressed that I could not afford to purchase a new engine. I was asked to pick up my car as soon as possible because they did not have the storage space. I picked up the car on Friday, March 21, 2014, and allowed to drive it out of the dealership with a promise that if I did not make it home before car shut off, they would come out to help me. The car turned off 15 minutes into my drive and they did not come out to help. Instead I had to call a towing company which advised me that the dealership should have never allowed me to drive out of the shop with a damaged engine because anything could have happened causing me serious harm. I am requesting that Nissan of Manhattan take full responsibility for their actions and pay for the damage that occurred under their services and refund me my $325.00 for a repair that did not solve the problem but instead could have caused more damage.

I agree with the reviews. This is a Buyer Beware! I called on Thursday, 9/20/2012. They said the car was available. I asked to put a hold and used my credit card for the "deposit" to ensure the vehicle would be there since I was coming from an hour and a half away. I called on Friday to confirm the appointment we had on Saturday, 9/22/2012. When I got there, they were in a complete rush through the entire process. They showed us the car and we asked to test drive it. They said, "Let's talk numbers first." They had us wait for over an hour before anyone even came to "negotiate". Once negotiation started, the first thing they told us was that this was the lowest they were willing to go and if we didn't pay that price plus all of the "extra fees," they were selling to the other person waiting for the vehicle at the same time?

Once they realized we were looking to negotiate a lower price, they advised the car was already sold to the other person which is probably why we were waiting so long for someone to talk with us! They even gave us a price with tax, title and tag even after saying they "sold" the car basically giving it to the "highest bidder" so to speak. As we were talking, we noticed the other person test driving the vehicle. This was the same one we had put a "deposit" on.

I was so disgusted with the way we were treated there. I would never recommend this dealer to my worst enemy. I wish I would have read the reviews sooner. This is not a dealer; this is an "auction." So if you are looking to make a deal, don't ever come here. I would like to note the person I dealt with was Ben and he is a manager there. Also, I asked over the phone if the car was in any accidents which I was told no by him. I come to find out when they showed us the Carfax, the vehicle was reported to have an accident. When I brought it up, he told me it had a clean Carfax. He denied the entire conversation. I was speechless and disgusted!

I purchased a 2011 Nissan Murano from Nissan Manhattan in March 2011. As part of the negotiation, I was informed that I would receive 1 year of maintenance for free. When I brought my car into Nissan for the 3000 mile check-up I was told that there was no record of this agreement.

Well, I had set out to purchase a vehicle in 2008. At the time, I was working in NYC and I assumed it would be convenient to conduct my business in the city. Now, I wish I would have never done that. I went to Nissan of Manhattan. I picked out a 2005 Nissan Altima. During the finance process, I was not told my interest rate and I did sign the contract apparently not reading it in its entirety.

To my surprise, they gave me an interest rate of 15.32%. I wasn't aware of my interest rate or the financial process. I believe the sales and finance people at Nissan of Manhattan took full advantage of me being that I was by myself a women and African American at that. I also had a trade in vehicle 2004 Kia. My payments are $548 a month. I was aware of my payments being high but only because I was under the impression that I would be finish paying for my vehicle in 60 months. I only recently found out my current rate because I tried to trade in my vehicle for something cheaper, as I have been going through economical hardship. When I realized this, I immediately contacted Nissan of Manhattan and went there to see what my options were and why I had such a high interest rate.

I came to them with fairly good credit and a great job making over $52,000 a year in 2008. I do not understand how I got this interest rate. I contacted the bank, my financial provider to get my account information so I can see what my credit score was. I have yet to receive the paper work nor could Nissan of Manhattan provide any paper work for me because they discarded all paper work after 90 days so I was told.

After some research, I believe I have been scammed. Maybe they used such a high market value rate, I do not know. I am paying $244 toward the principal of my loan and $304.66 toward the interest. I would have run the other way if I was fully aware of what was going on. Unfortunately in the loans entirety, I will end up paying $33,000 for a 2005 vehicle that was originally $19,000 which is $14,000 more than what I was supposed to pay. I do not understand how this happened. I would like to get to the bottom of this.

After paying 28 payments, I have only put $6,000 into the principal of the loan and $9,000 in interest (very close estimates). I tried to look up my own credit score in 2008. I only come out with my most recent score which is 5.44%. I understand this is low but this is after losing my job and being on unemployment paying a high car note. I just want to see what went on.

As the result of this loan, I have tried to re-finance but I do not qualify for that without a job. I have two kids and had to move out of my apartment due to this outrageous car note. Numbers do not lie and I would like to know why I was a victim of such a high interest rate. I still am struggling to pay this at this present time. I do not want to lose my credit and have to file for bankruptcy. Although I know I should have been more focused, I believe I was taken full advantage of. Knowing my situation, the Wells fargo the bank where the loan is, won't look into lowering my payments. They have nothing to help me out.

I went to Nissan dealership in Manhattan to fix my car that had problems turning off. When I got to Nissan, Gina **, the consultant told me that it would take a day to check my Nissan Altma. Meanwhile, I signed off that the car would be ready on Friday morning after bringing it on Tuesday. She lied and told me the parts were in and they were fixing it after I had my mom call Gina and Gina said, they have to order the parts mean while I'm calling and getting hung up, put on hold to see about when I was getting the car.

I spoke with someone that she wasn't servicing me right and that she lied. Gina found out that I complained and harassed me personally on the phone about why I, the customer, called and told on her and who the hell I am. She was so rude, I felt offended and had my mom call Gina and she said that she will give me a free car wash for her verbal abuse which I looked on the internet free car wash already comes in my service anyhow.

After receiving the car late evening, the bill was in error. Gina lied about the billing and try to charge me more than a thousand dollars to fix the valve and canister of a motor mount. After paying with a debt, the person in charge of receiving payment ** the bill from me and rushed me to sign off something I wasn't able to read. Gina had told me the service people, test drive my car which was also a lie.

Nearly receiving the car two hours later, I'm shopping with my daughter to find out that my car shuts down in the street and the car starts rolling down. I struggled my force to pull the emergency break and that had a malfunction. I screamed for help and someone helped me force the car to stop. I called my insurance and told them what happened and they told me to contact Manhattan dealership, that they are held responsible after charging a thousand and fifteen dollars and me and my child almost lost our life for something that wasn't repaired correctly.

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I purchased on Jan. 25 2010 a 2006 Nissan Altima from Nissan of Manhattan. Upon driving the car home, my wife noticed that the left rear tail light lens was broken. I called the dealership and even though the car was used and sold "as is" the salesman, after speaking with his manager, said that the dealership would at their expense replace the lens and also properly cleans the car which they also never did.

On Feb. 18th, I called and spoke to the salesman Alex L. He, at first, told me that he would check to see if the lens was in stock and would call back with an appointment to bring the car in. He called back shortly and told me I would have to check on the availability of the lens and I would also have to pay for the lens out of my own pocket.

I realize that the car was used, but firstly for a NYC licensed dealership to sell a car with equipment that violates the law doesn't seem appropriate to me. Secondly, to agree to replace the lens at their expense (I still have this message on my answering machine) and then renege on this offer does not seem a proper way to do business.

I was going to buy out a lease from my boss with an early termination fee. My boss was told that if the lease is bought out by the end of September, the buy out amount would be $18,000 and change which included the early termination fee. I went to Nissan of Manhattan to buy out the lease with a check in hand for the exact amount to buy out the car. At that time, I was told I need to pay an additional few thousand dollars for taxes and misc fees. At that point, the Supervisor, Richie, came over to deal with the situation. Richie felt it was a bit pathetic that I was walking out with a used Nissan Altima for more money up front than a brand new 2010 Nissan Altima. Richie sat with me quite a while discussing different options. We agreed upon the following, that I give them the Nissan Altima and I will get a 2010 Nissan Sentra.

Richie said he will charge me less for the Nissan Sentra as I was paying cash and I would pay off the early termination fee along with all the taxes due so at the end of the day I was paying full price for the Nissan Sentra. However, to me it was a discount on the Nissan Sentra plus the early termination fee for my boss and taxes. I paid the full price of approx. $22,000 at which time I was told that the price I was paying would satisfy the charge of my new car, the early termination fee for returning the leased car along with all other fees pertaining to the leased car.

Now my boss, Barbara ** keeps on getting letters from a collection agency requesting the balance of $1,573.68. My boss called Richie regarding this matter. He said we should fax over to him all the paperwork from the collection agency and he will work something out for her. This was 2-1/2 weeks ago. For the last 2 weeks, I call daily several times leaving numerous messages for Richie to call me back. He does not pick up my calls and does not return my calls. I am at a loss!

I went to the dealership to purchase a car. When i got there i was satisified with the car, but when it was time to close the deal, me and my sister specifically asked if there was any additional fees no matter what they were. they replied no so we signed. After we sat down with Ken Park the financial manager at the dealer, he started adding fees and anything he could think of. He then started to make up an APR of 9% which is outrageous.

Then after a few minutes and deciding not to buy it he then said he would lower the APR but still charge us for bumper to bumper maintenaince which the salesperson said would be covered. Then, ken park, stated that there would be an additional 2,500 dollars for maintenaince for the car which the salesperson didnt mention. He also stated that if we did not take the deal that our 500 dollar downpayment wouldnt be able to be refunded.

My sister stormed into Nissan making a fuss in order to get the 500 dollars back which they were going to keep due to them saying that they had to do the credit check and all kinds of nonsense. This company employed dishonest and unprofessional staff.

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