Infiniti of Lynbrook (formerly Legacy Infiniti)

Lynbrook, NY

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I returned my lease to this dealership and the guy takes my car, gives me paperwork and I thought this was finished. About a month later Infiniti Financial calls me and tells me that since I did not return the lease they had issued a delinquency with my credit and I am being charged huge late fees for not returning my car. Make a long story short, after fighting with Infiniti of Lynbrook to show me proof that my car was handed in or I would need to call the police, and after a million excuses (They couldn't help me because the lease guy was at a conference when I saw the guy right in the showroom and many more excuses) I finally got them to give me proof that my lease was returned.

When I looked at the paperwork they gave me, I noticed it marked the lease as returned that day (not the month earlier). Basically they had forgotten to ground the lease and thus Infiniti financial was never notified the car was returned. You would think the manager and lease guy would be apologetic but no, they don't say a word and go on as if nothing happened. Bunch of crooks.

Satisfaction Rating

In November 2012 I brought my 2009 Infiniti to the service department to repair my radiator. I left the dealership with a ("so-called") new radiator. In June 2015, I was driving home from work and my car began overheating. My husband towed my 2009 Infiniti to his friends repair shop. My husband's friend, an experienced mechanic stated, "this is an old radiator, never replaced, and you will need a new one."

My husband and I were appalled and extremely upset. We couldn't believe within 2 years and 6 months we would have to purchase a brand new radiator. My husband was able to drive the car to Infiniti of Lynbrook. Once the service department completed the diagnostic, the service department manager contacted my husband and I. He stated, "The radiator needs to be fixed. The last radiator we put in was under warranty. You don't have warranty and will need to pay for the repair."

I then contacted the Infiniti complaint head office and spoke to a gentleman who stated, "Well you didn't pay for the 1st radiator replacement therefore you will need to pay for this radiator!" Honestly, this dealership is a "rip-off". The entire company has proven to be disloyal to their customers! When I went to pick up my vehicle with my husband, he opened the hood of the car, the radiator hose was not attached, allowing anti-freeze to leak. My husband was annoyed because the service department did not properly reattach the hose. I was happy that my husband was present because I would have simply driven the car with a detached hose, blowing the engine of the car.

The service manager and another employee attached the hose and the car was able to start. We researched and found a wonderful repair shop, Whitey's located at 901 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park. My car was fixed in one day, with warranty. I recommend you conduct you research before you decide to give Infiniti of Lynbrook any money. They are unprofessional, lying thieves.

Satisfaction Rating

I went in to the dealership thinking that since my lease for my current car is ending soon. They can get me out of mr BMW and into an Infiniti. I went there twice since the first time I went the manager was tied up with someone else and I couldn't wait. While I was there the second time, **, the employee I dealt with the first time, welcomed me and took me for a test drive for the Q70 (MSRP of $61K). I told him I am coming off on a lease and that I would like to LEASE an Infiniti. After spending almost 1 and 1/2 hours at the dealership and filling out some forms he was finally able to show me the different "leasing" options to me.

When I reviewed the option I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. First, they were charging ~$950 for a 36 month "lease" with some $2500 down on a car that's worth $61k. So I asked ** why is it so much and he was trying to make up some ridiculous answer which I didn't buy. Since I still didn't believe the price for the LEASE I asked him if he was sure that this is the price for a lease and not for a finance and he said yes with confidence. At that point (not to question his job or intelligence) I had no choice but to ask him if he knew the difference between a car that is leased and one that is financed since I was 100% sure that the price he was showing me was for a financed car. After that he just happened to notice that the numbers that he was showing me was in fact for another model Infiniti: Q70L(~4-5k more expensive).

At that point I lost my patience and told him that even if I was being shown the pricing for a "lease" on the q70L it would not be anywhere NEAR the $950 price range. At that point I was so disgusted to think that these people actually had the audacity to show me some fictitious numbers for a lease and that too for a car that I wasn't even looking into that I got up and left the dealership. I told them that this is not the way you do business and that it is a shame that people like him and his managers are actually ripping people off by making "mistakes" like that.

In short I had a horrible time with this dealership and in fact this was the second time that this dealership decided pull this stunt on me. The first time was almost 4-5 years ago (before I had the lease on my current car) and they decided to do the exact SAME thing that they did this time. I am sure that I am not the only person that they have done this to and it's unfortunate for some people who are not so keen on car buying that they might actually fall for their traps. I strongly recommend that people stay away from this dealership but if it is their last resort (which it should be) and you do end up going, make sure to read everything to the finest details and make sure you are paying for the car that you and the dealer talked about!

Satisfaction Rating

This Infiniti is TERRIBLE! I don't know why I waste my time getting my car serviced here. I rather drive an hour somewhere else than to deal with these people. Customer service is not a # 1 priority! Take your hard earned money and spend it elsewhere! Trust me.

Satisfaction Rating

Let me start by saying that I have never ever written a review about any company I have ever shopped at no matter how horrible the service may have been so that really says something about this place. I bought a brand new car from this place on June 6th, 2014. Pretty recent, right? If I could turn back time, I would have never stepped foot in there. I wouldn't even recommend this place to my worst enemy. There is no communication in this place. One person tells you one thing and once you get to the other, it ends up being a whole different story.

When I got my car, they were supposed to pay off my old vehicle when I traded it in but that wasn't the case. It was supposed to be a smooth transaction but instead it was a headache. They made the salesperson Jeff (who seemed to be the only person who believes in good customer service out of everyone I dealt with) call me every day asking for the same thing over and over again. No matter how many times I delivered what they asked for, I would get a call again saying this is not what they need. I went as far as to call the bank with whom I had my car loan with on a 3-way call with the finance manager. I dealt with Anthony (who is trash by the way because all he does is tell you that it's going to get done when it never does) to get the payoff amount to pay off my loan.

The bank told us they would fax the papers to them, and of course Anthony claimed he never received them. I told them that my monthly bill was due and this had to get done immediately but of course no action was taken. I had to call out of work to go to the bank to pick up the same paper that was faxed to them just so I could bring it to Anthony because obviously if I didn't do it myself, it would never get done. Because it took so long they had to add on late fees to their payment. I bought the car on the 6th of June and it was not paid until the 26th which caused my bank to report it on my credit report as late because it passed the 15-day grace period.

I have never missed or been late on a payment in my life and I have the printout of my credit report that THEY gave me as proof when they ran my credit. Then I get letters from the DMV about the previous car because the new car was never registered because the insurance card was not done correctly - something they should have caught day one when they made a copy of my license and had the ID card faxed to them. I received a letter on July 10th from the DMV more than a month later after buying the car saying my registration (which I have yet to receive yet!) is suspended along with my plates because they didn't show proof of insurance.

Today is July 16th and my temporary registration is set to expire on the 21st and of course I receive a letter from Lynbrook Infiniti stating, "An error was made calculating your registration fee. There is a balance of $12 due. Please call our dealership to settle balance and make arrangements to pick up or have registration mailed to you." It's signed at the bottom by Renae ** the billing manager. I call to speak to her and of course she has no idea what that's about and after I tell her I'm not paying anything after all I been through with this place she tells me to call back tomorrow to speak to the accounting dept. I ask her, "Why should I call back when it has your name on the bottom and signed by you?" She states, "Oh, because I'm the billing manager." Is this $12 balance not a BILL?? Are you not a MANAGER?? It seems only right that I would speak to the BILLING MANAGER. So she turned out to be as useless as the 30-second phone call we had if not more. If I could give this car back and walk away from them, I would do it in a heartbeat!!! I wouldn't care how much money I lost because it would be worth it just to never have to deal with them again!

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Satisfaction Rating

I received a letter from Infiniti Corp with an Infiniti insignia on the letterhead. I went to Legacy Infinti and dealt with Christopher **. I had no issues until at the end. At the time of purchasing the navigation upgrade, I was told by the representative that it should say version 8.7 2014. I told Christopher this and he had no clue nor did he try making the attempt to call the corporation to find out. Nevertheless, I made the call on my cell to the corporation. At that point, I handed Christopher my phone and he spoke with a representative. In addition, I asked Chris if this upgrade would be for the NYC metro area only or the entire United States. Again, he didn't know nor did he make the attempt to find out. He further went on during our conversation to say it is his fault.

I asked, "What are you talking about fault?" He also stated in his conversation he wish Infiniti would fire him. He said, "I want to get fired." The manager overheard my questions and took it upon himself to get to the bottom of it. He made the calls and answered my questions. I think Legacy Infiniti needs to look at their orientating policy of their employees and Chris should not be in a position that he is in contact with any customer. He needs to go through a very rigorous training program that allows him to be able to deal with customers. He left a very bad taste in my mouth. I live 15 minutes from this dealership and I refuse to ever take my car there again if I can help it. He doesn't give me the confidence I need as a customer to ever do business with this dealership. Now reading the reviews and having first hand dealt with them, I realize why they have a bad report card. Shame on you, Legacy.

Satisfaction Rating

So disappointed with their parts department and Infiniti. I understand that prices may differ from location to location but this was ridiculous. I purchased the front and rear brake pads along with the hardware for my M37X and then priced them at Kings Infiniti in Brooklyn which would have been $95 less. The brake pads alone had a $40 price difference which is a rip-off in my opinion. When I called them to return the unused parts they informed me that there will be a 20% handling fee on my $350 purchase. Even after returning the merchandise with the 20% fee I still saved money. Don't understand how they can get away with this with the Infiniti name. Think I'm going back to Honda RL.

Satisfaction Rating

I went into the Legacy Infiniti to purchased the FX35. A salesman met me at the door and seems experience. During our meeting I realized he didn't have much knowledge of the vehicles. I asked him which car was bigger the FX or EX and he told me the EX. Later I took the FX for a test drive. He was not able to explain the functions or knew much about the vehicle. I decided to get the vehicle despite his lack of knowledge.

He proceeded to fill out the bill of sales, which took in an hour...while you copies the information from another contract. During the financing process the "finance guy" looked as though he was confused about the price of the vehicle, but said nothing.

When I got home, I realized the price we agreed on was not the price, features and credit for my trade in on the bill of sales. After researching the vehicle on line, it was also listed for $3,000 below the agreed price. I had to miss half day of work to go down there to get this situation handled. In addition, the information for the person who previously leased the car was in the glove compartment.

From their reaction, I can tell they do this often. The manager was very apologetic and corrected the price, as well as the misinformation from the "finance guy". The issue was rectified, but should have never happened. I then had to go back for my user manual, which was not in the vehicle and the manager acted like he didn't know who I was or that he was to have it ready for me...

They will be the most pleasant when they want your money... after that they don't know you! Buyers be wary and Please, Please, Please check your bill of sales!

Satisfaction Rating
Terrible customer service and misinformation from the beginning! The vehicle I purchased for my 17-year old daughter, 9,000 miles later, needs a new engine. Lemon!

Now, they will not honor the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty! They first claim that since the vehicle was serviced somewhere else, the warranty is void. The vehicle was never serviced anywhere else! Now, they claim that the vehicle had to be serviced more often. No vehicle should need a new engine after 9,000 miles!

Satisfaction Rating

I saw a few FXs online and decided to go in and take a look. At first, the managers were really cool, so I went back on the weekend to test drive one of the FX that I liked. I told them what my budget was and they said they can meet that. I put a deposit down and they said they will run my credit. I came back the next week and they were giving me the runaround about what my budget is and forcing me to get this vehicle, but I kept on telling then that I can't make that payment so I can look at something else. The manager said no and then got really mad. He started to yell and told me to get the ** out of his building. He was very ignorant. I asked for my deposit upon leaving and the manager said, "I will mail you a check. Now get the ** out of my building." It has been over 2 weeks and I still did not get my deposit back. Damn thief!

Satisfaction Rating

I was a recent employee at Legacy Infiniti in Lynbrook. I was hired in July 2012 as a Finance Assistant, then right after, I was changed to a "Temporary" due to my skills.

I was adult-bullied by my ex-supervisor Adam **, a Sales Manager, and an employee. I was told by one of the owners, Tiffany **, to write it down if I had any problems. I was sick everyday from the time Adam became my supervisor. I still had respect for my employees, even though everyday was a nightmare due to people telling me not to do my job because it showed that they were not doing theirs. I was not only asked by my supervisor to do his job and mine, but by employees as well. I left work on a Monday before noon because I was so sick that I could not breathe. I started having bad allergy attacks, so I wrote a note and put it on the desk where he and another employee, Ed, sat. I came back on Wednesday because I did not come in Tuesday. When I came in to return their customers' info, Tiffany herself asked me to come back in saying "Don't I always take care of you?" and telling me how she's had my back. She also said she never received a note, and when she sat Adam down, he said he never received it. I wonder why?

Thursday came and a previous employee showed up to get his check. I knew him. I walked in while they were giving the check to him and said hi. 20 to 30 minutes later, I was called into the office to be terminated. I was very happy about it because my health had started to become an issue but was displeased after I looked at my check. They did not give me my bonus and 2 referrals. I then walked back to where my pocketbook coat and folders were. A lady named Randi followed me back. I saw with my own eyes that Adam was going through my purse and folders saying it was company property, and then Randi with Mike ** said that I was stealing company property.

The last time I checked, they had asked me to come back two days before and told me how I was such a big asset to the company. My hours were 11-7 from Monday through Thursday, and 12-6 from Friday and Saturday. I came in everyday 1 or 1 1/2 hours earlier just because the job itself was what I liked. I didn't bother anyone. I was told not to talk to anyone there, and then was told that the termination was because I had no inter-personal skills. I kept getting yelled at for saying hello or when someone asked me a question - how would I?

The point is that this company allowed employees to come and do their job but when payday came around, everyone is questioning their check or do not receive a check/commission, and get underpaid for their week's work. Employees are also able to come in and speak in an unprofessional manner (Ghetto) and smell like marijuana. This is a very unprofessional place. They do not treat their employees/customers with respect. They play favorites and the blame game all day. Overall, I would not recommend this dealership to anyone because the only patience they have is when you actually sign the dotted line.

Satisfaction Rating

I made deal for lease on g37 and the deal was subject to turning back g35 with excess mileage to be taken care of by Legacy. Subsequently, I got a bill from Infiniti for excess mileage and both Shawn ** and Mike ** did not take my calls and basically denied them.

Satisfaction Rating

Legacy Infiniti contacted me on Monday, 1/16/12 and asked me if I want to trade in my 2007 m35x. I said I'm coming in on Saturday to get an oil change. I came in and sat with a salesman. The price the salesman gave me for my car was an insult. After buying three cars from them, I would never buy another car from them. A manger didn't even have the decency to come talk to me.

Satisfaction Rating

I went in with my boyfriend to purchase his 2008 Infiniti FX35. We walked out and purchased a pre-owned 2010 Honda Civic Coupe and his FX35. We have had nothing but problems with them and it is just two months since the purchase. They bought my old car from me and never sent in the payment to settle my old loan. I never received the letter stating that my account was closed on my old car. I called the company and they told me that they never got a check.

Here we are, two months later, and my credit is affected because of their lack of a proper finance department. You can never get the owner, John, on the phone or anyone to help you. They are so quick to sell you a car and they don't want to help you after the car is out the door. The second experience is on the FX. We put money down on the car but their records indicated that we put more money down than we did. I am an honest person and caught the error so I told them right away. The finance man said, "Oh, don't worry. We will fix it in our computers."

Two months later, they are now calling to look for the money, telling us that we owe them more. When I was the one who caught it, they told them that they will fix it on their end. Well, it was never done. They also sold the car to us with only one key fob. They told us that they will get the other one in a few days and will call us if it is already there. Well, guess what? We are still waiting for it. Think twice before you go to this dealer.


I purchased a 2006 Infiniti M45 with 76,000 miles in September 2010 from Legacy Infiniti. I was skeptical about purchasing the vehicle with such high mileage, being a former employee in the Sales Department; I had faith in the dealership with their 10-year/100,000 warranty. Throughout the sales process, the sales staff and the Finance Department reassured me that the warranty would be effective. The Finance manager rushed me through the signing of the contracts where I later found out that he had charged me $1,900 for a remote start unit that couldn’t have been more than $300.

Set aside the fact that the remote start does not work. I brought the car to the service department because the engine was overheating, the service department would not give me a loaner car claiming they had none. The next day, I got a call from the service writer Dennis **, who says that the water pump had to be replaced and the power steering needed repair, to top of it he tells me that I have no warranty on the car and that the repairs would cost $900 paid out of pocket.

I am infuriated on how unprofessional this dealership conducts business. As a former employee, I know first hand on how this company cheats and lies to its customers. I could not believe that they would do this to me. The car has been at the dealership for a week now and nothing is getting done and I still have no loaner car. I am looking for ways to press charges and settle this legally. I had received a call from the service manager and that he could offer me 20% off the final bill. I refused the offer because I feel the company is responsible for honoring the warranty they desperately advertise.


I was sold a car with two bald front tires and needed an alignment. The dealer said passed both their 173 point inspection and also NY State Inspection, which I know is a lie. Because after my personal mechanic looked at it, they said it would not pass inspection and the tires were clearly "un-drivable", putting my life in danger. I also couldn't test drive the car because the battery was dead. I was told (lied too again) that it was replaced when I went to purchase it and on June 6th (19 days after purchase) the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. I feel they are falsifying inspections and should be penalized to the fullest extent. New battery is $115. The dealership would not give me new tires; instead the salesmen drove to a friend of his at a Firestone who then gave me the tires. My inconvenience and trust cannot be paid back unfortunately.


I originally saw an ad on their website for a G37x sedan 2011 with a premium package for $309 and $1999 down payment. I spoke with Michael *** who assisted me with a trade in vehicle along with a down payment towards the lease. Ultimately, after the credit check and the high APR, I had to decline the offer. My wife and I received a call from Rigaud ***, the sales manager, who said he had a 2009 G37x sedan that had a payment of a little over $530 a month. Upon my arrival at the dealership, Rigaud stated that the cost of the vehicle was $593 a month. I informed Rigaud this was not a little amount over and it was too much.

After negotiations, Rigaud reduced the price to $540 a month. I informed Rigaud that I need navigation and I noticed there were quite a few 2008 G35x models on their website for a less price. Rigaud said the bank would not approve me for a lesser amount and I can use my iPhone for navigation instead and there was no need it because I only wanted it. I asked Rigaud if all the used cars on the website was sold, he said yes and this was the only one available. I asked Rigaud for a breakdown of the pricing for the trade in, the APR, the cost of taxes, and all details. Rigaud did write down the basic charges and did not provide me with a full breakdown of the cost detailing where the money is being applied.

I told Rigaud I will be there on 5/19 to pick up the $4000 I used for a down payment. Rigaud was very rude with his tone and treated me like a child stating comments like "You won't understand the details", "This deal is perfect for you, you just need to sign the contract. Why do you need to see details? " "This is the only deal I have for you, everything else is out of stock" and "It's hard for you to understand because you don't know finance." Michael *** was far better to deal with and Rigaud *** was cold-hearted and should not be allowed to deal with people on any level because of his arrogant attitude towards people claiming that he is helping but refuses to give the customer information they are requesting.


I took my vehicle in to be serviced under warranty. As is their policy, my vehicle was inspected for any previous damages; after a careful inspection, there were no problems noted. Anyway, when I got the vehicle back, there was a scratch on the driver's door and scratches and a crack in the bumper. I brought it to the attention of the service manager, Tom **. He came out to inspect the vehicle, and upon inspection, he waved his hand in a dismissive manner. He then informed me that he would not fix the bumper but he would be willing to fix the door.

We informed him that this was unacceptable, since we dropped the vehicle off without these damages. He then told us, "There is touch-up paint on the bumper and this crack is from a plate screw." I inquired as to where the touch-up paint came from since this vehicle came in without any damages which were confirmed by the service inspector. He then raised his voice and insisted that he was not fixing any damages to the bumper and waved his hand as he began to walk away.

My fiancee stated that the service department was responsible for fixing the bumper along with the door. Mr. Tom then turned to my fiancee and proceeded to argue with him. I was appalled and embarrassed because this took place in the service department's parking lot in front of various customers who just stared. I asked Mr. Tom if he thought we were trying to get over by pointing out these issues, at which time, he looked at me and smirked and then continued to argue with my fiancee. I stepped between him and my fiancee trying to be the voice of reason.

I asked Mr. Tom why he was talking to us in such a manner when we have been nothing but respectful to him. He then dismissed what I said and stated that he is not fixing anything but the door. I asked Mr. Tom if he was sure that the crack was from a plate screw and asked him to please follow me to the back of my vehicle. With an elevated voice and an annoyed tone, he responded, "I am sure that is from a plate screw."

I further questioned him as to his accuracy, asking that if it is from a plate screw, would there not be a second screw indentation since plates are screwed on with two screws. While rubbing my hand over the bumper to note that there was no indication that this was caused by a plate screw, he then stated that "It looks like it is from a plate screw." At this time I responded, "Therefore, you are not sure that this is from a plate screw?"

We explained to him that it looks as if my vehicle was backed into something and there was a poor attempt to fix it with the same touch-up paint that he referred to. At that time, with a loud voice Mr. Tom replied, "I don't care what you say; I am not fixing the bumper." He then added, "I don't know anyone who checks their entire vehicle, especially that part of a bumper."

I informed him that we do since we take pride in everything we own, especially our vehicles. I then realized that we were not going to have anything resolved at this point and asked for the contact information for corporate headquarters. Mr. Tom then replied, "I don't care what you do." Then as I walked to the service department for a pen and paper, Mr. Tom walked behind me mumbling something under his breath, to which my fiancee responded by saying, "Excuse me." At that point, Mr. Tom continued walking. I asked my fiancee what was said, and he told me that he did not want to upset me anymore. I am under the impression that whatever was said was not pleasant.

I was extremely embarrassed and shaken up to near tears because of the way he treated us. I left the dealership feeling humiliated. I have never felt so insulted in my life. Perhaps, Mr. Tom is not aware of Legacy Infiniti's mission statement:

"It is our stated policy to treat every visitor to our dealership as an honored guest in our home. Every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions."

Please note that I had an appointment to trade in my vehicle that day to upgrade to a 2010 model. What would have been a simple repair which might have cost Legacy Infiniti almost nothing caused them to suffer the loss of a potential $62,000.00 purchase.

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