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I purchased a brand new Altima from Kings Nissan. The salesman, Igor, was courteous and professional while making the sale, sold the car for a reasonable price, and all went well. Or so I thought. Upon arriving home, I looked over the papers and noticed the price written down was NOT the price we agreed on. It was higher by around $700. When confronted about this, he told me "it is a bank fee, it's irreversible". Banks do not charge you money to deposit money, last time I checked. And if they did, they would NOT add that fee to your vehicle's value. I came back the next day to pick up the car, which they put on 100 miles by driving it from New Jersey. The car arrived with one tail pipe significantly lower than the other, which of course I did not notice until later. What I did notice was one of the options was missing, aluminum kick plates. Igor assured me that although they were out of them, he placed an order and would call right away when they came in.

When I came back to confront him, he pretended that it was still coming. After several more visits he pretended to order them again, asked me for my VIN number, but wouldn't give me a confirmation number. He claimed there was none, and to "trust him". I had to come back several more times to be yelled at by the manager, I forget his name, and finally another time to Igor walking away from me when I tried to speak to him. A younger boy who was with him, perhaps a salesman, made sure to stand next to me when Igor finally did stop walking and repeated me told me to "get the ** out of here". There was nothing pleasant about this dealership after the contract was signed.

To recap, watch out for the following ways they can rip you off:

- Make sure the vehicle price is actually the price you agreed on.

- Do not accept a vehicle without all the options you paid for; as other posters have also experienced: they will give you the run around, and everyone is in on it except for you.

Satisfaction Rating

We were desperate to get a car fast. This was the closest dealership. The price for a lease of Nissan Rogue was $299.00 a month, which was comfortable. All was good until we got into the office of Financial Service Manager Ivnitsky. This gentleman explained to us that we absolutely need all kind of services. The price went up to $349.62. When a few days later we were able to understand what was happening, and by the way all those services are giving up to 60 days to cancel, we came back asking to cancel some of the things. However, the mister lied to us and didn't do any cancellations even though he said he did. When two months later we saw that we are still paying the same amount and went to talk to him about it, he plain and simple didn't talk to us.

We will never return to Nissan ever again. If they allow such things to happen and let such people to be managers... we just want people to know.

Satisfaction Rating

Do not do business with Kings Nissan! Our car got into an accident and we left the car to them for auto-body repair through Geico. Estimate stated it need a new front door replacement. We have asked a few times to making sure they will order and replace the front door as stated. They have assured me that they will put in a new door but to my surprise when picking up the car, they just repaired the door without replacing it! I confronted them and they're still lying! The car was so much dirty inside. They not even try to clean it at all. Dusts everywhere inside from the auto-body repair. That's unbelievable and unacceptable for this kind of lousy service! Avoid them at all costs!


These guys are a joke. I went to them twice this year; once before my inspection expired and after my inspection expired. In both times, they tried to sell him a whole bunch of maintenance packages and never once did they mention that the inspection was or is expired and that for $10 bucks, they can renew the inspection for me.

This is not the first car that I owed or leased, but it is the first time with Nissan and with this dealership, and all I can say is buyer beware! For the dealership, Kings Nissan, you are better off servicing your car by a trusted mechanic and not Kings Nissan, Infiniti or and one of them in Brooklyn or the Tri-State area. They managed to tell me about every part of my car that needed service or maintenance except where it counted. As for Nissan Motors in general, the new Maxima is the worst gas guzzle of all time. I think this Maxima is the worst gas guzzling car of all time. I regret acquiring this vehicle and I pledge not to get Nissan products ever again.


On July 14th 2010, I was sold a 2006 Altima for $12,950. The dealers would not give me a copy of the carfax, routers, pads, belts and brakes needed to be replaced and the dealer did not make me aware of this situation when I bought the car.

Kings Auto Show told me that they replaced them, but when I sent the car in for a diagnostic with Kings Nissan on April 18th 2011, they told me that the parts were generic and not Nissan parts. I had to spend $245 to put in new pads and routers. Kings Auto show also that it had mismatch tires on the car and did not let me know that as well. The car remote was broken and I had to purchase another one. The wind shield wiper needed to be replaced and there is a hole in the carpet on the driver's side; cigarette burns throughout the car. There was a cup of oil left in the car and when I bought it, they told me that the car recently had an oil change.

I had to pay $110 for a diagnostic, $245 to get the routers and pad replaced and $225 for a new car remote and alarm system.

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I bought a car. Walked away deal was sealed. I got a phone call about 1/2 hour later that they sold my car to another person and they had a new VIN # for me. I went in and told them I want the car with the VIN # they gave me or no deal. Well, the manager told me I had no choice. I told him to reverse the charges on my card and he said he will never refund my money. I can't believe they pulled this on me. They really insulted my intelligence and now I have to dispute charges on my credit card. The manager would not give me his name and told me to go get my boyfriend to fight my battles. I walked out of there hysterical and he would not refund my $1,000.00 deposit.


On July 14, 2010, I bought a preowned 2006 white Nissan Altima which cost $11,500. I paid $5,000 cash and $800 for the insurance. My interest rate is 18%. Three days after I purchased the vehicle, the service light said to service the engine soon. I brought the vehicle in the next day and the manager said nothing is wrong with the car. I took the car to the Nissan dealer on Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn. They did a diagnostic test and I paid $110.

The results were the brakes, brake pads, engine cap, wiper blades, belts, and rotors need to be replaced. I took the car in to King's Auto; they proceeded to fix the vehicle. The next day, I went back to Nissan to see if they really fixed the car. Nissan said only the front pads were replaced. They finally fixed the car on July 22, 2010. Brakes are a key component when it comes to safety in a car. My life was in jeopardy. King's Auto Show said I could not get my money back for the car or the diagnostic test. If I cannot get the money back for the car can I be funded the $110?


I went to this dealer to find a car, specifically, a Rouge. While I was talking with the salesman (Elker), he agreed to the price of $US 24,000 flat out, with no rebate or deals added to it. We signed a contract to find a car at this price and I placed a deposit of $500 to find this car. However, nothing was finalized and I did not place a final deposit in which I would place myself into a binding contract to buy the car. Yet when I returned back to tell them that I no longer desired to buy the car, they turned around and threatened to sue me for 10% of the car while also refusing to return my first deposit. I do not understand this since no other car dealers has done this before in my other experiences.

Not only that, they also keep insisting that I have known about the rebate and other such matters when they never really sat me down and calmly explained the matter to me. Even when my son went to talk to them, the salesman (Tommy) started a shouting match and hinted that we would have to buy the car no matter what and if we do not, the company will sue. It is known that the first deposit is usually just to "locate" the car and not confirm that I am truly buying the car. They also refused to allow me to talk to a financial adviser about the whole matter without buying insurance for the car. I found this absurd since by buying insurance, I would practically be forcing myself to buy the car without sitting down and talking the whole matter out.

The conduct at the dealership was poor. Even though I have continuously called them to ask for the first deposit, they refuse to give it back. My credit card (Citibank) company, with which I charged the deposit on, had tried to call them to no avail.


We purchased a Nissan Cube 2009 from Kings Nissan in Brooklyn NY on Feb 15, 2010. We had a good experience at the buying process from the sales person Fermin, but not the follow up on a missing accessory part during detailing. It was a 2009 S model with Cargo Area Organizer, **, bungees, and the Ginormous package, which includes: Aero kit -- front chin spoiler, body side sills, rear under body spoiler and rear roof spoiler, Custom grille, Chrome front fascia accent, Hood molding accent, 20-color interior accent lighting, Illuminated kick plates, stainless steel (4-piece), Interior trim appliques (8-piece, 5 available colors), Cargo area protector. We decided to buy this car already at their site instead of waiting.

Fermin did the detailing, got the stickers all done, license plate installed, all except the Interior Trim Appliques which was missing. By itself this costs $210. There were other minor things missing too like one bungee from a pack of eight was missing, and a pop-in piece that covers the screw inside a rear-seat cup holder. I found out about the bungee and cup holder cover later, but on the day of picking up the car, they acknowledged the missing Interior Trim Appliques.

They didn't offer to discount these missing accessories from our cost, but promised to order them for us in a week. That was fine because I really would like to have them also, so we drove home expecting to receive them in a week. This was when the pleasant experience turned sour. We purchased this on Feb 15, now 2 months past, two weeks after Easter in April and we have yet to receive that order he promised. I called week after week to follow up and each week was nothing. He promised week after week that he's working for me, but his work for me produced no result after the car is out of the dealership.

Here's the timeline on each Saturday I called after we purchased the car on 2/15.

2/20: He promised to call me back either next day or next week but he'd lost his fervent way of calling us like the way before we bought that car.
2/27: First he said it's not here yet, second week he said his manager claimed they were actually not included for that vehicle, but I said it was listed on the window sticker with its vin number, so he can't refute.
3/6: The next week he said his manager agrees that it's included and would make the order but would take a week.
3/13: Still nothing the week after and he blamed the service department, which by the way I read some terrible reviews about their servicing.

3/20: Then he said he was out sick one week almost with influenza which I learned from his colleague that he was only out on Friday, not the whole week as he said.

3/27: Another week passed and said it's being discontinued! I told them that even if they have to order after-market it would have arrived already. I even provided a website he can order from which would cost cheaper than its original cost, but he said it has to come from its service department which he claims he doesn't know where it's coming from.
4/3: Then he said due to the Easter holiday, the order will be delay again!
4/10: The week after, he said his manager is in the hospital when I request to have my money back for that part. He spoke with the general sales manager who will not claim responsibility for the order made. He asked me to call again next week when his manager is out of hospital.

4/17: His manager is not out yet, and he finally said he it out of his hands and I would need to speak with his manager personally if I want my money part for that part.

No comment about the status of the order. Just to note, all these conversations were spoken courteously and candidly, without attitudes from Fermin, even when I made a complaint he said to put it on his name and not his manager's name. He and his manager are either playing good guy/bad guy or his manager really wants him to fail and get a bad review on this sale. But I won't go back to this dealership if I ever want another Nissan again. They lose a potential returning customer on a $210 product they promised but failed to deliver.


About two weeks ago, I took my car in for a routine servicing and was told by the service center that my sump pan needed to be replaced due to scratches. I have already had issues with this pan before due to how low the car is and the position of where the pan is under the car. Even going up and down a driveway was an issue with the oil pan. I decided to change it once and for all to get rid of this problem. Now two weeks later, I noticed the oil was leaking out of the pan. My husband took the car into the service department yesterday and was told to bring the car back in today. He took it in today only to be told that the threaders where the bolt goes into so that the pan stays on securely was cracked.

So basically, I paid for labor and parts two weeks ago when it was not even installed properly to be told that another part had to be changed. Therefore, they put the pan back on knowing that it would leak again, just hoping I would not realize it which is very dishonest! Now, I am being told that it will be about $2,300 to replace the part so that the threaders can be fixed. I was then told that many people have this issue that have a 2007 Altima and most of them trade their car in since the 2009 version of the Altima's sump pan is not so far to the front and there is now a guard over the pan. If this was an issue, shouldn't it have been recalled!


After 30 yrs owning an american car, I have decided to purchase a foreign car ( nissan murano) from kings nissan. Upon entering i was aproached by Alex who at first was very interested to make a sale, we agreed on a price which was 32k (msrp was 36k)we also agreed on my trade in which was an 06 ford explorer with a 4300 miles we agreed on the dealership just to pay off the balance which was $11000.I assumed that upon giving Alex my keys he went to apraise it which was not the case. Alex advised me to come 3 days later to pick up the car,which i did.

Once again i had to wait 2 and a half hours,whitin this time alex was no where in the store. upon asking where alex was , i was advised that he went to apraise my trade in ( keep in mind , i was told that 3 days aGO) finally when alex showed up the first thing he tells me the my 06 ford worh 7500 due to the fact that it is 4x2 not 4x4. after our conversation i was turned in to mike S. **** is the manager i guess,he advised me that the price that was given and writen on the invoice , he is unable to sell the car at that price. but if i will give him an additional $4500 he would be able to sell me the car. Is in it deceptive business ? bait and switch ?


I purchased a used 2003 Maxima GLE in 2005 from Kings Nissan in Coney Island Brooklyn. I was not told about the problem with theftof the xenon lights nor was I advised that there was a kit to fix the problems.

To date the lights on the vehicle have been stolen twice costing me 1000 in deductibles and 500 in care rentals.


My father went to the Kings Nissan Dealership located on 2758 Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn, NY. He spoke to the sales person who was Russian because he does not speak English well. He specifically asked for a 4-wheel drive Murano. This was his only requirement. The salesperson told him no problem. They showed him the car with 4-wheel drive only in different color. When he received the car, he realized that the 4-wheel drive option was MISSING! He went back to the dealership and the salesperson told him to lie to my father.

Because he did not speak English very well. They used that as an opportunity to deceive him, which the general manager admitted this to his face later on. When I called the dealership to ask for the general manager's name. The guy on the phone said John Natalie. I don't know if that's the correct spelling because when I asked him to spell it he became very rude and said that I would have to come in for that. This is the fourth time he leased a car, and this was the worst experience with a car dealership ever.

This dealership is sly and dishonest. Neither he, nor any members of my family or friends will ever purchase a Nissan again! As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of setting up a website about my experience with this dealership and will also write to various newspapers. Instead of enjoying the 3 years driving a Nissan Murano it will be a drag and he will long wait for the day that he would return it and forget about this terrible experience. Never again.


I my 2002 nissan altima in for the engine recall a couple of weeks later the engine light come and the tcs slip. the car basiclly stop running for a couple of minutes then started back. i took the car to be check my nissan service, and they said i needed a throttle chamber steve and they had to order it, but i would be able to drive the car as is. ok i drive the car that weekend to pennslyvia. no problem. the next morning I got the car would not start.

I call nissan they said the part was not in but gave me a number to have the car towed. they said it would take a day or two to get the part. Two days no part and no one has any idea when the part is coming in. the manufacture said it will 48 hours to tract where the part is. now I'm without a car for four days and better yet i'm getting ready to go on vacation.


I placed an order from kings Nissan auto dealers, and was tolled the order will be ready in 3 to 5 days. Two moans later the order was not ready and the store manager named Stive would not even wants to check in to the status of it. The store manager (Stive) is not cooperative and very nasty person when he deals with the public. Please help.

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