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I'm the original owner of a BMW vehicle (2012 X5) which I bought from Hassel BMW, Freeport, New York, in 2012. My car has 30,700 miles as of today. I did all scheduled maintenance up to date since I bought this vehicle at Hassel BMW dealer service center. In August, 2016, while I was driving the vehicle with my family, in my home town, the vehicle displayed a warning sign the engine temperature is very high. The sign turned red and I had pull over the vehicle and shut off the engine. We returned home and I have checked the coolant tank and it was totally dry. I took the vehicle to the dealer service center (Hassel BMW, Freeport) and they said the vehicle need to replace the water pump, coolant tank and electrical system. I had done all the scheduled maintenance at the same place. They billed me close to $2000 for changing the water pump, coolant tank, including labor. (Copy of their bill is attached.)

I asked them how come the coolant tank is dried out while they did all the scheduled maintenance on time. Aren't they supposed to check all fluid levels? The service agent reply was it might have been leaking. Then I told him that I never saw anything leaking or dripping in my garage where I keep the car parked all the time. His reply was that, "You don't see anything leaking because there is a tray below the engine, that can hold gallons of leaking fluid." I don't know if it's true or not.

Hassel BMW do not perform the service they supposed to for scheduled maintenance and bill BMW while the vehicle is under warranty and they make the vehicle go bad and run in to heavy repairs while the warranty is out. My situation is perfect example. If they had checked all the fluid levels and coolant tank will never go dry. I'm writing to BMW with all the proof and going to file a complaint with State Attorney General and District Attorney. All BMW owners who got ripped off by Hassel BMW should do the same, so the state will start investigation. They are cheating BMW Corporation and all BMW owners in the area. This need to stop.

Very unsatisfied with the service. I came for an oil change and brake pad change 9 and wanted to wait. My car is not ready even at 2:15 PM after 5 hours and still waiting.

I had a 10:20 am appointment and I arrived at 10:00 am. At 12:30 I was still not serviced even after approaching the main desk about my appointment. When I approached ** he took a customer who had come after me. When I approached him he still managed to service the woman.

Back when this BMW dealership was Hassel BMW they tried to swindle me out of $1,200.00 when all I wanted them to do was to fix the "check engine light" which my friend, the previous owner of my 325I, paid $2,357.00 for. They insisted it was something else and actually charged me for a diagnostic test, which was $350.00, that they said would be credited toward the $1,200.00 work they wanted to do. So my first impression -- BAD/ CHEATERS/ SCAM ARTISTS.

Now I just brought my car in for airbag recall. They "found" 5 other issues. Sound like a pattern here? I said, "No, just the airbag," and 3 days later never returned my calls when it would be ready. Just now find out it's been ready for 2 days!!! I went without my car because they wanted me to have 5 other issues taken care of for approx. $1,400.00 more. Then they LIED and said the sales advisor told me it was ready 2 days ago. I WAS LIED TO AGAIN!!! Obviously the "NEW" BMW is still as crooked as the first Hassel. Unbelieveable!!!

Don't ever buy a BMW from Sales Representative Savitri **. She will treat you totally different before and after you purchase the car. And be aware of Sales Director Danielle **, she cares about nothing but the commission. She won't solve your problem in a timely manner. If you want to have a pleasure experience, stay away from BMW of Freeport.

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On 2/19/14, I bought my car (BMW X3 2005) into your dealership. The car was to be service for the engine light which came on and wouldn't go out. This supposedly was fixed and I was charged 886.00 and the car was returned to me the following day, 2/20/14. On 2/24/14, I called and explained that the engine light was on again. I was told to bring in the car on 2/25/14 and I was told that the air filter needed to be replace. I was charge 170.00 for this. This should have been done with the original work. Now on 3/9/2014, the engine light came on again!!! The car was returned to the dealer on 3/17/14 and wasn't returned to me until 3/22/14. Once again, I was charge 576.00 - something that should have been discovered on the original visit. This is a total rip-off.

I own a 2014 BMW 535i and a 2002 BMW Z3. Neither vehicle purchased at Hassel. I made an appointment to use the night drop off at Hassel BMW for my Z3. I requested the service department diagnose a new oil leak. I discovered to evaluate repair. I also requested they install a replacement convertible rear window which I had already purchased (OEM) and placed in the vehicle prior to dropping it off. When I arrived at the service department, I discovered they had no night drop off, even though I was told they did. I was able to leave my key with a worker who happened to be there late cleaning up. The next morning at 6AM, I get a call from the service department, they can't open up my car door. I had to drive to the dealership just to discover the lock had frozen overnight. No sorry, no thank you.

About 2PM, I received a call from a service writer Alex **, who informed me that my oil filter housing gasket was leaking. He quoted me a price of $799.00 plus tax. He then went on to explain that the Vanos line was leaking, another $298. Next, he informed me that they could install the window for $450.00. He also explained that they could repair, not replace the loose interior door handle on the driver's side for a fee of $451.00. (They discovered this on their own). I'm not a BMW service tech but I'm not an idiot either. The oil filter housing gasket, dealer cost is $12.00, the book labor rate time is 3 hours. (It actually takes 1 to 1 hours to replace the gasket). The vanos line crush washers, which are replaced as part of the oil filter housing gasket job are 6 cents a piece (2 needed). The labor time is included in the oil filter housing job. I've already replaced the rear window once myself but as I don't have a garage and the temp must be 75 degrees or warmer, I thought Id try the dealer.

It took me 45 minutes as a first timer to replace the window. Alex ** explained they wanted to charge me for 4 hours labor. I politely declined service and went to get my vehicle back. I spoke to the service manager Stephen ** about the night drop off mix up and he blew me off. (I wasn't the only one there complaining about that). It then took Alex ** over an hour to return my vehicle. When I inspected the packaging for the replacement window I had left in the car, I noticed the zipper replacement kit was missing and the window was no longer in the plastic sleeve it came in. When I pointed this out to Alex ** and the manager Stephen **, they claimed to have no knowledge of where the zipper kit could have disappeared to. I know it was included in the package because I checked before placing it in the vehicle.

So because I didn't let them rape me in the repairs, they stole my zipper kit making the replacement window worthless. Needless to say, I am taking them to small claims court to recover the cost of a new replacement window. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from the individuals in this Stealer ship. Hassel just wants to rip you off. They are appropriately named. If you want a hassle go to Hassel.

I have been bringing in my Mini to Hassel MINI of Freeport since 2009. After this last experience, I will be going elsewhere!! First off, they have a new loaner car policy that you cannot get them on the weekends. I work in Manhattan so this is very difficult since our weekends are very busy with the kids and we need two cars to get around.

So we dropped off my car on Wednesday night on June 5th which means I need to work from home, and luckily, my company is pretty good about this. The Mini advisor was not in so Steve **, a BMW advisor, helped me. I mentioned several things that I needed evaluated like a loud noise when I first start up the car which I thought may be the muffler, brakes squeaking, passenger window squeaking, and two parts rattling on the inside (odometer and other part near the garage door opener unit).

By 3 pm the following day, I had still not heard anything so I called Steve. I called back twice more before finally getting through to him. He said that he was being moved all around and that's why he didn't get my call. He said that I needed new tires and gave me a price. He also mentioned that the noise I was hearing was a timing chain and that it would need to be replaced. I told him that I wanted to know if it was covered and if not, how much it would cost and he said he would call me back.

It was now 6 pm and I had still not heard back from him and they close at 7 pm so I called him back only to find out he had gone home. Now due to not having a loaner, this meant another day of working from home (needless to say work was not happy). Steve called me in the morning and told me it would cost $1600 to fix the timing chain. I told him I wanted a second opinion and that I would pick up the car. He asked what time and I said around 6 pm because I had to wait for my wife to get off work. As luck would have it, there was a bad storm and the roads were flooded so I could not pick up my car on Friday night.

I went to pick up my car on Saturday morning and Steve was busy with another customer. Someone else assisted me and mentioned the timing belt. As I was looking over my paperwork at home, I notice it mentioned my oil was at a excessively low level. I was astounded that neither Steve nor the person I picked the car up from mentioned this. I was even more astounded that they had written that I refused getting the oil change done when I would never have done this. I called back and Steve was busy so I asked the receptionist to give him my cell to call me back as soon as he was done. Of course, he never called back!

I called back to speak with the Mini representative, Johnathan **, and he was not available so I left my name with the receptionist. There was no call back so I called again 2 hours later and asked to speak with the service manager. All of a sudden, now the Mini advisor could speak with me. We discussed everything and I mentioned how I could not believe that a car that has 28K miles and is a 2009 is having a timing chain issue. I also mentioned the low oil and that I could not believe they would let me drive the car off the lot with excessively low oil. I, also at this time, had done research online to see that it is all over the internet chat rooms if you type in "Mini Clubman timing chain issue". He said that he was going to check on this and agreed that it should not be happening and that he was going to speak with the technician to see just how stretched the timing belt was. It is Monday at 1 pm and I have still not heard back.

I originally bought my first BMW in 2006, a 330ci. It was my dream car. At that time, I was definitely taken advantage of because of my age (I was 22 and didn't know any better). Now 8 years later, I am looking to buy a newer car and went back thinking that I would get some kind of customer loyalty benefits. NOT AT ALL!!! They were rude and tried to pressure me into something that I could not afford, despite telling them over and over again that I had had financial difficulty. I went in to extend my warranty and they advised that I shouldn't do that and should buy a car instead. They convinced me that this was the best option. I will preface this by saying that my credit leaves a lot to be desired for; however, they approved me at a rate of 13.24%!!!

I thought this was high and went to Rallye BMW a few towns over. They were able to get an exception to get a tier bump and lower the rate, but did not have the car that I wanted. When I went back to Hassel and advised them of this, they said that that was impossible and it couldn't have happened, BASICALLY CALLING ME A LIAR!!! They also initially were going to give me $7k for my trade in. Then when I advised them that the KBB was $14k, they all of a sudden jumped 4 grand to $11k. There is definitely some kind of age/gender discrimination going on there. The sad part is that they have the car that I want. Hassel gives BMW a bad name.

I took my 2008 x3 SUV in because it was leaking coolant out. They tech quoted me a new water tank, thermostat, coolant houses, and valve cover for $4000. I brought it home and had a few other people look at the van. There is a major problem which they did not tell me about. The 4 bolts that is mounted to the bracket holding up the engine is completely broken. And the engine is resting on top of the water pump, which caused a crack and that is why there is a leak. I cannot understand how a trained BMW tech did not see the root of the problem. I'm more worried that this is a factory defect and they don't want to tell me about it. How is it possible for 4 bolts to be broken on this vehicle when it was never in an accident?

I purchased my 2004 BMW X3 from Hassel BMW in Freeport back in 04. From the day I drove that car off the lot it has been nothing but trouble. Of course i had a warranty so everything was fixed but always a temp fix. Now my warranty expired and all the same problems all over again. Hassel BMW should be put out of business. The turn around at the dealer ship is horrendous. When is someone with authority going to step forward and shut that hell hole down? They are rip offs and lie right to your face.

Hassell BMW does not conduct themselves in a fair manner when they lease cars. At no time did they disclose that I would be liable for a disposition fee should I not buy or lease a new vehicle from them. BMW did nothing to resolve the matter.

Bought a certified pre-owned 335xi 2006 BMW with 23,000 miles from Hassel BMW Freeport in July 2009. I noticed transmission oil leaks on the garage floor on November 8, 2009 and took car into the Dealer on November 10, 2009.

I was told by the service advisor that transmission rubber gasket needed to be replaced. Was then told on November 11,2009 although they had the gasket the entire service department did not have transmission oil that it is some special type of oil which they have on back order from BMW and they don't know when they will get it. When I asked if they could not get the oil form another dealer they claimed the other dealers were all out as well. They offered to get me another car but I did not buy a BMW to ride a chevy. They did not tell me if there were any recalls that should have been addressed and were not as I inquired how could this problem be over looked when they did the 100 point or so inspection to certify it.

So I have no car and don't know when I will have it. Also no offer for a BMW loaner car

I have never in my life herad of a srevice dperatment being out of transmission oil and not being able to get it.

I had my 2007 Mini Cooper S brought here on June 2, 2008 by Roadside Assistance because it was running poorly (rough idle, a miss and it would almost stall if revved out of gear). I was told by my Advisor Jason Barach on June 3rd they would not work on my car because of the aftermarket items I had under the hood. I told him I was sure the items were not the cause as they had been on for a while. As a good faith gesture I offered to pay for whatever repairs were necessary if it was found that my items were the cause. Over the next week I was forved to remove the items (luckily I knew how) and the car was now back in stock configuration. Jason now promised the vehicle would be fixed after I signed an agreement the dealer would prepare. During this time I tried to speak with John Choe (Service Manager) but he never bothered to return my calls. After waiting 5 days for this agreement to be written and approved it was rejected by Robert Portesy the facility General Manager. I tried to speak with Robert Portesy but he also would not return my calls. I also tried to speak with John Choe again but he was now away on vacation so I was forwarded to Jim Delveccio who told me Robert Portesy had decided that in order for any work to proceed on my vehciel I would have to pay for diagnosis up front. I unwillingly agreed as I had no other choice as a tow to the next MINI dealer would have been prohibitively expensive. Over the next week and a half I was told they were waiting for special tools, since the car was so new. I was lied to by Mr. Delveccio who told me they were waiting for a compression check tool because the MINI used different plugs than any other car including the previous MINI and the BMW's they service. This was a complete lie as the new MINI uses the same plugs as most BMW's and the older MINI. They finally said they checked the compression and reflashed my computer but the car still ran the same. I was then told the crankshaft oil seal was leaking and it looked like the crank pulley was tampered with and they would have replace the seal and re-time the engine. None of this would be covered under the warranty. I told them nobody else had ever touched those parts but they would not relent. After a few days of being told by Jason they were waiting for the oil seal fix the car. I went in to speak with John Choe and try to clear up the situation and make them realize that maybe debris had done the damage. John was rude and unprofessional, he told me he had never received my messages although they were left on his voice mail. He would not relent and accused me of tampoering with the vehicle. I told him after 3+ weeks it was obvious they were concocting damage and if I was forced to pay I would see them in court. He told me I would have to pay by certified check if I wanted the work done. I spoke with Jason Barach that afternoon and was told they were still waiting for the seal and the repair should be done shortly. Two days later nothing was done and I was called by John Choe and told they would not repair my vehicle and I should come and pick it up. I recommend you think twice about using this Dealership for anything but sales. Their reputation is quite poor and if you search the web thoroughly you will find that I'm not the only person to have serious trouble with them. They are notorious for damaging customer vehicles, not completing services paid for and for most importantly double dipping customers by saying that repairs are not covered under warranty, charging the customer and then collecting again under warranty. MINI Customer Service is involved and only after 28 days of being jerked around by one of their authorized dealers/service facilities is MINI having my car taken to MINI of Manhatten. NYS DMV is involved and will be investigating the situation. I will be pressing for revocation of Hassel's DMV repair license. I've filed a formal complaint with the FTC. I've filed a complaint with the NYS DA's office. I plan to file with the Better Business Bureau. If the repair is not covered under warranty due to the tampering Hassel obviously did to cover itself I will still take them to court.

My 2000 BMW 323 suddenly stopped going in reverse. Hassel said I need an entire new transmision for $5200. When I searched teh net, I see HUNDEREDS of teh exact same failure. I will continue arguing with HASSEL, as this has class action written all over it

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