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On March 1, 2016, I went into Bronx Suzuki (also known as Victory Auto Group) looking for a vehicle that would best suit me, a 20 year old college student with a field job. After a long day waiting for paperwork to be finished, I received my vehicle and went on with my day. 2 weeks after receiving my vehicle, I had my license plates stolen overnight. This is a common thing that happens in The Bronx, NY. After putting in a police report, I come to find out that the dealership have yet to even process the registration papers like they said they would. I was angry and went personally to the dealership and was told they will be processing it on that same day.

A week after, my transmission started slipping. I take my vehicle to Bronx Suzuki (Victory Auto Group) and was told unless the vehicle is not working, they couldn't do anything about it as it was working fine when I told them. A week after, my transmission completely died on me in the middle of an extremely busy intersection. I was embarrassed. I called my car insurance and they immediately towed my car to the dealership. They again said my car seemed to be working fine after it turned on. I was told to leave it overnight so they can run tests on it with a guarantee that I will have my vehicle in no more than 3 days. Now it's been a week and I was told that my car needs a new transmission and they sent it to a Nissan Dealership where they would fix it. I was furious.

I called the bank that gave us the loan, filed a complaint with the DMV, and promised them that if I will not get a new vehicle within the next 2 days, legal action would be taken place. Whilst filing the complaint with the DMV, I was told that the dealership never even filed the registration papers. So technically, I was driving a vehicle that belongs to a car dealership. Nothing was under my name. I have lost my job because the main requirements for my position is having a vehicle. I am currently paying $900 a month on insurance because of my age. Also, I am paying $300 a month for a car I am not even driving nor, on paper, states that it's mine.

This place needs to shut down. This place sells lemons, have no respect for their customers, Gives half-assed inspections on their vehicles and sells them without thinking about the safety of other human life. I will be working my best with my bank, my lawyer, and this sleazy car dealership in trying to obtain another vehicle as "there is no such thing as a refund". DON'T BUY FROM THESE ANIMALS!!!

I called the night before and scheduled an appointment for the following morning to view, test drive and purchase. I asked many questions regarding the actual condition of the car before making a 2 hour trip down. I was told the car had no dings, dents or previous paint work ever done. Upon arriving at the dealer on time, I had to walk a couple of blocks where the car was supposedly parked only to find out they didn't know where it was and could not locate for at least 20 minutes. I was then told it was parked about 10 minutes away at another lot.

Finally when the car did arrive, the driver's side fender and rear quarter had poor quality paint and body work done. The biggest kicker though was it was advertised for $15,626 reduced from $15,977 a couple of days earlier, the price when I arrived at the dealer was now $16,777! How could the price go up $1,000 overnight after being reduced a few days earlier? I spoke to a manager who said it was a mistake and they would sell me the car for the lower price. Very shady place and I would not recommend purchasing from this dealership no matter how good the deal is.

Purchased a car from their company and after agreeing to certain warranties etc I am currently having mechanical problems that they are NOT covering (approximately $4000 +) and FALSELY advertising a company's product to LURE customers in which the company TERMINATED their contract with Victory Auto Group/Bronx Suzuki since January 22nd 2014 for the despicable reputation they have given them and the cost to their company. They are still advertising the warranty company information as we speak on their website WITHOUT the company's permission. I am starting a petition to take them to court because this has to STOP. We are regular hard working people coming to this auto company and TRUSTING them to purchase a car BUT they have DECEIVED US ALL. Anyone who is with me, email me at: **. Thank you.

Bait and switch. I saw an advertised price online and went into dealership wanting to pay cash for the advertised price of 4500$. When I asked to see the car for test drive, posted in the car window was a DIFFERENT price of $9995 and I was told that the website price was wrong and the price on the car was what I would have to pay and I'd have to finance.

After complaining to salesman, he went and spoke to someone and salesman came back and said I could get the car for $4500 with their famous lifetime warranty. I came back three days later (today) with $4500 cash and was now being told after a test drive that I would not be given the lifetime warranty because the car was over 100000 miles which nowhere on their promotional material does it stipulate such information. The salesman went on to say that if I did want the unlimited, i'd have to finance, when he was well aware that I was paying cash.

I asked to see a manager and ** came and told us "leave my dealership, I will not service you !@#$%^&." My fiance began to talk to him in Hebrew and he said I don't care what language you speak, I will not service you people. I have both screenshots of the advertised web price as well as pictures of the price that was listed on the vehicle and pictures of the lifetime warranty promotional material. Before leaving the dealership I was told that he didn't want to have to sell the car for $4500 but when I mentioned bait and switch, it made him mad he had to sell it for that amount.

Found an auto online for 3500 when I called to make the appointment... I noticed when I went back to look at the internet listing it was raised another 700 dollars more... I called them and asked why. The sales girl acted like she did not know what I was talking about, then claim to tell I should have printed out the price to bring in... When I never showed up for the appointment they lowered back down... They are not ethical at all... I sent in a mechanic to look it over unbeknownst to them and the car has a blown head gasket... but, they claim the car has everything under the hood warranties for a lifetime... Lies... Go someplace else... not here... They buy lemons and sell lemons and they do not abide by the NY lemon laws... Move on... Find the car elsewhere you will..

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Car was advertised at $4200 and salesman tells me it's $7200. The 4200 is the finance amount after 10% down. I read the disclaimer at the bottom and never got that out of the wording as described. This was on I live quite far and why not just be honest instead of pissing people off and giving yourself a bad reputation? It's just not right wasting my time and fuel. They also forgot to mention the 2 medium dents and molding coming off the bumper.

I initially went into the Bronx Suzuki dealer because they had the Dodge Charger for 5000. When I came into the store they took all my info then said I needed more info so I went back home only to my surprise when I return, they say they can't sell me the Charger because it's no longer available and they can put me in a "BETTER" car at the same price... Well after the paperwork was done, not only was the price way higher than I expected, but the car shut off on me and almost killed me while the very dealer that sold me that car was in the car with me. He told the others and they tried to "pacify" the problem which has only led to my near death running off of the highway for the "THIRD TIME." I need assistance to get justice.

This dealership advertises on several sites prices that are very reasonable. They are not so cheap as to tip off the consumer that they should be suspect. Once at the dealership, they pull a bait and switch and the price turns into a finance price. The actual price is at least 10% higher. I was looking at a vehicle for $27,500.00 internet price. The vehicle had a sticker on the window at $28,000.00. After I agreed to the purchase, the price quickly became $35,000.00 plus dealer add-ons. In addition, they advertised trade-in value would be based on Kelley Blue Book. They offered me $6,000.00 for my trade when the KBB value (trade-in) amount was $11,000.00. These guys should be shut down! I drove over 1.5 hours to get there. When I called them back after leaving abruptly, they suggested that I could come back to talk and hung up on me. Manager still hasn't returned my call. Time for a class action lawsuit?

I was lured to a Bronx Suzuki/Victory Group with false advertisement. I loved a 2009 Benz GL 450 for $31,000 with 58,000 miles advertised on several websites. I called to confirm the price and asked what their dealer's fees were, but they refused to discuss it over the phone. They confirmed that the price of the car was $31,000 so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Once there, I was told that there were add-ons which were $5,000. Mind you, this did not include the dealer fees which were $3,000! Are you doing the math yet? They were looking to get $39,000. I mean, really?

Oh and by the way, I never found that fine print either on those sites, particularly on the Victory Auto Group/Bronx Suzuki site mentioning any add-ons for $5,000 plus dealership fees (I was ready to negotiate only the dealership fees!). Overall, I should have done my homework and clicked my way to this website rather than theirs. I mean, look at all the complaints and similar cons. Red flag!

I called the dealer and spoke to a salesperson about an Audi convertible and they informed me that the car was there. So I made the trek down there only to be treated like crap. They made me fill out papers and give personal information only to be told that the car was in service. The salesperson told me that as soon as the car comes out, I'll be the first person. After trying for several days, someone called me back and told me that it was sold to a person while it was still in service without even seeing it. That’s a bunch of **! Every time I try and call the number back to complain, it says this call is being recorded and it disconnects. The worst dealer I've ever been to!

I wish I could have given it no stars. Complete waste. They have small print on their internet ads saying that they tag on 10% of the MSRP to the pricing as a finance charge (even if you pay cash), but when I called to clarify, I was told the price was $23,000 and there was no small print or hidden fees. Their cars were buried in a packed lot (hard to even get in there and had to keep moving my car to let people out). They wouldn't even let us test drive until we gave them our Social Security number and they ran our credit. We tried to start the car but the engine wouldn't turnover; just click, click, click. The guy tried to tell me it was because of the battery because it had been sitting on the lot. He didn't want me to think it had been sitting on the lot so long that they were desperate to dump it, but long enough for the battery to fail. He chose three weeks. Batteries don't fail in three weeks of inactivity. I think it had a shot alternator.

Anyhow, we test drove the car finally after moving two others. He sat us down to finalize our transaction and the price tag of the car has suddenly jumped by that 10% of what they deem to be the MSRP. They also tagged on close to $2,000 in dealership fees, destination charges, etc. So we drove to the Bronx through brutal summer traffic to test drive a car for $23,000. We're concerned about the alternator so thinking it should be lower and our guy starts the process with a now inflated $28,000 price-tag. Awful, awful, awful. I feel terrible for anyone that doesn't understand their quick-talk and buys from here thinking all those fees somehow cover sales tax, recording tax, registration, etc. No, that would be on top of it. Worst place ever. Not even debatable. Sending your worst enemy here would be cruel and unusual.

I was not happy at first when I read the review but I said to myself let me go and check this place out for myself. And I was pleased the salesman was very helpful. He went above and beyond for me. I had to wait for a while but they got the deal done with as little as $2000 down. My credit score was not good at all but I am driving and I can get back and forth to work. Bronx Suzuki is the place to shop for a used or new car if your credit is not so good. I just want to share my review. Stop by sometime if you're in the market.

This is classic bait and switch. I found a nice looking Mercedes Benz M Class 430 online. I called them to verify the price and that it was available. So, I took a $60 dollar cab ride from Queens to Bronx Suzuki. When I arrived, I was approached by a salesman and I showed him the printouts and he had me come inside to ask for "Additional Information". Fine, I went inside and filled out a customer worksheet. Next, he asked if I was going to finance. I told him no, I would pay cash. As soon as we reached the lot, the salesman started to stutter and couldn't hide the fact that he did not want to show me the car I called about. He said let's look at the others you found online which by the way were in horrendous shape and said they use stock images online.

Is he crazy? Why would any business use stock photos unless they wanted to hide something and are only using stock pictures so a customer is under the impression a car is in one condition, only to find out different later on? In any case, after we were shown 2 cars, I again asked about the Mercedes (Now it gets interesting). He drags me to another lot and he is pretending like the car isn't there. I told him, when I called, I spoke to "Pinky" the lady in charge of the internet sales. She said it is available and on this lot. So we go back across the street, back inside the dealership and he has me wait while he talks to the manager behind the counter. He comes back and says it was sold. I asked, "How is that possible? I called 30 minutes before I arrived."

Then a different person said it was in the shop. C'mon, do you mean to tell me you do not know where your inventory is? So we walked over the shop, and inside I seen the car but I was not allowed to get close enough to verify it was the same model, and was told it wasn't there. Fine, so now I ask to speak to Pinky and find out where the car is. After finding her office she directs us to the manager (of course she would as he is the one that is the best at lying to customers) but I'm not the average customer. So after asking for an explanation, he doesn't give one. I ask to see proof it was sold and he say's "I don't have to show you anything" . All the while, the salesman was trying to sell me a beat up Mercedes out front that was about to be shipped off to a car auction since it had been on the lot for a long time.

The bottom line is to stay away from this place. They are liars and thieves. They did not want to sell me the car, because they had it listed for almost double on the lot and I was paying cash. People that pay cash means the dealer loses out on the interest and finance charges. They do not know what the meaning of customer service is. I will be sure to blast this place on every review site I find for wasting half my day and over $100 dollars in taxis. I will be reporting this place to Albany as well as the BBB.

I researched and found a blue Hyundai Elantra on, for sale at Bronx Suzuki, listed at $3,777. Upon reading the fine print, I noticed there was language to indicate that the price assumed a 10% down payment. I called to get the complete details of the price and spoke to Tomark. Tomark said that the price assumed that the buyer would give 10% of MSRP. He wouldn't explain what MSRP was until I questioned him several times, then saying that MSRP was $10,077. I asked again what the total asking price of the vehicle would be. He said $3,777 + $1,077 (10% x $10,777) = $4,854.00. He once again said that to be the final asking price. I told him that I thought he was speaking in riddles when we first started to speak, but that I would be there.

I arrived, saw the car, and came back to the office to arrange a test drive. Tomark left the desk and returned with pricing information, showing the price to be $6,485. It included a $995 dealer prep fee, other fees, and several other numbers crossed out which were to indicate "savings", one of which was a bank fee and "PDI". I explained that they were saving me nothing, since I was paying all cash. I told them that if they were telling me about any other price beyond $4,854, I was going to leave. Tomark spoke with the sales manager who sent him back with similar figures. I told him that I was going to leave and would immediately contact BBB, as I considered the pricing games to be deceptive. He spoke to the manager who yelled to Tomark, "Well goodbye. Tell them to leave. That's it.”

I approached the manager to discuss the issue. I explained my position and thoughts related to the entire pricing issue and what appeared to be deceptive behavior. The manager told me that he would consider the deal at $4,854, asking me to have a seat. He summoned me to his desk about 4 minutes later telling me that he "was willing to do the deal at $4,854, but there is a deposit on the car already". He offered to show me the deposit, which I refused. I told him that it seemed strange that all of a sudden, the car was no longer for sale. I then left. I believe that the deposit was a scheme to get me out of the dealership and convince me to forgo contacting BBB.

Further, I was with a young female who is like a daughter to my wife and me, for whom this car was. While I was talking to the dealer, Tomark the salesman was busy trying to make a pass at her and pressured her for her phone number. She became uncomfortable with his advances and came to stand with me while I spoke with the manager.

I found a 2002 Nissan pathfinder at $4777.00. I tried several times to purchase auto, but no help from the sales force as I was also trying to use a $1000 rebate that was advertised. After 3 days and 6 or more calls, I talked to the manager Daryle. He informed me they did not sell to anybody outside the N.Y. or N.J. area. Why sell on the internet? The true reason is the $1000 coupon is a come-on to get people into the dealership so that the dealer’s salespeople can con and rip people off. Something should be done about their false advertising. The consequences are that I had a very bad and disgusting experience. Also, I now distrust any automobile ads that have a New York location as it seems every sales person at Bonx Suzuki were all scam artists. Leaves a bad impression about New York. I will continue looking for vehicle, but not in New York.

In April 2011, my sister asked me to help her by co-signing for a vehicle. We initially went to a dealership in Queens, where she was denied the loan. The salesman there suggested that I purchase the vehicle alone being that my credit is a lot better than my sister's. I said no because I didn't want to be the legal owner of a vehicle that someone else is driving and that I have nothing to do with.

A few days later we ended up at Bronx Suzuki and I curse the day. The salesman there told me that with my sister's credit, the payments will be really high but that if I buy the vehicle, she will be enrolled in a credit improvement program and in six months the loan can be transferred to my sister and at that time she would be the legal owner. I asked what I thought to be good questions and eventually agreed because he made it sound so easy-breezy. The salesman was so greedy that he then proceeded to try to sell me a vehicle because he knew this one was for my sister at which time I said I wasn't interested.

About two months later, I was having a conversation with someone from the bank that financed the loan and was told that what the salesman at Bronx Suzuki had told me was a lie. There is no such thing as a credit improvement program and the loan cannot be transferred to my sister in six months. I felt physically sick. I asked friends and family for advice and then hired a lawyer. I explained to my lawyer that I only signed the contract because the salesman said I could get out of it in six months. We later had a meeting with Scott, the owner, who offered to use my sister's down payment and trade for a vehicle that she can get with her own credit and I would no longer be the owner of the current vehicle as opposed to me filing a lawsuit against them for fraud.

I accepted the offer, but due to factors beyond my control, like my sister's credit and the condition of the vehicle, the trade was no longer an option. Through out all this, the salesman denied everything. I was disrespected many times at different meetings by being called honey, accused of lying and of having buyers remorse, telling me I got a great interest rate (which to me is like being raped and the rapist saying 'but I used a condom') and everyone in Bronx Suzuki trying to gloss over the main reason why these meetings were taking place. I was lied to and taken advantage of by one of their salesman. Period.

On Thursday, July 22, 2010 I had an appointment to bring in my car to Bronx Suzuki Victory Auto Group LLP because I received a recall letter about my vehicle, Suzuki SX4 Sport. My appointment was scheduled for 10Am and I arrived at 9:45AM with my boyfriend and I spoke with Evelyn, the receptionist, whom she made the appointment. I had asked her how long will it take and she replied "about an hour or hour and a half". I then replied "Okay we will be back an hour half". I returned at 12PM and the car has not been seen yet. It was about 12:30PM when the car was finally being checked.

As we waited, no one ever told us they were running late. As we sat there patiently, I saw how the manager was dealing with other clients. It was so disrespectful. He spoke to one client as though he didn't understand what he was talking about. I told my boyfriend "I am never coming back to this dealer again. It was very unprofessional; I would never recommend one to this site". Around 12:40 the car was finally ready for me to take. I told them "thank you, and have a nice day". When I walked to the car I looked over the car to make sure everything was okay. As I looked over to the passenger side door, I noticed there were some scratches on the door. I had asked to speak to the mechanic who was working on my car. When he arrived, I told him "what happen to my car? These scratches were not there when I brought the car in? "He replied, "You would have to speak to the manager". I replied "Okay, let me speak with him".

The manager Wadel ** (Wally) arrived and I showed him the door. He responded right away and said "Well, this scratch doesn't look fresh. It looks like it's been there for awhile". I then replied "when I brought in the car there were no scratches and I would like to know who is going to repair this damage". In a rude matter he raised his voice and made it seem as though it was my fault. I've never experienced such a behavior from any Suzuki employee. I was disappointed that I was treated this way. He did not want to hear any of my complaints. He was very condescending and refused to take any responsibility of the damage that was done to the car. I then told him I am going to report you to Suzuki. He laughed and the said go ahead with a smile on his face. I took his card and walked away. This is why I am writing this letter.

On Monday 07/19/10, I called about a 2007 gray Mustang, stock no. 3372. I spoke to a woman named Margie and made an appointment with her for 07/22/10 at 12:00 pm. I got there and she mentioned that she was in a meeting and that her partner Shane ** was going to help me. Now prior to my appointment, I spoke to Margie over the phone and had asked her if $12,777 for the 2007 Mustang was negotiable, and she replied that they never lost a customer over pricing. When I spoke to her partner Shane **, he said there's no way they can lower the price.

The 2007 Mustang is owned by the bank and I would have to finance through the bank if I wanted the car. Now if I knew this to begin with, I wouldn't have wasted my time making an appointment to see the 2007 Mustang. After I got home, I checked the Carfax VIN number for the 2007 Mustang and found out that on 06/14/2010, the 2007 Mustang was sold at an auction in eastern region listed as a dealer vehicle. Title issued or updated on 07/13/2010. The dealer took the title of the vehicle while it was in inventory, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Department. As a customer I was really disappointed in the way they do business.

I bought a car from these low down people in there and now the car doesn't even pass inspection. This is the third time I took it in and I am driving around in an uninspected car. The first time, they told me that their machine broke down. The second time, I had to have the computer set because it had lights on in the panels so they took it to Dodge to fix it. I feel this car should have been in tiptop shape before I bought it. Also, I had a problem with Mona so I called the finance manager. She took my plates in to Motor Vehicle and I needed the receipt to take my other car off my insurance. But she told me they didn't give a receipt.

She told me to wait two days and I would receive it and still no receipt because Geico is going to charge me $117 on a car that I turn in to them. I told her that and she said to call in another two days and she should have the receipt. So I called three times. No return calls. They are very unprofessional people working there. I would never ever buy a car there again. Also, they said they would fix my cracked window. I’m still waiting for it to be fixed. I am totally upset with this dealership. I warn anybody to steer away from these deadbeats.




I was interested on one of vehicle and I gave $500.00 check as earnest money to show that I'm going to purchase this car if I could get a loan proof. however, loan didn't go through therefore I told them I need waite couple of months until my credit score gets little better because I had taken care one of unsolved case with trans union and then I ask for return the check to me because this deal ewas never successed. Now they are denying to return my check because they said they had this car ready for me anyway.

I had made stop payment on this check but I would like to know in this case do I just have to give up deposited money? I'm Korean and I felt that they are only doing this to me because I don't speak fluent english. I didn't know where and who to turn in this case but you. Please invastigate for future consumers. Thank you.

we received a letter regarding a recall on the car. the headlights will blow out any given time. i have been getting the light bulbs changed since 12/07. i keep telling the company this keep happening and they keep saying i dont know and want to keep charging me 86.28 for light bulbs.they keep stressing to me i dont use them for my anything.

Re: 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I bought the above vehicle from the Bronx Suzuki dealers on 4/21/2007. Unfortunately, I was sold a demo with 2500 mileage on it which I was told it was a new vehicle. The next day, I decided to give the truck a thorough check; to my surprise,the seats were very messy, cigarette butts were found between the hand brake and the front seats.
I took the truck back to the dealer and told him that the truck was not new with the evidence I found. He was shocked and quickly stated that he would give me a new truck using the same down payment from the old truck ($3,000.00). He stated that the change would not take place until three months of using the old truck.

Regrettably, what he told me was a lie.

When I recieved the new truck

and the statement, he added the rebate from the manufacturer plus the total down payment to the total sale price of the car. In this case, I never recieved any rebate from the manufacturer. The total amount financed does not seemed correct.

Traded my Honda Element in order to buy new Suzuki Forenza on April 16, 2007. Three weeks later I call Capitol One to see if they had been paid by Suzuki on the trade in Element. Was informed by Capitol One that they have not received any payoff amount from Suzuki. They only requested a payoff amount on April 16. Nothing else. I'm still responsible for making payments on the Honda car. Went to Suzuki same day and was informed by Manager that they would make a call to Capitol One and gave me a copy of check they allege they mailed them. Everyday since I've been calling both Capitol and Suzuki and have been given the run-around.

agreed sold me a car with inspiered inspection, license plate's were registered to another vehicle, forged my signature on contract for financing, car has inoperable head lights, hazard lights and turn signals,and also doubled the agreed upon amount... i have been unable to get in contact with the dealer since ive had this problem, and no one from the dealerships has been able to correct this problem... i have this vehicle in my name and am unable to drive register or insure this vehicle because i never received title, warantee or bill of sale.

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