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Went and got a car from Auto World and the first one the transmission was going. Went back they put me in a jeep that cuts off when it want to, no heat, couldn't get under the hood, oil coming out of tailpipe. Just sad.

We bought a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 on September 2, 2011. We picked it up on September 3, 2011. We were told the truck was a 4-wheel drive vehicle, which it was not nor was it all wheel drive, which is the second thing they told us. The first day of driving the vehicle, we realized there was a problem with the rear end of the pick up. It felt as if you were driving over grates when you make turns. We immediately contacted the dealer and alerted them to the problem. They had us bring it to their service center at generation Kia. They told us there was nothing wrong with the truck. We had called probably about 30 times to get someone to look at it again because there was something wrong. They sent us to Brown's Dodge in Patchogue and they also said there was nothing wrong with the truck.

The finance manager told us to wait for the title to come in and they would just take it back and get us into something else. This never happened and the truck is still having problems. So I got into my own pocket and purchased an extended warranty since everyone says there's nothing wrong with the truck. So I finally brought the truck in under the new warranty to find out there is a problem but the warranty company will not pay for the repairs since this was a pre-existing problem, which blows my mind because all these places and the dealer said there is nothing wrong with the truck. I would like my rear end fixed because now I feel taken advantage of. I don't even know how Auto World is even in business. They robbed us and sold us a broken truck and lied to us about the options it had and made so many promises that weren't kept. To make it worse, the people we dealt with aren't even there anymore. I either want the truck fixed or my money back!

On Wednesday January 18, 2012. my fiance went into the dealership looking to buy a used minivan. After speaking to a sales rep, he put a $100 cash deposit down to hold a price on a particular van so he could "sleep on it. My husband returns the following day, Thursday January 19, 2012 to let the rep no that he decided not to buy the van and to get his money back. He is then instructed that they will not be giving him his money, that he has to wait until Friday when the owner comes in to write a check, even though my fiance has his receipt that even states he paid cash. No where in the dealership or on the receipt is any return policy stated at all.

Thursday night the sales rep that he spoke to on Wednesday calls and still tries to salvage the sale, when my fiance continues to say that he was not interested since the "deal" sucked, he was told the check for his refund would be ready first thing Friday morning she she was putting in the request for it the night before. Friday my husband returns to pick up the check and yet again he is turned away being told that the check had not "come in yet." Being a paralegal student, I told my husband to put the manager Carlos, who is a jerk that cannot bother to even try to be polite. When I explained to Carlos that their return policy has to be posted by law, and theirs is not, and that this is lunacy, he yelled and told me that he has 30 days to cut a check and mail it to me.

Every time my fiance attempts to get his money back there is a new story. For the life of me I do not understand why someone would deposit a cash deposit (that is where they say his cash is) for a 24 hour hold on a price after telling the customer that the deposit is "totally refundable and getting your money back will not be an issue." Why not wait at least until the sale is made, or 24 hours? Do yourself a favor, just skip this dealership entirely, they are awful, I wish it was possible to rate them 0 stars. This may all be over $100, but it is just the point you cannot tell me that they don't have $100 anywhere on that premises to return to my fiance, this really should not be this complicated.

Please beware of this dealership! There are no deals to be had there, and the prices on the website are a down right lie, which you will learn as soon as you go into the dealership to get that price. The website is just false advertising and the staff is awful.

In Feb of 2011, I purchased a 2006 Dodge Durango at Auto World dealership in Patchogue, NY. My salesman was Gio and the Manager then was Darren. As we closed the deal, I was given a coupon that stated anyone I referred to dealership and purchased a vehicle would receive $250.00.

In Nov of 2011, I referred my cousin Dorothy **. She purchased a Jeep Liberty. The salesman was again Gio and the manager was Darren. Dareen and Gio assured me that I would receive a $250.00 check in the mail the following two weeks. As of today, over a month. I have not received anything.

I called the dealership on 12/21/11 and spoke to "Mike". He claimed to be the new manager. Mike was very rude and short with me. He said he would speak to Gio and to call him back tomorrow 12/22/11. I did call him back on 12/22/2011, Mike was extremely rude once again and said he would not honor the referral money. He also said anything that happened before he was there is null and void and not to call there again.

Please understand my frustration, I was given a coupon stating I would get $250.00 if I referred anyone to them that purchased I vehicle. I did just that and now I'm being told its no longer valid. Please help resolve this complaint.

On August 6, 2010, I saw an ad on Craigslist selling a 2009 Cobalt with the VIN number, car’s description and price. This advertisement failed to mention other dealer fees. It did mention the fee of Department Motor V. It also stated that if you email them and schedule a test drive, you will receive $250.00 off. On August 6, 2010, I registered online to road test this car. On August 7, 2010, I went to the Patchogue Location and met with John the sales associate. We test drive the car. I than went inside with the sales person, John. I showed him the ad with the cars price and special offers. He advised me that they had other additional fees: $900 fee and $600.00. I showed him the ad. They did not explain this; they just advised me that I would have to accept one of the fees in order to move forward with the transaction.

The financial department gave me a loan offer, which was not the advertised pricing. I also advised Dave that I wanted to use the Teacher Federal Credit Union, for I previously was given rate quotes. I was then told that I had to get a loan though their loan offers or they would not sell me the car. I then accepted the loan offer; however, as for the $250.00, I did not receive a credit. I was told that they would submit to the booking keeping department a check request for the $250.00. To date, I have not received that check. I have spoken with Dave on August 24, 2010 regarding this issue. He asked me to fax over the copy of this document. On August 25, 2010, I faxed it over to Dave and confirmed the receipt of. I than called on several occasions and spoke with John the sales person. I was ensured by John and Dave that they would take care of this.

However, to date I have not received the check, nor have they returned my calls. Please be aware that this is a breach of warranty for merchantability and warranty for fitness of purpose. I am hoping that this matter can be resolved now at the level of an official complaint to the department of consumer affairs. Please note I have copies of there offers and the ad from Craigslist with the car pricing offer. I have been under a great level of stress since I tried to complete a sale of transaction with this company. To date, the level of stress is getting greater.

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I had gone to Auto World in July of 2010 and spoke with ** about getting a car for myself. I had a few choices and he ran my name to see if I would be approved. I wasn't and he told me I would need a cosigner. So I went back about 2 weeks later to see if my boyfriend was an eligible cosigner. Throughout the entire 2 hours I sat there, all he kept saying was, "This is looking good... looking good" and told me to come back the next day.

Then the game of telephone began and he had called my cell phone and my work phone to ask more questions. The entire time, my understanding is that I will be the primary on the car.

I also discussed that I couldn't pay anymore that $250 a month and I was told, "No problem. I'm working on it." I went down the next day with my cosigner, ready to "seal the deal." What turned out was my boyfriend would have to have the loan and I would be the cosigner but the payments will be under my account and I can have the car and loan all in my name in 6 months.

My payments would be $470 a month, which was twice the amount I was able to pay. He had convinced me to enroll in IntelliPay which would be bi-weekly payments, my payments would be reduced to $300 after 6 months, and that my first payment wasn't due until September... so I had time.

I ended up driving off the lot with a brand new Kia Forte Coupe and couldn't have been happier. I was told that I would receive the registration and title in the mail and that I wouldn't have my 1st payment until mid-September.

When I drove off the lot with my new car on 7/29, they told me that I would have to come back the next day to set up payments. I went back and got my paperwork only to see that my 1st full payment of $470 was due on 8/20, which was not what I was told. So I go home with my car, was congratulated again and gave $100 in cash, but I still owed $300 is registration fees.

The following week I went on vacation and every single day I received phone calls from the bank, the agent and from the finance manager as well as text messages from them saying that I was going to lose my car if I don't call back. When I called back, he said that their was an issue with the insurance and that it was easily fixed and everything was fine.

That was 2 weeks ago. Now for the past week, I've gotten calls saying its an emergency. He was with a customer whenever I called and never called back. Finally, I got in touch with the finance manager who said they need the car to scan it and register it to do inventory on the car. Then that turned into, "The bank denied your loan. You have to bring your car back now or it will be repossessed tomorrow."

I left the lot with that car on 7/29 and on 8/19 they tell me the loan was denied. I had to empty out my car of all my belongings and return it after a month of being told it was my car. They told me I would receive my old trade in and all my money back. They gave me a loaner car until they got my old car back from Nassau County. They took my Kia keys out of my hand and handed me keys for a loaner Maxima that's falling apart and took my Kia away, saying that I'll get all my money back the next Tuesday.

Now the next day, 8/20, I get charged the $470 for my 1st payment. So now I'm paying for a car I no longer have and when I contacted the bank they informed me that the loan was declined and that I would have to get my money back from IntelliPayment, which is a completely different company.

These guys are scammers. They sold me a van on February 12, 2010. Two months later, I still did not receive a registration. Then, I found out that the car had a $16,000 lien on it. They tried to get me another car that could not pass inspection. I got my $2,000 down payment back, but their wonderful dealership and their wonderful credit acceptance bank has not satisfied me a loan. This will go on my credit if I don't pay and I don't even have the car anymore. I have two kids, and me and my wife work but have no car. These people need to be exposed!

I visited the lot looking for a car for my stepdaughter. The first warning sign that these guys were not above board was that the majority of the cars did not have prices on them. Clinton (the salesman) introduced himself, and began showing us cars. He said he couldn't tell us the prices because they were all bank-owned. I told him this was a first car, and we couldn't go above $6000.00.

We found a Dodge Neon that we wanted to get a price on. Clinton took us inside, took down our information, and came back with a price of $11,999.00. I reminded him of our range, and figuring that there's no way we're going to get down to my price, got up to leave. Clinton kept insisting I stay and deal, and came done another 500 dollars, then another 500 more. Needless to say, I left since it was nowhere near my price.

When I got home I checked the Kelly Blue Book retail sales value of the car, which turned out to be around $7200.00 in excellent condition. Out of curiosity, I checked Auto World's website, where I found the car advertised for $6,494.00. I called the manager (Mike) to let him know about the discrepancy, and that he might want to talk to his salesperson; however, Mike attempted to justify these sales tactics. He said they can ask for any price they want to on a used car.

Mike mentioned that the price I saw was an internet price, and that there were extra fees on top of that price. When I asked if it was $5000.00 worth of fees, he said no... more like $1500.00. I asked where the extra money came from in the price I was quoted, and he responded that he wasn't sure what I was trying to get at. He then made it clear to me that he stood behind their sales tactics.

I went in on January 29, 2010 to see if I could get a used vehicle. I told them about my credit and my disability. I told the woman Danniel that I was looking for a payment of $325.00 or $350.00 a month and no more than that. They explained to me that they could sell me a brand-new car with a rebate of $1500.00 and $1500.00 down. Interested in the deal, I asked what car was offered. They said the KIA Forte 4-door.

Anyway, the agreement was KIA would only finance it for $450.00 a month. I said i could not afford that. After I was directed to the finance manager Roy, he explained to me that Auto World would give me a check for $600, which was to be used as payments of $100 a month to bring my payment to $350 a month. In 6 months, he explained, I would be able to come back and refinance.

This was a program that KIA/Auto World was offering to consumers with trouble credit taking the offer. They said I could take the car home on January 29, 2010 that night and to come in on Saturday, January 30, 2010. Then I received a phone call saying to come in on Monday, February 1, 2010 to sign papers.

On my paper agreement, it stated that I had a payment on March 2, 2010. At this point, my husband and I had to go and sign other papers again, because they said they lost the first one. So we did. Still no payment book. I had called them, and they said the finance hasn't gone through yet for some reason and that it would be soon.

Well, the month of February was almost over, and there's no payment book and no $600.00 check. So I called again.Then I talked to a man, the same one who helped with the deal and Saverio, Dave, and Roy. They just kept passing me around. That was on March 1, 2010. I told them that I needed that $600.00 check. They said nothing had gone through yet and that they're still waiting on KIA. Then on March 2, 2010, I called again, and I told them I did not want this to be late because I needed this to refinance in 6 months like agreed.

They said there's no problem and that they're only waiting on KIA. I called KIA, and they said they we're waiting on Auto World. Auto World said either way, they would make the $450.00 payment or get KIA to push it to April 2, 2010. And I kept asking "Are you sure?" I can't afford to be late on a payment. and I sure can't afford the $450.00 payment. I need that check.

As of this date, March 15, 2010, I received my payment book. I noticed that I still had a payment to make for March 2, 2010, so I called Auto World again. I asked for Roy. He answered the phone then said he would call me back. He never did, like they are avoiding me. I called KIA, and Financing said the payment wasn't made and was late 13 days as of today, March 15, 2010. I called Auto World back and talked to Dave. He said that for our sake, we should make the payment. So I did. The gentleman said he would call back today, and he has not.

We found a car we liked. We were told within 20 minutes that we were approved for financing. They washed the car in front of us and prepared it as if we were taking it home that day. Added the car to our insurance, had forms faxed over, put down our deposit, and then we were told "We're trying to get you a better loan deal, it'll be a few minutes." Every hour we waited, we were told it would be 5 more minutes.

The finance guy spoke to us twice in that time stating he was on the phone with the bank the entire time working deals (meanwhile we saw him in and out of the waiting room chit-chatting with the other salesmen). After 5 hours of waiting in a waiting room that has music louder than any club I've ever been to, we told them to call us when they knew something. Three days later, we were called back in and told "We can't finance you that car, but here's a list of 4 others that we can." Confused, but already feeling a bit defeated, we looked at the 4 cars they offered and picked one. 20 minutes later, we're told we can't get financed for that one either, and are asked to pick another. I had reached my limit and told them to forget the whole thing. Then I found out it could be 1-2 weeks before getting my deposit back. The entire time, they refused to tell us the price of any of these cars. They talk in circles, riddles, and lies. Stay away. Save your time and money.

I was looking for a good car for a good price. When I stopped at Auto World USA, I saw a lot of nice cars. I found a 2005 G35 Coupe. It was online for $12,999. So I went in to talk to the representatives. They took me outside and said I had no equity in my trade-in. It was a 2003 Mini Cooper with 60,000 miles on it. So they told me to look at a different car and I did I found a 2008 VW Jetta. Well, they said the same thing about that. They finally told me I could get a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S. When I saw the car, I was like, “Okay, this could work.” The car was nice inside and out. So I asked how much and they would not answer the question at all. Finally, they told me, after I said I'm not going to waste my time on this if I don't know how much I'm going to pay for this car, it was $15,599. I was a bit ** because I didn't understand why I could not have the G35 if it was so much cheaper. He told me because he could not bury my trade-in with that car. Mind you, he was giving me $10,000 for my trade. I owed $13,000 which is crazy. That extra $3000 would have put me right where I am with the Nissan.

Anyway, I fell for it. I started the paper work. Then when I saw it all on paper, there was an extra $2000 charge in the price. He said it was for an extended warranty that I never wanted. He told me I would not be financed if I did not take the warranty. So now my payments are $540 per month and I am paying $27,995 for a 2007 Nissan Altima. After I had the car for a week, the front bumper started to peel. I called and was told it is the soap I'm using on the car. Mind you, I hadn't washed the car. I asked at the time I bought the car for a Carfax and they told me their computer was down, to come back. I called and called and never received a fax on the car. Well, now it is one and a half years later and I need to use that warranty that they made take because the car is the biggest POS. I went to call the warranty company to make sure everything was good, it was until the deductible they had was different than the contract I have. Auto World forged a different contract. My copy says $100 and the company says $250, so now I'm screwed again. Never go there, and by the way, I called the BBB on them **.

I am a first time buyer and I was looking for a new car on 04-10-09. I went into Auto world USA and was interested in a used Altima 2006; I had four thousand five hundred dollars to put down on a car. When I asked them the total amount they told me ten thousand dollars. They said they would have to run my credit and they did so, when they returned they told me that I was not eligible for this vehicle, Elmo and Danielle told me that I would only be approved for the cars which "they" were to show me out of a certain group. They pushed Chevy cobalt 2006 on me out of this "group" of cars, telling me that they would work out a good deal for me.

When we entered the office and began paper work I asked them how much was the total of this car, they pushed aside my question for as long as they could. They then answered with this response the total of this car is ten thousand dollars including all the fees for this vehicle. I asked them "why am I not eligible for the Altima then? They are the same price?" they responded with the answer that I was a first buyer and could only purchase the vehicle they chose. I purchased the vehicle.

The next day when I drove the car began to shake and the check engine light came on. I brought it back to auto world and notified them of my situation. I asked for the supervisor he came out and stated "It's yours now it is not our problem", I answered "Is this how you treat your customers?" and he answered "There is nothing we can do! As I was in the parking lot I opened my paper work and said that they had forced me to purchase an extended warranty on the vehicle. The supervisor could not be bothered and left.

I then noticed on the paper work that they didn't put the original paper that they had shown me of ten thousand, the paper that was in the envelope said that I was financing this vehicle for twenty seven thousand dollars, and that I was to make payments to Credit Acceptance Corporation for three and a half years. The payments are three hundred ninety one dollars.

I called and explained that I was not aware of the situation and advised them that this car was a lemon; the customer service rep simply said "I am sorry for your misfortune." I asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me they would call me back, I have yet to hear from them.

I went back a second time to auto world and made a complaint I told them that I had just purchased this car and that this was not right. Elmo took my keys and said that they would look at it, when I returned the next day my gas tank was emptied but the check engine light was off, I though that they had genuinely fixed that car.

After twenty minutes of driving the check engine light came on again I returned and they stated "Well the car was not fully paid yet so we just turned off the light" I let them know that it is illegal to tamper with a vehicle. I told them that I was leaving the car there and that they were to fix the vehicle, I returned a week later when I entered and asked if it had been repaired the Elmo stated "NO, and if you don't remove the car we are going to charge a two hundred dollar storage fee a day" he then made a "farting" noise and laughed in my face.

I am now with this burden of a car for 6 months, the car is damaged, and I do not know what to do at this point. I am a college student; the payments are so high that I can barley pay for this car and my other bills. The car check engine light has been on since April 10/09 the day I purchased the vehicle, the steering wheel shakes when I am driving I had the brakes replaced two months after I purchased the vehicle. The monthly payments are extremely high; I am paying a total of twenty seven thousand dollars for a used Chevy Cobalt with fifty four thousand miles on the vehicle when purchased.

Why I was not allowed to purchase the Altima for ten thousand instead of twenty seven thousand, which they completely lied about. I am paying a total of about seven hundred eighty dollars with my car payment and insurance. I have been searching for help on this matter for months. Thank you for your time

I went online to look at the cars they had available at their business, and found a white Mazda 3 that was both in my price range and that had good mileage on it already. I booked an appointment with the Auto World Center to test drive this vehicle, and possibly buy it. They sent me a confirmation e-mail stating that the car was still in stock and that I could come and test drive it on the day of my appointment. When I went to the business, I asked for Tabitha, who is the woman who sent me the e-mail. Tabitha was supposedly not available to help and show me the car, so a man did. He brought me and my mother to the cars and when we noticed there wasn't any Mazda 3's in the lot, he claimed that the car was sold earlier today. But how could that be, when I got a confirmation e-mail stating that I can go look at the car and test drive it.

This all occurred about 3 weeks ago on July 9th, and every time I go on the Auto World website, they claim that the car is still in stock because the picture is still there. I feel that business is pulling a "bait and switch" because they are leading consumers into their lot of cars. And then showing them other cars that are similar, but aren't the car the people came to look for. This is the website that shows the Mazda 3 I was interested in looking at **. Thank you very much for your time. And feel free to contact me if you need any other information.

on Sunday June 23 I purchases an auto from the above mentioned. They said everything is ok the loan went through then gave the remainder of the down payment on June 30 2008 I got a call saying that because I didn't lie to the bank about the car having leather seats and a sun roof. The bank dealer manager told me that if I didn't bring another 2,000.00 the next day 7/1/08 they would take the car back. When I called the bank to ask if this was true thay told me that it isn't and if anything they would have to lower the payments received another call from the car dealership asking if I would be in Tuesday with the money or the car.

All papers were signed by both parties ( myself and the dealership and are in my possession it says that the deal is complete and the price is as showned. the dealership in an attempt to prevent me from keeping the car will not mail the necessary papers to the bank. I called Chase bank and they don't have anything on this matter I do however have a copy with the Bank name the total amount of payments (60) and the amount of the payment $352.59 I have all the paper work with legal binding agreement.

Also I have a copy of their ad stating if I purchased the auto before Sunday night June 22, 2008 I would receive a new Sony laptop when I asked for the laptop the manager told me no chance also I have an I.O.U from the dealership stating that they would put in an electric starter this was going to be installed today. also I was told no going to happen. I have all paperwork and everything indicating that the car is mine and the deal was complete. If you need any more information please call me I sometimes don't get service at work but will return your call as soon as it shows up as missed call. I am out $2000.00 and they stated that they are going to take the car with no refund. I don't want the refund I need the car to go to work. Thank you

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