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After purchasing my car and them telling me everything I wanted to hear, I have found that this dealer is not what they say they are. I am having a horrible experience with them. They don't seem to care about my car or my concerns over it and they seem to brush me off constantly without really paying attention to the needs my car has and my concerns.


I am not one that normally complains, but my recent dealing with Amity/Massapequa Nissan certainly warrants a complaint. I leased a Pathfinder from this dealership a few years ago and the lease was expiring. I gave Amity/Massapequa Nissan a call because I figured that since I initially acquired the vehicle here, it would probably just be easier. I inquired as to my options and the process to buy out the vehicle as I decided to keep it. I won't start listing names because everyone I dealt with there were just as bad or worse than the previous salesman/advisor. I was first told it was a very easy process, so I made way over to the dealership. Upon arriving, my wife and I waited a substantial amount of time while the "lease manager" was assisting another salesman who was struggling a bit to seal a deal with a potential buyer.

Not wanting to waste my entire Sunday, I left some necessary information so the lease manager could work out the numbers and give me a call later in the day, which he did. Everything sounded pretty fair with the exception of what I thought to be a steep $795.00 dealer administrative fee. I agreed to purchase the vehicle anyway but decided that I would do a little more homework regarding the buyout. The very next day I was phoned by a different salesman who I initially leased the vehicle from a few years ago and he said he would be handling the buyout process. I eventually met with him and was told that in addition to this administrative fee there were other fees, such as, DMV and state tax, which I knew already.

Then greediness reared its ugly head. He went on to tell me that I must finance through the dealership (even though I already had my own financing) and that I absolutely had to purchase an extended service contract. When told him I was not interested in purchasing a contract, he stated that I could not purchase said vehicle. He went on to state that, "We don't care if you don't buy the car. Leave it. We'll sell it to someone else." At this point, he assumed that having me sit with the finance advisor might make some type of difference. I got the same rhetoric from the finance advisor, so I left the dealership. This dealership charges excessive fees and seriously needs some help in the customer service department. It's amazing that they sell any cars at all. I would never step foot in there again and will discourage anyone from going there. Terrible experience.


On Saturday, 12/22/07 my wife and I made an appointment with Amity Nissan to test drive a 2008 Nissan Rogue. We showed up, drove the car and liked it.

The salesman , Bruce, immediately went into his pitch to sell the car. We told him we were not interested in buying that day. We also wanted to test drive the Ford Escape and the Saturn Vue. He kept coming back with lower prices each time he went to talk with his manager.

We repeated several times we really wanted to look and compare the other cars first. He finally came back with a price that was $550 below the invoice price I had gotten for this model off We decided to buy the car at that point since we had been leaning towards this car as a smaller version of the Nissan Murano which my wife had always liked and the price was good.

At this point I told him we were still not sold on the car. My wife had test driven a higher end model of the Rogue with a 6-way seat. Due to her small frame and being 5ft tall, the 4-way seat in this model could be totally different for her and too far down for her to see out comfortably. Bruce then drove us to their lot in Amityville to see and sit in the actual vehicle we were discussing to purchase to settle that issue. The seating was fine.

However, we still had no intention of driving the car home at that time. We told Bruce we had preapproval for a car loan from my wife's credit union and we would come back and do the deal after that was approved. He assured us that was not necessary. We could apply for credit approval on their bank loan and have a double loan. I told him I didn't understand what a double loan was. He explained we could apply for both loans and then turn down the dealership loan with no strings or penalties attached when we got the credit union loan approved the following Monday or Wednesday. This would allow us to take the car that day and take whichever loan we wanted. I was a little leery of this offer but didn't think it would hurt for my wife (who was actually buying the car)to sign the credit application. It was just for a credit check to see what rate the dealership's bank would give us. Besides, Bruce had assured us that there were no games being played at this dealership. Everything was completely honest and above board.

As we progressed to filling out the paperwork, I questioned the $374.00 Administrative fee which was listed on the contract and told Bruce I did not want to pay this. He countered that it was a charge that the dealership was charged by Nissan and that was paid to Nissan. It had to be paid.

He then added in the dealer fee of $45.00 for, I guess, getting the plates, the tax on the vehicle and the state fees.

We got our insurance company on the phone and added the vehicle with all the required information to our policy.

At this point he told us to come back at 4:30pm and the car would be ready to drive home. We went out Christmas shopping feeling we had gotten a fair deal and we would get our loan from the credit union when we called them on Monday.

When we came back we were handed over to Christine, who it appears is the finance manager for the dealership. She handed us a loan application from JP Morgan Chase bank with a very good loan rate of 5.54% with no prepayment penalty based on my wife's good credit rating. However, we had not yet been able to check the rate we would get with my wife's credit union since it was Saturday and they were closed. We told Christine that we still wanted to finance through the credit union at that point and she cited the great rate we were getting. We told her it was a double loan application which Bruce had suggested and that we would be taking the credit union loan once they were open on Monday. She did not verbally respond to this only smiling and nodding her head as if in agreement that she understood that was the case.

I then reviewed the loan application document and was immediately confused by the complicated array and layout of the numbers. I told her that the purchase price listed was just wrong. She assured me it was correct and that the tax and fees were included and that's why it looked wrong to me. I re-examined it, borrowed her calculator, and told her it made no sense to me. At this point she took it back and reworked the numbers and told me she had made a mistake and added the $374.00 administrative fee in twice. I was right and she would fix it and get a new copy printed with the correction.

In the meantime, she offered us a Nissan comprehensive extended warranty for $1,595.00. If we changed our mind, we could cancel it within 30 days with no penalty or pro-rating charges. If we didn't accept it now and wanted it later it would cost $1,995.

Since we had not considered an extended warranty before this, we accepted on the basis we could cancel it after we had reviewed our options on this.

When the new paperwork came back it was just as confusing as the first loan application. She assured me it was right this time perfect was her term. I asked why the purchase price was so high when the car was not that much. Her explanation was that the tax for the car and several other things were included. I then asked several other questions which were inadequately answered and finally gave up thinking this was not the loan we were taking anyway and my wife signed it.

We then drove the car home. I later that night reviewed the paperwork and still could not make heads or tails out of it. It just didn't add up correctly no matter how I approached it. And, after reading the purchase agreement again, realized Bruce Grob had lied to me about the Administrative fee to be paid to Nissan by the dealership. It had two small stars next to it which in very small print at the bottom of the agreement clearly said this fee represented only a dealer profit and was not a required state tax or any other required fee.

We decided to go back to the dealer the next day, Sunday. Again, we saw Bruce and told him I wanted to put the car on my credit card and rip up the loan agreement since even after reviewing it at home it made no sense to me. He now told me he really wasn't familiar with the financing end of the business. That was Christine's job and she wasn't in. This was from the individual who all-knowingly steered us to this loan with a supreme financing knowledge and background. Suddenly, he is supremely stupid about the finance end.

I also told him he misled me on the Administrative fee being paid to Nissan. He denied telling me that. His explanation was that he had told me it was a fee printed on all Nissan dealer forms. That is probably untrue, also. I told him that wasn't what he told me and that he should in the future refer all buyers to the superfine print at the bottom of the page, which he already knows is there and what it says. Rather than lie about it, he could at least be honorable enough to present it for what it is. It's something any thinking buyer is going to find out about, anyway. Why not just announce yourself to be a liar since they eventually will read it and see that you lied?

I then told him that had I realized what the Administrative fee was while still in the dealership, I would have refused to pay it or it would have been a definite deal killer.

He then put us over to Rick who explained that Christine was either not in or not yet in. He stated that while he was not completely familiar with the loan application agreement form or process,he said he had some financial background from another job and could probably help us figure out the amounts and make the adjustments.

I told him we didn't want the loan. I wanted to put the full amount of the car loan as shown on the application on my credit card. We would then get a loan by Wednesday from the credit union and the credit card charges could be reversed.

He kept telling us we could fix this and work it out.

I showed him my list of questions/problems and what I felt the numbers should be. I wanted no fees or taxes in the financed amount.

While Rick spent a good deal of time with us and was able to explain the charges, not everything was fixed. And I reiterated that I really just wanted to put it on my credit card, cancel the loan application and deal with the credit union. I don't clearly remember, but I think his response was we would need to discuss that with Christine. He could not do it. He asked to see the bill of sale. It was then that we realized we had not even received one. Rick got a copy and gave it to us.

While reviewing again the amounts paid, we found another error of about an $11.00 overcharge in calculating the tax on the extended loan agreement.

For some reason , The extended warranty was charged to us as a flat $1,595 cost. In fact, it was $1,458 plus 8.625% sales tax which is $125.75 totaling $1,583.75. Why we were charged $1,595, I don't know. There were too many mistakes to be mistakes.

And how many times are these mistakes repeated in calculating the loan finance amount, extended service contracts and other fees in their other sales transactions?

Rick moved this to a separate bill and applied the credit to the $212.50 in NYS fees which he took off the loan application and let us pay separately on a credit card.

Feeling we had taken care of the majority of problems (outside of canceling the loan application), we left. On the way home I realized that in all the confusion of recalculating, removing and being unable to move the charges to my credit card, etc. The tax amount on the vehicle was still included in the loan application we didn't want.

On Monday, my wife called her credit union explaining our situation. They said they could do the loan for a slightly better rate with the loan sale going on until 12/31, automatic account withdrawals and cut the check by Wednesday. Only the bill of sale would be required.

The only complication was the other loan application. It needed to be canceled.

We called the dealership on Wednesday and after several attempts finally were able to speak with Christine. She told us she was not aware of any loan we intended to get through the credit union. We told her that we had mentioned it to her, but she denied any recollection of it. She kept citing what a great rate we got and what was the credit union offering? She also kept telling us the dealership made no money on the loan. But why would she then not simply withdraw it and let us go to the credit union? Finally, she told my wife she had signed a contract and the loan application could not be withdrawn it had already gone to the bank.

We then called the Auto Loan division for Chase Bank and spoke with a manager. He told us that the dealership could call back the application at any time. It was not yet in their hands. And it would not be processed for another two to three weeks, probably three or more due to the holidays. But the dealer had to call it back, we could not do it ourselves. He suggested we call back and speak to the dealership manager and skip Christine.

My wife called again and asked for the manager. She was told he was in a meeting and would call her back shortly. That call back never came.

On Thursday, we contacted our State Senator's office asking what could be done. While their specialist on car dealers agreed this was not ethical, there was nothing he could do except to call the dealer directly and ask the manager to call us.

We are still waiting for that call.

As of now, we have been forced into a loan application contract which we relied on verbal promises would be withdrawn on our say so at any time once we had assured alternate financing which the dealer knew we had. Once they had a signature on paper, it is apparent they were lying the entire time about their true intentions.

If this loan goes through we will be paying additional monthly amounts over what would have been our payment at the lower credit union financed sale rate.

Additionally, we will need to refinance this loan again through the credit union in the near future and change the title over to the credit union from Chase bank incurring additional fees for the process. It is quite possible that the rate will not be as good at the time as it is now, either. But to get away from these sharks it will be well worth it.


On September 27, 2007, I turned in my 2005 Altima, and leased a 2007 Altima with Judy DeRosa. My 2005 Altima was not due back until December 2007, however I was able to trade it in earlier.

when I got to the dealership that evening, I told Ms. DeRosa, someone must have scratched my door, (driver's side) and the bumper was scratched, She told me don't worry about it there is a $500 waiver. The 2005 Altima was left in the street that night, since their lot was closed. A week and a half later, I received a letter from Nissan Corporation saying that my front bumper was cracked. When I brought the 2005 Altima to Amity Nissan on Sept. 27, 2007 the front bumper was not cracked.

I was told the car was left there for 4 days before it was inspected. Ms. DeRosa never told me there was going to be a formal inspection, If there was going to be one, I would have been present. I called Amity Nissan and spoke with Larry their leasing Manager he said I should call Nissan Motor Corp., since there is nothing he can do. He did say he has pictures of the car when it was inspected and did confirm the car was at Amity Nissan for four days. I called Nissan Motor Corp., and they also said their is nothing they can do. They said they prefer their customers to be present at the inspection. How could I have been present if I was not told about it? Now, they want me to pay $406.21, plus tax for a cracked bumper that I did not do. I have also done a search on Amity Nissan and do see they have had previous complaints against them


Air Conditioning stopped working after 1 year. This is not the issue that concerned me at all. About the same time that the AC stopped working, every time I would press the gas peddle to pass another vehicle in traffic the transmission would sputter and jam. I was almost rear ended by a large truck in fast moving traffic with my young daughter in the back seat.

I brought the vehicle in and they told me it was the battery!! Being a busy single working Mom of two children and not knowing any better I believed them. I picked the truck up although the AC worked the transmission had the same banging upon pressing the accelerator to pass in moving traffic. This was immediately after driving from the Amity Nissan service center. I mentioned it to my Male friend and he said he would test drive it and see. He came back and told me it seems like it is the transmission and although the trucks and cars today rely on an electronic brain center, something like this is not electrical, it's mechanical..!!

We decided to test the truck fully and see how often it would happen and exactly when.. Well, I was in fast moving traffic again approx. 1 week later with my young daughter in the back seat when I went to pass a turning vehicle. I hit the accelerator and poof, the truck almost stopped dead right there. It made me jolt forward in my seat and jerked my daughter in her seat (Thankfully we always wear our safety belts).

The thing that really ticked me off this time is that I was just barely missed being rear ended by a large tractor trailer truck and I was also immediately pulled over by a highway patrol officer. After explaining the mechanical issues with my car he said to bring it in at that moment for servicing (even offering to follow me there to drop it off at Amity Nissan..!!). Now they call me to say it was the Radiator and I owe them $800.00..!!! I refuse to drive this lemon any more and I am sincerely scared for the safety and welfare of not only myself, but my children and other young passengers. Someone please help me as I do not know where to turn for help regarding this matter..

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I had bought a used 2001, Infiniti G20 on february 26. When I test drove the car I felt something rattling under my feet & told the salesman. He reassured me that the problem would be fixed. Afterwards he had said the car was checked & it was a part that had to do with the steering.

Less than 1 week later I dropped off my car at the dealership, which I was told would be brought to the Nissan service department down the road to be fixed. 2 days later I received my car with no receipt but was told the part was replaced. I asked the salesman that was helping me what the part was called & he said he didn't know it off hand. After having my car back, I could still feel the same problem that I put it in the shop for.

So this past friday (3/19/04) I called the service department to ask for the name of the part that was fixed. They had no records of the car being there at all. This information was given to me by the manager, Arnold. He said mabye since it is an Infiniti they brought it to the Infiniti service dept., which is next door to Nissan Superstore. I called them & was also told my car was never there. Now I'm wondering where my car was for 2 days. After finding out my car was never seen, I called the salesman & asked him where my car was brought to see if he would lie to me. He said it was brought to the Nissan service dept. down the road, which was a lie.

Today (3/22/04), I spoke to the general manager, Ricardella, who was extremely arrogant, rude to me, not helpful or congenial at all. I also spoke to the salesman I've been working with. Today his story changed everytime he opened his mouth. He basically gave me a long run around story & changed everything he's ever said to me trying to protect himself for whatever reason. Friday I was told my car was fixed at the Nissan service dept. Today he told me there really wasn't anything wrong with the car & it was at an independant mechanic for those 2 days.

When I brought up to him that I never received a receipt or was told anything about the part that was fixed he said well by law we don't have to disclose any information to you. After my father spoke to the general manager, that is when they started saying to bring the car in to get a test drive & to be repaired.

After the way I've been treated & by the way they made me feel, I don't trust them or feel comfortable with bringing my car back there or dealing with them in any way.

There was no actual physical damage to the car because of this but I did almost get into an accident. Besides the rattling I feel on the floor, my steering randomly goes in and out. Almost like the power steering is gone. Along with the steering, when that happens there is a squeeking noise when I turn the wheel. The noise only occurs with that. Any other time I turn or drive the car I don't hear anything.

Bottom line is, I've been lied to & deceived. I've been very inconvienienced & still have yet to have my car fixed, which could be dangerous if it has to do with steering. Because of this it makes me fearful to drive around in my car. As a young first time buyer this is very upsetting to me. I've had the car for less than a month and at this point after everything I've been put through I don't even want the car.


after having problems with my salesman. i went right to the owner of the dealership. who right away corrected my problem. the salesman was a real jerk, but the owner immediately granted my wishes. i am very happy with the service that the owner gave me.


1. we shook hands and repeatedly made sure what the price of the 2002 sentra would be including all it was supposed to 11,800 for everything. driving home we saw the papers and it said total price 19,000. we tried to go back to change the price but they wouldnt help they were very rude.

2. started the car and driving home the check engine light was on and it is still on. there are 2 different mirrors on each side of the car with two different colors.

3. we were never told it was a used as a rental car prior.

4. they lied and said that my old car was in the service station in the beginning of the conversation and now they are saying that before 48 hours it was sold already.


Never had problems with car dealers...until Amity Toyota. Went with my daughter and future son-in-law to purchase a Toyota RAV4. Test drove vehicle. Salesman, Steve (recently left Amity Toyota) negotiated the following: for $299/month for48 months, a 2003 RAV 4 with L package and sun/moonroof, 15,000 miles per year, plus extended warranty for the 48 months. Money down totaled over $3,000.

Brigid contacted my future son-in-law with the following: 2002 RAV (on premises) with the same details as above, but with $1,200 money upon signing. Second telephone call, she said that she erred and that the sunroof was not included. To have the sunroof, $329/month for 48 months.

I recall vividly Steve mentioning the inclusion of the sunroof (we kept asking for the specifics of the deal). He ket going back to speak to his supervisor and kept returning with the new deal. I feel we had a verbal agreement and Amity should honor that commitment. Seem to be a form of the proverbial bait and switch.

I feel Amity Toyota defrauded us, perpetrated a scam on two young people. The $299/month was all they could handle at this juncture. I communicated with Brigid. She spoke to her General Manager and would not budge a dollar. She even alerted me to the scam the Toyota dealer in Hempstead (owned by Amity Toyota) would perpetrate on us should we buy from them.
Where is honesty and fair play in this process of purchasing a car. The sunroof costs the dealer $720, retails for $900. Yet, Amity Toyota, in their attempt at fairness, was ripping us off fo $1,440 for the sunroof.

I truly believe they are a disgrace to the good name of Toyota and are guilty of unfair business practices.


MAde a deal to purchase a Nissan Altima on Monday in which a price was agreed upon and a finace price of 4.9 was stamped on the sales slip, on Saturday the day to pick up the vehicle, Amity's financial officer stated a 4.9 finance was not possible unless we purchased an extended warranty. Nedless to say I cancelled the deal, although 16.00 a month does not seem a lot but over the life of the loan it adds up to over 800.00. Amity Nissan has a circus like atmosphere with loud music and numerous sales associates actually dancing and snapping their fingers.(very unprofessional). Amity Nissan is the only dealership that conducts the final finacing on the day the vehicle is to be pick up by the purchaser,(after the purchaser adds insurance to their policy).


I purchased a Toyota Certified Used Camry 98 as advertised in the News day News paper for $10,988. At the time of purchase chris the salesman assured that the selling price for the car I selected is a Thousand dollars more than the advertised car. I agreed and asked him to draw up a finance plan. I put a $2000 down payment and monthly payment of $299 for 5 years was agreed upon. Then he told me for $5 more each month I could get extended warrany. which I agreed to so the new payment plan was $305 for 60 months with $2000 down. I was not shown a detailed list of charges calculated for the finance plan.

I later found out that Chris had not informed me on a whole array of charges that he had added on. Delivery charge $349, Vin etch charge $299,Transportation charge $349, Extended Warranty charge $1995 etc which were added on to the original price of $11988 agreed upon. He did not discuss with me the APR rate of 9.90% that he used to calculate the finance charges. It was just before closing time so they hurried me to sign the contract and told me everything would be taken care of the next day. I took the next day off from work and went to Amity Toyota. They told me since I agreed to the contract I am bound by it. I tried to explain that the charges were not explained to me, they were uncoopertive and unwilling to hear my complaints.

I have suffered emotional distress and huge economic damage since buying this car on 06/11/01. My total cost is cash sale price of $14,357.79 less $2000 down payment = $12,357.79 plus extended warranty charges of $ 1995 and registration fee of $61 =14413.79 + finance charges @9.90% of $3918.61= $18,332.40. Total sale price was 18,332.40 + 2000 down payment= $20,332.40. I clearly did not expect my total cost to Exceed $16,000. I tried to explain to chris and his manager Mitch that I was never explained all the charges made. They informed me that since I signed that contract I was responsible. Please advise whether I can get any help to get the charges added on taken out.

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