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Long history: First complaint, check engine light. The car had less than 1000 miles. In different appointment, they replaced every component possible to stop the light come on. They failed. Finally, the manager chased me in the parking lot to hit me because I complained him! I complained to Consumer Affairs. I took the car to other dealer. No good, they did not fix. When Nissan found out I was returning the car, they tried to sabotage the warranty, including the extended warranty. They sabotaged three times. The first time, Gregory Nissan change the oil and filter but they also softened out one of the freeze out plug. When the pressure of the cooling system rose, the plug popped up draining out the cooling system immediately.

Luckily, it happened near other Nissan dealer that was in Hempstead Garden City Nissan. I thought they will fix right! Wrong. The manager of the dealer was the manager that chased me in Hicksville parking lot. When I took the car to Hempstead Nissan, I left with the cooling system full of water. When I came back, the car was empty with a lot of sludge around the radiator cap which indicate that the car was left running to overheat the engine. That was the second attempt to sabotage the warranty. Third attempt, they did not pass the state inspection because the check engine light a repair shop tried to reset the check engine light at for several times in different sequences trying to pass the state inspection. It did not happen. I took the car to Nemet Nissan. They started to complain to me because the car had driven mileage after the check engine went off. They told me that the speedometer was changed which is not true, only one speedometer for a car. I have driven Nissan Sentra since 1981. I never had a problem of this nature. Nissan Motor Corporation service department has failed to service my 2005 Nissan Sentra. After three attempts to sabotage, then they said they are not serving the vehicle anymore. Very irresponsible Nissan Corporation. Please answer my complaint.


The dealer short changed us on our trade in. Agreed trade in was $1,700.00, which we wanted applied to our lease payment to lower the payment. Dealer tried to add in all kinds of extra fees, which we challenged and eventually with a fight had removed. They nailed us though with the short change on the trade in, which was concealed by lease terms and the math.

We discovered it shortly after leaving the dealership. They refused to address the problem and rudely dismissed us. Nissan America was useless in resolving the dispute and took the position, this was a matter between us and the dealership. If anyone reads this, don't do business with these crooks and if you do, make sure your take your time and read everything closely because they will try to rip you off. We were shorted approximately $200.00 on the agreed trade in. Not a huge deal but enough considering these difficult economic times.


I tried to cancel a lease within 72 hours of sale without having taken possession of vehicle. Named individual above threatened me to take vehicle, and if I refused, it would be repossessed. Individual then called me white trash and a **. He then threatened my brother to come back to dealership at close so he can show him what for. I contacted lawyer who called named individual and there was no resolution. He told my lawyer we would be sued and brought to court. We decided not to proceed due to the financial strain the situation could end up in, as well as repossession of the vehicle.


I took possession of a lease car on 12/6/08. I called the dealer re my payment coupon to make my first. I was told the deal was finalized on 12/11/08. I would receive it soon. Then I got a call from dealership on 1/11/09 being told there was a problem with the finance, that I would need a co-signer to keep the car. I was approved on the spot. I feel this is a scam. Can you help? I would like to make my payments and keep the car.


We purchased two 2008 sentras. After waiting seven hours in the showroom they finally brought out the vehicles when we started to leave. The gray sentra had the vanity mirror cover fall off in the salesmans lap when he went over the vehicle. We were told just bring it down to service after work and they will throw one on. We stopped by one day after work and were told we had to make an appointment. We made an appointment and when we got there were told that the part hadn't been ordered so we needed to make another appointment because they didn't stock parts for 2008 models.

When picking up the car it had black fingerprints on the new visor and headliner. Mind you the car was only 2 weeks old. The second car had 3 large bolts fall off from somewhere and stick to the speaker magnets. This car(the white one) also had a banging in the front end and loud banging on several occasions from the passenger side rear.

This car was brought into service and we were told they had no clue where the bolts came from. The banging they said was from a loose frame plate. Upon pulling out of the lot there was the bang in the front end. A search on nissan parts website listed no such part so I have no clue if I was fed a line or if it is so new it isn't listed. Now we are told there is a recall for the brake master cylinder maybe that's where the banging is coming from.

The gray car has the passenger side door panel pulling away from the door. We went to another dealership's service departmetn because we were told that we could do that when we bought the cars. We could have oil changes and service calls done at a dealership closer to where we live. They told us someone broke the door clips by trying to push the loose panel back on.

Garden city nissan told us it was going to cost us 115 dollars for the clips on this now 5 month old car. They expect us to believe the door panel just came away from the door without anything being wrong with the clips and they were broken by trying to push the panel back on. We also paid 1700 dollars for the extended bumper to bumper warranty and were guaranteed no repair would cost more than 50 dollars for the next 100,000 miles. We were also told this is the way it is take it back to where we purchased it if we didnt like it. They also had refused to take the car in for the recall because nissan told us over the phone but did not give us a letter.

Finally after arguing they looked at it and are ordering the part. We have tried numerous times to contact advantage but to no avail. We finally called the corporate headquarters and have been waiting over a week for a call back from the north east region supervisor John. All we want are these cars fixed properly at no cost to us. I can only imagine the headaches we will have in the futre if we are already having these problems after 5 months.

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Called Nissan on 8/8/08. Spoke with sales rep David. Gave him current lease details and what I wanted to pay on NEW lease. Said he would take over my remaining (4) payments and work out a deal for a new lease...I told him I wanted a commitment before I wasted my time coming to the dealer. He said he would speak with mgr and call me.

He called back and told me to come in today to do the deal. I came to dealership. During this time he made several trips to counter to confirm with mgt. After 4 1/2 hours at dealer (c=during lease discussion) they said they were unaware I had 4 remaining payments and couldnt honor the deal. After I signed lease agreements!

The manager John who approved deal earlier (left) and was nowhere to be found...Other Manager (Dennis) was rude and said he couldn't do deal..New car was already prepped and my inurance was already tranfered over...This was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL experience of my life. These folks should be out of business!!


I just bought a used certified car, Nissan Sentra 1.8, 2006. After looking over the car and I felt everything was alright, they had me come in and sign the papers, which I did. At that time, I asked him who the original owner was, and Marc, who handled my paperwork, said I think it was a leased car. So I said, was it leased or original owner. He told me it was leased. After that I went to the car and got in, no gas, no car mats, no 2nd set of keys, and when you release your foot off the brake the brake squeaks. He told this guy to get me gas and he would be right back.

It took almost two hours for him to come back and he said he gave me $15.00 worth of gas. I complained and he said he fill it with $15.00. I asked him where were the car mats and he said, come back tommorrow. I called 4 times and went down and nobody seems to know where the car mats are. I then went to service to get a new keypad/keys ( a second set). He said go back to the used car sales and have a weo paper set over. You shouldn't have to pay for a 2nd set. They should have given you a second set.

I drove back to the used cars and there was a different manager, Joe. He said come back tommorrow because I originally spoke with Paul. I complained and finally he made the call to Service. I drive back to get a 2nd set, no charge. I asked to speak to the Manager in Service, Mike. He then proceed to take my car and get me a 2nd set. I asked him about fixing the squeak. He said what sqeak? I said when you put your foot on the brake, everything is fine,. It's when you lift your foot off the break it squeak, loudly.

He said sometimes dust gets in there and it has to rain to be flushed out. I repeatedly told him it had nothing to do with the squeak on the inside of the break pads. This problem is inside the car, the foot pedal. He said deal with it. What's a little squeak. Then next day it rained and I went back. On the passenger side on the front side, on the grey rug, there is a whole bunch of water coming in from where, I don't know. I mentioned this to him and he said what's a little water. I called a person I knew in the gas station, and he said it's a leak coming in and they should fix it. I called Service four times after that and the guy who answered the phone refused to speak with me. He said stop complaining, at's all you do is complain. I asked him what his name was, and he said what do you want it to be? With that I hung up.

Then next day on the 21st of Dec. I then went to my father who worked for Ford for 60 years. He is 82 and is retired. There was no antifreeze in the car, 1/4 of it was there. I called the guy in service and he said oh, that's what happens when a car sits on the lot for 30 days, you use a little antifreeze. My father said you shouldn't loose any. I went to Auto Barn to get antifreeze and fill it up. My father said I hope there isn't a bigger problem than that. You shouldn't have to fill it up at all. I went back and spoke with Joe the Service Manager of used car sales. He said speak with Paul. I left 3 messages stating I wanted it fixed or I wanted to return the car. He said told me under the New York State Law I had 3 days to return it. Nobody returned my phone calls. Today is Dec. 23, 2007 and to date no one returned my phone call.

I went to get the manual the car came with and to shock, this car was not leased. It was owned by a guy in New Jersey. I have some of his paper work that he left in the manual. Now I know Marc, the one who was handling my paper work, lied. I went down to the New cars sales showroom and I was thrown out. He said if I come back and complain he would have me arrested. Oh, and by the way I had to go back on the 21st to get my Limited Warranty. He never gave me a copy of the back, and some lady just handed me a copy of the front and back and said here, now you got what you wanted, get out.


On 2/26/07 I leased a vehicle through Advantage Nissan. During the negotiations I was given the option of having wood panelling on the interior. The cost of the panelling was included in the contract. I was told by the finance manager Steve that after the panelling arrived I would have the option of accepting the panelling or if I decided against it I would be reimbursed the cost.

Approximately one month age I decided against the panelling after seeing it. Since that time I have been promised a refund check which I have not received to date. Over a week ago I was told the check had been prepared but needed to be signed by a manager. On Friday 4/20/07 told me the check had been signed but had not been given to him. That afternoon I went to the dealership to find out why I was being put off. I spoke to general sales manager, Kenneth who also said he knew nothing about my check.

Needless to say I have not heard from or anyone from Advantage Nissan. In addition, prior to taking possession of the vehicle Advantage Nissan's finance manager Steve agreed to give me a 15,000 yearly mileage allowance. Since taking possession of the vehicle, said he did not recall our agreement and stated he/they couldn't make the deal go through with the mileage allowance. I am very dissatisfied with the service I've received from Advantage Nissan and I ask your assistance in rectifying this matter.


on feb.7,i went to the nissan dealership to lease a new car.all the paper was done and a price was agreed on.i gave a $500 down payment,and they told me they did not have the color i wanted in stock and had to locate it.that was fine with me.after about 2-3 weeks,i callled and asked where the car is because,my current lease was comeing to an end,and the dealership had not made the last payment on my car as promised by the dealershipas part of my new lease deal,which is in writing.

finally,on march21,2007 i went to the dealership to get my new car and return my leased one,and at the closeing of the deal, informed me that nissan changed their lease terms and that instead of the monthly payements being $380 per month for a 39 month lease,the new payments were $429 per month for 39 months.he said that there was nothing he could do about it even though i have a receipt stateing the agreement of the monthly cost for the car ,the downpayment,dmv charges,etc.

So,now i declined to take the so-called new deal because i don't believe they can change the price after a purchase agreement has been signed by myself and the dealership and a deposit was given.i really wanted the car,but for the original price agreed upon

because the general manager refused to honor the original agreement,i had to buy the 2005 altima that i was leaseing because i would have been without a car,the2005 altima was a lease and i went over on the allotted milage,but,the cost of the over milage was being added to the cost of the new leased car i was going to get.that was all agreed upon by myself and the dealership.

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