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Amit of Farmingdale, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My experience with this so called Service Advisor was horrible. He spoke loud to me and told me that he would make sure that I would never come back to this place. They stole my Genesis rear caliper covers and didn't accept that his mechanics did after I showed him pictures I took 20 mins before going there. He should be fired because if this is the respect customers are going to get this place will fail. This guy is a racist ** and took 4 hours for an oil change. Go to this link and look at this **.

Krista of West Sayville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I cannot warn people enough to go nowhere near these slimeballs. I dealt with Barry ** who is condescending, rude, and a complete liar. I at first thought I was going to have a good experience as everything he was telling me seemed legit. I asked questions. He gave me answers. After deciding on a car and deal, I kept asking to see my lease agreement before signing since we were just talking about features, but they had random excuses why I couldn't, "it's a lot to print", "the printer is far away", etc. I had a weird feeling about everything and should've went with my gut, but I didn't. I then went into Lawrence the finance office where he complained that he's going to be there all night because the people after me wanted to take their car home that day (sorry you're busy? Like why are you complaining to me about this?). I signed my lease, paid the fees and first months payment.

Before I left with my car I wanted to verbally confirm with Barry ** everything we had agreed to. He then LIED and said the complete opposite of what we said. I ripped up my lease and had some words with him. Then Matthew (not sure his last name or what his title is there) tried to convince me that they could work something out with me. I declined and left. The next day I called to speak with Matthew to be refunded my money that I paid. He took my credit card info and said it would be refunded in a couple days. I know refunds take time so I was patient. 8 days after still not getting my credit I call in for an update. The receptionist basically dismissed me saying Matthew had clients all day, the manager was in a meeting. Basically no one could talk to me. I told her I wasn't getting off the phone until I spoke to someone.

Barry **, the original guy who set up my lease, picked up the phone. He basically told me that they never submitted my paperwork and it would be done today or tomorrow. Was insanely rude and condescending acting like it was MY fault that they forgot to submit it. Just a complete **. I finally got my money back and signed a lease with an actual reputable dealership. I should also add that the other dealership (Atlantic Hyundai) offered me a much better deal ($30/month less). Stay far away from "take Advantage of you Hyundai". They are absolutely horrible.

dan of Farmingdale, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I brought my 2003 Santa Fe in for the chassis recall on April 7, 2016. I was told it would take a week for the parts and repairs to be complete. I picked up my vehicle on April 14. Long story short, while replacing the chassis parts they cracked the transmission case. When I called them to ask about the damage they caused they plain out lied stating the vehicle came in like that. The crack is new and was not there before. I waited for Hyundai USA to get involved. I thought they could help resolve this. Boy was I wrong. I was told the owner owns 5 other Hyundai dealerships. I only gave star because I couldn't post my review unless I did. I am taking this all the way.

John of Levittown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased vehicles from Advantage Hyundai. One Certified Car had a problem, Brought it in for service. The rude service manager Mike and Richie advised me & my sons new SantaFe Sport has no more free oil changes due to my complaints of the car.

UPDATED ON 08/13/2016: I owned four Hyundai's at one time. I now own three, soon to be NONE! I purchased a used 2010 Elantra and a new Santa Fe Sport from Dis-Advantage Hyundai. I brought my Elantra in for service. The service manager Mike was disrespectful and wrote me nasty emails, which I have. Rich from Dis-Advantage advised me that my son's free oil changes would be canceled. I deleted my service account from their website and began using a different dealer.

Advantage Hyundai continued harassing me after I canceled my account. They email, send large envelopes after being advised that due to poor service I will drive the extra miles and have my Hyundai's serviced elsewhere. The emails and mailings continue to this day after I advised them not to contact me. I contacted the owner of Dis-Advantage and Hyundai USA, to no avail. I tried to resolve the issue with MIKE and he continued his immature behavior when Richie called me and stated my son's free oil changes per agreement were canceled.

I left Advantage Hyundai and never returned but they still contact me after being advised not to. I was a 4 year long time customer of Advantage Hyundai and all was OK until Mike from service became disrespectful forcing me to change dealerships. This experience forced me to go to a new dealer and will NEVER buy a Hyundai again.

Brittany of Hicksville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

We visited Advantage Hyundai in Hicksville as our FIRST car dealership to look around and check out our options. We absolutely LOVED the Tucson, but they didn't have one in stock for us to drive or even one for us to see (besides the floor model, which was a Tucson ECO and not a Tucson SE that we were interested in). We were told that in order for them to bring in a vehicle for us to see/drive/etc, we would need to leave a deposit. We were apprehensive, but our sales woman told us this deposit was just so they could bring the car into stock for us to see.

A week later, we asked for our deposit back and we were told that it had to go through an "approval process". Actually, we were screamed at by their "professional" salespeople, and even the manager, who cursed and yelled and acted like we were monsters for wanting our deposit back. The manager basically said we left a deposit to BUY a car, not to look at it. However, Hyundai is legally obligated to return the funds since we did not go forward with a purchase at Hyundai. Today I spoke to Matthew, who would not give me his last name, extension, employee ID number, etc. Matthew advised that the request had been submitted and that it should take a few weeks to be approved. WEEKS. Thanks, Hyundai. You can be sure we won't be recommending anyone to your dealership now...

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Helene of Wantagh , NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Problems with car. Went into Hyundai three times and was told they will "pull paperwork" and get back to me. Never received call back. Left several messages for management, last week, still waiting to be called!

Darlene of Hicksville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

After 12 years of loyal patronage and immediate family purchases of 11 cars, this dealership decided the engine problem in my less than 2 year old car was due to lack of maintenance. (I did not have car maintained at dealership.) After keeping my car for 3 weeks they told me that even though I have only 40,000 miles on car and bought an extended warranty, that I am responsible to replace the engine. No indicator lights (oil, pressure etc.) ever went on. This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever had. I am not sure how Hyundai can advertise "Best warranty in America".

John of Levittown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have purchased two vehicles from Advantage Hyundai, N.Y. and all was fine until 4 years after purchase. Advantage is why most people do not trust auto dealers. The first car purchased by Advantage was a 2010 Elantra certified used car. The car was not certified and broke down the first day I owned it. I was reasonable to ** who sent me nasty e-mails and he was unprofessional. Two months after the 2014 Santa Fe Sport in for his free oil change. ** called me stating the car was finished and the two-year free oil changes were stopped as of that day. I stated that the problem with ** was retaliation and disgusting to blame the Elantra incident, I brought my son. I was forced to delete my service account at Advantage and moved to a REAL Hyundai dealer. Run, do not walk away from Advantage Hyundai, Hicksville, N.Y.

S of Valley Stream, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Worked out a deal on a car I wanted to purchase only to come back in to be given the runaround and lied to - not to mention thrown around between 3 sales reps. When asked to speak with the manager, the manager was the rudest one of all. Very arrogant. Basically told me and my husband "too bad" that I was lied to by his rep, and overall admitted that they say whatever they need to say to people just to rope them in. They say one thing in the beginning, and then when you are ready for paperwork, its a completely different story. The people there are very unprofessional and lie to customers. Will never step foot in that place again and will warn others not to as well.

Michael of Port Washington, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

They reneged on our deal. 1st I can leave with the car today, then it'll be tomorrow because my credit isn't the best. Then I can still have the car but for an additional $50 a month. Then I can't have it AT ALL because I was declined completely. So which is it? Poor experience. The car was nice though.

Linda of Plainview, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had to wait a week for an appointment. They had me run around to prove that I had serviced my car. After doing research that Hyundai was responsible for the repair of my transmission since it was under 100,000, they finally agreed to repair it without charge. It took three days to get the part and three days to do the repair. They refused to give me a loaner since I purchased the car, new, from a different dealer. I was without a car for over two weeks, could not work and had to call them daily just to be informed of their progress. They want to know why I did not purchase the car from them, read the reviews.

Carol of Levittown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had my santa fe for 6 years. I bought it at Advantage Hyundai in Hicksville. When my husband & I originally got the truck we leased it from this dealership, someone at the dealership spelled my first name wrong so I would get mail under the name Cazon. Early on I had issues with the coils. I could actually walk faster than the truck would go so they fixed it the first time and then same thing happened 6 months later. This past July I had the same problem. They said they fixed it and I had to pay almost $900.00. About 2 weeks later I noticed the oil light flashed on & off so I pulled over, checked the oil and there was no oil in my truck. I had also noticed that there was white/grey smoke from the exhaust pipe upon starting truck. I called back the dealer, made an appointment and brought it in the night before to make sure the truck would be done that day. Well I had to call the dealer 4 times that day, never got a call back until 3:59 1 minute before the end of my work day.

So they said it was the PCV valve, I obviously had to authorize the repair then I called back the dealer the next day since I still had the smoke. I was told I need to allow more time to get the smoke to dissipate. Well the smoke got so bad I called and spoke to the service manager. He said that they would give me a loaner car and find out what is going on with my truck. WELL Hyundai has had my truck since 8/17/14 and supposedly they still can't find a reason for it to be burning oil, and all of the other problems; I have made several phone calls to the service manager but he will not get on the phone. I very rarely even get a call back from the service man. I even contacted Corporate headquarters. They opened up 2 issues for me, one for my name issue because when they saw the name Cazon they tried to tell me that I was the 2nd owner of the vehicle not the first owner, and the 2nd issue is the fact that I never had an issue with my truck burning oil or having smoke upon start up until the dealer did some work on it 7/7/14. I even called corporate last week, they said either the dealer or the corporate headquarters would call back by Friday 12/12/14, but I did not hear from anyone.

I know they gave me a loaner but I can't take that loaner out of state and I got my Santa Fe because I have bad back issues & now I am driving in a Sonata which is the worst thing for my back but Hyundai does not seem to care about anything. They keep saying they want the best and want to find out the problem but I still don't understand why it is taking this long to fix my car when I never even brought it in for this issue in the first place. I believe Hyundai's mechanics did something to my engine but all I ask for is a weekly update which I never ever received.

Barbara of Levittown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I went in on Saturday 10/18/14 to Advantage Hyundai for a recall service. I saw a 2010 Chevy Malibu for sale and the Salesman James (Great Guy), showed me the car. I came back on Sunday 10/19/14 with my husband and met with him again. After about 2 hours (and him going to the sales manager Mike at least 3 times) we were told we were getting $1500 for my trade in and with no money out of pocket our payments would be $196 per month. We made a verbal contract, put a $100 deposit down and shook hands with James. Monday 10/20/14 my husband and I were called and told we could come pick up our new car. We went in immediately. We finalized things with James and were escorted to the waiting area. After waiting forever we were then escorted into Martin's office to sign the final paperwork. Martin then went over the terms of the finance. He stated, "Ok so you're putting $500 down and getting $500 for your trade in and your payment are going to be $211 per month." We told him that no, that was not what we agreed on.

He then called the sales manager, Mike into his office. He started talking down to us and very nastily said, "What? it's only $500, you can't afford to put down $500. And it's only $15 more per month, what's the problem." My husband and I were mortified that he talked to us that way and said, "We have the money, that's not the point - we agreed on $1500 trade in value and no money down and a payment of $196 per month." He then said that he couldn't do that deal. And he doesn't understand what our problem is. My husband responded, "We made a verbal contract yesterday, your salesman came to you 3 times - how can you do this." They then called in the salesman, James. James came in, Mike and Martin explained to him what was going on and James said, "Mike, yes, $1500 trade in value, no money down and $196 per month. That is what you (Mike) told me the deal was yesterday (Sunday)." Mike then got angry and we walked out and did not get a car. James and Martin are great. I wish I could say what I really feel about Mike but he makes SCUM look good.

Dan of Bethpage, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had an appointment for a recall service for Tuesday morning at 7:30 am on Tuesday and was told it would be ready at 5:00 PM. It is now Friday at 5;30 pm and I still don't have my car. This service should take 2 hours to complete. Don't bother calling or emailing them because they ignore your emails and tell you over the phone they don't know the status of your car.

LENNY of Doulastand, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Car has a bad odor from vents. I have been back 5 times - all no change. All they do is spray deodorant which does not help. This last happened Aug 20 - still the car smells.

Lori of Bellmore, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I brought my car in on June 11th 2014 to have an oil change, NYS inspection, and a detail. I called to make the appointment 1 month in advance to receive a loaner car. I was told to call the day of the appointment and was given a hard time about the loaner car. I was told that they don't give loaner cars for what I had done on my vehicle.. 3 months ago when I had service done, they got grease on my seats. They gave me a free interior detail. I figured, "Let's have them do the outside as well." They never called me to tell me the car was done. I needed to call them. I want able to pick it up that night. I picked the car up on Friday on my lunch hr. at 12:30 PM on 6/13/2014. I received my car back and all of my tinted windows came back bubbled and they were peeling off. I'm very angry and upset about the whole situation. I did not bring my car in that was and that's how I received it back. When I went to ask for the adviser to come out and look at the car, I was told they are all on lunch. The service mgr, Mike, was very nasty to me and said, "How can a detail cause the tint to bubble?"

I told him to look at the car. Mike and the adviser, Rich, looked over the car and walked away. Rich advised me that we would have to make another appointment to have them re-do the tint. I made the appointment to drop my car off Monday night, 6/16/14, for them to re-do the tint on 6/17/14. I didn't hear from anyone till I called at 2:30 PM. I was told that he needs to see what is going on. Rich called me back and advised me that they will change the drivers side window, but I would have to pay $350.00 to have the rest of the windows fixed.

I don't think that I should be responsible to pay for the other windows, since I did not bring my car in like that. I was asked by Rich where I got the tints done. I had them done when I got the car and when I was working for one of your sister store. Rich told me that the tint he used wasn't good quality and that's why the tints were peeling. I'm just making people aware that they don't stick to their word. So now I will have new tint on one window and the rest will all have bubbles. I don't think that is right or fair.

Betty of West Hempstead, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Buying a Honda civic for my daughter there was the most grueling experience buying a car in my life. When agreeing on a final price for the car with the salesman then he added so many fees that was never discussed, almost over two thousand dollars. Then I had to renegotiate with him, then his manager had to come, then two other people had to come. Every time I thought we were done completing the deal, they come up with some ways to make money out of me. They forced me to finance the car when I came with cash to pay off the car. In completing the loan application the finance guy final calculation came out $500 more than it should be. (I brought my own calculator.) He apologized. It took over 7 hrs to finalize the deal that was already agreed on the day before. All I thought I was doing that day was making my final payment.

They promised free oil change for one year. I received an e-mail that my inspire will expire from the dealer. Since they promise free oil change, I told my daughter to bring the car in. I received a call stated that the oil pan is damage and the replacement price is $400.00. I told the lady to put whatever is damaged back and I will take the car somewhere else because the car was functioning well, no oil leak or anything. She replied they can't place it back because it is broken and I have to pay the $400.00. After I insisted that they put the piece back, send my car to me and make sure they are not doing any damage to it themselves because I will take it to my friend mechanic, she told my daughter that they will put a replacement piece to make everything work. They lie. They cheat. This place should be shut down.

Jill of Westbury, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I traded in my 2011 Santa Fe and didn't know that I was suppose to cancel the warranty, but when I found out I told them that I wanted to cancel my warranty. To make a long story short the finance person I've been dealing with for years told me that he did. I called the warranty dept. and they told me that the warranty was still active. I went back to the dealership and told him. I asked for a copy of the cancelation paper. The paper that he gave me showed that he had added an extra 19,000 miles on my mileage. I know the more miles the less money you get back. As of today my warranty is still active and I want it cancel with the right mileage so I can get my money back.

Wilfredo of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I wanted to buy an used car, we got to a price deal, "James" asked me for my down payment so I made it. Then they where reviewing me for financial options. After that he showed me a paper with what the price was (7,100) and how much I will finance (7,4**) after a 2k down payment. (More than 2k in prep, dealer fees, transportation) for a trade in car.

I declined the deal and ask for my cash back and James told me to wait until the day after so he can get me a better deal and if I reject it, I can just walk away with my money and a handshake. But the day after I went there from the bronx and guess what? I have more than a week waiting for a check that nobody can tell me any status or where is or when will I get my money back.

I needed a car for a job I was getting, I'm about to lose the opportunity to get the job because I don't have more money to try to get a car. I call everyday and the only response I got is "Give me a number so we can call you back" or the excuse that the guy is new in the job but when I was there he consulted everything with the other workers. I would like to sue them to see if they would tell that to a judge. After checking the paper again at home I realize that James doesn't even know how to do a simple addition, there were a difference of almost 300 dollars in the total of the finance amount.

J of Hicksville, NY on
Consumer Increased Rating!

Advantage Hyundai completely rectified the situation stated in my previous post. The Sales Manager called me directly and handled my complaint with such a professional demeanor and a kind attitude never losing his cool. I do not fault him for the mistakes made on my contract by the sales person nor do I fault AH as an entity.

This was a single mistake made by one person. I do not assume to know that these mistakes will not happen again to myself or anyone who will be reading this post in the near future. Because of the quick and painless way they made my situation better, I retract my previous complaint therefore giving them 5 stars - I love my car and will recommend that anyone using Advantage Hyundai will be in good hands.

J of Hicksville, NY on

Original Review

Well, let's start with the fact that when we walked in the sale, it couldn't have been easier. We want a 2013 Sonata. Whoever comes up to us first wins. We test drove with a very nice man named Adrian. We were sold. We wanted the standard car with the basics and nothing special. We agreed on a price including the manufacturer's rebate and our Jeep. The numbers were fine. Well lo and behold, they didn't have that car in the back like they thought they did so, "We'll give you the one up with a few features for the same price." Okay, deal! 6 hours later, we came home with a brand new car. Loving it. We went over the numbers again since we were a little distracted with my baby crying on the phone (my in-laws were watching him) and we needed to get home asap. Our fault, yes. But you would think that they would be honest through the entire process.

The bill of sale had one number and the contract had another number - over a grand higher. So we finally got in touch with Adrian and the finance guy. "Oh that's not what was agreed on. We agreed that the payments would be the same, not the price." Not true. They baited and switched us to sell the more expensive car. They took advantage of parents who wanted to get home to their child as quick as possible (after spending 6 hours there because the keys were lost, the car was stuck in the back, the appraiser was busy). The easiest sale on the planet and we were totally ** out of that money. When my husband went back to talk to them, they made him sound like a crazy person and threatened to have him escorted out.

Howard of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to this dealer on Nov. 23, about 3 weeks after Hurricane Sandy and losing 4 cars. My wife and I explained to the salesperson our situation and that we needed a car. I test-drove a vehicle we liked and wanted to lease. The sales rep requested that she place the car into "prep" so to start the process and we may bring the car home.

It was all downhill from there. I explained that I've leased cars for 25 years and to please submit a "fair" price. Her request was for me to give her my credit card and then she would get a quote. She came back 5 minutes later with a price that was fit for a Mercedes truck. I looked in disbelief. Right there, I called my neighbor who informed me that he was paying about $150 less a month for a less-equipped truck on a lease. After going back and forth, the floor manager came down - $40 per month. Still high and feeling like they enjoy sticking it to flood victims that are being forced to lease or buy. We left the dealership, only to receive a phone call on the way home from the Sales Manager. He even stated to me "Yes, the price was slightly excessive" in his words...

I called another dealer, spoke to the sales manager, and right over the phone, was quoted a price for the same vehicle at $45 less. Heading to that dealer today!

Without a question, I would run the other way. Even how they worked the prices of the lease felt like a scam. After my first response, the sales rep asked me how much I do want to pay - great ways to sell. Good luck on car shopping...somewhere else, I hope.

Wayne of Old Bethpage, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I visited the dealer to test drive a new vehicle and obtain pricing. I had a modest interest in the vehicle, and gave a $100 refundable deposit as clearly indicated on the sales agreement. I called the salesman, Rob **, less than 24 hours later, told him I was no longer interested in the vehicle, and requested the $100 credit be processed to my credit card. After waiting an additional week and not seeing the credit, I contacted Rob and asked why it had not been processed. He told me I needed to speak with the manager. I told him I was not spending any additional time on this matter and demanded return of my $100. This rude, discourteous individual then hung up on me. Since I have contacted the credit card company and disputed the charge, I will not be out of pocket. This is an unscrupulous dealership that should be avoided!

Diane of Lake Grove, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I was going to buy a car from them, left them a $500 deposit. On the day I was supposed to pick up the car, they went back on all the warranties and perks that they initially put on the contract. Then when we noticed on the final test drive that the car made a knocking sound every time it turned, the manager said he couldn't sell me the car. So the deal was cancelled by the dealership and I cancelled my $500 check. Two weeks later, I get a collections notice in the mail for $520, $500 for the deposit on the car I never bought, and $20 for a returned check fee. If they knew I never bought the car, why would they try to cash my check? (which I have proof, they didn't try to cash until days after the deal was cancelled). The scummiest of the slummiest **! I got on the accounting department's ** and now, it's all resolved. Typically, doesn't a company try to contact you before putting you in collections? Steer clear of these **!

Fred of Plainview, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

After having my Hyundai for only 3 months and with many difficulties with the GPS, the backup camera stopped showing images and was only white. I brought it in for service and was later told that the lens was cracked and I would have to pay over $150 for repair. When I asked about the warranty and the many times I complained about the GPS, I was told that I had to have cracked it.

Looking where the lens is located, it would be impossible for me to have hit something backing up. The lens is located under the overhang of the trunk and is not flush with the body at all. The only way it could get cracked is if it was hit with a hammer. And that is exactly what I was accused of. I had to pay the charge to get my car back.

Fred of Plainview, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

When I leased my car, Advantage Hyundai said that they would pay the last 2 remaining payments on my Lexus lease and I then left my Lexus with them and took a new Hyundai. This practice is normal for dealerships to tempt new customers. Shortly after, I stopped in the dealership for service and when I tried to find out my former car, they had no record of it. It was as if it disappeared. I was told not to worry, it would turn up. A couple of months later, I received a bill from Toyota financial services, Lexus, for an additional month's payment because the Lexus was not returned at the end of its lease.

When I spoke with the manager, Mike **, he first gave the impression that it was my fault and that I was trying to pull a fast one. After confronting him on this and after bringing in evidence showing the lease with Lexus and the lease with Hyundai, and the explanation on the Toyota bill, he stated “yes, we really dropped the ball on this one “. I took that to mean he would handle it. He did not and I am being billed by Toyota and they are turning it over to a collection agency, damaging my credit history. Additionally, when I asked the owner's name, (he has several dealerships), I was told it was "Stalupi" and I would never be able to speak with him.

Andrei of Plainview, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a brand-new Hyundai Tucson from Advantage Hyundai in Hicksville in February 2011. The salesman's name who "assisted" me was Rob **. When we were negotiating the deal, Rob said he "always brings his open heart to the customers." I trusted him and purchased the car from him. This was the biggest mistake in my life.

I heard from my friends several complaints regarding doing business with Advantage Hyundai, but I did not take it seriously. Too bad.

Four days ago, on Saturday, October 8, 2011, my car stopped driving on the highway. It had just 8312 miles on the odometer. I called Hyundai Roadside Assistance for help. They sent me to 911. Police came and I was towed away from the highway (I-495). Finally yesterday, October 11, 2011, my car was towed to Advantage Hyundai. I got a replacement car after a long argument with an unnamed supervisor from the Service Department who is a short guy with no smile.

Then I called Rob ** yesterday evening, having some questions regarding this replacement car. He was not available at the time, and I was told that Rob will call me back this morning. He did call this morning at 8:40AM. I introduced myself and was going to ask him my question, but what I heard from yelling Rob ** was:

"I do not remember you! Goodbye!" And he hung up the phone.

I was shocked to say the least. And I will follow up with a complaint about this gentleman who is a very unprofessional and rude salesperson.

Nicole of Plainview, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I was attempting to contact the general manager to see if he could perhaps shed some light on the tricky and bad judgment I was receiving from his salespeople. When he came to the phone, I asked him who he was and he replied "sales manager". Since it was my second call to Advantage Hyundai requesting to speak with the GM, I assumed this was as far as I was going to get. John ** was very rude and insulting to me and hung up in my face. I have never met this type of bad behavior in any sort of customer service business. I am a current customer of Advantage Hyundai and have been for over three years.

As the GM would not speak to me and the "sales manger" told me off, I decided to put a call in the service manager at Advantage Hyundai, this person's name is Mike. I asked Mike if he recalled who I was. He did, so I proceeded to share the events of my very unpleasant incident. Mike was more than apologetic to me and told me if I did purchase another Hyundai somewhere else I was always welcome at Advantage service department. Mike and I also recalled a time when things were less than perfect in the service dept and how we handled it professionally and politely. In conclusion, I will never step foot into that Advantage Hyundai sales department again. I care only to do business with pleasant people who treat me nicely.

Eric of Seaford, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

On 30 Aug 11, I visited Advantage Hyundai in Hicksville, New York and met with Brandon, the used car salesman. I found a 2008 Hyundai Accent, and while the car was being repaired for what was supposed to be minor ding, I gave a $100 deposit to hold the car pending my looking at it the following Thursday. When I took a closer look at the car online, I noticed that there was a damage to the front as well. First, they were unwilling to honor the $9,998 website price and said that either the car would be taken as is or the price would be $11,200.

I decided not to take the vehicle. I called Brandon and told him to refund my $100 and he said that he would take care of that immediately. I checked my Master Card debit account the next day and it wasn't put back on it yet. The following day, I went down there and asked Brandon where my refund was. He first said that it was done and then said, "Oops! We can't put it back on your card. A check would be put in the mail." This was Thursday, 01 Sept 11, and to this date, 08 Sept 11, I still have not received my refund.

Deceit and dishonesty are what this dealer stands for. I hope and pray that no one will ever purchase a vehicle from them. Atlantic Hyundai was fantastic, incredibly honest and fair. I purchased my vehicle from them and I hope that everyone else does. My next step will be the Hyundai U.S. corporate office and then an attorney.

Daniel of Hicksville, NY on
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This is a response to a complaint from Dominick of Hicksville. Advantage Hyundai cares about all of our customers, and does its best to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, the internet enables people to tell one sided stories. Much of what you read about the previous complaint is misleading. Hyundai Motor Corp., not Advantage Hyundai, denied the customer warranty coverage on the engine due to lack of basic maintenance (oil changes) and lack of service records. Hyundai Motor Corp. then, under no pressure, offered Dominick and his wife a new engine, if they were willing to pay $1500 for labor to install it. Dominick and his wife refused to work with Hyundai Motor Corp. Advantage Hyundai stepped in, and paid the $1500 labor, so Dominick and his ex wife did not have to pay anything out of their pocket. Dominick was happy with the solution, but has yet to post any corrections or updates. He also does not answer the phone when called for additional feedback. Advantage Hyundai is one of the top rated dealerships in customer service, and prides itself on doing this right thing for all our customer, especially those in our neighborhood.

Dominick of Hicksville, NY on

Looking to buy a new car? Does your son or daughter need a good quality new or used automobile? Then you'll probably want to AVOID Advantage Hyundai at all costs. To say, this car dealership located at 430 Plainview Rd in Hicksville, NY has service and sales department problems, would be an enormous understatement. ADHD and Bi-Polar does not make for a pleasant car buying experience, so my first mistake was to let my wife pick out the car and complete the sale by herself. Unfortunately, Advantage Hyundai truly lived up to their name and immediately took full advantage of my wife's lack of automobile knowledge.

The happiness of driving her 2007 Hyundai off the lot was quickly replaced by worry within miles of the dealership when she pulled up at my work and the ticking in the engine was already noticeable. I wondered aloud whether the car was broken or somehow she not only purchased a car but a time bomb as well, judging by the insensate tick-tick-tick of the engine clearly she must have missed exploding pistons on the cars list of features. Within days I realized I was right on both fronts, we did indeed bought a car and a bomb, just two years after purchasing this lemon, our 2007 Hyundai Sonata squeezed out its last frustrating mile and went BOOM!

The cold raw winter morning did little to help the mood we were in when this Advantage Hyundai time bomb hit 0:00. The resulting explosion normally found in action movies such as lethal weapon propelled our little piston right through our under powered 6 cylinder engine. AAA sent us a tow truck within an hour to drive this useless piece of junk to a local gas station to perform the autopsy. It was clearly evident that the engine was now defunct and the only determination that needed to be made was if the car died of suicide or my wife was some sort of mad Automobile Dr. Kevorkian who helped it on its way out on that last drive into Muttontown.

After the cause of death was discovered, we called Hyundai's towing service to bring the car back to Advantage Hyundai's service department since the cars warranty clearly states that exploding pistons were fully covered. Hyundai's towing service informed us on Saturday March 5th that the car had arrived at Advantage Hyundai. As the days past and no word from Advantage was forth coming we called on Wednesday the 9th to asked about our recently departed but all we got was a recording, clearly they were deep in morning for our little baby blue bomb and were too distraught to answer our call. Leaving our name and number and the reason for the call, we went back to hitching our rides to work and reveling in the fact that we no longer had to pay gas prices that were quickly approaching $4 a gallon.

After a few days we thought Advantage Hyundai had taking this period or morning a little too far and called on the 12th of March. My spirits soared as the phone was answered and an actual person from Advantage Hyundai said "Hello" just as quickly my hopes were dashed when "Paul" Our Hyundai Automotive consultant informed me there would be a $103-charge just to look at the car. They claim that they were trying to reach us all week to make sure we would pay this $103 extortion rate before their well oiled machine sprung into action. Strange how our cell phone never recorded even one call from Advantage Hyundai?

After giving the okay to their blood money request Advantage Hyundai's crack service team of Moe, Larry and Curly went to work diagnosing the problem with our now defunct 2007 Sonata, hopefully the $103 and the rather large size hole where the piston once occupied would help them quickly discover the problem. We understand the 3 amigos start their day at 8am and God forbid we would ever be the cause of them missing the Coffee trunk that arrived everyday promptly at 8:05am.

Another week goes by with no word, so on 3/20 a full 15 days after it was delivered I called Advantage and they informed me that due to my wife missing an oil change the car was so "Sludged" up that the engine seized and they will not cover the repair. Wonderful news for Advantage Hyundai, not so wonderful for us.

Having worked on engines my whole life I knew that missing an oil change or two could NOT! have caused this kind of problem. "What would caused all this sludge in the first place? " I wondered. After running a car fax report on the car, I discovered the sordid details of our recently departed's past. Did my wife miss oil changes? Yes, but the real question that should be asked is, was it my wife missing an oil change or the approximately 27,000 miles that Hertz rent-a-car, the original owners, put on this car in less than 1 year? I will repeat, that’s 27,000 miles in less than one year! An average driver drives around 10,000 miles per year. So in less than one year, Hertz put almost 3 years worth of wear and tear on this engine.

Hertz rented this car to an unknown number of drivers who would not give it a second thought of driving hard and fast and placing undo strain on a brand new engine. Hertz's only real concern is about the cars condition goes as far as the interior and the body. Hertz knowing full well they will only have the car for less than a year could care less about the engine or the wear and tear placed on this vehicle by reckless drivers. Advantage Hyundai purchased this car from an auction in Pennsylvania on 8/17/2007. They brought this car as a "Fleet" vehicle. A fleet vehicle is a vehicle that was once part of a fleet. It may have been a rental car, a taxi, a police cruiser, or other government car.

A Fleet cars definition is a vehicle relatively new but that often has lots of wear and tear on it. So after 27,000 excessively hard miles, what does car fax show as maintenance preformed by Advantage Hyundai after they purchased the car? An oil and filter change, rotated two tires and washed and detailed the car before placing it up for sale in their dealership. The Car Fax also said they preformed a so called "maintenance inspection" but judging by the bald spare tire that AAA refused to use when my wife had a flat tire a few months after we purchased this car, this so called "inspection" was anything but detailed. In truth, I must confess the car was indeed spotlessly clean and waxed to a brilliant shine.

When our lease was up on our old car, my wife proceeded to look for a good, quality used car and having already owned a Hyundai we thought it was a good place to start. Entering Advantage Hyundai armed with credit that was less than stellar and I assume a big red "SUCKER" sticker plastered on her forehead, she was an easy mark for any experienced Advantage Hyundai salesman looking to dump a lemon on an unsuspecting girl. There was no mention that this car had at one time been a Hertz rent a car and no mention was made that the car which had 27,000 rent-a-car miles on it, basically only had an oil change done on it after it was purchased by Advantage Hyundai.

I asked Hyundai what they did to the car when the originally bought it from the auction? I knew from years of working on car engines that the sludge was created from the excessive wear Hertz placed on it. I wanted to hear in detail exactly what steps Advantage Hyundai took to prepare my car or for that matter any used car they were going to sell. I was informed by Hyundai that the only thing by law they needed to do on any used car that they sell is to have the car pass a NY State! So if you're thinking of spending $20,000 on a car from Advantage Hyundai be aware that it is a car that is worthy enough to pass the tough NY State inspection standards? Well if that is the case please don't be surprised about what you'll be getting for your hard earned $20,000. I never knew "sludge" could cost so much!

In November 2010 the car was brought in because it was huffing and puffing like an overweight man who just went up 3 flights of stairs. Hyundai informed my wife that the car had so much sludge there was nothing that could be done and they recommended she pay $7,000 for a new engine. My wife of course refused and the mechanics then recommend she comes back in 30 days for a new oil change.

A few weeks later my wife thought that the sludge problem had finally taken her baby when it failed to start one morning. The car was towed to Advantage Hyundai and when the service department called later that day and said she could pick up the car because it was only a dead battery. She was relieved. Greeted with a bill over $200 for a battery which I could have gotten at pep-boys for $50, my wife asked once again if there was anything that could be done for the sludge problem because the car was making God awful noises and Advantage Hyundai's answer was "No, you caused it and you need a new engine"

We had called numerous companies asking to purchase a rebuilt engine, but over and over again they said "We do not make re-manufactured engines for a 2007 car, because no 2007 car engine should have died this early". My wife asked Advantage if they could do anything because we do not have the money and in truth this was a 2007 car and it really should not have died in the first place. Advantage Hyundai told my wife that "She was the cause of this problem and it would cost between $5,000 and $7,000 and they could not give her any breaks" so they waved goodbye to my wife as she drove this ticking time bomb off the lot.

Advantage Hyundai it seems is good at only two things and that is placing blame on the customer and placing profits over their customer’s safety. Without so much as a thread of guilt or blame they sent my wife out into a potentially life threatening situation knowing full well the car’s engine could blow at any moment. She could have been driving 70mph on a highway when this engine gave out and seized and there was a chance it could have even caught fire. The car could have broken down in the middle of one of the blizzards that hit Long Island, stranding my wife and kids with very little chance of being rescued for hours since some of the snowstorms dumped over 2 feet of snow. If an engine has seized you would not be able to run the heat and with below freezing temperatures her life, my children(s) or even my 1 year old nephew who my wife babysat for often could have died from exposure.

The car could have seized when my 18 year old son had been behind the wheel, he could have easily lost control and crashed, since he only had a few months or real life driving experience an exploding engine is something that even an experienced driver would have trouble handling. Imagine that! A billion dollar corporation risking not only my family’s life, but if the car seized at the wrong moment it could have caused an accident and any car carrying any family on Long Island would have been in jeopardy as well, all because Advantage Hyundai did not want to spend $5 on engine flush or actually take the time to at least attempt to fix the problem.

Why would any company do this? Because our 60,000 mile warranty only had 800 miles left and when that odometer reached 60,001 miles Advantage Hyundai was off the hook for any damage or repairs on that car. Think about this when looking for your next new or used car, Advantage Hyundai and Hyundai Corporation will do or say anything in an all out effort NOT to honor the warranty that you paid for. They will risk people's lives in order to save themselves a few miserable dollars and of course you'll hear over and over how "They are only too happy to help you but this was your fault so fork over $7,000 and we will gladly help you in any way we can".

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