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Kim of Centereach, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Me & my fiancé purchased a 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander from 112 Mitsubishi. They changed the price of the vehicle, told us our payments were going to be $299.00 a month. When we received out first installment payment from the bank our payment was $342.89. They tacked on a WARRANTECH warranty without us knowing. We were told that the vehicle was certified pre-owned which means that the power train (engine and transmission) were warrantied for 5 years or 60,000 miles and we still had two years left on the manufacturer's warranty. It would have been utterly ridiculous to take on another warranty for $2500.00 dollars because this warranty runs concurrent with the manufacturer's warranty. They also promised to include the price of the registration and new plates in the deal.

Which I might mention after going to small claims court and having the judge laugh in my face, I found out it is totally illegal to do that in NY State. As if I was supposed to know that. I am awaiting another court date for small claims court for the judge did agree the WARRANTECH warranty should be refunded. However I requested the refund through the dealership long before I ever went to court and they ignored my request so when the judge ordered the refund they asked for my mileage and they said the refund would be prorated. I am now pursuing this further with the DMV and the Attorney General's Office. I would advise anyone looking to purchase a Mitsubishi to steer clear of this dealership. I might also mention that I did contact the Mitsubishi Corporate Office and the woman I spoke to there was just as rude as the dealership.

judy of Selden, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

We bought a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer and was talked into the extra warranty. After 4 months of dealing with this rude dealership we canceled the extra warranty which we paid $2000.00 for and now they are refusing to refund any money to us. We are now filing a claim with the attorney general and going to small claims court to get our money. Have called the warranty company and we were told we are to get back 96% of the 2000.00. DO NOT BUY FROM!!! I have also called Mitsubishi headquarters representative and waiting for their reply which from their first conversation will probably go nowhere. The manager Bill is a very nasty person and told us we are not getting our money. “Take us to court”. So we are.

UPDATED ON 11/12/2015: Just spoke to the warranty company about my refund. I paid $2000.00 for an extra warranty but the dealer only paid $462.00 to the warranty company. I was issued a check for $393.00 so where is the rest of my money. I cancelled it after 4 months just keep getting the run around from the dealership about the rest of my money. Do NOT GO THERE unless you like getting cheated...

Paul of Bohemia , NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I dropped my 2006 Montero off to 112 Mitsubishi service because my center differential light was blinking and needed to be serviced. The service department ran diagnostics and came to the conclusion that the 4wd computer module located in under the center console was bad. I did some research and noticed that part rarely ever goes and I asked the service department to please verify that the other parts are good because they were asking $875 for the repair. They assured me that was the problem. They replaced the part and they were still getting the same error (Code 32/33). They then proceeded to replace all the 4wd sensors/switches (5 in total) but still kept getting the same errors.

I have an extended warranty with (Endurance Dealer Services) and they had sent out an inspector to check the truck. The first thing the inspector did was drain some center differential fluid from the Montero and noticed there was some metal shavings in the fluid. He asked the service department if they ever checked the fluid and they had said no! He noted that the center differential was bad and needed replacement. Here is where the problem starts!! Obviously the other parts that were replaced were still good! But 112 Mitsubishi claimed that they were bad! Even the inspector stated that the other parts were probably good and can be reused. I stated prior to the work being done that I would like my money back for the 4wd computer module that was replaced because that was not the real issue, but the service department said they would look into this.

6 weeks later yes I typed 6, I got a call to pick up my truck and it was done. I asked if they were going to give me the money back for misdiagnosed work that was done and they said NO! The parts that were replaced were all bad! And they also said I have a balance of $600 due and this was in addition to the $575 that I had paid when I first walked in. I told them I was not going to pay that and we can straighten it out when I pick up my Montero. I called the warranty company and asked them if the new transfer case had switches installed on it, and they said yes, it was shipped with all the switches. I called 112 Mitsubishi back and asked them why they were charging me for 5 switches when the transfer case had switches already installed?? They said the switches on the transfer case they received were all bad!!

At this point I really feel like I was getting ripped off!! So I called the warranty company and told them this and they said "if they were indeed bad they should not make you pay for them, and the shipping company should cover them." I called 112 Mitsubishi service back and spoke to the service manager "Mike". He told me the new transfer case never came with any switches. So not only am I being told to pay for parts I really didn't need but now I'm being lied to every time I call back! Again I called the warranty company and they verified the transfer case indeed did come with all the switches.

Now this is where my experience became very bad almost to the point where I need to get a lawyer involved. I went in to pick up my Montero and stated that I don't feel I should pay for anything other than my $200 deductible because the Montero was misdiagnosed and they replaced parts that were not really bad! Both the service manager "Mike" and the service advisory "Lou" started to get loud with me regarding this and demanded that I pay an additional $200 over the already $575 that I had paid!! the owner of 112 Mitsubishi "Steven Lanza" came over because of the argument and asked what was going on. I tried to explain to him and even offered to go to his office and call the warranty company to just go over the history of what was done, and what the real problem was. He yelled at me and told me to get out of his store!

I was truly beside myself at this point and could not believe an establishment that is there to service and help people with THEIR product is treating a customer like this!! I decided to just pay the additional $200 to get out of there, but I wanted all my parts back that were removed from the Montero. They had given me the switches at the counter and told me the 4wd computer was in the truck. As I'm leaving they tell me never to step foot in there again and the service manager Mike called me a Smart Ass!! I remained as calm as possible and proceeded to my Montero to leave, but the old 4WD computer was not in the truck, I needed to go back inside and let them know this.

The service manager walked out with me and bumped into me and accused me of bumping into me and proceeded to confront me regarding this. I told him that he had bumped into me, and considering he had the stink of beer on his breath I can see why he bumped into me! The mechanic who worked on my car brought the 4wd computer to me and said it was bad and if I open it up, I will see it is all fired up in there! At this point I'm saying to myself "why would they have opened this module up, and how would they see it is fried up when it looks to be a sealed unit?"

I have owned 4 Monteros (91, 95, 2001, and now a 2006). I love the vehicle and can't wait till they start to sell them again in the USA, but I have to tell you I can't imagine Mitsubishi would want people like (Lou, Mike, and Steve) representing the Mitsubishi products! They do not have any customer relation skills, and were extremely rude, insulting, and abusive!! I had made every offer to have this resolved calmly, even the extended warranty company offered to get on the phone with them to go over the history and what the real problem was, but 112 Mitsubishi did not want any part of that!!

crissy of Selden, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a car in Nov 2013. They sold me a car with 1 smart key. Replace needs another $500. I was told to go back the next day. They never had worth as attitude - I was told to leave... I contacted the previous owner that told me he gave 2 sets back. They are thieves and the finance person need to be without a job. Rip off - stay away from them.

Mike of Medford, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased 2012 Suzuki Equator from Mitsubishi 112. Sales staff was perfect and was able to answer all my questions. They even got all my silly questions right which I had only asked to confirm they knew what they were selling. Brought it into service a couple weeks later because of a couple of concerns. Service department handled everything professionally. After reading several reviews, I'm starting to think some of these people are on chemicals or not totally telling the truth. Thank you sales and service of Mitsubishi 112 for making sales and service easy and painless.

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Kathy of Lake Grove, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

BUYER BEWARE!!! I bought a car from them, did not take possession til 6/25/14. They, without my permission, reg the car with DMV on 6/4/14 after swearing to me and my insurance company that it was not reg till 7/3/14. After picking the car up, I received a suspension notice for 21 days, "Failure to maintain lib insurance" on a vehicle I did not have possession of. Civil penalty fee $168 or turn plates in for 21 days. I'm a cancer patient and this is how they treat people. I repeatedly contacted and went down more than once including today and sat for 3 hours, being ignored, where I was told the same story.

I phoned my insurance company and they advised me that DMV NY records show reg for 6/4/14. I picked the car up 6/25/14 and that the dealership lied about reg date. I drove home with suspended plates as I cannot afford the DMV fee which the dealership should have paid today for lying and causing this problem in the first place. If they think I'm going away, they have another thing coming. They will be hearing from my lawyer and the insurance company's recordings with the dealership manager, Jessica. Amazing how once they rope you in with fake kindness, they forget your name when an issue occur that they are resp. for...

jeff of Farmingville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

About a year ago I bought a Lancer from this dealership. It was suppose to be final price at 17,000.00. I had a trade in that they gave me 8000.00 for and only owned 4000.00 so I was taking the remaining 4000.00 and putting it towards my new car as down payment. They suckered me into an extended warranty and charged me 2100.00 for it. I called warranty company up to ask if I can cancel and get my money back, they said it’s not even activated yet because I still have a factory warranty. It’s up to dealership I have to talk to about canceling it they said.

My sister actually just won a lawsuit against them without even a lawyer because they signed papers in her name and was only giving her $200 back from her warranty. The judge granted that they pay her $1400 more so she won her case. With me they told me they couldn't give me any paper work when I bought the car because the person’s desk was locked so it took a week to get paperwork after I bought the car to begin with. I look on my paper work and realize now they charged me close to 20,000 for my car plus 2100.00 for warranty plus the interest was 1300.00 so after all said and done it shows I paid 24,000.00!! For my car and then they took away the 4000.00 for my trade in.

So all said and done they screwed with the numbers instead of me paying 17k for car like I was suppose to. Actually my trade in value was 3500.00 for 24,354.00 I could have got a much nicer car than a Lancer. The sales mgr rich also screamed and cursed yelling on sales floor at me after I brought my car back a week later to get it detailed and gas like they agreed on and rich made me wait there for 4 hrs for my car to be done and then said he's not giving me the gas go ** yourself. I never got loud or gave reason for him to start cursing or to yell. I tried talking calm and private to him but he kept screaming on sales floor and did not care.

I left few details out and the prices are a lil higher then I mentioned by few hundred just didn't have exact numbers in front of me because I'm writing from cell phone. Just do not go to that dealership they will scam you. I and my sister will eventually be sending an email to news once I go back and see if they will give me my money back LOL hardly doubt it. But anyone else that had a problem that we can report it all to news company for them to do a story on them. Please email ** and we can talk and hear your story. Thanks.

Lorriane of Medford, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I just wanted to write a quick review. I actually bought my car (Outlander) almost 2 years ago. After they ripped me off, I was going to peruse being compensated. But I ended up getting pregnant with my daughter, so I decided to let go of the stress for the moment. I went in to the finance manager, Chris (bald with glasses). He appears likable, but watch out. He's a snake! He told me my payments would be one amount, but when I signed off, he must have done something to hide the amount on the paperwork.

Anyways, to make a long story short, he admitted to the so-called error and told me he would resubmit the paperwork and the payments would be the correct amount. Never happened! I went back several times, he kept blowing smoke up my ** for 2 months... story after story how he would give me a check for the difference… so on and so forth. Just wanted to say stay clear of this place, don't do business with them, go elsewhere, and save yourself a lot of aggravation.

John of Holbrook , NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Today, I went into the dealership with a problem with my 2001 Galant. I stepped on the gas and the car would hardly move. The service manager Marylou told me the bad news: the transmission was gone on my car and the cost would be over $1,900 to repair it! I didn’t have that amount and didn’t think it was worth fixing. She then brought me over to the sales manager Bobby. She told him what was going on with my car. He then sat me down and told me there’s no problem and that he could take my car in on a trade and use it as my downpayment on a new car, which I was really glad to hear.

He got one of his salespeople Nick to pull up 3 different Outlanders. I picked the one I wanted, and within 90 minutes I was driving out very happy. I know a lot of people go here and write things when they’re not happy. I just want to tell everyone that I had a great time there and when I was in the showroom, there were many people there who seemed happy to be buying many cars. So, good for you guys at 112 Mitsubishi. Keep up the good work and I will tell everyone I know to go buy their next car from you.

Giovannina of Shirley, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Dealership placed a $2500 warranty on the sales invoice of the vehicle (2011 Mitsubishi Lancer). I stated that I did not want a warranty. Another $2500 was taken on the purchase, for which there is no record of where the money went to according to the dealership management. There are others suffering from the same actions. It would be fantastic if the Dept of Consumer Affairs would look into this on our behalf. This is clearly an unethical business practice. For folks like myself who don't wish to spend hard earned money on court and legal fees, we have no other alternative and it is clear that Mitsubishi Motors 112 in Medford, NY is taking advantage of this fact. Please help us.

Denise of Medford, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

First, the contract they had us sign was in my husband's name. The car was released to him with that contact and with a dealer's plate. They contacted us after 3 days saying that a new contract was needed to be signed because of motor vehicle issues. They changed the story and said the bank did not approve the contract. The finance man, Mel, had my husband sign my name. We were contacted again and told we needed to sign yet another contract because the numbers were not aligned. Once again, the finance man Mel had my husband sign the contract. Then we were once again told we needed to sign another contract because the signature looked the same. I contacted an attorney to discuss the situation. I was advised to go down and have all the contracts handed back to me with them stamped as voided.

The manager Rich told me that the office was closed due to it being a Saturday. I contacted the attorney again and he informed me to tell him that on Monday, we would be back when the office is open to get the voided contracts and sign the new contract. He threatened me that he was going to report the car stolen to the 5th precinct. Then he returned with the file he said was locked. There were only two of the contracts available, one he said was destroyed. Rich refused to give me the voided contracts. Rich then began to curse at me which ended in me doing the same. He was very unprofessional and extremely rude. He ripped a little portion of the bottom of the contract off and gave me that. I do not think that is enough. I have my copies of the four contracts. I have the truck in my possession and what they say is the final and only contract that could be used. I left telling him that I was reporting him and also going to contact the corporate.

Anthony of Mastic, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I went in to have my seat belt fixed. I took the day off. They did not fix my seat belt but they found many things wrong with my car. When I questioned them about why they did not fix the seat belt, the manager Steve threatened me. I guess you are not allowed to question their practices. I told him I wanted my money back and he said that he would not give me my money back and he would "get violent" with me. I am avoiding the colorful language he used.

I showed up with the police and made a report. The police officer asked Steve the manager if he can give me the part of fix the car. He said he would fix the car and assured me in front of the police officer that he would fix the car the next day. I took off from work again and brought the car down. I was met at the door by the other manager Bill who shoved me and told me to leave. They kept my part and they kept my money. Law suit in small claims.

Robert of Lake Grove, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

On July 23, 2011, my wife and I purchased a 2010 Jeep Patriot at 112 Mitsubishi for their advertised price of $19.995.00 less $500.00 dollars quoted to us by their financial officer. We offered to buy this car cash in full, he then stated if we did that, the price would be an additional thousand dollars, the reason being that they get a kickback from their bank when financing. We agreed to finance. We gave them a $5.000.00 down payment, then we were told we would receive the proper paperwork in the mail.

A few days after this fiasco, we received a payment due from Chase the amount of $26.095.26 minus $5.000.00 for a total of $21.095.00 that we owe. On this same day, we returned to 112 Mitsubishi and notified them of this discrepancy. Upon doing this, we were treated extremely rudely and in an unprofessional manner. Both my wife and I feel that they will do nothing to rectify this situation.

We want our $5.000.00 back. Also, we do not want to pay accrued fees as it was not our fault for these problems. We also want to finance the correct amount and start paying once everything is settled.

Christopher of Ronkonkoma, NY on

I put $1000 down on a brand new car with plastic on it on the lot, came in the next day to talk about financing and it was on the sales floor with people crawling all over it. When I asked about it, my salesman, Brett, told me that I didn't buy it yet and it's not my car. Yet there were three identical cars on the lot that they could have used instead. I asked them to put it back on the lot, they agreed. I came back the next day, it was still in the showroom, but it was locked. I said "What's going on?". They said "It's locked up, just like we said". I said "No, you told me it would be out of here, I want my deposit back". They took it out of the showroom and put it in the lot. Then I was sold a factory installed sunroof and was guaranteed that it would look and perform like the factory one.

Finally, I sat down with the finance manager, Adam, who told me that because of my credit score I had to sign up for a direct debit through a third party company which will force my payments once every two weeks and that it's only $400, but it will save me $3,400 because I'd be paying it off early. I reluctantly accepted, then when I got the paperwork in the mail, I called and told him that I don't want to do it because there's nowhere that says it's mandatory. So, I set up biweekly payments out of my bank account on my own and guess what, the bank accepted them, no problem. It looks like he was trying to pad his own pocket. Then, he and Brett both told me that I have to give the dealership all 10s on the customer satisfaction survey, otherwise, Brett wouldn't get any commission on the sale.

Again, this was a tactic to pad their pockets. I was also told that I didn't qualify for the $1,000 rebate on the car, but if I wanted, they would take a whole point off of the interest rate and give me a $500 rebate, so I accepted that. Five weeks after I took delivery of the car, I came back to have the sunroof looked at because the ceiling liner was sagging and was never glued properly, Brett flagged me down and told me that he was trying to reach me because he needs a copy of my old registration for my car that I traded in to get the $500 rebate that I already got, and if I don't get it, they have to charge me back the $500.

So I called DMV and ordered a registration summary at a cost of $15, called Brett and told him that if he wants it, he has to pay me for it, then never heard back. Three weeks later when I brought the car back again because the sunroof as now begun to dent the portion of my roof that its attached to, I saw Brett and asked if he still needed it. He said yes, and I got my $15 bucks back. Now it's four months later, my roof is all dented to hell, the dealership refuses to do anything about it and the owner told me that it's supposed to look like that even though when I took delivery it was perfectly flush with the rest of the car. And he basically berated me.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I await their response. I wish I had checked out 112 Mitsubishi before setting foot in their doors. If I had, I would have seen these prior complaints and seen that the Better Business Bureau rates them a C- due to their business practices. Please learn from my mistake and do not patronize this dealership.

matthew of Selden, NY on

when we purchased our 2003 infiniti g35 from mitsubishi 112 the car was filthy! there were stains both inside and outside of the vehicle, at the time of sale these were promised to be removed. when the car was then delivered none of the stains where fixed all of them were still present. i was also promised a second key for the car even before signing the papers, when i asked them for the second key they had told me they didnt have one which in turn forced me to purchase a key on my own for $150.00.

within the first week of ownership i was forced to bring the car back at least three time beacuse the radio didnt work, flat tire, stains in and outside of the car and for a copy of my extended waranty. the only thing that they fixed was the flat tire, they had no solution for the stains and the radio. i had called back numerous times to speak with the manager for the owners contact information because i wanted to write an email expressing how upset we were about this situation.

the manager repeatedly hung up on me and then finaly he gave me an email adress which later i had found out that he game me his own email adress. the mangager kept lying to me and saying he was the owner but i had a family member call back and ask for the owners name and they gave her a completely different name.so we still dont know who the owner is. we made numerous attempts to receive a copy of our extended warrany that we had purchased. we were told they will mail it as soon as possible.

after one week of not receiveing the copy i decided to call back. i had spoke to another manager who said he would be sure to mail it himself which by no surprise was never mailed. at this point we are just very upset about our deccision to do business with these people. so eventually on the third phone call i had given them a fax number so they could at least fax it to us. they finnaly faxed it over but when the fax went through we realized they didnt even send the warranty they just sent the cover sheet, so once again i had to call back and get the actual warranty faxed.

now almost eleven months later my electric in the car is shorting out i called and spoke to somebody in service today to set up an appointment and i just wanted to make sure that this was covered under my waranty so i asked they put me on hold and tried to look up my file and i guess couldnt find it and i told them on the phone that when i purchased the waranty i was told it covers everything accept brakes tires and lights. the gentleman gave me an attitude and said ill call u back and hung up on me. i still havent recieved that call back yet. i had to pay for a new key and tried numerous stain removers which did not work.

Henry of Mastic, NY on

mitsubishi 112 failed to honor the deal made about paying off the access mileage on my trade in off a lease from chrsyler when i bought a new car from mitsubishi. they deny saying it when i have 2 witnesses who heard them.manager of the mitsubishi dealership said he wanted to make me happy an resolve this but has done nothing also never received a copy of the bill of sale when i first gave them a deposit by credit card for down payment of 500 dollars. only got a contract of sale when i went to pick up the car.they said i should have gotten a copy when i gave them the the 500 dollars i did not,

also a line appeared on their copy that said access mileage an the initals HS scrawled next to it. manger of dealership said that it doesn't mean anything i said then why is it their an who put it there.it's not my initals not my handwriting, it got quiet after that. strange enough that handwriting matched that of the salesman that sold me the car.Vito Ilardi.I have no problem with the car I like it I just want them to honor their commitment on the mileage like they said they would. I should not be responsible for the mileage if that was the case then i would have went back to chrsyler an bought a new car from them without any of these problems.

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