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Well, first I have to admit, I had the new side at 5 stars when I leased a new car, which is why I bought and trusted the used car side. I bought a used vehicle and paid a little extra (knowing it) because I was promised by the salesman (Ryan) and the Manager, a number of minor repairs would be taken care of within two weeks, repaint bumpers, fix tear in seat and repair front windshield. (Circular crack previously covered conveniently by the price. Once the car was washed, the crack was revealed). Well, I have gone back and forth with Ryan (the salesman) on the used car side for 8 weeks now. First he had to put it off due to volume, then no rental cars available (?from a car lot?). I even said "Forget the rental, just fix it." Then new owners need to sign off.

Then he promised, I will get it in November 1st guarantee with a rental car. Well, along comes the 13th of November so I called him. He says, "Oh, now you have to take the vehicle to another dealer 40 miles away (Kia Henderson) and they’ll take care of it…" "Trust me” he says… "Call them and they will set it up." Wait? Now I have to do all the work? I’ve been calling you for 8 weeks. Now I have to start over and hope you passed the information on? So it’s time to share my thoughts with the public hoping they honor their promise or I at least steer another trusting customer away from Planet Hyundai, Ryan (Salesman), the Manager and the owners (both new and old). I really disappointed. Such small repairs which would cost them less than $500 can't be taken care of. Just bad business.

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This is a little late but I've just found out that my wife bought a 2009 used Elantra in approx $15,000 while blue book states $11,000. Not only high price but maintenance light on due to low air pressure tires, defect in the steering wheel. I told her to take the car back to be fix, and today is the 4th time she has gone and they are just pulling her leg. Etc, etc, etc.

Satisfaction Rating

This is a little late but I've just found out that my parents bought a hyundai Sonata for $30,000!!!! WTF! SCUMBAG SALESMEN: ROBERT ** AND BOB **. I've worked at a chevy dealership before so I know all the tricks and scams. But never in my life would I sell an ordinary Sedan for $30,000! I've just bought a Rav4 for $23,900 Out-the-door (Tip: always ask for "out the door price", never negotiate on the monthly payment -- you will lose). Sonata is only supposed to be $21,000 invoice. But the salesman, Robert **, scammed my parents into buying it for $24,000 -- plus the slimebag Finance manager, Bob **, added the EXTENDED-WARRANTY SCAM of $2,500! No mercy!

Research the EXTENDED WARRANTY SCAM people (AKA SUCKER'S WARRANTY). 90% of the people do not need extended warranty, but this is where they get the big bucks! (They get more commission selling extended warranty than the car itself -- this is why the finance manager sells the hell out of it. SAY NO TO EXTENDED WARRANTIES). Their final urge will be to beg you to add $12 per month for the EW, but that's $720 on a 60 month term! They will beg and grovel for this, but be Strong! SAY NO! 24,000 msrp + 2500 ext warranty + GAP insurance + APR + Tax + Doc fees (SCAM -- research it) = $29,984!!! ---- HOLY **. Again, SCUMBAG, PIECE OF ** SALESMEN: ROBERT ** AND BOB **.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a used vehicle here for my Fiancee for Christmas. It's really a typical slimy used car salesman story. The salesman was full of promises and eager to make a sale. He couldn't find the "actual" Carfax or $5k report and showed my Fiancee and I one for another similar car. I know we should have walked away there but my Fiancee had fallen in love with the car. After being promised they would have the $5k and Carfax report for us in the morning, I signed the cashier's check for the car and drove it off the lot (the things men do for the woman we love).

Ten miles later, we stopped at a restaurant and in the glow of their lights we noticed a bowling ball sized dent in the driver's side rear. We called ** immediately who said, "Don't worry about it. We will fix that for you as we didn't have the paperwork showing the actual issues for your car." Less than Twenty four hours later, no call back from the Dealership or from **; we stopped in and spoke to a heavyset white male claiming to be the son of the owner and he similarly promised to help by fixing the dent, finding the $5k report and discipline ** for misleading and avoiding us..."My family doesn't believe in doing business like that."

Feeling like it was now going to get taken care of, it was 72 hours later and still no call backs. We showed up again and they issued us a $5k report for the same wrong car and stated just bring the car in so they can inspect it (Shouldn't they have already have done that before selling it). They wouldn't look at the car. At times we could meet them at so we are now 30 days into our ordeal and we finally got an appointment for Friday. Of course that was after my Fiancee showed up and was cussed at by ** in front of his manager. She was called a liar and denied saying or doing any of the things mentioned above. If she was lying you would have to wonder why the hell I would agree to buy a used car that didn't have a Carfax or $5k report. Really if they would fix the dent and give us a clean $5k report showing the car is in good shape we would stop being upset. Thank you for any help you can offer us.

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RACISTS! Even against a VET! If I could give negative stars, I would. I don't know what kind of Mickey Mouse operation they are running over there but both the salesman AND the GENERAL MANAGER made racial comments against me. I had bought a used car from them Saturday night, and upon further inspection at my house, the bumpers have been repainted and possibly replaced before (did not show up on CARFAX).

So I wanted to return the car because they had a 5 days, 250 miles money back guaranteed. So I went ahead and called up that sales rep thinking it was no big deal because it was honored in their rule book. The sales rep (Dave **) kept hammering me what the "main reason" I wanted to return the car. I told him I don't want to have to deal with it (the bumpers and other unseen misfortunes) down the road. And I honestly told him that "It's an Asian thing. We don't want to spend money just to settle on something." His reply: "That's why I don't like dealing with them." Click - hung up on me. This was the same salesman that thanked me for my service in the Marines the night I had purchased the vehicle.

So I proceeded to calling the GM (Kevin **). To my surprise, he laughed and taunted me. Kevin said, "Why did you buy a used car then? I'm too poor to afford a new car (Mockingly). I guess Asians don't like things painted." Then he started laughing and not even letting me get a word in. I have no words. I left the owner a message. Let's see how this turns out. Just stay away from this place...

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Satisfaction Rating

On 1-22-13 I bought a 2013 accent from planet and while in with Staci in finance she talked me into a maintenance plan and I asked if it could be used at any Hyundai dealer she said yes. Then about a month later I went to Henderson Hyundai to get the oil changed turns out the maintenance plan can only be used at planet Hyundai so they lied to me I talked to Tom Von the finance director who says they would have never said that by my 2nd oil change. Tom was going to cancel the maintenance plan but it would only lower my principal amount not my car payment so I said forget it as if I didn't buy it my payments would have been 20 dollars a month cheaper and got promised I would get a loaner car whenever I need one.

Every time I went back I got told no loaner car was not available on oil changes and got a different story every time so enough was enough 9 months later I went to Henderson Hyundai and got a new car. When I went to planet to cancel my warranty and gap I talked to Jason and even asked for the maintenance plan to be cancelled. He said he would talk to the owner and call me Monday well he never did after two weeks of me calling I got a hold of the owner David explained everything to him. At first he didn't want to do anything he claims I had gotten over 800 worth of maintenance done I did get him to agree to a window tint and a 150 dollars off and maintenance plan for my new car to be used at any Hyundai dealer.

Well when I found out how much it would coast to put plates on my car I called and tried to make a deal with David instead of the window tint and the maintenance plan as it would only cover oil and tire and I get free oil changes pay for my plates. He change to only a window and when I picked up my car he comes and talks to me with the altitude of how dear I insult him I need to be thankful for the window tint cause he didn't need to do that which was awful job as my driver window has a hair in the tint which tell me windows didn't get clean. I got news for you DAVID none of this would be going on if you guys were honest or better yet the saying customer always right. I would have been happy with my plates getting paid and you would never hear from me again. It far from over now I am going for that maintenance plan refund or I will take you to SMALL CLAIMS.

Satisfaction Rating

My girlfriend's 2011 Elantra Touring recently underwent over $16,000 in repairs due to an accident suffered in December 2011. She and I felt the car should have been totaled and was concerned that the extensive repairs (including some frame damage) would, at a minimum, void my warranty so I made arrangements with Planet Hyundai of Las Vegas to do a warranty inspection. Alex ** was the service representative responsible for taking care of me. He was friendly enough, even saying that the inspection would be done free of charge. The inspection took a couple hours, during which time Alex called us saying that the car was severely out of alignment. He offered to fix the problem for about a hundred bucks. We agreed to have the work done and made arrangements to pick the car up soon after.

When we arrived to pick the car up, Alex told us that the repairs were transparent. That he couldn't find anything wrong with the car, the warranty was indeed valid and that he would even accept it as a "certified pre-owned" vehicle. Planet Hyundai also told me that my car was worth $11,500 as a trade-in. We were very surprised with everything that he told us, especially since we were not satisfied with the repairs and still felt that the car should have been totaled by the insurance company. We were also unhappy that Alex had spoken to the insurance company representative, who had called to check on the inspection, without our permission and before he even spoke to us.

Not feeling comfortable with Planet Hyundai's inspection of my car, we took it to Carmax for another appraisal. Because we wanted an unbiased look at the car, we didn't tell them about the accident. Amazingly, the appraiser was able to identify all of the work done on the car including the frame damage. He said it was obvious that the frame was worked on (heated and stretched). The appraisal that he gave us was $11,500, but he emphasized that it appraised "high" only because the accident did not show up on the Carfax yet. He further stated that once the accident did show up, the vehicle would appraise at about $6,000. $6,000! This was a vehicle that prior to the accident had an actual cash value of nearly $18,000 and that Planet Hyundai was willing to certify as a "certified pre-owned" vehicle?

Needless to say, we were upset. We had a million different scenarios running through our heads about who we were going to sue because someone was being extremely negligent and at a minimum, severely incompetent. Somebody was going to pay. Luckily, while we were making arrangements to take the car to another Hyundai dealer for another inspection, we received a call from the insurance company telling us that they had decided to total the car. They changed their minds only because we had invited the insurance representative to our home so that we could personally show him the problems with the repairs (including an alignment problem that showed up again shortly after Hyundai had done their work). He told me that his company had been considering totaling the car, but that the results of Planet Hyundai's inspection nearly changed their minds. Having the representative come to our home was the deciding factor in our favor.

Our situation appears to be heading towards a happy ending with no thanks to Alex ** and the service people at Planet Hyundai of Las Vegas. We will never do business with them again. We suggest that no one else does business with them either. Think about it. They were willing to certify a $18,000 car that recently had $16,000 worth of accident repairs and appraised at $11,500 as a certified used car. How can anyone trust the quality of their cars now? How can anyone trust the quality of their work? They nearly cost my girlfriend and I over ten thousand dollars because of their incompetence. Don't let them cost you any money.

Satisfaction Rating

The airbags deployed with such force in my 2012 Sonata that during an accident, the bones in my left wrist exploded. I believe the problem you had in 2008 where the bags deployed with too little force was now replaced with bags that come out with way too much force. Due to the airbags, my life is now on hold. After three surgeries, and as of today, one month out of work, there is still no end in sight. I have no feeling in the top of my hand and I don't know if I ever will. Once I get the cast off, I face months of therapy. There are so many things I can't do for myself, and my job requires typing, which I don't know if I will ever be able to do again.


Hello my name is Richard Martin **. I am having a problem I need help with. On about June 10, 2010, I received an oil change from a company named BRAKE MASTER, on my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. The technicians did not tighten the oil filter all of the way. Within 2 weeks all of the oil drained out of the engine. On the night of June 28, 2010, my wife was driving on the freeway when the engine died on her when she was in the fast lane. She was stuck on side of the freeway with the fast lane traffic flying by her. She had an anxiety attack. It was so scary for her. She ended up calling 911. A State Trooper came by and gave her a ride home. I had to call a tow truck to tow my vehicle to Planet Hyundai. It cost my grandparents $85. Thank goodness my insurance company compensated them $75 for this.

After it was in PLANET HYUNDAI for a couple of days, PLANET HYUNDAI called me and told me what was wrong with my truck. That the engine was seized up. I then contacted the owner of BRAKE MASTER, and informed him of what PLANET HYUNDAI told me about the cause of the engine seizing. He said he would have to go down there himself and see what was going on. The next day he went down there and saw for himself, the oil filter was not tightened all of the way, causing the oil to drain and in turn seize my engine.

The owner was a stand-up guy and admitted fault for this. He then turned in the claim to his insurance company to fix what was wrong. The insurance company is Zurich, the claim number is **. Andy is the name of my insurance agent (adjuster). His phone number is **. The insurance company agreed to pay for a rental car for me while my truck was in the shop. I had the car for 4 weeks. After 3 weeks I was told by PLANET HYUNDAI that my truck was done. I had not received the message for a few days and I ended up with the car for another week. I ended up paying about $180 for the car for the week.

When I picked up the truck, I noticed the engine had a strange sound to it, a kind of rattling in the engine area. I informed the service agent at PLANET HYUNDAI about this, and his response was, "well we closed out the work order" and they are not going to do nothing to this truck, just drive it for a little while and see if the noise goes away. I was not happy with this answer but I figured what I can do. I then went with my wife to the car rental place to return the car, when I noticed the check engine light was on. I immediately went back to PLANET HYUNDAI (the car rental place is one block away) and asked to speak to a manager. The service manager CHANCE ** came, and I was able to talk to him. I informed him of what the problem was, with the check engine light being on, and the sound coming from the engine.

He had the truck taken to the shop and diagnosed. They ended up changing out the spark plug in cylinder one, and it fixed the code for the check engine light. He then came back to me and said that the mechanic told him that the noise in the engine is normal that some of the engines they receive from the place they get them from (they do not tell you where the engine came from) make noises some times and it should go away after a little while, and if it did not just go away after a few days to bring it back in and they will see what they can do for me.

I kept the truck for about 2 weeks hoping the noise would go away. I noticed that in the morning when first starting my truck that I could hear the noise louder. I refused to work with my old service agent for the way he treated me the first time he gave me my truck back. I told the new service person, his name is DOUG, about this. He told me to bring it in, and they would keep it overnight to check it out. They gave me a loan car and I was on my way. 2 weeks later after not hearing anything from PLANET HYUNDAI, I called DOUG. He told me that they had just finished looking at my truck and that it has an oil leak somewhere deep in the engine, and that it is in line to be looked at by the heavy mechanics. He would contact me when something is found out.

I found out when I was at PLANET HYUNDAI on Thursday October 15, 2010 trying to buy a new car that my truck was appraised at $4000. I also found out that the engine that was originally put in my truck was broken and they had to put another engine (the first engine cost $4500 to install in the truck) in the truck and it was done but they were just waiting for the junk yard (the wording DOUG used) to pay them. On Friday October 15, 2010, I received a call from DOUG that the truck was ready and that I could come and pick it up. I went and dropped off the loan car and started up my truck. The moment I started up the truck it vibrated. The whole truck was vibrating. As I gave it gas it vibrated more. I turned off the engine and got DOUG. I told DOUG to go and start my truck. He went out, started my truck and sat there listening to it. He gave it some gas and felt it. He then said he would take it in the shop and hook it up to a sensor.

About 20 minutes later he came back and said that the cylinders were not miss firing at all, but the motor mounts were worn out. We went back and forth with me telling him I am not taking this truck until it is fixed and working properly. He told me we are not going to pay for them. I said I am not going to pay for them they were not worn before. He said, "Well I don’t know that. I was never in the truck before, other than to write down the readings about the truck."

He also told me well basically there have been 3 engines taken out and put in the truck that wears out the motor mounts. I said it was not my fault that the engine has had to be taken out and it is not my responsibility. He said the engines did not come with motor mounts so what was he supposed to do about it. I refused to take the truck and leave without a loan car. He then got on the phone for about 5 minutes and then came back and gave me a set of keys for another loan car and asked me what time I can come by on Saturday, October 16, 2010 and pickup my truck. I told him I get off work about 4 pm. He said "see you Monday."

Monday came and I called no one answered and I left a message. DOUG called me back on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, and told me it was finished and ready to be picked up. I went and picked up my truck on Thursday October 21, 2010 in the evening. DOUG told me he did not have a receipt for me because PLANET HYUNDAI was still having a problem with the junk yard (his words) paying off the engine. He said "But this is not your problem, it is ours. We will take care of it and send you a receipt in the mail." I felt like that was kind of weird that they did not have a receipt for me, and that they have not been paid for the engine yet but are willing to let the vehicle go off their property.

But I took the truck and I drove home. I noticed the engine still does not feel in tune when the RPM go up. You can feel the engine in the gas pedal vibrate some (Not the same vibrate as before when the motor mounts were worn out), and you can hear a metal plate vibrate under the engine at a certain RPM level. But I took it home. I went to drive to work at about midnight that night and when I was driving home I pulled off of a red light giving it a lot of throttle. When the truck got to about 25 mph the transmission gave out and the RPM just revved up but the truck was slowing down. I let off of the throttle and the transmission came back on when the truck slowed down a little. I drove home and parked my truck for the night with no other problems.

On Friday October 22, 2010, at about 8:00 AM, I was going to take my daughter to school. When I started the truck it was fine. I drove in my apartment complex - the truck was fine. As soon as I pulled out onto Nellis Blvd. I gave the truck gas, got up to about 25 MPH, and the transmission gave out and the RPMs revved up again. When I let off of the gas for a second, the transmission engaged. I turned around and went back home. My daughter ended up missing school and all of her tests for Friday.

I called PLANET HYUNDAI and explained what happened. They said to call a tow truck; they gave my wife a number. At about 9AM A TOWING COMPANY tow truck showed up and towed me and my truck back to PLANET HYUNDAI. When I got there I was met by a service agent named ALEX (DOUG works nights). ALEX said he was going to take it in and look at it. I asked for a loan car and he told me there was no loan car. I said I want to talk to a manager now. I found a service manager under CHANCE ** (I do not remember his name). I complained to him about all of this mess and that I will have to have a loan car because my family has to get around. He said he would look into the truck and take care of it.

Within 7 minutes my truck was brought back out to me and the mechanic who just looked at it came up to me. His name is JERRY. He told me some sensor was unplugged, that is why the truck acted like it did. He said he plugged it in and the truck started to purr like a kitten. He said it should have been plugged in, but when you have to change out an engine you have to switch the whole electrical harness and sometimes things get forgot. So I took the truck, and I left to go home. When I got about 2 miles away, I was driving on Rainbow Blvd. I decided to try out the truck and I pushed my gas to the floor. As I was gaining speed I got to about 60 miles an hour and that’s as fast as it would go and the RPMs were revved up to around 5000. At the same time the Check engine light came on. I then let off of the gas, and I called PLANET HYUNDAI back, talked to ALEX and told him I am coming back.

When I got there JERRY and ALEX both came out carrying a sensor reader. They plugged it in and read the code on the truck. It was 121 I believe. JERRY said it showed miss firing on all 4 cylinders. They then opened up the hood and looked at the sensor JERRY had just plugged back in and were messing with it. They concluded they were going to change out the sensor for a new one. I then saw the Manager from earlier and he gave me a set of keys to the same loan car I turned in the day before. He said CHANCE ** told him to just give me the loan car and let me leave so they can just fix the truck and they would call me later. I departed at that time. At about 12:55 PM I received a call from DOUG telling me that the truck was done again. I told him my wife is out with the car and she was not going to be back for a while.

My Truck was appraised at $4000, Last week. PLANET HYUNDAI has put 2 engines in it, at about $4500 each engine, to the tune of $9000. They have had to change the motor mounts at about $500. And now there is a sensor they changed out, I do not know how much that costs yet. I owe $8,345 on my loan. This truck should have been deemed totaled and the loan cleared out. I have been waiting for the truck to be fixed properly for over 4 months now. PLANET HYUNDAI has called and said my truck is finished again and ready to be picked up. I do not want to pick the truck up and be stuck with a lemon. I need help from someone. I do not want to be stuck with a truck I am paying for, that will not be able to be driven. It is not my fault this happened in the first place.

I am just a normal person. I have 2 jobs. I go to school. I got 2 kids who need to go to school and appointments, and a wife who needs to go to appointments also. I need a reliable car again to be able to live my life normally. That is all I am asking for. This mess has been messing up my family for too long. Before this happened I had a reliable vehicle to drive. Please help. Thank you. I have been dealing with this for too long. Your dealership is wasting time and money on this, and you are losing a "used to be" happy Hyundai owner.


I left to go on vacation with my 82 year old father on July 5, 2010. We were going to Oklahoma to see family and friends but my dad also wanted to stop in Reno and Vegas so we went on rather a long roundabout. We left from Auburn Washington.

My 2003 Hyundai Elantra almost made it to Reno Nevada. About 30 miles from Reno it lost power, sputtered, and refused to move again for awhile but it didn't die. I managed to get the car to Reno after turning it off and resting it for about 25 minutes. I took it to Auto Motion in Reno the next day. They gave it a complete diagnostic and said the only problem code that came up appeared to be one of the O2 sensors.

It was about $100 for this diagnostic. They said, it might need to be replaced for awhile since this was the first time it had acted up. The service man said it should last until the end of the trip. He gave me the diagnostic paperwork and said if the car had anymore trouble that I should give it to the next mechanic that worked on it. So we took off that same day and made it to about 25 miles from Tonopah Nevada.

My Elantra had troubles there again with the same symptoms but this time it died outright twice. The one mechanic in town said the problem wasn't the O2 sensor since the sensor can't make a car die. He said the problem was the fuel pump. He tried to overcharge me by about $300 to replace the fuel pump so I didn't have it done.

He got $40 for just putting it up on the car rack and looking at it for 5 minutes. We had no choice but to spend the night in Tonopah at the Clown Motel. I was told by a resident of Tonopah that this mechanic was constantly overcharging travelers and ripping them off. He said that we should try to make it out of town or this mechanic would take us for everything we had. I believe the mechanics name was Mickey.

By this time I had learned that if I gave my car about a half hour rest and let it cool down then I could drive it awhile until it broke down again. We left Tonopah very early the next day and drove to Vegas. I then took it to Planet Hyundai in Vegas.

When we got there, I tried to give the diagnostic report from Reno to Doug the service man at this Hyundai shop but he refused to look at it or listen to what they told me. They performed another diagnostic and said that the O2 sensor needed to be replaced. I asked them to check other things as well but they were stuck on the O2 sensor. This cost $274.11. What was really a mistake on my part was telling them I was looking to buy another car soon.

A sales person found this out and went out to appraise my car. He came back in with the story that my transmission was dead and that he would give me a $1000 trade in for my car. This astonished me since I had had not trouble with my transmission. The diagnostic performed in Reno had showed that the transmission in my car was fine. It also scared the heck out of me when the salesman said this to me.

I sat there in terror for two hours only to have the service man come out and say that my transmission was fine and only the O2 sensor was bad. Well they replaced the sensor and the next day when we continued driving to Oklahoma the car broke down again close Flagstaff, Arizona with the same symptoms. I called Doug back at Planet Hyundai and told him that the car had broken down again.

He said, he would try to find another Hyundai dealer near where I was and he would give me a call back. He called back a few minutes later and told me that he had personally called and talked to the service manager of the Diamond Hyundai of Flagstaff Arizona. He said that the service manager was informed of my problem and that he would be waiting for me when I could get my car to Flagstaff. About an hour later I made it to Flagstaff from 15 miles away.

I stopped on the freeway in Flagstaff to call Diamond Hyundai to ask then were they are located. Imagine my surprise when I found I was given a disconnected number. I tried to call back Doug but was only given his voice mail. I then went to a store in Flagstaff and asked them about Diamond Hyundai and was told there was no such place. I then went to a Goodyear tire store and was told that there had been a Diamond Dodge but it had closed down about a year ago.

I spent about 30 minutes circling Flagstaff hoping someone could tell me were the Hyundai dealer was located. Confused, I called Planet Hyundai again and talked to assistant manager Craig. He gave me another number for Diamond Hyundai which also turned out to be disconnected. Finally Craig admitted that they had made a mistake and Diamond Hyundai had closed over a year ago. I asked him how Doug had managed to talk to the service manager of a place that hadn't existed for a year. Craig said didn't know. He told me that I could go to Cottonwood Arizona Hyundai as that was the next closest place.

From then on Planet Hyundai personnel would not answer my phone calls and either put me on hold or gave me their voicemail. Never once did any of them call me back to help me again. I rested my car again and drove to Cottonwood. This was about 125 miles out of my way.

The service manager Pete there was very nice and gave me a good deal on everything he did. I asked him to check the fuel pump and he did. He told me it needed to be replaced. He charged me $185 for the fuel pump. He had also did another diagnostic and said that there was nothing else wrong with my car. This is also the first time I called Hyundai Customer Assistance.

We had to spend the night in Cottonwood at the motel 6 since he had to order the fuel pump from Phoenix. He replaced the part the next day and we left. Well we got to Gallup New Mexico and the car died again with the same symptoms, except now it died as I was going 72 MPH on the freeway. We were almost killed since I was in the fast lane on interstate 40 and I had a big truck on my right.

It took some maneuvering to get my car over to the shoulder. I rested the car again and got it to a mall in Gallup. I called Pete and told him that the fuel pump replacement hadn't worked. He told me he would help me by calling up a Hyundai engineer friend of his and asking him what the problem with my car could be. Well, after he hadn't called me back for an hour and a half I figured I was abandoned again. So, I called consumer assistance of Hyundai for a second time. The person I talked to (Mathew) told me that since my car is off warranty I might not get any help from them. I told him that the problem wasn't the warranty but the incompetent mechanics I had working on my car.

Mathew promised that he would call the Albuquerque New Mexico Hyundai dealership and have an adviser waiting there the next day and they would tell me what they could do for me. My father and I had to stay in the Super 8 motel in Gallup that night. Well, Mathew lied and he didn't call the Albuquerque dealer. I called Albuquerque Hyundai the next day and they didn't show any Mathew calling them.

They told me I could bring my car in but I would have to leave it for a couple of days as it would take that long to figure out the problem. I said no, as I could feel another rip off coming on. I drove my car home instead of going on with our vacation that had been cut short from 14 days to 6 days. I had wasted so much money fixing a car that still wasn't fixed and staying in motels that I hadn't budgeted in with our expenses.

I had to stop my car every hour and a half for about an half hour so I wouldn't overheat and die again as each time the car died it was worse and more violent. My Dad and I were lucky to make it home at all. We had to sleep in a rest area in Idaho since we had run out of money. We were both nervous wrecks since we were not sure we were going to make it home or be killed on the highway by my suddenly dying car. This scared us terribly when we went through the larger cities like Salt Lake City since they didn't have much shoulder area to pull over on.

It is now the 21st of July. My car was running worse than before I had the O2 sensor replaced. I basically shelled out a bunch of money to have a car that runs worse than it did before and for us to be driven crazy by a group of incompetent mechanics.

I have talked to several people (four) at Hyundai Customer Assistance. The last one I talked to (Jamie) said, she would call both Hyundai service managers at Vegas and Cottonwood and then get back to me. Well that was two days ago. Guess that won't happen. I am at my wits end trying to get reimbursement of some kind for the car parts that were replaced and didn't need to be.

My father and I saved up for months for this trip and we were ripped off the whole way. I feel so crappy about watching my dad suffer so badly. He is in fragile health (as well as legally blind and half deaf) and all he had to look forward to was going to visit family in Oklahoma. All Hyundai does is say, they are sorry and that's it. They aren't sorry in the least. Two of their customer service people just outright lied to us and their mechanics are just stupid. I will never ever buy a Hyundai again.

We lost out on about $2000 dollars worth of money on this so-called trip from hell and I had to trade in my car for another since it was running so bad. I couldn't trust it. I had to use a couple thousand dollars out of my savings to put as a down payment on the new car. The emotional damage was the worst part. We were left to fend for ourselves by the meanest bunch of liars I have ever seen. We could have left somewhere really remote by ourselves or killed by my car that would just die at the drop of a hat.


I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Azera. New, right off the Lot. Within 3 months of ownership I had to take the car in for electrical repairs. First the Head Light, then the trunk latch, then the door latch. This continued every 3 months for the next 4 years.The seat broke, the back windows didn't roll down, on and on the repairs went. I would take it into the Dealership and would be met by the service rep. who would assist me with the trouble. I would get a ride back to work, but then had to figure out how to get back to the dealership after work. Sometimes I would be late for work waiting for the van to take me to work. And other times the car would not be finished and I would have to wait at the dealership causing problems as I needed to pick up my daughter from swim classes.

Each time I brought the car in, we would discuss why this car was having so many electrical problems and the service rep. would tell me sometimes these cars have glitches. Well, my car has more than glitches. One evening while leaving a friends home, I put my grand kids in the back seat, buckled them up, it was raining and dark. I took the freeway, as I always do. I was traveling at the speed of about 60mph and, half way home the lights turned off, the windshield wipers stopped and the dash board lights went out! Are you Kidding me! In the Rain. On the Freeway no lights and not wipers? Then shortly afterwards, there was a small flicker or click I heard from the dashboard and everything turned on again. I could have been in a very serious accident. What if this had happened on a service street going thru a signal light and the cars could not have seen me coming. What then?

I was traveling thru town one day and it was 105 degrees outside. I live in Las Vegas, NV where it gets really hot. The flicker in my dash began and poof just like that the air conditioner went out. There I sat in traffic with my daughter with no air conditioning. I have taken this car back to the dealership over and over again. I have a file 2 inches deep with repair bills that all lead to electrical issues. I have contacted the dealership that won't help me, I have tried all type of means to get this car fixed or repaired or replaced. Now my warranty is about to expire and just today, I finally reached someone in the Corporate office in California after hours upon hours of constant phone calls to get some kind of help.

As of this date 07-08-2010, Corporate office sent me a letter telling me that they will issue me a check for $700.00 for the inconvenience this car has caused me. Are you kidding me? That won't even take care of my deductible when this car gets in an accident. And it will, one day it will happen. Are they looking for a Law Suit after a person is killed because of a faulty electrical system? I asked them this. They told me to send all my records and the history of this car to them. I did. They told me to wait 5 more days (it has been 3 weeks) and they would give me an answer. This car is a death trap. I am afraid to drive it, especially at night. I pray everyday that somehow this problem will be taken care of.

Why don't I sell this car or get rid of it, you may ask? Well, I am a single mom, low income, and with the unemployemnt in Las Vegas, NV,. I don't have a choice to work anywhere else, nor the means to make a new car payment. I want the world to know, this car is a LEMON and not a pretty one at best.


When we returned to Chehalis, Washington, we found out we had to pay for sales taxes over $1,300.00. On May 24th, I called Tobby, the salesman and he gave me Erine. Erine said, he would check into refinance on the loan and send me a check for the taxes. Erine was to call back but did not. May 26th, I called again and he asked how much the taxes were and I told him. He said that Carlos or he would call me back. They never called back.

June 1st, I called again, Erine said, Carlos has not called you back yet? "I will make sure he calls you". No one called. June 2nd, Erine was not in, so I talked to Tobby, told him I was getting tired of the run around. He said that he will check into it and someone will call me back. No one called me back. June 4th, I called Erine, he gave me to Carlos. I ask Carlos what he has found out. He said, he did not know what I was talking about and I had to give him the story again. I told him the story again and he said, sorry he doesn't add taxes or refinance after the deal is done. I asked him, if there was someone else I could talk to he said none. I asked him if I could talk to the owner or the person above him. Carlos told me he was the highest and there is no one higher.

June 4th, I called back and found out Carlos lied to me and that Jason ** and Don ** were in charge. I now have a call into Jason. I would like to know why no one called me back. I did all the calls. I would like to know why Carlos lied to me about no one being higher than him. I would like to know why Carlos lied to me and said this is first time he heard about this. Both Tobby and Erine told me they have told him the story.

Also, on the night that we signed the papers, I was insulted by Stacy. Angela and I were talking. Stacy butted in, said, "hey your dad flew all the away down here to co-sign for these papers". Angela laughed and Stacy said, "you know they have names for girls like you". Also, some of the paper work was wrong, so she had to do it again. She called Erine and asked who made the mistake, then she got off the phone and said, the mistake was ours. Also, she called everyone that walked by to tell them she had to do the paperwork again. I told Tobby about this they next day. Please, can someone check into this.


I am writing to you about my 2007 Hyundai Sonata V6 and my experience with Planet Hyundai in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let me first tell you how I became involved with Planet Hyundai in Las Vegas, NV. In the summer of 2004, I was looking for a new car. After visiting nearly every dealership on the west side of town, I found myself at Planet Hyundai. Long story short, I purchased a 2004 Elantra. I had no problems with my Elantra, and come summer of 2007, I was looking to upgrade to a larger, more powerful vehicle. After a long day at the dealership, my salesman pulled up a deep water blue Hyundai Sonata V6, and told me "Your chariot awaits"? It was everything I wanted, or so I thought.

I have nothing but problems with this car ever since I bought it. It started just a few weeks after I purchased the car when the check engine light came on. I called the service department at Planet Hyundai, and scheduled an appointment for as soon as possible, which was a week away. They advised me not to bring my car in if the light goes off before the appointment. It went off after about three days, so I did not take it in. About a month later, the check engine light came back on. I called service again, and took it in on July 20, 2007. They examined the car and determined code PO430, catalyst efficiency failed. They cleared the code and drove it for 10 miles with no light on. The check engine light stayed off for a few weeks, but then it came back on. Also, the sunglass holder would get stuck in the closed position.

I took it in on August 14, 2007 and they checked it again. They validated my concerns with my sunglass holder and ordered a new one. As for my check engine light, they verified that it was the same problem as before (code PO430) and ordered a new catalytic converter. I never got a call or letter asking me to bring my car in to replace the sunglass holder and the catalytic converter. On December 25, 2007, the check engine light came on. Being as it was Christmas, I could not do anything, so the following day, I took my car in. I was provided with a Hyundai Azera as my loaner car until my car could be fixed. Over the course of about a week and a half, they replaced my sunglass holder and catalytic converter. I was scared to drive the loaner car after December 31, 2007 because the tags were expired, but I had to risk it since I had to get to work and back.

As I was driving in mid-March, I noticed the air conditioner was blowing warm air when I would turn right, then cold again when I turned left. I took it in on March, 18, 2008 and they found a poor connection at the fan motor. They repaired the wiring and it seemed to work good after that. As summer approached, I started to have some trouble with my driver window. When I would try and roll the window up, it would roll back down as if there was something in the window area. I would have to force it up after multiple failed attempts. I called and made an appointment.

On June 19, 2008 I pulled up to service and waited near my car for someone to assist me. Service advisors passed by me and helped all the people that had pulled up behind me. Finally after getting it in to get it checked, they found nothing to be wrong with it, but still lubricated the window guides. On July 3, 2008, I took my car back in to service because the driver side visor would not stay up. The service advisor acknowledged my concern and took it in to have it replaced. Turns out the inside springs came apart. I waited this time for my car. After my promised time came and went, I went and checked on it. Turns out it had been ready for over an hour. Why no one came to get me or give me a call is beyond me.

The next problem I had with my car was the sunroof, driver's window and the tire pressure. I made an appointment for October 13, 2008. I told the service man that the driver window was still not working properly and that I would still have to force the window up. My tire pressure light would go on and off, even when the tire pressure was right where it should be. As for the sunroof, it made a horrible grinding noise. I had dropped my car off in the early morning and when I got out of work at 8:00 pm, I called and was told that they never got a technician assigned to my car and that they would be keeping it overnight. Why my service advisor did not call to tell me this was just disrespectful. I called the following morning at 8:00 am, and left a message for my service advisor asking him to please call me back. I tried again at 9:00 am, and the lady who answered told me she would give him a handwritten message to call me back.

When I still had not heard from him, I called back at 10:00 am and finally got a hold of my service advisor only after being hung up on several times. He told me that they still had not assigned a technician to my car. I could not believe that it had been more than 24 hours and no one had been assigned to look at my car. I called back at about 10:30 am and my service advisor told me that they got a technician assigned to my car, and they found nothing wrong with my sunroof, driver window or the tire pressure and my car was ready to be picked up. I found it hard to believe that in 30 minutes a technician was assigned and everything had been checked. I picked my car up, which was not clean, and opened and closed the sunroof and found that it sounded the same.

I was more than upset that it had just been checked and they found nothing wrong. I decided to drive across town to United Hyundai, and see if they thought something was wrong with my sunroof. They agreed with me that it sounded horrible and should not sound that way. I gave it a week and then went back in and spoke with Scott, the service manager. I asked him to get in my car and listen to the sound my sunroof made and I asked him if it should sound that way. Scott agreed with me and so I proceeded to tell him what transpired last week. I also told him that I was concerned because of all the problems I have had with this car and I was planning on going out of town, but was scared to drive it out of town for fear that it will break down in the middle of nowhere. He wanted to take my car back in and get it fixed. I explained to him that I needed to have a car and could not afford to be out of a car again. It was an inconvenience, especially after they had it for over 24 hours and did not even touch it. He said he would get me a loaner car, but unfortunately they did not have one at the time and that he would call me as soon as they got one in.

I received a call on October 22, 2008 letting me know that they had a loaner car waiting for me. I got back into town that evening and went there to drop off my car and pick up the loaner car. It took them about 30 minutes to even acknowledge that I was there. Finally, I was acknowledged; however, they could not find any paperwork regarding me getting a loaner car, so I waited another 30 minutes or so until they could figure something out. I spoke with Corey, and he asked me what was wrong with my car. I explained to him the problems with my tire pressure, driver window, and sunroof. I also told him about my experience at United Hyundai, and how kind and caring they were. He then told me, not to be a smart **, "but why don't you take your car to United for service then??"

I was appalled that he would even say this to me. I explained to him that I have been with Planet Hyundai since 2004, and am trying to give them the benefit of a doubt to fix the car that they sold me. He then told me that they had a 2008 Elantra for me, and he asked me if that was okay. I told him no, that I should receive a car that is equal or better than what I am giving them. His response to that was, "Well, at least it is reliable"? Again, I could not believe he was so rude to me. At this point I just accepted it so that I could go home, and hopefully my car would get repaired.

After two weeks, my car was finally ready for me to pick up. It turns out that they had to replace the driver window regulator. They also had to replace the sunroof motor and entire frame. When they were replacing the frame they cut the headliner. So, now that had to be repaired as well. It also took them several days to get the car cleaned up. I attempted to pick my car up on November 5, 2008, but when I called to let them know I was on my way, they could not find the paperwork, so I would have to wait until my service advisor got there in the morning. Due to my odd working hours, I could not get there until Saturday, November 8, 2008. When I picked it up I noticed the car was still dirty, a few things were misplaced, my visor clip was broken and hidden in my cup holder along with Cheerios and some other crumbs.

When I dropped my car off, I had half a tank of gas, and now it was returned to me with the gas light on and an extra 300+ miles on my car. As if that was not enough, I slid open my sunroof and noticed that it sounded like a window was open. I double checked all the windows, and they were all closed properly. I thought maybe the sunroof was just open a little bit, so I opened it fully and then closed it. The sound was still there, as if the seal is no good. I called the manager, but he was gone for the day, so I left him a message letting him know I was dissatisfied and that I would greatly appreciate if he would call me as soon as possible on Monday so that we could discuss the problems I still have. It is now Monday night and I have yet to hear from the manager. I do need to take my car back in and have the passenger visor replaced now because it too will not stay up but I am not sure I can take much more of the poor customer service that they provide. It seems like the problems are never ending.

I bought a new car so I would not have to worry about anything other than regular maintenance, but my car and all my experiences make me regret ever stepping foot at Planet Hyundai. I am more than disappointed in the customer service Planet Hyundai provided or should I say didn't provide me with. They say they are number one in customer service, but I truly have a hard time believing this after the way I have been treated in the past 17 months. Maybe it is the way they ask everyone to give them a perfect score on the surveys they mail out to people who have work done on their car. I don't know. They say they have certified technicians working there but I do not believe that. I feel like I have been wronged on multiple levels, and it just makes me wonder who else they are treating this way. Is this the new standard of customer service? I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope that you will be able to restore my faith in Planet Hyundai.


I bought a 2006 Hyundai Sonata from this dealership and took it back within a few thousand miles because the car wouldn't upshift properly. They kept the car for several weeks while they contacted the manufacturer, attempted to diagnose the problem. They simply reset the computer in the car and returned it to me with the understanding that if the symptoms reappeared, they'd replace the transmission under warranty.

Within a week the problem reappeared and I dropped the car off to them for the promised repairs. That was over a month ago: they still have the car. They refuse to make the repairs, and on top of this, they have done significant body damage to the car while in their care. I am handicapped and need my car to get around, especially to the doctor's office and pharmacy. I have contacted them repeatedly with phone calls, faxes, and personal visits, and all I get is the run-around. Their activity at this point in time borders on fraud, in my opinion.


On Tuesday, December 26, 2006, I spoke with David, the Manager at the Hyundai dealer where I bought my car and told him the engine caught on fire. He was reluctant to offer any help or responsibility for my car even though it was just inspected by them 2 weeks prior for its annual service. I was told it was in great condition and safe to take a trip to California. The manager did not offer any assurance of my warranty or reimbursement of my towing fees or rental car. My Sonata is still under warranty.

Consequence: Sudden over shifting of gears, smoking and red oil over the entire engine. Witnesses say they thought my car was on fire. I was stranded in the desert on Christmas Eve for 2 hours. My car is a 2004 Sonata.


Planet Hyundai, Las Vegas: I had heard of the new management at Planet Hyundai, and that was the reason I went there. I thought they must have changed for the better. On the surface, it looks as if they have. I thought my sales guy was great - until he screwed me over. After taking me on a test drive in one car, and getting me to sign the agreement, he switched the car with another one that had less features and a major electrical problem - none of this I knew about until after he was long gone and I was waiting for my car to be pulled around. And when I complained about it, he would not even talk to me anymore. He stuck his arrogant sales manager on me and just sat there quietly while the guy berated me and my family. By the end of the mess, he would not even look me in the eye - the same guy who was acting like my best friend just a couple hours before.

I have NEVER been treated so poorly by any business. The car they gave me was defective, and they knew about it before they gave it to me. Yet, they passed it off on me and then said I would have to take it to the service office since it was under warranty now that I signed the contract. It took over a month, hours at the lot, dozens of phone calls, and finally a lengthy email to get it fixed.

This company is currently boasting of new management and exceptional service, but they have not changed. They still have an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau. For the management to employ a person like this sales manager for the purpose of intimidating customers once they complain in any way - that is just wrong. Not only will I never purchase a car from this dealer again, I will never purchase a Hyundai, because a corporation who knowingly allows people like this to represent their brand is not worthy of my business. I am not saying that everyone at Planet Hyundai is bad, but I am informing others of my bad experience so at the very least they have an idea of what they may be getting themselves into. As a result of my bad experience, I developed a website **, dedicated to informing the public about the way this company does business.


My husband and I took our 1995 Mits Galant to Planet Hyundai on 08-02-02 to trade it in and purchase a used car. At the time we had transmission problems on our car and it did not run, which the sales man was aware of prior to our arrival. We towed the car there that morning and came back that same night to do the new car deal. They wanted us to pay them a ridiculous amount of money, so we did not purchase a new or used car. We asked the sales man if we could leave our car at the dealership overnight because our tow rope had broken that morning. We were advised that was no problem.

The next day (Aug 3) we went to get our car and they said that they were unable to locate it. They said that since it was the weekend that they would need until the following Monday to see if the car was taken to an offsite storage location that they use. We were very lenient with them and the length we gave them to locate our vehicle. A few days turned into nearly two months. Finally, on September 25th I went to the dealership and advised them that they had 24 hours to return my vehicle to me. On the 26th of September I reported the car stolen. My lienholder, Fairlane Credit, was advised by a general manager at Planet Hyundai that they could pick the car up the first Monday of October 2002.

That date came and passed and we thought everything was now okay. We received a call from our insurance investigator at the end of October who advised us that the lienholder was not able to get the car, that the car was actually sold at greater Las Vegas auction yard on 08-06-04 and then resold again at Fresno's auction on 08-26-04 in California. We worked with the arbitration dept at the auction and they recovered our vehicle. We received the car back on November 15, 2003. The car had a couple thousand miles more on it, then the date that we took it to the dealership, the car had engine problems (which a mechanic looked at for me). I turned the car over to my lienholder. Never once was I offered a loaner car, money for transportation, or an apology. Instead what I received was verbal abuse, nearly physical harm to me and my family, threats, and the police called on me for disturbing their place of business.

I filed an investigation with the DMV on 11-15-02. Now thanks to all of this I paid 4 months of car/insurance (paid on 11-15-02), have a negative mark on my credit for those 4 months of hell and now a repo. This company has treated us like criminals, when they are the ones that broke the laws and basically stole a vehicle and sold it.


I have a file open with Consumer Affairs right now about my car and the warranty. The dealership said the regional guy that comes in every month to look at my file said he wasn't going to assist me with my complaint. I want to know what I need to do to make this regional guy reimburse my money towards the cost of clutch to fix my car.

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