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I took my 2010 Explorer in for warranty work on the driver's window and back driver side door. The day of the service, I asked the agent, Cathy, to call me when the work was complete. She never did. When I picked up the car, I was told they had to order parts. They would call me when they arrived. Cathy never called. I called the parts department to see when the parts would arrive. I was told they were never ordered because they carry them in stock. I called Mark the service manager to find out why they will not call me. He said he would handle it himself. Again another two weeks went by and Mark does not call. I called Mark back to find out what is happening. He said he has the parts and can install on Saturday. I again brought the car in. The car was there all day just to find out they ordered or had the wrong parts. I called Mark again. Mark has not returned my call. I am not sure how to get warranty work done with Ford if this is how their dealers work. Is there a complaint process with Ford corporate?

Me and my wife went to Ford Country to purchase a vehicle for her. When we got there, we told them that we already had a loan through our credit union and that we were not in need of financing. Darwin, our sales person asked, "what if he could get is a better rate? " We told him if this was the case that we would finance the car through them! We found a car that we really liked but was a little out of our price range. He came to us with a 7.9% interest rate, which was lower than the 9.25% we were already approved for 72 months which made her car payments $277 a month. With no money down. A payment we were able to afford!

We signed an entire purchasing contract and drove the car home. This occurred on a Saturday night. Ford Country called my wife the following Tuesday and told her the only way they can make the deal is if we give them $3900 down. Again, in the original contract we had no money down. And if we could not pay the money down we had to bring the car back! We did not have the money to put down. The day after (Wednesday), I heard from a gold friend of ours that this is against the law! We are not sure what to do or how to do it! If it is or is not actually against the law, or how to peruse the matter!

We appreciate any feed back or help! Instead of using the time past buying my wife a car she will actually get to keep the five days (thus far) have been wasted and she is still driving herself and our 15 month daughter in an old Chevy Aveo with no air conditioning! Which is a major inconvenience for one it is getting to 120 degrees here in Las Vegas, now and we don't want our daughter in those conditions, so we have to schedule around me and my full time job and school two nights a week! Our credit score has been lowered because of a promise they were not able to keep and instead of using the loan we already had we were denied by multiple banks for that loan!

I lost my one and only car key and was led to believe by Ford that they were the only ones who were able to create a new set of car keys for my 2001 Ford Focus. I have since learned a very tough lesson that this is not true. On Monday, April 19, 2010 my wife spoke with a service representative at Ford, located in the Valley Auto mall at 280 N. Gibson Road Henderson, NV 89014 and inquired about pricing for a new car key. The gentleman quoted her $100 to program the key and no more than an additional $35-$50 for the key itself. After that conversation, my wife arranged for my car to be towed (due to no keys) down to Ford in the Valley Auto mall.

A couple of hours later, a representative contacted me personally to tell me that in order to make my key, it would now cost $170, a $20-$35 difference than originally quoted. I was under the impression that I had no choice but to accept the new price if I wanted a key for my car. Shortly after, I received another phone call from a representative notifying me that in order to make my key, it was not only going to be $170 but an additional $99.

I was now looking at $269 for a key to be made. According to the representative, he stated that they have been trying to program my new key with my car and it unfortunately looks like my PCM had been deleted and no information exists on my car in order for them to continue with the programming. They also stated that my car will not start if my PCM is "blank" and will now need to order a special part in order to be able to program my key. I was now facing a bill of $720, according to the representative. They also asked me if my car was a stolen vehicle (highly offensive) in order to try and make sense of this nonsense. Of course, my vehicle is not a stolen vehicle.

Here is where I started to smell a rat. My wife and I have a regular mechanic company, T & M Automotive that has never steered us wrong in all the years we've been going to them for service on our vehicles. I decided to call them up to get their opinion on the situation. First, they informed me for future notice that they too can make my car's type of keys if I was ever in this situation again. Yet, Ford told me my car has to be brought to a Ford dealer in order to get my car keys made. Second, Ford insisted that my car will not start on a "blank" PCM. Then, how do you explain me driving my car for six years on a "blank" PCM if that was the case?

T & M Automotive provided me with a few past invoices (see attached) to prove that the PCM was never blank. Third, Ford also stated that the last company who worked on my car probably deleted my PCM's information. Impossible! I recently had my car's fuel pump replaced and my car smog checked about a month ago with T & M and again, whom provided me with past invoices to prove that they read my car's PCM just fine. I also drove my car around all day Sunday, April 18th, which was the day before it was towed to Ford the very next morning because I lost my only set of keys Sunday night. T & M Automotive has never once run into such a problem while servicing my car and they were able to read my PCM each and every time I brought my car in. My mechanic stated that everything "just doesn't sound right."

To top this terrible experience off, not only was my bill not $720, it ended up being $980.03 because Ford "forgot" to tell me about additional fees. I also had to rent a car for a few days because the part was going to take a couple of days to come in and I needed to get to work. I am demanding that someone of a higher level look into this matter and explain to me how all of a sudden my PCM is completely deleted when it never was to begin with. I am seeking full reimbursement for the cost and labor of the PCM along with the rental car fees I had incurred due to waiting for this special part to come in.

I believe there are two possibilities to this situation. One, either the mechanic who handled my car accidentally deleted my PCM and obviously pushed the blame back on my mechanic and I. Or, two, the mechanic purposely deleted my PCM in order to make more money. Either way, I am in no way responsible for either occurrences. Once again, like I stated earlier, I have attached proof of my past invoices that this problem never occurred until the day I left my car in Ford's hands.

On Nov 16th, I went into this dealership to trade in my BMW 745I for a 05 Mustang GT. I saw a salesman named Jacob Medrano. Jacob explained to me that they would have to order my new car which can take up to 8 weeks and I must put down $500.00. I agreed and they also appraised my trade in for $49,500.00. He also explained to me that the most I will lose from the trade in value in 8 weeks would be $1000.00. I also agreed...

Well I got a phone call today Dec 29th, from Jacob stating my car has arrived. When I arrived at the dealership, Jacob had my car apprasied again,c ame back to me and said they are going to give you $47,500.00 for the trade in. At first i was unhappy because he did tell me the most is a $1000.00, but as I thought about it I understood being that I put on an additional 4000 miles. I agreed. He went to go get the papaerwork and when Jacob returned to have me sign the papers it said $45,000.00 for the trade in. I explained to Jacob you told me $47,500.00 2 mins ago, what is going on. He excused himself and another salesman came over. This salesman stated they can only give me $45,000.00 for the trade in, I asked where did Jacob go and the new salesman told me he was embrassed and left cause he gave me the wrong information.

I was furious by this point and told this new salesman this is the 2nd time they are going back on what they explained to me. I waited 7 weeks for this car, If I would have known they were going to mislead me I would have gone elswhere. Soon after I asked for my $500.00 back and called and left a msg for GM by the name of Art Koombs. I have yet to hear from him...

I bought my Powerstroke 7.3l F250 Crew Cab new in 1999. I noticed that oil was leaking from the exaust. I suspected a turbo failure. I took it in to the service dept. 3 days before the warrenty was up on the 5-year 100,000 mi. warrenty. Ford replaced the turbo but failed to diagnose the real problem of the oil.

I took the truck for a drive and used 1 Gal of oil in 450-700 mi. I took the truck back in and they said that I had to have a short block, to the cost of $7000 and would be liable for $3600 of the cost. I disagreed with them and told them that they missdiagnosed the problem in the first place and that the Short block should be covered as well. I am still waiting to hear from them. The truck only has 68,000 mi. on an engine that should of lasted more that 300,000.

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