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I made a cash purchase with Willis Honda for a car that had several issues, including alignment, shaking at 60 mph, and stalling problems - all things that did not happen during the test drive. I was told that I had a guarantee that the car would past inspection, even though I bought the car as is. Being an out of state purchase, I had to wait 15-20 days for my tags. The Wednesday before the Monday, June 1st deadline, I began to call to see if my tags have arrived. On June 1st, after being pushed to voicemails and continually having to call back because I was receiving no responses, I finally reached someone. I was told if I get pulled over, they would repay the ticket. I responded why I have to go through getting pulled over.

I asked to speak to a manager. Manager ** told me to give him five minutes to figure out what’s going on. Two to three hours later, I had to call back. Don said my car title was at a bank in another state because they just finished making payments and that he would get the papers by Wednesday. After some back and forth, he told me he would give me another car to drive until Wednesday and that for my troubles they would fix all of the problems I mentioned with the car.

On Wednesday, after I had to continually called back in order to reach ** (I felt I was getting the "run around"), I was finally met with the papers’ arrival time changing and getting pushed back until I was told it would be Thursday. On Thursday, when I called I was either told ** was in a meeting, send a voice-mail or I was hung up on until the evening. ** told me that whatever bank had the title was keeping it for 14 more days. I expressed that I did not understand why I made a cash purchase and have to deal with this and how could they sell me a car that was not officially available? ** told me to come in on Friday to receive a full refund.

On Friday, when I arrived, he retracted his offer and told me that someone is bringing the papers. I told him I just wanted my money back because it was too much frustration and I really did not know how these papers were suddenly made available. I was not sure what could have changed in one night. He went back on his word and refused to refund me my money. I was stuck, and then made to wait for these papers, and was only offered gas. I have to admit I did not wait quietly, but I was understandably mad. I am not even sure if they got the paperwork legally with the abrupt change. Also, they did not make the repairs they said they would because of my inconvenience. I was told later that they just rotated my tires. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but to my dismay nothing happened as a result. I would like to know what should be my next step.

I was looking to purchase a Honda Civic DX AT under the "Cash For Clunker" program. I had initially communicated with the dealership via email and then via telephone. I had clearly explained that I cannot buy, unless I can exchange my old car for the "Cash for Clunker" program. I was asked to come in for a visit for evaluation of my old car. I was asked to see some Mr. ** on July 17, 2009 at 0315 PM.

I showed up with my wife at my appointment. A salesman approached me, and I explained to him the purpose of the visit and asked to see Mr. **. The salesman told me that Mr. ** was a manager and politely asked me to explain the purpose of my visit. The salesman then proceeded to talk to someone (sitting at the reception near the entrance door to the dealership). He asked me some questions about my car (a 1993 Toyota Camry, 6-cylinder automatic). I was then told that my car would not qualify, since it had 18mpg (miles per gallon) rating. But the ratings of the clunker car should be below 18 mpg.

Note that this was not true based upon research I had done on the government and Toyota Motors websites. A car with 18mpg or below should qualify. My issue is not that the dealership was refusing my car due to lack of knowledge about rules. My complaint is about the very unprofessional and cold way they dealt with us during our visit without showing a bit of concern about our valuable time (We had traveled about 25 miles to show up for appointment.). Mr. ** never showed up to say hello. The salesman, though very polite, had no idea what I was talking about. Considering that the dealership had called me twice to make an appointment, this unprofessional approach was not what I expected.

It was clear that from the cold attitude of the dealership, they wanted to get rid of us as quickly as possible without any concern for our time or emotions.

My husband and I contacted Willis Honda to get out of our lease and in to a bigger vehicle because of our family. They ran our credit and advised us on March 31, 2009, that they cannot help us. They did not offer an explanation of any kind. John, of Willis Honda, telehphoned my husband and said that he does not know the reason why Willis cannot help us, he just said that they won't. This is unacceptable and I feel we are being discriminated against because of the situation. I will never return to Willis Honda because I feel that since we don't have AAA credit, we are being discriminated against. They flat out refused to help us without explanation and I want something done about this.

I already had a compaint form filled out, but I forgot to add that the first issue was when backing up my truck use to make a noise, and gradually got louder and louder, the first time I took it there they said it was the tire, so ok again it is getting really loud, take it back, it was a defective hose that Honda had on the CRV so they replaced it, once again multiple times, I also have documentation for that first problem.

Same as initial complaint Part 2 of 2

I am leasing a 2007 Honda CRV, which I purchased from the dealer above (Willis Honda). The first incident started in May 2008, the paint on the front hood had came off not much but little small circles, I took it to Honda and explained that to them, I was told that a higher boss had to look at it to see if they will take care of it, I am still waiting for that. Next the sunroof would not close when opened, I contacted Willis Honda again, they couldn't find a problem with it, they told me to bring it back when it gets stuck again, I did they then said it was repaired but later it did the same thing here are the dates.

May 7, 08- Sunroof and the body refinish (paint), May 14,08 back to Willis Honda for Sunroof, still nothing with the paint, on June 3,08 Sunroof still not working correctly, on June 10, 08 the radio started shorting out and changing without touching it, of course looked at it and said it was probably my location, which it was not, then they reset it saying it was not programmed right, okay July 7 08, back to Willis Honda for the Sunroof kept it for a couple of days to finally say it was a defective piece that needed to be replaced.

The next issue was around Sept. maybe earlier, I have all the paperwork from every visit I had there, so the tire pressure light started coming on, I called them again, took it in they looked at it, said it was because the temp. Okay less than a week the light came back on now with the VSA light also, so I decided to buy 4 new tires in Nov 08, got and alignment and had them do the scheduled maintenance over 1100 hundred dollars, so I am thinking this will fix my light coming on because I wanted everything right before I commute to North Jersey on my truck.

Well after getting that, the light was off, then less than a week both lights came back on the VSA and the tire light, I now had to take off work with no pay, they put on the paperwork low tire pressure-Nov 8,08, now I just had all this work done and both lights are back on Dec.15 08 now it has gotten worse, the VSA and Tire light is on with an addition to the ignitions with a buzzing sound like when you turn the key to far back, the shifter will not allow me to press in my button and move my car to any gear without pressing on the VSA off switch, or turning the car on and off multiple times, it is taken me longer and longer to try to get my car to go into gear,

I was so afraid to drive my vehicle, so I called Willis Honda tonight, told them the problem only thing I was told we can not do anything for you, you have to bring it in for a scheduled appointment, I told her I cant just bring my vehicle in like this, this is going to be the 3rd time for the same issue only worse, and I am a Temp so I do not get paid for this, only thing she could say was well the only thing we can do is schedule you an appointment for tomorrow, so instead of getting more and more upset I said fine, but now I had to call my boss and tell her that for the same problem my 2007 CRV was having it is doing it again but worse, so now another day off work with no pay on a job a started less than a month. I had to take off 2 days since working there for the same problem. T

his truck has been so many problems and instead of Willis Honda looking at the many records on this vehicle coming in for problems and saying bring the vehicle in right now and we will look at it, if we can not fix it tonight we will give you a loaner so you can at least go to work. I have never and all my times going there had them say that to me, none of these problems were because of me, but none of these problems were never fixed until multiple visit and this latest one, still a open case. I feel like they should have taken this vehicle back and gave me another one without all of these problems that are not regular wear and tear.

I have missed work, driven back and fourth to Willis Honda for an issue that was suppose to be fixed multiple times, I need my truck to be dependable because I drive a hour and a half to get to work now. They have not been considerate to my needs, my issues I mean after all these problems they see never once did they use my car as priority on their list, it was like once I drove off the lot, customer service drove off with me, I believe my truck is a lemon, if it is not one problem it is another, I just want them to take the truck back and just give me something as long as I don't have to fear for my safety or something else electrical is going to go wrong with this truck. I am barely making enough money to be missing work, or to go back in fourth to a car dealer to repair something that is wrong with the truck, it has been on and on with them and this truck.

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I bought a 2000 honda civic from willis honda 09-27-2004 and since then I have had nothing but problems. The vehicle's alignment was bad when I bought the car and when I brought it to there attention they would not fix it under the warenty that I have. When I went to have the alignment done at just tires I found out the left front spindle and the left outer tie rod seized so they replaced those parts but I still had to pay out of pockett for two brand new tire's which cost me $133.95, this was on 04-13-2005 only 7 months after I bought the car.

Then to add to this my window switches have gone bad twice since i've had the car and I have asked that they look at my heater 3 times and they have not also they were supposed to order me a sockett for my third brake light and I have heard nothing on that. The customer services with Mr. Wayne Vanell was horrible he was rude pushy and gave my family and I the impression that he did not want to assist us at all, it felt more like give them any car and get them out.

I am very unhappy with the service and the car I recieved from willis honda! I should not have to have so much work done to a newer used car if I could I would give them this car back and ask for all money put twoards it back! I have 4 years to still pay on this and I can't afford the repairs after the warenty is up especially if they neglect to look at the problem or fix it the first time.

I have had to miss to much time from work and pay to many toll's for this car. Again I shouldn't get attitude or no respect when i go up to willis for these repairs.

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