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I went to Strauss Auto on 05/18/2011 for an oil change. After the mechanic told me that my compressor was leaking and that it would take $909 to fix, I proceeded to ask him and the manager-on-duty if this was all I needed to get the air conditioning working properly. He assured me that all I needed was the compressor.

On 05/28/2011, I decided to have the air conditioning fixed. Again, I stressed I drive an electric car and asked if they had worked on them before and if they could fix it. He assured me again that they have and they can. I also asked him again if it was all I needed for the air to work and he told me not to worry about it and that he got it.

After paying, I drove off. Three weeks later, I started to notice that the car wasn't cooling off. So I decided to call Strauss Auto to complain and I was told to bring the car back in. On 06/29/2011, I dropped the car off. A while later, the mechanic told me that I had multiple leaks and needed $400.00 more worth of work! I totally refused to give them any more money and requested a refund. I asked the mechanic why weren't these leaks noticed before or after the first work was done and he then went on to say that it wasn't leaking when he gave the car back to me on 05/27/2011. He also said that what I need was a new car.

This mechanic messed my car up and I'm requesting a full refund for work performed! I truly believe he didn't know how to work on an electric car and got stuck and just did a patch-up job to get me out of there. I want a full refund pertaining to all work relating to my air conditioning!

I took my car in to have a catalytic converter installed at Strauss Discount Auto. I was able to drive my car to the shop to be repaired. After the part was installed in the car, I picked my car up and in less than 5 minutes, I called the repair shop because my car was making a noise and wouldn't go no more than 5 miles per hour. I was told to bring the car, in which I did, and he looked under the hood. He didn't put the car on the lift to make sure that the part was installed properly. The mechanic said that he had to put it on the diagnostic to see what the problem is, for a fee.

Now my car is overheating, will barely go 2 miles per hour. It wasn't overheating prior to me taking my car in for repairs and it was picking up speed pretty much like it is suppose to. The company is not trying to do anything to resolve the issue. I asked if he would put my old part back on, I was told yes but for a service fee which I think is very unfair since I believe that it was the repair shop who is at fault.

Went in to get a tire fixed, and was also told I'd need new coolant, as mine "looked like sludge." I took my car to my regular mechanic, and he said it looked perfectly fine. Liars.

On October 27, 2009, I went in for front brake service. About 4 months later, the car was vibrating every time I stepped on the brake. So I went back to Strauss, and the gentleman there told me that they would not be able to look at it for 2 weeks. Not wanting to wait 2 weeks, I declined the appointment and took it to another mechanic, who told me that whoever did the brakes did not do the job correctly, and that I should go back and complain. I went back again. No one helped me. I then wrote to their corporate office. I got a call from the store manager, Steve, last month who yelled at me for writing to their corporate office. He told me he would "give me a good deal" on new pads. I informed him that I didn't only need new pads, but now the rotors were warped. He told me then that I had "no proof" that they did not do the job correctly.

After speaking with the manager, who was yelling and condescending, I refused to take my car back to Strauss. I went to another mechanic, who told me that either Strauss didn't even put new pads on, or they put the wrong ones. He also informed me that they ignored the 'warped' rotors and the broken calipers causing more damage to the braking system. Now it is going to cost me (a college student) $600.00 to repair the damages to my braking system.

I took my car in to Strauss, because as I drove, it would just cut off. On Monday the 7th of June, I explained what I was experiencing, so they stated that my battery was bad. So after I explained that I hadn't had that battery for some years, I asked her to review my history, then she stated that I was still under warranty. At that time, the battery was replaced, then I left. I drove away, then immediately the car stalled on me. At that time, my daughter was in the car with me. Anyway, I'm was thinking that maybe it will take a little while for the energy from the new battery to kick in. So the car continued to stall. By Saturday, I didn't feel safe to drive the car to work, so my friend drove me to work on the 12th and the 13th of June.

On Monday the 14th, I took the car back to Strauss and explained the same thing was happening to the car. Then, I was told that my car needed a value gasket due to oil leaking on the battery. With me needing my car to report to work the next day, I gave them approval to work on the car. Within the hour, I brought my brother in to the store and he explained what didn't sound right for what I explained and what they remedied to fix the car. So Strauss gave me their word that the car would be finish by the day's end, and I would be able to come pick my car up.

That wasn't the case, the car wasn't ready until the next day late afternoon. So I went out and purchased a new car. On Saturday, the 3rd of July we went to pick the car up we paid first, then realized we'd better take the car for a test drive. At that time, I noticed that the gas was almost empty and the car did not sound like my car, it was like something was pulling on the engine and the car just no longer sounded the same. The make and model of the car is was a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. If at all possible, someone can help me. I feel like I have been taken advantage of. Just so you'll know, I have been coming to this shop for years because I have trusted them. But now, most of the old mechanics are gone, and the new guys don't care. Now, I no longer feel comfortable with the company any more.

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16 months ago I bought 4 tires and now they are dry rotting. I did not know that when they were put on, they were over 6 years old. I got tires that were used up before they were put on my truck. I paid $419.00 for them and they want $323.12 to fix a problem. The Cooper tires 245-75-15 size is now discontinued. They want to prorate the used portion against the new ones. I feel the rubber is old and wearing faster. I put 24k on 60k tires and was told I used 50% of their life. I have 8.5 yr. old tires on a 5-yr. old truck. Look at ABC 20/20 programs on this subject, people got killed. I feel I am being told to almost re-buy tires. This is not a road hazard warranty problem. I got an old product that failed.

I was visiting my girlfriend in NJ when I noticed one of my back tires were bad. I went to Strauss Auto in Plainfield, NJ and they said all 4 of my tires needed to be replaced along with a wheel alignment. I had them do the work at the expense of $750.00. This purchase was in Oct 2009.

2 months later, I was driving to my job and the back of my car started to shimmy real bad. Next day, I took the car to my mechanic who put the car on his lift and said the wrong bolt was used and the alignment was not done correctly. He showed me the tires and they were completely bald. He said could have gotten killed on the road.

I then went and purchased 4 new tires and he put in the correct bolt, etc. I then called Strauss and discussed the situation with a woman assistant store manager who told me to come down. 2 weeks later, I visited them and they said I had to have drive the car from Connecticut with the 4 bad tires, that by law, I had to give them the chance to look at the car first. I was upset to say the least. A tow would have been very costly and the tires were dangerously bad. They would not reimburse me for a tow or tires, etc. I see other complaints similar to mine on this site and I think something must be done about Strauss Auto and their policies. They did the alignment, put in the wrong bolt and caused the problem! Please help in my fight to see that they make good on their mistake. Thanks

In June I brought my 1998 Ford Explorer to Strauss Discount Auto (Strauss) in Middletown, NJ to have a check engine light problem diagnosed. Strauss did a computer analysis and reported that I had one bad coil pack. Strauss recommended that both coil packs be replaced along with the spark plugs and ignition wires (tune-up). On the first very hot day after the tune-up, the check engine light came back with a vengeance. The check engine light was flashing and the engine had very little power.

I limped back to Strauss who reported that on such a hot day, the connectors between the coil packs and ignition wires can come loose and cause the engine to misfire. Strauss acknowledged that a flashing check engine light indicates raw fuel is being dumped directly into the catalytic converters causing damage. Strauss performed another analysis/diagnosis and returned the vehicle to me. The check engine light returned the next day, but it was not flashing. Strauss advised me to take the vehicle to a Ford Dealership for further analysis/diagnosis.

I opened a dispute with Strauss through American Express. Strauss performed another analysis/diagnosis which was attended by their District Service Manager. Strauss provided me with a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) indicating that the power train control module (PCM) had to be reprogrammed to the latest calibration. Strauss stated that their computer did not have the required software and I had to go to Ford.

I took the vehicle to Ford, showed them the TSB and paid for an analysis/diagnosis. Ford reported that the PCM was at the latest calibration and that the catalytic converters had to be replaced. Ford reported that there are actually two separate assemblies, each with a front and rear converter, for a total of four catalytic converters. Ford reported it to be an unlikely coincidence that all four catalytic converters failed at the exact same time. The consensus is that the engine misfiring damaged the converts. The consensus is that this should not have happened after a tune-up.

In February I purchased tires, shocks, brake pads, brake rotors, a wheel alignment and other items from Strauss at a cost of $1,776.93. I went back in June with the check engine light problem. The bill came to $742.97...$602.30 for the tune-up and $140,67 for other items. Two days before I brought the vehicle to Ford, my brakes failed. The brake pedal went completely to the floor. Ford charged my $174.51 for the analysis/diagnosis and $409.45 to repair a brake line. Strauss performs a brake job and the brakes fail months later. Strauss performs a tune-up and the catalytic converts fail days later. The check engine light is still on, but has not flashed and the engine has not misfired since Strauss checked the coil pack connections. Strauss insists these are all coincidences. Ford states that the check engine light is on because the catalytic converters were damaged.

American Express was helpful, but they were dealing with two customers and functioned only as a mediator. Like me, they were relying on the honor system which, unfortunately, failed. Strauss left me standing in their parking lot with the check engine light on, telling me to go to another repair shop. Once Ford properly diagnosed the problem, Strauss saw an opportunity for more business. Strauss offered to replace the catalytic converters a cost of $1,607.23, claiming it to be a great deal. The Strauss price was about the same as the quote I received from Midas (great deal???).

I believe the current problem is a result of the poor service performed by Strauss. I believe Strauss should take full responsibility for the cost of Ford's diagnostics and the replacement of the catalytic converters.

On April 24, 2006, I purchased 4 new? 195/60R15 88H Goodrich Trac T/A tires for $398.25 at Strauss Discount Auto, 2213 Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145. Ive been to Strauss two times since purchasing the tires, once in approximately 6 months and the second time approximately one year after the purchase date for issues related to my tires. On 12/12/08, my mechanic informed me that my tires were dry rotted and he showed me the cracks in my tires. I have only driven approximately 7,000 miles within the two years of having the new tires. On 12/12 in the evening, I went to Strauss, explained the situation to Matt, Service Manager who told me he would pro-rate me new tires, but it was busy and I should come back. I went back to Strauss on 12/13 around 11 a.m. Matt told me they were really busy again and I should come back. The young lady who came in after me was purchasing two new tires and Matt told her it would be a two hour wait when he told me it would be approximately a six hour wait. I went back to Strauss on 12/13 around 5 p.m. and waited to be serviced.

Upon inspection of my tires with my mechanic, I realized my tires were purchased in 2006, but were dated 2004. I asked Matt why was I given tires dated 2004 in April 2006. Matt informed me that to Strauss my tires were considered new? even though they were two years old and that he would pro-rate new tires. Tires that have been sitting around for two years are no longer "new tires" even though the tires have not been driven. I should have been told that I was purchasing "aged" tires.

After waiting, Ralph, non-courteous customer service representative informed me that the pro-rated tires would cost $259.44. The price of the pro-rated tires is extremely high since I have had problems with the tires since I purchased them; and, since I was mislead into believing I purchased new? tires in 2006 when in reality I purchased old? tires. Matt and Ralph both provided poor customer service to me. I did not get my tires replaced on December 13, 2008. Also, neither Ralph nor Matt did not discuss any other options other than purchasing purchase KM Solus KH16 87 tires, pro-rated at $259,44.

Im disappointed in the poor customer service from the representatives at Strauss and their lack of feedback regarding BF Goodrichs tire warranty, as well as us not coming to a resolution regarding this issue since it is a safety issue. I am now inconvenienced to try to find other alternatives to getting "new" tires because the customer service representatives at Strauss were not accommodating.

On January,23rd,2008 I requested to have a newly

installed ignition starter switch be adjusted so as to enable my car to start. The manager (Albert)) told me that he didn't have a clue what I was talking about;He immediately presented me with a work order in the amount of $102`00 with other conditions to have a diagnosis done. He then turned my car keys to the mechanic to do a diagnosis. Between Albert and Stefon after three hours of waiting was that "my car needed a new steering column".

Because I insisted that the problem with the car was to have the ignition starter switch ajusted;and, didn't buy their story they continued to work on the car now adjusting the starter switch as I originally requested. After they adjusted the starter switch the car started but I had other problems. i.e. There were no dash board ligths except for the radio display. When the headligths were turned on the radio display lights would go off. To be breif I took the the car back on 1/24/08 and I am still dissatisfied. I am living with a defected headlight which goes off when the bright lights are turned on. On 1/25/08 I spoke with Albert who is telling me that my headlights are going bad.

I also left the shop with a torn upholstery on the dashboard. They have refused to repaair my car after over charging me $102`00 for adjusting a starter (labour) cost. And try to convince me that the initial problem was to change the steering column.

I purchased tires back in feb 07 for my car. Since I had a warranty, and my tires were always low , I went back to Strauss and a mechanic named Tenecia, removed my front left tire to check it. Two days later I was on the highway and my front left tire came off , she had put my tire back on wrong. All the lug nots had came off causing my car to loose complete control.

I called Strauss and spoke to a supervisor , they refused to help me. So I towed my car to them anyways, and confronted them personally, threating to sue. A manager Jim Malloy finally contacted me, and authorized to put the tire back on, and refund my tow truck expense. The people at the store were all , unhelpful , put my tire back on , without saying a word. Now I took my car back to strauss, to find out that , that same front left tire has a broken Axel.And according to their mechanic I can get into an accident at any moment. I did not know this back when it fell off, because they failed to tell me , and put my safety in jeapordy. I contacted Jim Malloy again, and he sent one of his workers to contact me and state he'll give me 20 perecent off a Axel. Which is ridiculous since this was all their fault to begin with. My safety is on the line and Strauss which is a big company , is doing nothing to help me, they could have cost me my life and still can.

I went to get my brakes done on my car. They were fine for a week then they started to sqeak. I took my vehicle back to the store so I can get a full refund or my brakes done over. Instead they did not want to give me my refund or do my brakes.

I purchased tires from them and they installed them but a couple days later I found out that they were too big and was rubbing. I returned to the the store but they refused to replace them even if it was there fault that they were the wrong size.

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