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I am very particular about my cars. I used to take my car to Pine Belt Cadillac and Nissan 2-3 times a month just to get my car detailed. They had such amazing service there! Everything would be the way I want it and if I ever had a problem they had a solution for me. Just recently I brought my car to get detailed. It was horrible! The guys working there looked at me like I had 4 heads when I asked for specifics. They also seemed to have lost some of their best mechanics. I will now choose Lester Glenn or Pine Belt Lakewood to do business.

I have been the only owner of my car and I bring it for its factory scheduled maintenance religiously. Never missed a single service and never had any problems mechanically after 90,000 miles. Took the car in for routine 30,000 mile maintenance and within one week the car was bucking when I stepped on the gas. The source of which they couldn't then find, and now the heat doesn't work, just 3 weeks after service. Never going back, nor will I buy a car there.

I leased a new 2015 Pathfinder SL Tech from this dealer on January 10th, 2015. While negotiating the price of the vehicle, we had come to an agreement that the dealer will install a Dual DVD Head restraint entertainment system and roof rails inclusive in the deal, however, the accessories weren't in stock and would had to be installed a week later. After the accessories were installed, I found out that Dual DVD Head restraint is an aftermarket product rather than a Nissan product while the roof rail was Nissan product. The installed DVD monitors do not function the same way as was perceived by me in Nissan's website and advertisements, and do not match the rest of interior of the car and hence spoils both functionality and look.

Upon taking up the matter with the dealership, I was told that the deal was originally done with an aftermarket product. However, they accepted that it was their fault of not informing me of the same. Note that roof rails installed were Nissan though, however, strange. I believe, withholding information is equivalent to lying and this caused me to make an uninformed decision which is going totally against me right now. I want to emphasize that I went to this dealer over a better quote from a dealer who's local to my town, just because my wife wanted this color combination and specially the interior which now is completely spoiled because of the mismatching head restraint they put in.

They refuse to install Nissan DVD monitors, and asked me to pay extra $1000 to get that instead. They are offering to match the color of the head restraint with the rest of the seat and claiming that the installed product should behave just like Nissan product, which is total false. While the Nissan product that I had seen and believed purchasing, can be played individually or via in-dash DVD/USB both; it's impractical and unsafe both to expect my kids to reach out from their car seat to load themselves DVD or USB into the in-built DVD on the monitors and change track, in order to be able to use this system.

I had also involved Nissan Consumer Affairs who could not resolve the case and was told by dealership that if I paid $800 extra they would install Nissan DVD monitors. Something is really fishy here. See how that $1000 became $800. Besides they are tricking me to pay extra for something which I was already tricked into believing that I had already paid for. This has caused me endless agony and sleepless night. I feel deceived and now I feel stuck with a car which doesn't fit all my requirements for next 35 months. And, since they have accepted that they didn't inform me (withheld information) about the product being aftermarket at the first place, it's their responsibility to mend it.

It's an implicit understanding of all the customers that the accessory they find in manufacturer's website and ask the dealer to install during a new car purchase will always be OEM. Stay away from this dealership. And if you are unfortunate enough to land yourself there, make sure you get every nickel and dime and nut and bolt mentioned in paper works. These are very clever people you are dealing with, so be extra cautious. The sales person was Steve ** and his sales manager Nick ** (who in fact is the most rude person I met in my entire life).

Me and Steve had, in fact, settled on a $409/month lease payment, which turned out to be 409.9 when I showed up at the dealership to sign the contract. Not being miser, I did not want to make a fuss about it. May be that was the first indication that these people have many such tricks under their sleeves. These people do not understand what it means to be a customer and how customer satisfaction and after sales experience is important for any business. We have, in fact, already advised couple of friends who were in talks with this dealership, against it, and they have turned away from Pine Belt Nissan. I have attached photos of Nissan DVD monitors and ConceptBuy which they got me installed.

Pine belt Nissan service is a Nightmare. If you are getting warranty work, the service advisors are rude and do not want to be bothered with you. Right away you are told that is not covered. The last time we were there my husband came and once he talked to and slipped the shop manager whose name is Mickey $25.00 then magically our repair was covered which Nissan said it should have been 100% covered. And the best part about it they didn't even repair it right. After many calls back to Mickey he made like he knew nothing about it and lied. And when we tried to call Tom the service manager, he would never return our call.

Mickey is a real snake and will screw you with no problem. It’s a shame that you have to pay off someone when you also paid for a warranty. We will NEVER go back to Pine Belt Nissan Service. Thanks to Mickey and their service Department.. AVOID AT ALL COST.

WORST WORST WORST WORST experience of my life. Dealing with the most unbelievably frustrating lawsuit with Nissan right now on my leased 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Cannot stress enough how much this is the WORST experience. The salesman I had was nothing but great (Angelo). But when it comes to servicing your vehicle here and you have ANY problems you will go through the greatest headache. May 24th 2014 was when I leased. By the beginning of July I was noticing a fuel gauge issue. They replaced parts twice and by the third time I was told by Tom ** the service center manager there was nothing more they could do.

Joe ** a manager of Nissan made me think they would do "everything they could to help." What a pathetic lie that was. Not only did they treat me like I had no problems, but then corporate Nissan sent out a "specialist" Nick. He was BY FAR THE MOST RUDE EMPLOYEE I have ever dealt with. Not only was I then being told it wasn't a problem, but that it was just a "characteristic" of my vehicle. Needless to say I now have a lawyer and granted it will take time, I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE, LEASE, OR DO BUSINESS WITH NISSAN EVER AGAIN. I am warning anyone who is thinking about getting a Nissan that it will be in your best interest to stay far, far away. I am beyond frustrated and cannot wait to get rid of my Pathfinder.

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I have been to this dealer a few time to get pricing, they insist on running my credit, I assured them the credit was 710 to 740 based on the credit score subscription I have on my phone. They kept pushing for my credit application until I walked out. I have received pricing from other dealers based on my WORD that the credit is good, if it was not what I told them I would expect the payment to rise, however not giving me pricing without a credit application is a scam. Everyone knows dealers make money on financing, they get a rate of 2.9 from a bank and charge you 4.9 in addition to the money they are making on the sale of the car. I understand they have to make money, however not discussing pricing before running a credit is just a way for them to price you at the highest profit margin they can get. Go to a Dealer that will discuss pricing without getting a credit application 1st.

An 88 year old man went to Pine Belt Nissan to have his truck serviced. The salesman **, persuaded him to purchase another vehicle for $13,999, which he did not want. He returned the vehicle 8 days later. He was reimbursed a little over $9,200.00. It was explained to me by ** that he had to pay for taxes on both, motor vehicle fees on both, but twice, to change owners' names. In the meantime waited for the registration, title and plates for his truck. When the call came in from Pine Belt to come pick them up, all they had was the duplicate of his old registration, said they didn't have his plates and he needed to wait for the title to be mailed to him. Obviously if it was a duplicate, they never paid and the fees to have it switched to their name. I spoke to a ** 3 weeks ago, he said he'd pull the file to cover it and get back to me. I've been calling him for 3weeks, has yet to answer or return my calls. I've left messages for 4 days for the owner, no response. They knowingly took advantage of an old man, and have no answers, stole his money and are avoiding me. I have phone logs of my well, over 30 calls to them. Shame on them.

We just bought a 2013 Rouge with 5000 miles. The next day my wife said there was something wrong with the headliner. When I told Pine Belt About it, I was told that the only way they would fix it is if I paid for them to do it. Never again Pine Belt. Don't buy a car from these people.

Pine Belt Nissan in Tom's River, NJ, runs nothing, but scams. I am new to the area and had just came out of bankruptcy. They sent paperwork stating they would guarantee a fresh start and opportunity to rebuild my credit. Went there twice. First time salesperson was not notified that I was in the showroom for over an hour. General Manager offered to pay my gas and tolls if I returned. Returned and gas and tolls were not paid nor did I get to see the vehicle I was interested in purchasing. Wanted to run my credit before I spoke to anyone. Showed them the advertisement and still didn't get any service. Left the dealership and I promised to never return. Two or three months ago Pine Belt Nissan started calling my house to see if I have purchased a vehicle. They are running a special again and looking to drum up business that they did not appreciate or properly serve the last time I was there. If they continue to call my house I am going to file a complaint for harassment. I told them I am not interested in doing business with them ever.

Just to clarify I am speaking about Pine Belt on Rt 37 in Toms River. That being said I purchased a 2011 Nissan Sentra "new". Well, I paid full price for it even though it was the loaner they let people drive who were having their vehicles repaired. The car has all kinds of noises that don't sound that good, trans slips now. The way they convinced me was they said, "In 2 years, you'll be able to trade this for whatever you want." Not 1 late payment in over 2 years and I still owe $6000.00 more than it is worth and I put $2000 down at signing! They are crooks. Do not go there!!

I would rate it negative 10 but that’s not allowed. I had my Titan pickup towed in because of a bad ECM module that was recalled by Nissan. Upon inspecting my vehicle, they (Pine Belt Service Manager) claimed a bad battery, battery cable, and IPDM. The cost to repair was $900.00. It was still unknown what may be causing the problem. I went there (Pine Belt) and looked at my car and it started right up. I told them not to touch it and that I would be right back to pick it up. The car never started again. I had it towed out. They removed the battery cable and replaced it with a damaged one. They also removed the ECM module that was a factory recalled part (see Nissan's recall notice). I notified Nissan Corporation, who did nothing. I will file criminal mischief charges soon.

I negotiated a price and gave a credit card deposit. Then, I got a call and they wanted an additional $4,000 because they sold a car that they did not have.

I brought my vehicle in on several separate visits to have repairs made. It was due to the poor construction of my vehicle. The car has flooded twice due to Nissan poorly inspecting the vehicle before selling to me. The service department first tried to blame the issues on me, suggesting that I parked the vehicle in a high flood zone. Then, they realized that it was an issue from Nissan, as the car was not inspected properly before delivery. Now I am having electrical issues with brake lights flashing along with loud noises coming from the motor.

I purchased my Nissan Quest on December 2009. I took the vehicle for repair on brakes because the car would shake when braking. This had happened three times because the dealer kept putting cheap brake pads. I already paid $300.00 for the repairs and the dealer wants me to pay again for the same repair. When I asked about the warranty, Ken said he cannot use up all the time because he has to pay his technician, but the technician is not doing a good job. I need help solving this issue. The vehicle did not pass the inspection because of an EGR valve that was broken since god knows when. Rotors have also worn out, as well as the pads too.

I brought my Nissan Xterra in for an oil change and to have a check engine light diagnosed. Before bringing my SUV in for repair, I bought a DTC scanner to diagnose the check engine light. The DTC scanner returned an engine code of P0456. I looked up code P0456 and it had to do with evaporative emission control system leak detected.

My SUV has 46,851 miles on it and still covered under warranty. By federal law, dealers have to make sure their cars abide by emission control laws. Before going to the dealer, I turned off the check engine light using my DTC scanner. I didn't erase any codes but just turned off the DTC scanner. The DTC scanner I bought doesn't have the capability to reprogram the engine codes. Mine is a simple scanner that can only read the codes.

When I asked the service technician to check for engine codes, she said she couldn't perform that task unless the check engine light was on. I explained to her that I turned off the light prior to coming to the dealership. After arguing for half an hour, she finally agreed to check the engine codes. Another half hour passed and she said that their scanners were being reprogrammed and they wouldn't be available. I told her I had my scanner in the car and would be willing to show her the codes.

She sent the technician around and he brought the vehicle into the garage. I was of the understanding I would scan the car and show him the error codes. Next thing, he comes out and tells me that no codes are showing up. By some miracle, the engine diagnostic reset itself from the time I read the codes at my house and drove to the dealer. Obviously, they reset the codes at the dealership because they don't want to be responsible for the warranty work.

The car will be unable to pass inspection and is not running at peak efficiency.

Two weeks ago, my wife called Toms River Nissan and stated we would like to turn in our Infinity (the lease is now up and paperwork shows I can bring this car there). We left a message for Manny, the return guy. After two or three more messages, we left and no response. We called and asked for the manager Vinny **, who had Manny call back later that day. Manny called and we set a date for a Friday, last week. A snowstorm was approaching so we called and left another message stating we cannot make Friday and would like a reschedule. Again, two days with no response. I called and asked for Manny and he answered. He made a rude remark stating we cancelled. I said, "I just want to drop off this Infinity." He then said they don't take back Infinity. I said, "Why didn't you state that two weeks ago?" He then hung up on me.

I called back and asked for his manager. The assistant manager basically stood up for the rude rep and also threatened to hang up. The GM got on the phone and went on and on as to why I am making a big deal about this and I shouldn't. Why didn't the guy Manny call back the first 3 times? Why, after I reached him after the storm, did he now say "We don't take back Infinity?" Very bad sales reps at Pine Belt Nissan. The worst I have ever come into contact with.

I purchased a used 2001 Nissan Maxima from Pine Belt Nissan. They lied and told me the finance company would not finance unless I purchased the extra warranty. Within a week, the check engine light came on and the back brakes were faulty. They serviced the brakes and cut the light off. I would take the car in for servicing and kept complaining about the check engine light. The ECM unit went out on the car. I had to pay almost $1,700 for used part. They kept saying about the converter, which they knew it was bad when they sold me the car. I contacted Nissan HQ, nothing was ever done about. I see on their complaint page several 2001 Maxima converters went bad. That should have been a recall. People need not buy their products so they can go under. This needs to be investigated. Now, I'm stuck trying to pay for a converter, because the car will not pass NJ state inspection.

This is not the first time I had a problem with this dealership. On jan.14 2009 My 04 nissan maxima would not RUN, It would turn over, start and then stall. I told Greg this. He told me that they could not diagnose the problem without replacing the battery at @ $180. I know that was not the cause of the no run problem. If your battery is bad the car does not turn over. This car would turnover and start. it would not run after it started, Greg said that they knew the battery was bad because it needed a jump to get it started. I asked him if that was the cause of the no run issue and if so to put that on the receipt. he said OK. But later called me back to say these cars have a cold start issue. I think he just wanted to cover his ass. according to him there is no recall or anything to fix the cold start issue.

I know as an A.S.E. Certified mechanic myself that the issue is a fuel starvation problem. most likely a frozen fuel line. They wouldn't even look at the car without replacing the battery. When I asked greg how do you know the battery is bad he said they had to jump it to get it running. I said great! the cars running right? I brought it in because it would not run. leave it running and I will pick it up in 5 min. I took it home, drained the fuel line and put gas line antifreeze in the tank at a cost of 2.95. Problem solved.

The technicians and the sales and service staff are inapt at doing there job and show a disrespect to the intelligence of their customers for a gain in profit. It is my belief that they do this to all their customers. I just happen to be a mechanic and seen their little scheme to pad the bill so to speak. At a dealership that I had worked for the cost for the repair would be 1hr labor at $100 and 2.95 for the gas line antifreeze 102.95 plus tax. They wanted $180 for the battery. plus whatever else they could con me for before they even get to the cause of the problem before I stopped them.

Loss of time from work to fix the car myself in my driveway in a snowstorm...NO FUN.

I purchased my 2003 Maxima in Dec of 2002. I was excited and loved the car. Two weeks after I purchased my Maxima, I was watching the news to find out that the Xenon headlights were being stolen. I contacted the sales rep Mike Tassaro about what I had heard on the news. His response to me was about a month ago 30 of our Maxima's on our lot had their headlights stolen. Okay he failed to tell me that when I was in to purchase the car.

One month later I had heard about the Anti-theft kit they were installing in the cars. I was told to bring my car in , so I did. I was also told that this would prevent the thiefs from stealing my headlights.

Well on August 13th 2004 My husband walk out to find the front of my car a wreck they damaged my bumper,broke my grill and stole my headlights. So basically the Aniti-Thief kits do not work.

That day I drove my car to Nissan as is, unfortunely I can't afford to put a down payment on a new car and pay to have it fixed also. I called the manager Steve at Nissan and explained my situtation. I can get the car fixed pay the 500.00 deductible and put 500.00 down on a new car, or they fix the car and I'll put 1000.00 down on a new car. He told me to bring my car in so they can take a look at it.

When I arrived at Nissan they asked me what I was interested in , I told them maybe a Nissan Pathfinder. They had me take the 2004 Pathfinder for a ride(wasn't fully loaded).The MSRP was 30000.00. While I was gone they called to see how much the buy out of my lease was 20000.00. When I came back from my ride in the Pathfinder, the sales rep (don't remember his name) sat me down. He had a plain white peice of paper with writting on it. They wanted me to put down 2600.00 on the Pathfinder and my payments for a 5 yr LEASE would be 469.00 a month with tax. He really must of thought I was an idiot! Nissan was only willing to give me 13000.00 for the car with the missing headlights and like I said the buy out was 20000.00 they tacked on that 7000.00 difference to the price of Pathfinder (27000.00 +7000.00. So for a 2004 left over they would of expected me to pay almost 35000.00. I told them this is unexceptable and walked out. I think the way they treat their customers is wrong.

Truly Nissan should be responsible and replace the headlights and damaged parts at no cost. I understand it is not their fault for trying to make the cars better looking, but they should of explained to the customers what was going on with the headlights instead of being more concerned about making a deal!

And if the customers feel this way about their deductibles , just think about how much money the car insurance companys are losing.

My 99 alero with v6 engine had 48741 miles in jan 2002 and it stared leaking dexcool. I took it to the dealer and they had to replace gasket and serpentine belt because it was coolant soaked. The total cost was 1088.19, now during an oil change on 1/31/04 at a local mechanic shop, they told me my intake manifold gasket leaks at four corners.

Also after the dealer fixed in 2002, I called GM and explained my situation and they told me to send them all my original receipts of repair work. I them waited to here from them so I called after about a three weeks. they told me on the phone that it looked like i would be reimbursed but i got no reply after that comversation.

So I called again and this time I was put on hold for 10 minutes while they reviewed my complaint and their response was that if ther was a problem with gasket it would have happened right away when I bought the car.

since my car was past warranty I had to pay 1088.19 for this repair.I also had to have my water pump replaced the same day they chaned my gasket and belt.

SPOT DELIVERY SCAM - My husband Christopher and I bought a 2003 Nissan Xterra from this dealership three weeks ago. We were called back last week saying that the financing fell through and we have to pay about $25 a month more than we originally signed up for. We agreed to this. Then two days ago they called back again saying the financing fell through.

Now - my husband is an idependent computer consultant (only for the past 2 months)so for the past 2 months he can't actually produce a formal proof of income, however, he worked fulltime for years before this! And he has made PLENTY of money so far in the past 2 months. The dealership said that the bank is not approving this and is demanding that we return the vehicle!!

It is extremely embarrasing!!! It is our first new vehicle ever, and we were SO happy driving it for the past 3 weeks. It was so great to finally be driving a car that dosn't sound like it's about to explode! this is just absolutely ridiculous.

My husband makes about $2500 dollars a month and I make about $1600 a month, we have enough to make the $450/month payments! This is just absolutely RIDICULOUS!! We also put down $1500 for the car and we might have to PAY for the miles that we already drove, which is NOT OUR FAULT! This is ridiculous!

I bought my car a 1996 Nissan Altima in 1999. I bought their extended warranty. I have had more problems with this car than I can describe. I started having problems with the car after 2 weeks of ownership. They did not want to fix anything. My sunroof was leaking, it was making bad rattling sounds. They were telling me that it was not their problem. My exhaust cracked right in half after having the car 2 months. My gas gage stopped working. My gas tank started leaking. My speedometer does not read right. I put $3,000 cash down on this car.

It was like pulling teeth to get anything fixed right. After battling back and forth and numerous visits, they fixed the leak in my sunroof, but did not fix the noise...the manager told me that he could put me in a brand new Cadillac that they had and it would rattle...that was their excuse. The manager also told me after I had the car for two have been having too many problems with this car...come down to the lot and see if you like anything else from our used inventory. So I did...All for the same price of my car and cheaper. Well you know what that same manager told need to put down another 2,000 dollars to keep your payments the same.

I told him I had put $3,000 down on the car I am driving two months ago, I am not going to spend even more money. So the deal was off. It took my car three times to get them to see the problem with the gas tank. My transmission does not always go into gear, but they never saw that problem everytime I brought the car back to them. One day my driver side wiper stopped working...they charged me for it. They ordered a new speedometer head unit for me....they told me that I would have to bring the car back, and they would call me when it was in...thay never called me, and when I had it brought in a few weeks later to have the gas tank fixed, they avoided the speedometer subject, and acted as if they did not know never got replaced like it was supposed to. They also charged me for window etching that was never done. My fiancee's mother had bought her Nissan Sentra the same day I bought my car, and she had so many problems with that car, that they did not want to fix, that she had to trade the car in for another car to another car dealer.

I have had this car for two years. I am stuck with a car that is so unrealiable. I paid 14,000 for this car from them. If I wanted to trade the car in...I owe more than the car is my car payments on anything else would be alot higher. Everyday I am fearful that something else is going to break. I have learned my lesson to never buy from a dealer that only cares about their pocket, and to never buy another used car.

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