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Their sales people to the store manager are crooks. Do not leave a deposit! It will never be refunded! They will give you the runaround, hoping that you are too stupid to dispute the charges with your credit card company in a timely manner.


On July 16 2010, I purchased a 2008 Acura TL TYPE-S from Open Road Nissan. I took the vehicle home that Friday and realized it was making a knocking noise on the front right side of the vehicle when I drove over small bumps on the road. That's just 1 of the 3 problems. While I'm driving, I also realized that thee vehicle is pulling to the right of the road indicating it needs a wheel alignment. The last problem I also noticed was the air conditioning is not working properly. When on high, the car blows out cool air not cold, that’s while driving over an hour.

Now I called the dealer and spoke to my sales representative (Dharam) who sold me the car and explained to him my issues. He told me that I have to speak to the sales manager (Gunnar) and also proceeded to tell me that the sales manager is not going to fix my car. Now at this point I left a message with the receptionist to have him call me when he becomes available. The sales manager called me 5 hours later only to tell me that I need to take the car to Acura to get looked at when he knows the car was sold to me with 41,000 miles and the bumper to bumper warranty has expired.

Now I asked him to show the so-called 128-point inspection report the car goes through when they purchased it, he told me he does not have that report. I kept explaining my issues to him and told him if the car had that proper inspection done to it as he claims, I would not have these problems. He refused to fix my car but continued to tell me to take the car to Acura. How can you sell me a car which cost me $26,500 and not explain to me that the car needs work? I will never buy a car from this company again and I will do everything in my power to make everyone aware of how this company operates. Now I'm probably going to have to pay an extra $1000 to get my car fixed. Not good for business on their behalf.

My car may need a new motor mount, I will also have to pay for a wheel alignment and last the air conditioning system has to be repaired. No telling what that will cost.


I purchased a used 2003 Altima in July from this company. I requested that my mechanic check it out before I purchased it. It had low mileage and appeared in good shape. My first mistake was giving $300 in cash to the salesman for a lower rate. I figured no harm no foul. Secondly, after a decent test drive, I took the car to my mechanic. I also took it to Midas and Sears. I was told by all three, who had no idea about each other, that I needed two front brake pads, front rotors, struts, front strut mounts and a serpentine belt.

When I presented this list on the phone to the sales rep, he said he would get back to me. I received a return call from the service manager who demanded to meet with my mechanic. He stood by the way the car was and said I need to speak to the GM, Joel **. Joel stood by his mechanic’s statement until I said I had the paperwork from Midas and Sears echoing what my mechanic said. At that point, he said he would replace the brake pads and "sharpen" the rotors. I decided to go with that. I did not mind the investment if they would give me some leave way.

I purchased the vehicle on the 21st of July. Saturday, August 1st, the vehicle stalled at a light. It started right back up and I proceeded to the next light where I promptly stalled again. I then proceeded home. At the time when I got out of my car, the window was opened when I closed the door. Up to this point, I had not had the windows down whenever I closed the door. When I did, there was a horrible rattle like something was loose. I made a service appointment. I explained everything to the check in person who refused to come outside and listen to the rattle.

Later that day, I received a message form Joel ** telling me to call him. He told me that the car has stalled from clogged fuel injectors and that it would cost me $169. The window would be another $200 or so. I went down there to speak with him. He first told me that I had a 30 day "power train" warranty. This did not cover the injector or window and that I had not mentioned the window before. Mind you I have had the car for 2 weeks. He then told me I must have used cheap gas and gotten sludge. I told him I had the receipts for my two fill ups from Sunoco in the car both Premiums. I said "these are not problems that are three months out, this is two weeks after purchase". I also told him that though not a mechanic, a clogged injector would sputter and chug out not just shut off the car. He then told me it was too late, the car was mine and he was not making any more allocations.

I realized then that I had been taken and that he could care less. I also knew that this would now cost me but not here. I told him I wanted my car. He looked like I shot him. I then told him I realized that he had jerked me and that I would not only report him but he would be sorry. After a heated exchange, he demanded I leave. I demanded my car. He called the police. They actually had to make him give me my car as he was more concerned with the ejection of unsatisfied customer from the dealership than any type of customer service. Again, I haven’t had the car for one month and do not even have the plates.

I will have to pay for having this car brought to speed. I was not expecting a new performing car, but I was expecting something decent that would need minimum immediate assistance. I spent literally hours on the phone mainly on hold. I shopped around for this car. I thought I had a deal. I did. A bad one.


We called the dealership on a Thursday to ask about buying out our lease. No one ever got back to us. On Monday, we called again and spoke to a Mr. ** who told us he was the finance guy. We drove to the dealership with our two young boys in tow. When we spoke to Mr. **, who was not in fact the finance guy as he had told us he was on the phone, we told him what we wanted: to buy out our 2006 Nissan Murano from the lease and that we wanted a 6-year buy out. He first insulted us by saying that we probably wouldn't qualify for that as only those with best credit get it. We rest assured we did qualify as we have excellent credit. He told us we qualified and that to get the financing, we would have to put down $1,500 and that our payment would remain the same. However, when I ran the numbers on my loan calculator, they were off by almost $40 a month. When I asked why, they couldn't answer us. It didn't matter because we had no intention of putting any money down.

We spoke to a Mr. ** who was the finance guy and he said this was the only way to get the loan. We said we would go to our credit union for the money and he said, “Okay, call me when you get it and I'll fax them over the paperwork.” On Friday, we secured financing with our credit union and called Mr. ** for the numbers. For 3 hours he played games with us every time we called: “I'm to busy. I can't find the numbers. Yada, yada, yada.” Finally, the credit union called. A Mr. ** sent over the buyout numbers. These numbers were now $500 more than they were on Monday and when I asked why, he said that was the dealership’s cut of the transaction. We were in the credit union at the time of the signing the loan papers. I was furious and said we wouldn't pay it. He said if we wanted to buy our car, then we would have to pay it and he laughed.

Besides being infuriating, it was embarrassing and humiliating. Our credit union rep then called Nissan Motor Acceptance directly and they were able to help us complete the buyout and at a cost that was $1,200 less than what the dealer was trying to get us to pay with all of their documentation fees and dealer cut. I then called Nissan to file a complaint with them and spoke to a lovely man who seemed to really understand how horrified and disgusted we were. He stated another rep would call back by Monday at 5 pm. She called this morning and was absolutely awful. No customer service personality at all. She said there was nothing she could do about this situation as the dealership was privately owned and they had no control over them. I said to her that was ridiculous. These people represent Nissan and they are the face of Nissan to us consumers. She said why she's sorry this happened and there was nothing she was going to do about it.

I as a consumer am absolutely appalled by this behavior both by the dealership and the customer service rep. If the economy weren't the way it is right now, I would turn in my lease and buy an American car! This was my first purchase of a foreign car and while I truly love the car and enjoy it, I will never purchase another Nissan again. There are too many other ways to spend my hard-earned money. I do not need to be run around, wasting valuable time and money hauling my poor toddlers around for this nonsense. I deserve better as does my family. For $36,000, I can buy a lot of different cars out there and intend to do so next time we need a vehicle.


bought a car on 10-8-08 gave them $7,000.00 down and a loan through jpmorgan chase. about 2 weeks later the sales manager darius m knocked on my door, i was not home at the time, he spoke to my mother stating my loan didnt go through and i have to sign papers. he was threating my mother, she told him to leave. i reported the incident to the morristown police dept. i have contacted chase on at least 6 different occassions, and they still can't verify this. i told nissan i will not sign two loans for the same car! that they can have the car back once i get my seven thousand dollars back. then on 11-1-08 herb from the dealership came to my apt. i told him that i will not sign two loans, that the deal was contingent on the loan, that if the loan indeed didnt go through i wanted my money back. he said no, he also stated that the chase loan is still pending. i told him to leave, or i would call the police.

on 11-3-08 darius Again came to my home, speaking with my mother, he made threats and terroristic threats, my mother who is elderly has also been a victim of this harrassment.on 11-4-08 the dealership broke into my car and stole it. the car is registered to me and njdmv shows the lienholder as chase. this is falsification of records or harrassment? I did not submit the paperwork, they did!!!i have all documentation ...

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I currently lease a 05 Nissan Altima and my lease is up in september and I am in the market for another Altima lease. I called OPEN ROAD Nissan and and told them the deal I currently have. The sales person went and talked to the manager and said that they will match the deal. So I took my wife and 2 month old to the dealership 45 min away. We test drove an Altima and were happy with the ride.

However when it came time to make the deal the manager came and told us that he could not match the deal and gave me few numbers and told me that it was impossible. He continued to offer me a lease that was twice the downpayment and more monthly payment. It was a show of dishonesty on the part of OPEN ROAD NISSAN, causing us a lot of trouble, loss of time and effort. It was a show of the old time trick of somehow enticing/getting the customer into the showroom.


I put a down payment on a car and called the dealer back within 14 hours to say I was not going to purchase the car from their dealership and wanted my depoist back and they said they would not.

I'm out my $1000.00 deposit.


August 29, 2006

I am a resident of Maryland who has been on vacation for the past month visiting relatives in New Jersey. My wife and I bought a car from a Nissan dealership during this time period. This letter/ timeline is the unfortunate story of my car experience during the past month with that dealership.

7/26 My wife and I bought a 2003 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition from Open Road Nissan of Morristown, NJ after researching it online and taking a 20 minute test drive, agreed upon price: $20,600

Our salesmans name was Nick, we told him we were from MD and currently on vacation and that we were traveling down to N.C. the following week, we wanted a newer car because our old car had a lot of mileage, and we wanted the amenity of a factory installed DVD player with wireless headphones for the kids on the trip and the folding third row seat for extra room

Terms of Agreement: we traded in our 1998 Ford E.B. Expedition for $1700, we told them that we did not have the title but could order it online from the Maryland Vehicle Administration and it would take about ten days to get, the car was registered in mine and my fathers (Roger Longley) names and we would both have to sign off on the title; in order to save a couple hundred dollars- we would transfer the tags from the old car to the new car, we also bought a 48 month/ 48,000 mile extended warranty (from Universal Underwriters) from Joel Kraus, the Financial Manager, for $3,741

We arrived at 10am and left about 6pm, after 8 hours at the dealership with our children we were happy to be on our way with our new car, about 20 minutes into our drive back to where we are staying we heard a funny noise that we hadnt heard during the test drive, we decided we would take it to a trusted local mechanic within the next couple days to make sure everything was okay

7/29 We realized that we were only given one set of keys to the car so we called the dealership to find out if there was another set, Armando Zelaya, Used Car Manager, said he found two more sets of keys with remotes and would send them to us immediately, also told him of the sound that we heard and he said that we could have it looked at by anyone if we were concerned about it

8/2 Brought car to a trusted mechanic and he said by the way it sounded he thought it had something to do with the rear differential (he was sitting in the back seat) and that we should immediately bring the car back to the dealership to be fixed

Called the dealership and Armando told us to bring it to any repair shop that we chose because we had the extended warranty and that would cover it

8/3 Brought the car to a Ford dealership in Eatontown, NJ and the mechanic said he thought it sounded like a problem with the front differential (he was driving), he said that he would not be able to work on it for 2 weeks, we were supposed to be leaving for N.C. the next day so we called around and found a Ford dealership in Belmar, NJ (Seabreeze Ford) that could take the car immediately so we brought it there, later that day they told us it was a problem with both the front and rear differentials and that it would take a minimum of 18 hours of labor after ordering and receiving the parts needed

Called Armando from Open Road, told him the situation and said that we needed a rental car of equal size while our car was being worked on, he agreed, we found an equivalent car (standard GMC Yukon) after hours of research and phone calls and told him of it, he first said he would only cover half of it and I told him that was not acceptable so he told me to speak to Fortunado (Nado) DiBella, General Manager, the following day about it

8/4 I spoke to Nado and after hearing the whole car situation, he agreed to pay for all expenses related to our rental car while our car was being fixed, I asked him if he could put that in writing and he said that was unnecessary because they record all conversations that come in and that I had his word, that was not quite good enough for me so I later faxed an agreement stating everything we had spoken about for him to sign and return to me (we specified a time range from 8/4-8/17 because that is the time we were going to be in N.C. and we figured our car would be fixed by the time we got back) he signed the agreement and faxed it back to us

Shortly after the rental car approval, I received a phone call from Barbara at Open Road telling me that our tags were in and that we owed them an extra $142, I told her she must be mistaken because we transferred the tags from our old car to our new car when we bought it, she told me that we couldnt have done that because the old car was owned by Roger Longley & Matt Longley and the new car was owned by Matt Longley & Sarah Longley, I told her that the salesmen Nick and Armando knew that my father was on the registration of the old car when we were negotiating the price of the new car and we finally reached our deal because I would save the extra couple hundred dollars by transferring the plates from old to new, I told her that this was a mistake made by agents of her company and that they should be responsible for the mistake

I subsequently called Nick and told him that he or Armando needed to take care of this because they are the ones who made the deal

Later, I called Seabreeze Ford to find out the status of our car and they said they were awaiting approval from Universal Underwriters to work on the car, the issue being that the selling dealership (Open Road Nissan) should be taking care of the problem because they claim it was a pre-existing condition and that it was highly unlikely that something like that could have been missed during an inspection by their maintenance department, at that time I didnt concern myself with who was going to fix the car, I had to get ready for my trip and would call back at the beginning of the following week

8/5 Left for N.C. (one day later than we had planned, losing a day of our beach rental)

8/7 Called Seabreeze Ford and they said they were still awaiting approval to work on the car, I then called Armando and he said that he and Nado were fighting with the warranty company over who was supposed to be responsible for the repairs, I told him I didnt care who was going to pay for it, I just wanted my car back by the time I returned from my trip, as for the tag situation he said we could deal with that when we returned

8/8-10 The battle over who was responsible for the repairs continued, Armando was called a number of times by me trying to find out what was going on with my car and whether or not I would even have it by the time I returned, he guaranteed me that the car would be fixed by the time I returned, I told him that I highly doubted it and that the rental car reimbursement would have to continue until my car was completely fixed, he said Of Course, if the car is not ready then we (Open Road) will be responsible for the rental car until it is, that was satisfactory for me, I also told him that I was getting very tired of making all the calls and that he needed to call me back as soon as he knew what was going on with the car, he told me he would call me the following day

8/11 To his credit, Armando called me back and told me that the dealership would be taking care of the repairs and that he would personally be picking up the car from Seabreeze Ford in Belmar, NJ and bringing it to the Open Road Mazda/ Lincoln/ Mercury dealership in East Brunswick, NJ, I thanked him and asked him to keep me updated on the progress (that was the first and last time I ever received a call from him)

8/14 I called the Open Road M/L/M service department and spoke to Joe about the car, he said he had not seen it yet but would probably be able to look at it the next day

8/15 I called Joe again and he said that he would need to order a part to do the repairs, he told me it should be here by the following morning or afternoon and we could have the car by 8/17 if all goes well

I then called Armando and told him this and he again reassured me that if the car was not finished on time then the rental car reimbursement would continue until all repairs were complete

8/16 Called Joe and he said they were still awaiting the part and that it might be there by the afternoon

We arrived back in NJ around 6pm

8/17 Called Joe again and he again told me they did not receive the part but he was expecting it sometime during the day

8/17 Enterprise, the rental car company, asked if we would need to be extending our rental and we told them that we would because our car was not ready yet, they told us that we would need to switch cars because someone else had reserved the car (Yukon) for the following day, we agreed and again called Armando to make sure this was okay, he said that our car would probably be done within the next couple days so that should not be a problem

As we were looking at some of our mail wed received while we were gone we found no keys sent to us and we were also mailed a letter from the warranty company changing the terms of our contract with them, after the trouble we had with them not covering our car originally and now changing the terms of the contract that we purchased, we decided that we were going to cancel the warranty contract with Universal Underwriters; we called them and they told us we had to ask the dealership for a form to cancel the contract

8/18 We went to Enterprise and traded in the Yukon for a Ford Explorer,

I called Armando and asked him where the keys were that he was supposed to send and he told me that they had been sent out and subsequently returned to him, he then said he would have someone bring them to the dealership in East Brunswick and place them in the car, I asked him to please just send them to the address that I gave him because after all that I have been through with this car I do not want my keys lost by him giving them to someone to give to someone else an hour away from where they were, if he could just send me the keys directly that would be much more straight forward, he agreed and said he would send them out

I then called Joe again from Open Road M/L/M and he told me that he just learned that the part he was ordering had been on back order and was just coming off back order today and said he should definitely have the part by Monday 8/21

8/19 Called Open Road Nissan and spoke to Darren, the new Financial Manager, about canceling the warranty contract and for him to send me a form as the warranty company had instructed me, he told me there was no form- I just needed to write a letter of cancellation with certain information on it, I did as he instructed and faxed him the cancellation letter requesting a prompt refund of the $3741 to the bank so we would not continue to be charged interest on the amount

8/21 Called Joe and was told the part had not arrived yet/ should be here by tomorrow

8/22 Called Joe and was again told the same thing

8/23 Called Joe and was again told the same thing

8/24 Called Joe and was again told the same thing

After 4 days of waiting I called Open Road Nissan to speak with Armando about what to do about our car and where were the keys that he told me he would send me a week ago- was told by Alfredo that he was in a meeting but that he knew where the keys were and he would send them to me through DHL the following day, I thanked him

8/25 Called Joe again- Still no part, hopefully Monday

8/26 Spoke to Alfredo from Open Road Nissan to ask about the keys that he said he was sending, he said they were being held because of the tag situation, I told him one thing had nothing to do with the other, he then said he would personally bring them to East Brunswick on Monday 8/28 and place them in the car, I told him that I was holding him personally accountable for the keys, he said he would not let me down

Brought car to Enterprise to pay off what was currently owed on the rental agreement, total so far was $2628.46, we knew that Armando had agreed on a number of occasions verbally to reimburse us for the extended use of the rental car but only had the 2 weeks in writing signed off by Nado because that was al we expected the car to be in there for, we called Open Road Nissan and were told by two different people that Nado was present, so we faxed over the receipt and a new agreement form acknowledging their responsibility for the extended rental car reimbursement until our car was completely repaired, that needed to be signed by Nado and faxed back, we called back to make sure the fax was received and that Nado got it, that was confirmed

Hours later we still had not received the acknowledgment form so I called Nado directly and he said he had no knowledge of the form or the fact that we didnt even have our car back yet and then started saying he only agreed to two weeks of reimbursement and finally ended it by saying we would have to discuss everything on Monday


I then called Open Road again and Armando answered, I told him what Nado had said and he told me that he had personally handed the faxed papers to Nado earlier that day, so Nado had lied to me about not receiving the information as well as being fully informed on the car situation, Armando then promised me he would call me on Monday 8/28

8/28 No call from Armando or Nado

Faxed this timeline to Todd Trzeciak, Secretary to President Rod Ryan and Vice President of Operations, Michael Morais, of Ryan Automotive LLC., parent company of Open Road Nissan

8/29 Nado called me back and agreed to pay for the car rental reimbursement until my car was completely repaired, but would not pay for the supplemental insurance on the rental that was accrued because according to him we did not need it, the original agreement he signed says he would cover all expenses related to the rental of a large SUV, he admitted that but said that it also specified the time frame of 8/4-8/17, I told him that was because we were told our car was supposed to be fixed by 8/17 not continue to be in the shop for an extra 2 weeks, he said he had no control over the service dept. of another dealership, to which I conceded but told him that he could still honor the agreement he signed knowing the car was not completed yet, he said he would not budge on that issue and that he also would not pay for the tag debacle, the phone call ended with these issues still unresolved

This is where we currently are. I have been dealing with this situation for over a month now, and feel as though I am getting nowhere. I dont feel I can trust anyone from Open Road Nissan of Morristown and Im starting to lose patience with East Brunswick as well. I want to believe that the mechanics will do an honorable job on what needs to be fixed with my car but I have some anxiety and uneasiness about it seeing how everything else has been going.

All I want is what I was promised. I want the car that we bought in good working order as soon as possible. I want the prompt reimbursement for the full expense of the rental cars, including insurance, tax, etc. that I have had no choice but to use (which have not even been close to a replacement for a fully loaded Eddie Bauer Expedition) and for the continued reimbursement for the rental car until my car is fixed. I want the full refunded amount of the warranty contract promptly to go to the bank so I do not continue to incur interest charges for something I do not own (the rest of the loan has been paid in full at this point and the difference is what needs to be refunded to them). I want the extra two sets of keys that go with the car. I want the tag situation to be resolved in any way that it needs to be as long as I am not held responsible for them. I need all of these issues resolved in a satisfactory manner.

I know that Open Road Nissan is a relatively new store but there are some major problems there going all the way to the top and I feel that I can no longer work with or trust anyone there.

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