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I brought my car to open BMW in Edison NJ on 11/26/14 to get the engine light fixed. They returned my car back on 12/11/14. I then took my car to motor vehicle for inspection on 12/13/14. The car failed because the check engine light and catalytic converter came back on. On 12/16/14 I took my car right back to Open Road BMW. ** from BMW called me to pick my car up because they couldn't fix the engine light. I brought my car back to motor vehicle to get proof that it was the check engine light problem. BMW had charged me $6,305.28. The first time they had my car for 2 weeks. I had charged $4,000 on one credit card and $2,305.28 on another. Since then they charged me $538 and another $2,299.33 a total of $9,990.32.

On 8/20/15 I called BMW headquarters/Customer service 1-800-831-1117 to try to resolve this problem. I waited until 8/28/15 to hear back from them and they never called. On 8/28/15 I decided to exercise my First Amendment Right to protest against a multi-billion dollar company (BMW) at Open Road BMW 731 Rt. 1 South Edison, NJ 08817. Since then I've been there protesting from Mon - Sat 4 pm until closing.

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I own 2006 750LI in November 2013 to present which is April 2014. The car has been there 5 or 6 times for an oil leak. Every time I bring it home the car is leaking again from the same place. Every time they do something different I became just a lead to them for money. The first time it was over $600.00. The 2nd time over $1,800.00 for the same problem. Go figure that out. Done with this dealer. I bought 4 cars from them and this is how I got treated.

Satisfaction Rating

I would give 0 stars if it were an option. I was sold a used X3 with extended coverage, but the key charger does not work. The fact that I was only given one key after I made the purchase should have been a clue. After 5 months, the key lost its charge. The car now needs to be opened manually and I'm told my coverage does not handle the module that governs this and it is an $800 repair. This was by a different service center since the Open Road Service Center never picks up its phone. My wife and I have tried to reach the salesperson, Kristen **, at least 10 times, without the courtesy or decency of a return call. I will never buy a BMW again and would strongly urge any buyers not to buy from Open Road if this is how they treat their customers. I guess they subscribe to the PT Barnum adage - there's a sucker born every minute.


I had my car serviced at Open Road BMW Edison, NJ recently. The car was checked-in in one condition - and was checked out living on its last leg. I have no idea what the techs have done to my car. All I know is now, the car does not run correctly. The most concerning thing is that I am missing over 50,000 miles off of my odometer reading.

Guys, you need to get it together. I feel like this was a total disservice and I am very disappointed. I had to take my car to another specialist to have work done on it. What's up with that? It's a shame that a company with such high standards could be so careless. Not only did something mechanically go wrong with my 740iL BMW, parts of my interior were damaged as well. Parts of my wood grain hang from the dashboard now - what's up with that?

Since I have made the complaint, I have had 1 return phone call from the branch manager wanting me to bring the car back to the dealer for another check up. Come on guys, should I trust you to work on my car again? The worst part with this whole transaction is that Open Road dealer allowed me to get on the highway and drive home. I was told that my car was fixed and ready for pick up. Boy, were they wrong!

You guys over at BMW need to get it together and stop ripping people off. Last but not least, to charge a customer $540 for 2 diagnostic tests, it seems like you guys would have figured out what was wrong with my vehicle. This is not the end guys. I will be making a complaint!


I negotiated via e-mail and telephone to lease a 2008 left over bmw. I was given a price, total money down,mileage and length of lease. The day I went to dealership to process paper work, I was told by manager V. Sousa, and internet sales person J. Sutton that this deal could not be completed. I have the deal in black and white. This is misleading a customer and they should not be able to continue doing so.

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I purchased a 2007 used infiniti g35 x from company, the brake pedal vibrates while trying to stop, the engine stalls while driving as if the vehicle wants to shut off and the motor in the window in not working well.after calling and complaining, they stop answering my calls, finaaly spoke with alison who stated there was nothing they can do about it the vehicle pass saftey check, so i wrote the general manager, david branch who had alex rozenberg call me, alex called on a weekened and gave me his extension and told me to give him a call next week to set up a appointment to have the vehicle checked as per david branch, that was a week ago from today, i left a message still no response. i have to drive this vehicle with my 10 month old baby in the back seat,the car drives terrible and they will not help! i spent 27,450 on this vehicle,they are treating very unfair.

emotional stress, afraid for my daughters life while driving this vehicle, this is my only means of transportation to work, if this car stop working on me i know the repairs would be enormous, and thats something that should have done before the vehicle was sold to me.


I leased a new 2006 BMW 325xi. After about 2 months of driving, i found that the car has a tendency to hesitate when you demand sudden acceleration. This delay is on the order of 0.5 to 3 seconds and is unpredictable. If you try to pass someone or left turn in traffic or get on highway, you get in trouble very fast. The car simply does not respond to acceleration demands. Its been to the dealer 3 times for this in 6 months, but all they say is problem not verified. Ok so i asked my personal mechanic to analyze the problem.

He said that the transmission needs to decide if it is going to downshift or not and it requires several seconds. In fact, if the car is in a turn, the rear wheels are going at different speeds and the acceleration delay could be as long as 5 seconds before it decides to shift or not. While it is deciding this, it holds off the acceleration and the car goes nowhere. Horns blow at you, screeching brakes and the usual finger is what i get. So its lemon law time.

Their entire fleet of cars does this because they all use the same motor controller. All of the loaners i had all have the same problem. If you are a car affionado, stay away from BMW and its rediculus motor controller. when cars had throttle linkages, we never experienced this kind of thing. Can't wait to get rid of this thing. regards, andrew

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