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On approximately May 9, 2014 I purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima from your dealership. My husband purchased a used 2009 Altima from your dealership in 2010 and was very happy with his car. After about a year or less I told the service department that my brakes made a grinding noise. I was told that during my routine oil change they would be looked at. I was told they were fine, but they continued to make noise. I accepted that this was a flaw with the car since every time I mentioned it I was told the brakes were fine.

At the beginning of this year 2016, My 2014 Nissan Altima started making a loud noise and it appeared to be the wheel bearing. I took the car in September 15, 20016, I believe, and my husband spoke to a new Service Manager (people seem to leave constantly) and expressed the problem with the noise, the problem with the brakes and the fact that his second remote key stopped working with my 2014 Altima. His response at one point was "I've only been here two months so." If not for the service tech that came along with the Service Manager who had no knowledge about any Nissan recalls and was slightly dismissive. It would have been a waste of our time and energy speaking to him.

The tech jumped right in and honestly helped us to see that there is a common problem with brakes on new 2013 and possibly 2014 Nissan Altimas that have hub caps not ones brought with rims and that the remote keys stop working properly when another Nissan automobile remote are on same key chain. Due to the knowledge of this tech and his honesty our car was serviced we were not charged for the key problem and brakes were clean and resurfaced since it was something that was going on whereas the Service Manager wanted to charge us. It amazes me how you claim to be a manager but have no knowledge of the product poor customer service. The brakes were resurfaced and the wheel bearing was changed.

A week later the car had the squeaky brakes and the noise in the wheel barring AGAIN. Both problems were back. At this point I'm not only disgusted with the car but more so with the service department. On October 13 I had to take a day off from my job to take the car in with my husband. I advised them that I would need a loaner since I have a 6 month old and quite frankly the waiting room there leaves much to be desired. I find it's always dirty. We were taken care of by Sami (again never the same person twice) and he was as helpful as he could be. We were advised we had to wait for a diagnostic before I could get the loan automobile. FINE.

After 10 minutes my son needed to be changed so I went into the ladies room. To my surprise there is no changing table available. One would think families buy cars at this North Plainfield dealership and would need one and that Nissan is a family orientated place. WRONG. Apparently Nissan wants to market to a different audience if it doesn't have facilities to change babies. Not to mention the bathroom was as expected dirty. I am very disappointed in Nissan as a brand because really the ones that buy mostly Nissan are families.

Clearly I will think twice about getting my next vehicle from Nissan as I have a family. I was thinking about getting a Rogue or a Murano but now I think I will go somewhere else. This isn't my first Nissan I owned a 2002 Nissan Maxima (that I looooved) but had to trade it because that was the time the lights were being stolen and my car was hit twice. I then bought a 2004 Honda Accord that I had until the day I bought this Altima.

I had to run to my 2014 Altima which hasn't been serviced at all and change my son in the backseat because he had an serious diaper emergency. As I was almost finishing changing my son in the backseat of my 2014 Altima the tech came out to get service my Altima and take it for a test drive. As we ran into each because I had unhappily that I had to change my son in my Altima I expressed my automobile issues and frustrations with this dealership to the service tech.

What was incredible is that he was more than accommodating and understanding as he had 3 children of his own. I just can't believe I had to change my poor son in the back of car. The service rep Sami also came out since I had called my husband from the car and was going to get my loaner ready which honestly should have been there waiting for me. I had my Honda for over 10 years and was always serviced at the dealership where I bought it and it was the best experience ever. I regret not having bought a car there honestly after the deplorable experiences at this dealership. I got my loaner and left.

After 2 hours the service rep Sami called and informed me that the brakes needed to be serviced and would get fixed and that apparently the other wheel barring on the opposite side was now needing replacement (is this going to be an ongoing problem with this car?). I found it confusing that on my previous work orders from this service department and dealership did not state this and now was being told that the rear brake pads were worn to the point of replacement (I was never told they were even worn the last time I was there. I was simply told the brakes were fine.), not once am I ever given percentage of how worn my brakes are my other dealership ALWAYS had that information for me.

I really believe there's a disconnect between the needs of the customer and the people that are working there. My husband witnessed Sami (who was wonderful) express a concern to who appeared to be his upper boss) and that man just dismissed him in front of customers. It's no wonder the service department is a revolving door.

I work in a customer service industry and I find it unacceptable that Nissan one of the top brands allows for this type of behavior. Customers aren't told the proper information. The front desk people (with the exception of Sami) have no knowledge of Nissan vehicles or cars for that fact (I witnessed another service rep working with Sami that morning treat a customer with little respect and much less had no clue about cars and repairs and admitted it the customer). The gentleman just walked away. Is this the way Nissan wants their company represented?

Like I've expressed before I was with a vehicle for 10 years and I dealt with the same service technician for I would say at least 7 of those years and I was beyond happy with my service. The waiting room was always clean and well kept. Families were welcomed there and honestly I even once saw a woman with her 2 dogs drop off a car and jump right into the loaner vehicles that were always waiting for the customer. Pets are even welcomed there. I didn't buy a car there because my husband loves the Altima and I went along. I purchased the additional warranty and quite frankly I'm glad I did since apparently this vehicle has issues. I really would rather pay for my oil changes then deal with this dealership and that's something I am highly considering. AGAIN another expense on a car I really don't want now.

The receptionist and so called sales associates are so disrespectful. I brought a car in I believe April or May and I referred my brother-in-law. And to this day I still haven't received my 250 referral and plus the extra 250 that a sales associate by the name of Stewart promised me because it was taken so long for the first 250.

I can't believe this place is still in business! I spent a day of my vacation, and two people with me took the day off. Knew what I wanted. Spent THREE HOURS purchasing a car from "Anthony" (not his real name, as I remember working with him many years ago. Guess he's hiding from debts). A car they didn't have but showed us ON PAPER was at one of the other of "three dealerships we own". Pinged my credit, put a deposit down, signed papers, shook hands, got a copy of the vin, and went to a celebratory lunch since they promised they would have the car delivered to them in three MORE hours.

Thought I was the owner of a new Murano! About an hour later received a phone call - they COULD NOT PRODUCE THE CAR I SIGNED TO BUY. Wanted to bait and switch me to a different car they would deliver "in a couple days", located in another state, sight unseen AFTER I paid for it. Unacceptable. Everyone here claims to be a manager. "Spike", "Robson", some overweight unpleasant man overdue for a heart attack...they're all "managers". Some little Napoleon complex dude named "Shawn", also claiming to be a manager, actually asked me to step outside to FIGHT HIM. I'm a female. STAY AWAY from these crooked tough guys!

Never again and wish I read reviews first. Had a TrueCar estimate and called first to confirm prices. Once there tried to Bill me $4000 more. Then tried to get me to just agree to a few itemized charges thinking I couldn't do simple math and realize total at bottom was $800 more. Charade of sales guy going back to manager over and over to work out deal was just to waste time and wear me down. Was held hostage for five hours because they held my registration to trade in and credit card so I couldn't leave, although I tried several times. Lies about everything... car, financing, charges, computer broke, etc. Never been so insulted.

I bought a Nissan Murano 2015 on 11 February 2016 and to close the sale I asked for the Retractable Cargo Area Cover and was told that the cost price for them was $180.00 and that if I paid them half price they were going to order for me because they did not have in existence. So I paid them half and two weeks later I went to pick it up and they said they had not arrived. Then I returned two weeks later and again they tell me the same story that had not yet reached and when I call them to ask if I can go for my item (Retractable Cargo Area Cover) nobody answer my messages.

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I just did my full servicing for my NISSAN ALTIMA on 12/19 with them and just after 2 days, one of my cylinder out 4 was stopped ignition and had spark issues, because of this while putting brakes my car was shaking. After speaking to service center, why this was not caught while doing the full servicing, I got this answer that until do not say we don't check the cylinders. Then what's the use of doing servicing with them if they don't do their job. I would request everyone not to go to this service center for anything.

On Saturday I went to the dealership I was so not into it. My truck had just die on me the day before. So the dealership say they will work with me. So they put me in 2014 Nissan Altima. On Monday I find out that my job give me part time. I took the car back to the dealership on Monday tell them that I can't pay for this car anymore. That I am not being working full time. They told me that they are not taking it back, that it is my car now. They went so far to tell me to get second job. I stand up in the dealership cry. People in the dealership were looking at me. They told me that they can't do anything for me. And another man say to me how am I going to get around if I give the car back. I said to him my boyfriend. He said to me what if we break up who will ride me around then. That was out of place. The other say to me, "You are a big girl, you would figure it out." I left the dealer broken, sat in the car outside dealership two hours crying. It is sad.

On July 17, 2014 I took my 2004 Murano, that has only 53,000 miles to this dealer because the check engine light was on. After inspecting the car the customer service person told me that he had bad news. He said that, because the car was not given regular oil changes, sludge built up in the engine effecting several sensors. The cost to clean the engine would be approx $1,000 (he started at $1,800 but then kept changing the price) and after doing that they still would not be able to guarantee it would fix the problem. I told him that I would have to think about whether I would go forward with the work. I was also supposed to receive a replacement air filter housing, which was a recall item.

I later asked if he replaced the air filter housing when he then told me they didn't have the part, he had no idea when the part would be in and that they would not call me to let me know when the part was in. I guess he didn't like the fact that I didn't want to spend over $1,000 to de-sludge the engine. The inspection cost me $115 and the bill had very little descriptive language about the cause of the problem or the prices he quoted, which he blamed on his computer system. The next day I brought the car to my mechanic who put it on the computer. He told me that it needed a minor part that would cost me about $30. When I told him what Nissan told me he just laughed. I ENCOURAGE ANYONE LIVING IN THE VICINITY OF NORTH PLAINFIELD NISSAN IN NORTH PLAINFIELD NJ NOT TO BRING THEIR VEHICLE TO THIS SERVICE CENTER.

This place is full of scam artists. I went there to purchase a car and was totally given the rip off treatment. I went and put 10,000 down on the car and wanted to finance the 6000.00 remaining. So on a Wednesday I went to buy the car and they wrote up a contract, that I read and it looked good, so they let me take the car home and to return Friday to finalize the deal. So I go back to do this, and thankfully I read it again, as they switched the wording on the contract, charged me 5000.00 extra for credit risk, which I wasn't, I have good credit, which is usury, and wrote in an unapproved service warranty extension when the car still had one year remaining.

So on the 6000.00 that I wanted to finance, they had me paying back over 23,000 dollars, with all the stuff they wrote in after I left that Wednesday. And when I tried to use the 3 day right of rescission law to cancel this illegal contract, they said I couldn't do that, and it was not until I threatened legal action did they tear up the contract. I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY A CAR FROM THESE SCUMBAGS, if I were you.

I purchased a new Nissan Versa Hatchback 2012 at Plainfield Nissan located in NJ, after I was denied credit from Nissan Edison and Nissan Acme in Dayton, NJ. Plainfield Nissan promised everything from giving me cash back in the amount of $2,000 to low APR of 2.99% with no downpayment. They told me that the car will be priced above MSRP, which is the only way the deal can happen. They never gave me a quote on the final price of the car, until after they added junk fees such as Gap Insurance and extended warranties in the vehicle. I told them that I refused after I saw payment of $450 per month and the total cost of the car approximately $22,000 for a $14,000 car. I quickly walked away.

The next morning, the manager (Dan/Mike) contacted me back and begged me to come back down. He stated that he will remove the extended warranty, but I have to keep the Gap Insurance or the deal is off. Knowing this statement by the manager is illegal due to the fact that Gap Insurance is not required, I moved on with the deal because I desperately wanted the car to go to work as other dealerships did not approve me. The manager also promised me cash back totaling $2,000 to assist with the first couple of payments. The monthly payments went down from $450.00 to $389.00 with the promise that I will get cash back in 10 days.

I contacted Plainfield Nissan back regarding my cash back, and they told me they added it to the deal and I was getting $0.00 cash back. I was transferred to Mike, the financial guy, and he hung on me. I searched through my car purchase records and did some complicated math. Plainfield Nissan inputted that I put $1k down; I put $0.00 down. Plainfield Nissan added extended warranties, which I told them I did not need. Plainfield Nissan edited by work paystubs to present to their bank that I make more income than I already earned. I have proof of all documents and swear under perjury that I am telling the truth. The car is a base model Versa Hatchback with no remote entry/alarm.

When I bought the car in July of 2011, I was told that I had lifetime oil changes for free. Since the policy changed, they now back down on their words. This place has no good customer service. They are not good business people. I wouldn't recommend anybody to go to that place. They are quick to take your money, but they won't help you with anything, after you buy the car! They won't ever see me, or my money again, and I would make sure nobody I know, would go there either.

I bought a car from them. And let me tell you this. At first, they were very nice. They told me that I bought a car with a good deal "internet deal", but they lied and charged me with the original price. They were very rude the few times that I had gone back after I bought the car! Do not go to this place!

I have a Nissan pathfinder 2005 not show me full gas when is full and the dealer want repair this for 1.000 dollar. This people is crazy. 1.000 for repair. I think this is in recall because I'm not the first person with problem and have too many noise. Last time, I pay 100 dollar for towing because not show me gas because my wife use it before me.

Originally, I had a problem with the new brakes I received from the Menlo Park, Route 1 Midas location-732-494-3322 in May of 2009 that cost me $782.00, which may be a separate complaint I will have to make. As a result of going back to Midas on 3 occasions to fix the original brake job with no resolution on Saturday January 09, 2010, I went to North Plainfield Nissan Service to find out why I kept hearing a lot of creaking noise/vibrations every time I stepped on the brakes. The North Plainfield Service Manager, Richie, said that "I was an abused woman".

After I told him I needed to have my brakes checked and that I was experiencing fluttering, vibrating and that I could feel the vibration in my steering as well when I stepped on the brakes, he told me that Midas did not surface/cut the rotors. So, he advised that the rotors for the front and back brakes would be resurfaced at $150.00 each for Front and Back brakes. He also recommended that I get the Coolant System flushed. The bill also included a Transmission Service for $100.00. I waited 4 hours for them to complete the service and was charged $500.00 for Labor alone. The cost for parts was $132.75, miscellaneous charges were $4.35, and tax was $44.47.The total bill was $681.57.

By Monday January 11, 2010, I was still experiencing creaking and fluttering vibrations whenever I stepped on the brakes. So, I conducted a search for Nissan Service Departments with good ratings. I found excellent reviews for the East Windsor Nissan Service Department. So I made an appointment for Saturday at 12 noon. When I got there, they were behind and booked solid. So I made another appointment for January 18, 2010 to have the brakes checked. After the car was checked by East Windsor's Service Department, I was advised that I needed a replacement of the Front and Rear Brake Pads with shim kits and my tires needed to be rotated and balanced. He basically did another brake job on my car. I was charged $287.33 for labor, $297.49 for Parts, $19.99 for Misc. Chg., given a -$58.49 Discount and Tax was $38.24. The total bill was $584.56.

I was very pleased with the service I received from East Windsor's Nissan Service Department. He advised that other Nissan Service Departments were overcharging customers. So, in total I have paid $2,048.13 for brakes that should have been in perfect condition from the time of initial brake service with Midas in May of 2009. My brakes should have been fixed on January 9, 2010 when I went to North Plainfield Nissan, but they never fixed my brakes with the correct parts either.

I didn't trust Midas to fix my brakes after 3 tries, and subsequently did not get any resolve with North Plainfield Nissan Service either. Please advise on what recourse I may have, and whether my problem with Midas needs to be made in a separate complaint. Thank you.

On June 5, 2009, I traded in my GMC Jimmy SL5 4.3L truck at the North Plainfield Nissan NJ for a 2003 NIssan Sentra SE-R which has a low mileage 88,486 miles on it. Price was $6,995. After final financial and registration approvals, I finally took the car on June 5. About a month later, to my surprise, the car didn't pass MV inspection. When I was negotiating this car, I noticed that the front headlights had the base broken. I pointed this out to the salesman who told me that if when taking the car for inspection, the car doesn't pass for any reason, the only thing I needed to do was to bring the car back to the dealer and they were going to fix it for me. So I did.

I brought the car back to the dealer with the MV documentation indicating OBD fault which supposedly was that they couldn't communicate with the car computer. When the dealer double checked the car in order to fix the problem, now they are claiming that I was supposed to pay a 50/50 fault to have the car fixed. Now I ask myself, "Where in the world a person that goes to a car dealer so big like North Plainfiled Nissan purchase a used car and after the first time bringing the car fail inspection a consumer needs to run with a 50% of the fixing cost?" Where is fairness? This is not legal. These people are committing scam and fraud to their customer.

I put down a $500 deposit to get myself a red Nissan. They were unable to get me a red one. I called them on Monday asking to see if they can get me a different color. The man wasn't working on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I discovered I was lied to... that the red car was not in upstate NY, but in Queens. On Wednesday, I went to Queens and purchased the car. They won't give me back my $500 now and I've been hung up on numerous times by the manager, Mike.

We saw a vehicle online (a used Ford van) for $13,999.00. We called the dealer, went to view the vehicle on 12/16/08, and deposited $500.00 because they will honor the online price. We returned and deposited an additional $5,500.00, certified funds and took delivery on 12/20/08. The dealer was aware this vehicle is for business use. They released the vehicle with temporary tags expiring on 01/05/09 explaining, “You will have your plates and registration by the expiration of your current tags.”

Not only can North Plainfield Nissan not give us a straight answer about the plates and registration on the 19th of January ‘09, but they charged us $16,750.00 for the same vehicle that they said would be $13,999.00 online. We did not notice the price change until several days later. This dealer and its management/supervisors are not cooperating to get the vehicle’s plates and registration. The first auto payment on the vehicle is due on 02/14/09. The vehicle is parked, no plates, no registration, and no certified copy of the title. My business has lost approximately $8,000.00.

I referred a cutomer and he purchased a caron 1/1/07. I was promised $250.00 for the referral. I have not received it, despite numerous requests and promises that I would receive it by March 1, 2007. I have discussed the matter with the salesman and a manager and still have not received a check.

On April 22, 2006 my wife and I, purchased a 2005 Nissan Armarda (used)before myself and Mr. Salim came to an agreement, that I will purchased the car if they gave me two new rear tires and he said it was fine no problem. They gave me a paper where it states to switch two rear tires. On June 7, 2006, my wife took the car to changed the tires arrived there at 9:15 and gave her the car about 1:45. I noticed that the rear tires they changed were not new tires as they promised me at the beggining. We went back again to the dealer and complaint about it to Mr. Salim and he told us that he did not promised new tires and that there was nothing he could do. I want my two new rear tires. This is just another typical deal of dealerships and his employees they promise you the world but at the end is a nightmare!!!!!!!!

I purchased a 2003 ford explorer from this dealership. Froncel anderson told me that my credit score was 407 when I pulled my score It was 572. I believe this was a scam to charge me more interest (21.35%). I have left messages and eeven went there to speak to the general manager he was to busy to talk to me. I was given the wrong paperwork for this truck, the vin number was wrong. the purchased date was 3/11/2006 and I am still waiting on the registration. I was pulled over by the police becouse the tempory tag had expired after explaining the situation to the officer he made me park the truck so I had to stay in a hotel over night. Can you help me with this problem.

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