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Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

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Absolutely horrible experience. They were the worst car dealer to work with. The salesperson was okay but the manager was a nightmare to deal with. They could not even get my licence plate on time. I had to keep calling them. They were supposed to give me a check for my old car which they committed to. I had to chase after these jokers to get my check. Not honorable or trustworthy. Do not give this dealer any business. They DO NOT DESERVE IT!!!

Do not buy from Nissan Meadowlands -- they promise you everything but they don't keep promises!!! Finance department is the worst!!! Be aware. I purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima for my son end of May 2015. When I signed the paperwork Victor and salesman said for each referral and purchase of a vehicle, my son will receive an incentive of a full car payment (for each). Well, in July I decided to trade my car in and leased a 2015 Sentra. Two months have passed and I have not seen this payment. My salesman doesn't want to talk to me and now it's in Xavier's hands (general manager). Been leaving messages for him and no return calls!!! If I would have known this I would have gone back to my Honda!!!

The loan officer Victor ** had given me a bad experience that if I had the option I would return the vehicle. It was so bad the police were called in. And when the authorities are summoned how can it be a good experience. I tried to resolve the problem by speaking to his supervisor but he refused to give me that option. I left frustrated and swore I would never go back or refer anyone else to go there and buy a car. I recommend everyone not to rush and read every document that you sign first and don't believe anything that is said unless it's written down. Take your time and make sure you understand everything before signing documents.

I purchase a new car 8 days ago. We sign the contract with the bank and everything else. 8 days later they call me and they say "made a mistake at the deal," they wanted more money from me and they took the car back. I have to get my car back which I traded in. I have to drive home without insurance. I am so disappointed. I will not recommend it to anybody to go there. All they do is lie. They make deal and then they changed. Then say, "We made mistake. We need more money down," even though you have the car for 8 days already after the deal is done. That is crazy and now I have to get the insurance back. I took off my previous car, call the bank. It's a nightmare.

My car had an issue with the brakes. I took it to Nissan's dealership on 17 Hasbrouck Heights to have checked. The salesperson Anthony and Mike order a part and 3 months ago and still hasn't came in. They respond to any of my calls or addressed the problem. Weeks later I got into a car accident due to brake failure which was due to Nissan's lack. Even after the accident they're no help. I asked for a Rental because I cannot drive a vehicle with failed brakes but no Nissan doesn't understand that. Which is exactly why I'm going to sue Nissan.

Anthony and Mike are the salespeople who were SUPPOSED to be assisting a PAYING customer but no they don't have the time to return A CUSTOMERS CALLS!! This experience was EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL! I will make sure no one buys from Nissan. Absolutely disgusting behavior even after all that they still don't the courtesy to return calls. I hope Mike and Anthony and Nissan in general realize that a lawsuit CAN occur from this situation and it will. How can you sell vehicles to people to ensure their lives when your untrained and rude staff do not have the decency return a PAYING CUSTOMERS CALLS! First you mess with my brakes then don't return my calls for 3 MONTHS? Nissan should really train their staff because their current employees Anthony and Mike clearly lack ANY customer service.

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I purchased a Nissan Altima 2008 on 12/30/11 in NJ where I reside for my niece whose name is also on the contract. My niece had a NJ license at the time of sale but changed her license to PA the next month where she resides and attends college. The dealer was aware, and my niece emailed them a copy of her PA lease.The initial contract was for NJ tax.

But a few weeks later, we were informed we had to pay NJ 7% tax and PA 6% sales tax on car cost. My niece is paying car insurance since date of sale in PA and faxed the dealer the copy of her new PA license. She has not been able to drive the car since 1/19/12 since the tag on the car expired. To date, the dealer has not sent license plates. My niece contacted the Nissan corporate office to complain and investigate delay in license plates and charge for sales tax in two states, NJ and PA. Is this legal? Thank you.

I started having problems with the car plowing forward especially when making turns. Recently, the truck has made very loud noises especially when putting truck in reverse. It's either the rear end or transmission. I am guessing that either one of those repairs will cost $3,000.

I went to the dealership to get my car inspected and the problems addressed that I have with the transmission and the wheel bearing noise. I waited for 2 hours just to have the technician tell me that all they did was that they test drove my car and found no noise or slipping transmission. They did that test in a heavy construction zone and highway traffic because that is where they are located of a major highway, that explains that they heard no noise. I'm very disappointed that some advisor Kevin ** has a job which he does not care about what I had to say. He didn't even bother testing the car with me to see what I'm talking about. I was told that he cannot duplicate what I'm saying to him therefore the car is OK.

What kind of a person does that? We are talking about major issues. The most important parts of the car that keep people safe is the wheels and transmission. All I get is there seems to be no problem. I drive the car everyday sometimes doing more than 100 miles a day. I hear the noise. I feel the transmission slipping each time I accelerate and I'm going to have a technician tell me driving 10 minutes in my car that there is no problem. I'm sure they will find the problem when my warranty is over and then they can charge me.

Since I'm under warranty, they are just trying to save money but don't care about people's concerns and safety issues. The car's transmission slips and the noise from the wheels tells me that something is wrong. A new car should not be making noise from its wheels when it's new and has good tires and alignment is correct. Let's be real. Nissan does not care. Stay away from these people!

I have a 2008 Nissan Altima that I have had numerous problems with. The dealership I purchased the car from are scammers and try to charge for items that should be warrantied. They also charge a $100 diagnostic charge just to look at the vehicle. First, the vehicle had a passenger airbag sensor problem that would keep the airbag from deploying in an accident because it was not reading a person sitting in the passenger seat. I brought this in to be fixed and I was denied stating the sensor was faulty due to operator error. Then, three months later, I received a recall notice about the same very problem. Second, I brought the car in because the transmission was acting appropriately. It would not change gears as it should. Third, I brought the car in because of a noise coming from the wheel well and steering instability.

The dealership again was charging a $100 diagnostic fee to just look at the vehicle. Then I was told the wheel bearing would need to be replaced and it would not be warrantied. When I asked why it was not covered, I was told it must have been operator error to cause the problem. When I asked for the evidence that it was operator error that caused the problem, I was told there was none, but they still wouldn't cover it. This is the type of dealership that gives them all a bad name by their deceptive practices.

Ok heres the scoop . ive have contacted

several nissan dealersips locally to me such as route 1 nissan in woodbridge, acme nissan in south brunswick , North plainfield nissan in north plainfield , somerset nissan in somerville , meadowlands nissan in hasbrouck hts , lynnes in bloomfield , nissan 46 in totwa, all dealerships are in NJ.The problem is i have contacted all of these dealerships internet sales teams for about 2 weeks now and quite frankly it seems to me that nissan does not need the business to much .

I specifically email each dealership what im looking to lease.I would say 2 of the dealerships have gotten back to , as far as the other 5 ive tried them several times and yet noone gets back to me.This is not exactly how i planned on starting a relationship with nissan. The meadowlands dealership i have even called 3 times to speak with the person that got back to me once and i got hung up on twice and sat on hold for 8 minutes before i just hun up .With the vehicle i have now which is a 2005 infiniti g 35 coupe , i did the same thing and the internet dept's were great , i had no prob at all, nissan though i gotta say is a huge disappointment so far.the following is what im looking for . A 2008 350 Z ROADSTER. touring or enthusiast model.

i wanted prices on the lease with 12,000 and 15,000 miles per yr. i asked all dealerships what can i do to have a 400.00 payment . then ill work from there . it doesnot have to be a 4000.00 payments its just where i would like to be.I have 5 months left on my g35 and also asked them if there was something they can do with my car now?i have asked so many series of questions but noone answers them or they simply dont get back to me , its insane . well i hope to god that someone can please take care of this situation for me and work with me on this. i hope to hear back from you soon. otherwise have a happy new year .i hope i can do business with nissan at some point soon.time will tell


I bought a Nissan Quest 2004, and it has 33,000 miles on Saturday, August 12, 2006, from Nissan Meadowland, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Before I signed the contract, I asked the salesman and the used cars manger to replace the driver and the passengers chair hands, and the car is missing the hose of the rear AC (in the ceiling).

Also, I asked them to replace the tires because they are not safe enough for my family. They told me:

We will replace the chairs hands and the hose, and the tires will see what we can do.

According to what they told me, I signed the contract.

Four days after, they set up an appointment with the service department to check the car, and they did order the missing part for me. I complaint to the service department about the side doors and the tires, they told me:

When you come for the parts, we will fix them for you.

Then, two days after, I receive a phone message from the general manger, called Bernard Verge or (Serge), says:

If you are not satisfied, please, call me personally.

After two weeks of trying to reach him, he answered me.

I explained the situation to him regarding the tires and they are not safe enough for my family, he answered me that he will not replace the tires as long as I do not have a paper with this. Then, I tried to tell him that I told the salesman ant the used cars manger, he said:

Im busy now and I will not replace the tires, Then, HE HANGED UP IN MY FACE.

P.S.: The car slit in the rain on the week of 9/4/2006.

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