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I bought my car in for a leak of my antifreeze. It needed hoses. The man called me and said it would cost $1500 to do the job and told it took six hours. I told him I did not want him to do anything for me. He called back and said he would take off $500. I told him no. I got my car and was charge $127 service charge to look at the car. I took it to my mechanic who charged me $456 for it. These people are rip offs. Don't ever take your car for service by this overcharging company!

James Toyota in Flemington is a major rip off in America. I took my Toyota sequoia for 30k miles service and tires balance and rotations. They charged me over $970 for absolutely nothing. We were told that they had completed tire rotation balance and 30k service. After the service we found out that our car still had exactly the same steering wheel vibrations at around 60mph that we had before. We went back to the dealership and complained about the problem. They told us that they already had performed the service with tire rotation and balance.

I took my car to another very reputable dealership and after inspection they told me that no service was performed. They even showed us documentary evidence that no balance and service was done. We checked prices of 30k service from several Toyota dealerships and the maximum service charge for the 30k service was around $500. On the other hand, James Toyota stole our $1000 and did not even perform the basic service. They are a complete rip off and are engaged in fraudulent activities. I have documentary evidence to show if necessary. I have also complained to their customer service and Toyota, but nothing happened. My piece of advice to anyone is to stay away from James Toyota. I am also planning on sending my complaint to BBB. Lost $1000, James Toyota stole my hard earned money. That is the reason I am doing this public service.

The dealer told me he had my 2010 RAV4 and I went to the dealer to pick it up. Turns out he did not have a 2010 but had a 2009. He said he would have to get one and I would need to give him a $500 deposit, which I did. The next day I asked him for the pricing information on the car and he could not provide it. I asked again and he would not price the selling price or any other pricing information. I told him to forget it and that I would get the car somewhere else, which I promptly did. Now James Toyota will not return the $500 deposit.

2006 Toyota Avalon with 88k miles had a major engine failure that caused a bearing in the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) section to explode and seize the engine. The car was being driven on the highway at the time of failure and no warning was indicated before the car stalled. Service bulletin from Toyota exists indicating a potential problem with oil flow to the VVT that can create a major failure. No recall though from Toyota has been issued.

According to the service department, Toyota does not sell engines and the repair would be in excess of $13,000.00 in parts alone. Toyota is charging $500.00+ to troubleshoot the failure regardless if the repair is performed. My option is to find a used moor and have it shippped to toyota at my expense and they would install for$2100.00. complained to toyota corporate in CA and opened a case number 0905111933 and was informed that the Regional Toyota Parts representative denied any support for the failure. Car has a balance of $9000 on a loan and no recourse but to have the vehicle repaired.

They told me I needed a 400.00 brake job and that I had 1 and 2 mm left on my brakes. I declined the brake job and took my car to another Toyota dealer in Dayton,NJ and they cheked the brakes and said I had 4 and 5 mm left on the brakes and I did not need a brake job. My girlfriend has also complained about James Toyota always telling her she needed work on her car and would find out later it was not needed. I have proof from the reuptable dealer on the measurments of the brakes. Also kept James Toyota measurements. They are running a scam over ther I believe with unsuspecting people for repairs.

NO damage becusae I didn't habe the unecessary work performed but I believe many others are having unecessary work done on their cars at James Toyota. They need to be cheked out. I have written proof of my situation if needed.

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I purchased a 2007 Camry LE from James Toyota in February 2007. The car was equipped with all new Bridgestone Turanza EL400 02 tires. This is the fifth Toyota that I have purchased and the first that I purchased at James. All the other cars were purchased at Morristown Toyota (which is an excellent dealership).

I have my car serviced regularly at James according to the owners manual. I regret to say that I am very dissatisfied with my recent experience after having my car serviced on October 22, 2008. Upon picking up my car after last being serviced, I was told that all four tires were worn to 2/32nd of tread. The mileage on the car at that time was 24,708. I had been having the tires rotated regularly, and I have not in anyway driven my car in manner which would be characterized as abusive or careless. At no time previous to this was there any mention of excessive tread wear when I had the car serviced.

The service adviser informed me that she had noted this in the records and would advise the manager (who was unavailable at the time). I asked her to have someone contact me. The adviser also advised me that I could take advantage of special to purchase three tires and get one free for $660.00 which she noted on my service paperwork. I do not consider this a good deal?, and I certainly do not want to purchase the same tires again. I never received a call from the manager regarding this situation.

I went to American Tire & Auto Care which is an authorized dealer to file a claim for the Bridgestone tires. I spoke with Paul who photo copied all my service records and submitted the claim on Monday November 10, 2008. I received a call later that day from Tire & Auto saying that the claim had been denied because the tires were original equipment on my Toyota.

I find this response to be outrageous. Apparently there is no warranty on these tires, and neither Toyota nor Bridgestone want to take responsibility for this inferior product. I understand that Toyota does not manufacture the tires, but they certainly have responsibility for putting decent tires on the cars they sell. At the very least Toyota should be questioning the quality of the tires they buy as original equipment. What kind of testing was done on these tires prior to purchasing them from Bridgestone?

I now need to purchase four new tires immediately since it is no longer safe to drive on the ones currently on my vehicle, and I have received no compensation from either Bridgestone or Toyota. I have never had this experience with any of the Toyotas I purchase previously, and I never had this experience with other Bridgestone tires, which were on some of the cars I owned. A tire that is routinely maintained should certainly not be unusable before 25,000 miles even if it is only of mediocre quality. I feel that I am owed some compensation by the manufacturer of the tire. I also feel that Toyota is responsible for making Bridgestone stand behind the product they purchased as original equipment.

At this point I question whether I will purchase another Toyota because of the treatment I have received. I will certainly not be purchasing another Bridgestone tire. I will be notifying not only Bridgestone, Toyota, the dealer (James), as well as additional government and consumer agencies to report this.

My dad bought me a 2003 Honda Civic from this place a year and a half ago with only 19,000 miles on it and in good condition. Since the dealership could place the vehicle under it's 100,000 mile, 5-year warranty, my dad thought that this car would be a good investment. WRONG.

Just a month ago, my car's engine made these troubling noises and we got the car inspected by a representative of the dealership. My dad was told that the engine was destroyed because of "lack of oil changing", and that the mechanic also had found the same thing and to make matters worse, the dealership wouldn't cover it!!!! My car was bought under the circumstances that if anything were to happen to it, it would all be covered. I maintained it properly, changed it's oil and kept the reciepts, etc., etc., and now I have to save up $2,000 so I can get a used engine for my car and to cover up labor expenses. I recommend to people not to get vehicles from this place EVER!!! They suck big time for decieving people like my poor dad and I.

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