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I bought a 2014 Highlander on 07/30/14 and the Finance manager (Ilia **) misled me from the beginning. He sold me a protection plan that cost me a fortune at a time I refused any type of protection plans. After I gone through the contract I realized that the plan does not worth for me. He asked me to wait one month before canceling the plan. From that point onwards he started giving me so much run around without addressing the canceling the entire plan. I have been waiting for months to get the refund for Lojack. He never answer my phone calls or e-mails. I visited the dealer so many times to resolve this issue from Staten Island by spending Toll and Gas.

The biggest lie he told me was to bring the College Graduate Certificate to get the Graduate Rebate as I did not have the certificate at the time I bought the vehicle. I explained him that it will take few months to get the certificate after graduating. His reply was to bring it when I receive it. I met him so many times after the deal as I had to come to see him to cancel the vehicle protection plan. All those instances he told me to bring the certificate when I receive it.

At last I took the certificate on October 3 and he refuse to accept it by saying I needed to present it within 2 days of the transaction. That was the point I understood that this guy will tell any lie to get his commission. My experience tells me that no matter how good is the sales person of a dealership can be, The Finance Manager can turn the deal upside down by misleading the customer in many ways.

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Company contacted me and resolved the issues quickly and efficiently.

Lauren of Middletown, , NJ on

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Just bought a cpo car here the other day. Salesman, Tayo, is very rude and unhelpful. Lacked basic Toyota knowledge and didn't care to please a customer. I was immediately greeted by him with an attitude and disinterest. He was unwilling to resolve simple issues with the 4 month old car. He wouldn't provide car mats or missing interior pieces. General manager is also the same. Easy to see why the workers have the same attitude. Not willing to budge on prices. Very unreasonable. The dealership is very packed with more than 10 salesmen waiting at the lot to run desperately to potential buyers cars. Very awkward experience all together. Not pleasant to say the least. I would never recommend this dealer to a buyer unless you want a headache. Extremely poor customer service.

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Yesterday, I found rat droppings in my closed glove compartment. I checked again today and had a car tech look to see if it was rat droppings. His guess was yes. I called the Hudson office at 3:10 today and have received no return call yet. I was told by the car tech that there may be a problem with the ventilation system outside of the car. I never had a large hole repaired from the company taking out extras when I bought the car, a 2009 Corolla. I called the health dept. as well. Has anyone else had this problem? I plan on calling the media as well. People need to be altered to this city danger. I will be taking a photo tomorrow and follow-up on this scary problem.

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I bought a car that has been endlessly in repair for over 2 years and still remains damaged by Toyota (Hudson Toyota).


I bought a 2004 Toyota Highlander from this dealer three weeks back. Within nine days of purchase, the rear bumper unhooked and broke by itself while I was driving on the freeway. I consulted few body shop mechanics and all had the same opinion that the rear bumper might have had an issue and that the dealer did not fix it properly as few brackets and screws are missing on the other good part of the bumper. When I tried to contact the manager, they turn a deaf ear.

It was very disgusting and an unpleasant experience for me. I feel as if I was sold a lemon. The rear bumper broke while I was driving and the cost to fix it is coming up to $1000. Unfortunately, my insurance is also not eligible as this incident occurred even before I got the vehicle inspected for insurance to be operational.

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I leased a 2010 Toyota Camry on 7/27/09 from Hudson Toyota, Jersey City, NJ. In December 2009, my vehicle accelerated by itself and by applying the brakes the vehicle went back to normal. In January 2010, Toyota reported a recall announcing that my vehicle fell under their recall campaign. I have not received any notice letter from Toyota regarding the recall fix. On 2/16/10, when I took my vehicle to my local dealer for 5,000 miles service, I was told then that my vehicle was under the recall campaign and it will take longer to perform the fixes.

Now with all the news has been coming out regarding the lack of Toyota's safety and credibility, and whole other facts: Toyota Manufacturer leased me the 2010 Camry, with full knowledge about the vehicle defect (sudden acceleration) since 2007. An internal memo from the Toyota company showed $100 M savings neglecting the quality and the safety of the American drivers. Toyota's negligence about safety and quality led to 52 deaths. Toyota's to perform recalls on 8.5 million Toyota products are not going to fully solve the sudden acceleration problem according to Toyota's top officials when testified on Capitol Hill.

Toyota's resale values dropped down according to KBB and Edmunds. Toyota's used car value dropped down in the month of February according to Edmunds. Over 60 complaints have been filed to NHTSA about Toyota sudden acceleration for vehicles that the recall campaign has been performed on it.

Over 160 complaints have been filed to NHTSA about 2010 Toyota Camry. Toyota does not know the main reason for the sudden acceleration. It claimed it is not an electronic problem by performing a demonstration to proof Dr. Gilbert test was incorrect but have not submitted any scientific analysis to identify the problem and how it will be overcome.

After Toyota's announcement that it is not electronic, we all watched the 2 Prius and Lexus that accelerated suddenly and the Prius was only recalled for the floor mat. It is obvious that Toyota has no knowledge as to where the problem started and where it will end. More than 90 class-action lawsuits have been filed against Toyota.

The Attorney general of Ocean County, CA is suing Toyota over consumer protection lawsuit. Toyota's US share fell 12 cents on Friday's afternoon trading. Former Toyota's attorney is accusing Toyota of fraud and misleading to the American consumers over Toyota's safety. I am surprised that Toyota never responded when it is calling it false allegations.

On 3/18/10, I sought resolution for my case by trying to exit my fraud lease agreement. I had my arbitration hearing through National center of dispute settlement at Hudson Toyota, Jersey City. I'm trying to have Toyota buyback the vehicle (2010 Camry) and refund me the payments I did since 7/27/09. The gentleman-represented Toyota (Mr. Jose B) claimed he is the region district manager, have no business card and refused to answer safety questions about their product. He was spending most of the hearing time on his Blackberry, the arbitrator (Mr.Elliot N. K) from national center for dispute settlement never commented on Toyota's representative behaviors.

According to NCDS rules and procedures, there shall be no direct communications between any party or representative of a party and any arbitrator other than at the hearing etc. The procedures been violated 3 times at the beginning, during the break that the arbitrator announced for no reason and finally at the end of the hearing where Toyota representative stayed at the hearing room after I walked out. Mr. B claimed that he holds a title of Toyota region district manager and when Mr. K asked him for a business card to proof his identity and the title he holds, Mr. B claimed that he did not has one. In reference to Toyota's BIOS record, the title claimed by Mr. B was not in his name.

When Mr. B had his time to answer my question related to Safety assurance, he made an irrelevant comparison between Toyota vehicle and lightning (nature phenomena). When I commented on his irrelevant answer to my question and then looked at Mr. K, he then decided to divert the discussion to a different topic by asking Mr. B to explain to us the recall. I respected the hearing from the moment I walked in and complied with all the jurisdiction system requirements by turning off my cellular phone and devote my time to an honest and fair debate but unfortunately Mr. K never commented on Mr. B's behavior inside the hearing room where he spent most of his time on his Blackberry. Where Mr. K had to ask Mr. B the same question twice Do you have copy of that paper? as he was busy on his device.

Mr. B refused to answer question about their safety department and when asked to comment on Mr. L's (president and chief operating officer of Toyota Motors Sales, USA, Inc.) testimony on Capital Hill, Mr. B claimed that he is not aware of what been said and he was not prepared for it. I'm still waiting for a decision, which most likely will be in Toyota's favor as the NCDS lacked the transparency in conducting that hearing. Are there any further actions I should take to exit my lease and get a complete refund, as I don't feel safe driving their vehicle?


I have 2002 Toyota Rav4 in which in 2007 the oil had sludge up because of a suspected oil pump problem. I took it to the dealer where they told me it was my fault for not changing the oil. After presenting them with receipts, I was told they would replace the engine if I paid for the labor, $2500.

After paying it, only 2 years later, the engine failed again and has a severe engine knock. I went to Toyota and they refused to do anything and said my warranty had expired. After taking the invoice to my private mechanic, he informed me that they did not replace the engine rather replace part of the engine.

After paying 2500 dollars for what I assumed to be a "new" engine. I still have to look to get my engine replaced a second time.


I purchased a certified vehicle with 7000 miles from Hudson Toyota. Itwas purchased with extended warranty. The car was taken on friday and on tuesday it broke down we called Toyota roadside they actually tried to make me pay for the tow but after I refused they agreed to cover it. I asked about my rental and said I would get a call back. No call back had to walk home I received a call back from a tech service person saying this car is a wreck it will take a few days, we need our top technician to look at it.

Next day I showed up with my son to the dealer to get my rental. Before we took the rental we spoke to supervisor and I said I did not want the vehicle because this is supposed to be a Certified car which was good to drive then what could I expect in the future he said no that is not an option we will fix it and we?ll have it back in a few days. I said what if this happens again and he said we will give you a different car. My son then asked can we get that in writing and he said yes once I speak to the Manager.

I received a call from the service dept saying car needs a new motor due to water inside. Our insurance was responsible and we have to get an estimator from the insurance company to go to Toyota and verify. it did rain sat & sun; however, on Mon & Tues it was sunny Insurance said they had nothing to do with this issue that?s Toyotas to fix and we are under the warranty so they are not responsible. the manager left me a message saying that our insurance was responsible for this new motor. At the office of the super visor when salesperson entered his office saying a cop was trying to purchase a car and wanted a better deal. I heard the supervisor say ? !@#% that cop he doesn?t pay my bills, if he doesn?t like it go somewhere else.? This is the type of people I?m Dealing with!

One month passed and now they said they are taking their rental back so we either have to pay for the new engine our selves are voluntarily repossess the car damaging my credit. The BBB stepped in and got a response from Hudson Toyota saying the car was towed in 4 days later with extensive flood damage and 900 miles on the car. I have a fax with the cat's current mileage stating only 70 miles used over the 4 days.


i bought i 2008 toyota corrolla from hudson i did all the paper workand everything.i took the car home now wen i went home i found out that i was sold a used car that had 895 miles on it . i also found paper work from the presvios owner,etc. now i had to leave the country on a emergency and i told my dad that ill handle that wen i come im bac and i find that wen u turn the heater on and thgen turn it off it still run like it was on .the car waste more gas than it soppuse to.when i call the manager that help me sell me the car all he could say is that 'no the cAR IS NEW THAT ALL that miles is because wen they bruoght it from pennsylvania .he thoght i took the lie and all this nonsense. i tried to contact the costumer advice manager and she dont return my call


I purchased a toyota camry SE v6 and trade in my toyota matrix (lease). The camry was a demo. I felt in love with the car and I sign contract. Till that point everything was great, once I exit the dealer then, it became a nightmare. I was constantly lied to, no was was been hones with my situation. I had to "harrasse" Juan and the dealer so I can get a call back, all juan kept telling me was not to worry that everything was fine. I advice juan that I was doing soon a closing on a business in florida and I would have to leave. He promised me that everything was going to be ok not to worry.

I was working at that time in the airport (LaGuardia) and was staying in brooklyn with my parent so I had not gotten a chance to try out the car in the highway. Mean while toyota started calling me about my matrix that my payment was 30 days past due. At this time I freak out and call juan and ask him what was going on and why had my matrix not been payoff. Ofcourse by now you guess that his answer was that not to worry because everything was ok, perhaps toyota had not received the check so he was going to get me the check number and date. Ofcourse that call took him about two days of hidding until eventually he said that he had not gotten the answer because the person incharge was not in but not to worry everything was fine. I got mad and started calling and asking to speak to supervisor, they ask who I was dealing with and they never got back to me.

After a long time of harrassment I got a call back from a supervisor that told me straight out that what has happen was that three weeks later I was still not approved. I freaked out. Juan has lie to me I also had discover on a trip to pennsylvania that my car needed either the tires to be balance or alignment because my car would shake after 50mph. At this time I contacted customer relation with hudson and with all honesty they were a joke too. I left about 3 messages and then they call. They said that they would get back to me and after a day I call them to find out what happen. Yes I call them. Once I had some lady from customer relation advice me that they were trying to have my thing taken care of that a manager was handling my case and if I had any other consern to call her. neatless to say that I took my car in on a friday to have the tires balance and I told juan that I was heading to florida that monday and my temporary plates will expire then and he said to me and I quote "DON'T WORRY BRING IT TO ME AND I'LL EXTEND YOUR PLATE IF I HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR BY THEN". Well little did I know that on that monday with all my things in the car getting ready to head out to florida I found out that you can not extend out of state temporary license plate.

Talking about wanting to kill someone. Sure they offer to reimburse me for plane ticket, sweet however I needed a car in florida and I advice juan that once the business was taken over by me if I didn't open the doors then I would not get paid so I didn't have the luxury of taking a rental and then come up on a later day to pick up and drive my car to florida. Neatless to say I drove my car down anyway. I waited about 3 1/2 weeks because they once more lie to me and they said that they had forward the paper work to florida for my plates and in actually toward the last week of the 3 1/2 week, it was when they actually had send the paper work. I have been lie to, I have been treated as an I don't even have the name for it and the icing on the cake is that I still have problem with my lovely camry because the car still vibrate at certain speed. I'm currently taking the car to Al Hendrickson in Coconut Creek and I'm also having a problem with them. When I call toyota head quarters (I think) in California, I advice them of the treatment that I had received from hudson and also I had call customer relation toward the end of july because I felt that they are the ones responsible for my car, over a week past and I didn't get a call back however once I reported it and got a case number some idiot from hudson call me about 10 minutes afterwards and said that she was so sorry about what I'm going through but I'm in florida and there's nothing she can do. I said how about getting a flat bed and taking my car to jersey and figure out what you can do then.

Neatless to say, Al Hendrickson mechanic argued with me that there was nothing wrong with the car that he didn't feel anything yet the director of service and part came out ran his hands through my tires and found that my front right hand tire was out of round. Funny I though there was nothing wrong, then after waiting a week for a call back I finally have them exchange my two front tires (ofcourse using my brand new spare as one of the new ones because after a week they had not gotten my tires and I was getting a little unpatient) they align my car and as I drove off the lot I notice that my car was still vibrating and now it was pulling to the left. At this time I'm embarrassed because I have taken the car in for several times due to this vibrating and they "HATE" me. You just have to see their eyes when they see me drive up. Everyone looks aways. Anyway I contact toyota at california and advice of what's going on with my car and they told me to also get incontact with the tire manufacture so on 8/11/05 I took the car to firestone and they find nothing wrong with the tire but they said that the car needed alignment it was pulling to the left so I immediately took the car in again. After taking the car in they advice me that they re-align my car and that it was not vibrating and no longer pullin to the left. Guess what they were wrong. With tears in my eyes I said the hell with it. I guess I'm going crazy.

My original tire change and alignment was done on july 23 and I took it to firestone august 11 then back to Al Hendrickson on august 13, then on august 15 my transmission started acting up and had to take the car in because a wire had short (connection 2B) what ever that mean. Then on august 23 I couldn't take it any more, I'm paying about 38,000 at the end of my finance and paying $520 monthly on a car, well I expect the car to run in perfect condition expecially when I had just purchased this car on April 12, 2005. Upon taking the car in this second time they said that the machine was out of set and they had misalign my car. My car is not pulling to the left no more now if I could only make it stop vibrating. Some regional man from toyota suppossedly test drove my car and said it was running in great condition and he said that it was not vibrating so when I took my car in the last time on august 29 they found that my front left rim was damaged and so was the tire they kept the car till the 31st and upon getting to the dealer I advice Gary the director that I wanted someone to test drive the car with me. I stood there been ignore until finaly after a whole hour this guy name tony came with me, we got on the florida turnpike and he felt the vibration and said that upon arrival at the dealer even though the car was sign off by the regional man, he was going to advice gary of such findings. I contacted gary the next morning and he was not aware so I told him what tony had discover test driving the car with me and he said he was going to call me back and guess what he did a day later after I had left two messages. One for him and one for this guy name Todd Scott from SouthEast toyota. At this point I'm beyong patient. I believe that Hudson Toyota did not provide customer service on top of that they should had inspected my car before handling it over to me and they didn't, the inside carpet were discustingly dirty and juan said oh well, we are not giving you new ones you can buy one from the shop. I though that driving a year in a half old honda civic that shocks were squeeking after 25,000 miles was a bad experience, I guess I found out that there are worst out there.

I had gotten a 03 matrix to get out of my honda and it was the best car ever. I had it for 2 years and 8 month with 48,000 miles. I hate ever going to Hudson Toyota and exchanging my car. This has been a nightmare and the funny thing about all this is that I feel that if they would check my rims (all 4) and exchange the tires to another brand that perhaps would do away with the vibration. My opinion is that what the heck, they are making so much money, and selling so much cars that they just don't care. I'm just one in a million. Who cares if they loose my business. Its sad because I was a strong toyota type of guy. This camry is my forth car purchase between 02-05. I had a 03 Matrix XR that I got in July 02, then a 03 Corolla CE that I took out for my sister, exchanged the corolla for a 04 Rav4 L that she still currently have and I exchange my lease Matrix thinking I was getting into a better car and I should had purchased a Ford. I would have not gone through this. I'm discusted, stressed, ignored and constanly feel look down by TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY AND ITS REPRESENTATIVE. The sad thing is that none is doing nothing they are just hoping that I would get tire and go away, I got news I'm not, I'm telling the whole world if I have to. I hope someone here can help me finalyze this mess.


I purchased a 2005 Toyota Corolla on June 17, 2005. I got a call today on July 15th, 2005 from Miguel (finance person) telling i have to brin g the car back because they couldn't find a bank to finance me. In the mean time i sold my used car, im a full time employee and im also a bio pre-med student. i have purchased full coverage insurance for the car. i have also purchased items for the car from the dealership


We purchased a vehicle from hudson toyota. They gave us a temporary tag which has expired. As of now we have been getting fines because of expired tag. We feel that hudson toyota did not do their job, because now we have just discovered there was alot of paper work that was not signed, and now it has become our problem of having a car that is illegal. We have also been constanly lied to and have been given the run around by everyone in Hudson Toyota. With all this hardship we do not want their business. They have shown no consideration or professinalism in this matter. They're telling us we have no choice, we're stuck with them.


I have toyota avolan 2000. I had a problem with key which was worn out. I got the car toyed to hudson toyota. Key was to to replaced but I did not have the master key. I was told the computer of the car has to be exchanged. It will take 2 days and they can replace the computer and I have to pay for labor charges. The dealship has my car with them since 8/12/03. They have yet to get the computer. No date is available too. Pl help me out. I am paying $50 per day toward the car rental.


I paid them $950 dollars to fix my brakes and I still had the problems. I was told they had misdionosed the problem and I would have to pay another $400 dollars to get them fix. I took the car to another dealership and they fixed the car under warrenty

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