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I was presented with a quote by Wendy ** for a Honda Odyssey EXL with NAV in which I then followed up with Jimmy and Howard and spoke with Mike as well to make sure what was my expectation and need. Upon my review of the offer with Jimmy for the EXL with navigation after an hour of discussion at the $383 monthly price point for a lease with 2,495 down, they had offered me a $469 monthly rate due to negative equity of $3,000 due to trade! Upon me returning with my fiancee to the dealership, later in the day to work out the numbers and having decided to pursue the EXL without navigation, Howard explained that the initial numbers Jimmy had provided me with were actually for the EXL without the navigation model. I was appalled at the letter proposal that was given to me especially in light of the fact that the advertisement Wendy ** sent me for the EXL without navigation model states $283 monthly and my negative equity is $3,000.

This should be equaled to $83 per month on top of the $283 monthly rate, totaling $366 a month. How could they present a price of $469? This is roughly $100 more. There is no math or dealer that would indicate or present this price as I had visited many. I simply think it was wrong of them to try to mislead me in changing the offer for the model. Howard tried to hide the fact that they were caught in a lie. He tried to educate me with bogus numbers when I have leased many cars before and understood the market and procedure of leasing very well. I had thoroughly explained to Wendy and Jimmy what I wanted from the very beginning, including Mike with many documents written and presented for the initial Exl Nav.

This was a very bad experience, and I could never recommend anyone to deal with Garden State Honda. Just wanted to share my experience with others, as their business ethics are very misleading and dishonest! Many other complaints similar to mine upon reviewing them. Stay away!

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The finance manager at the Garden State Honda forged my signature on the loan and the loan was declined by Wells Fargo and I am now with a vehicle with no plates or registration and I have been paying full coverage insurance and also made a down payment on a vehicle that can't be used.

I was informed by Wells Fargo that the loan was forged by someone at the dealership. I was also informed in person by the finance manager that he forged my loan. He came to my home in addition to text messaging me and calling me offering bribes so that he could keep his job.

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On 9-21-11, I called Garden State Honda to make an appointment to have a wheel alignment done. The service dept answered the phone. The woman said, "Sir! You need to call the Passaic store!". She kept saying that to me, speaking loud and demeaning. She would not let me speak at all, without any way to get a word in Edgewise. All I got was that the entire phone call and then without me explaining why I called Clifton...[CLICK]. She hung up on me.

Someone needs to find out who answers the phone like that and get this woman off of your front line with customers. She was as rude as possible. I said, "Can I say something ma'am?", and she said, "No, Sir! You need to call the Passaic store!". That's horrible and from this moment I will never recommend anyone buying a car from your Clifton store.

Word of mouth is golden and I will be proactive on telling everyone to not shop at the Cilfton store. Please solve your problem with that horrible woman that answers your phone in the service department. A return phone call would be appreciated to let me know if you found the problem. Thanks.


In 2007, I was driving my 2005 Honda Element on the New Jersey turnpike/I-95. I, was driving in the middle so I decided to go to the left cause in front of me. There was a truck, so when I was transferring to the left lane, one of the tires truck explode and a piece of the tire went under my car and the driver's seat airbag explode.

Then I went to the right shoulder and truck it in. I went to the dealer, and they told me the were going to replace it with out any charge. They gave me an appointment, because they didn't have the parts at the moment. And when I get to the appointment, the manager of the dealer was discussing with the person in charge of this order that he would take full responsibility. He said I have to pay for it or my insurance. I also heard him say I don't need my boss to come down here, and he asked me why I'm spending too much money. So my car didn't get fixed. The airbag is hanging on the side, and the sensor light is on in the front panel.

On Saturday 9/05/09 after doing an internet search for a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L, clearance item. M. Ramos of the Garden State Honda Internet Sales Associates called me. She explained that the dealership had five Odyssey's in the model I was looking for EX-L. She stated that she had one in each color available. Because of the late time of day, I said I'll come visit the next business day.

She told me the showroom at Garden State Honda will be open Monday 9/07/09 Labor Day. We made an appointment for 9:45 AM that coming Monday. Whereas none of my local dealers had any left in stock, it was worth a long ride to go see the ones Garden State Honda had. As I drove up to the Business Lot, I wondered where the cars for sale are, as not much of anything was parked outside. After going inside I addressed the receptionist and asked to see M. Ramos, of the internet sales associate.

Before long a salesman Jimmy "D" G. took me over to his desk, wanting to start the sales process by picking my brain. It didn't take much to tell him that I had been speaking to Monica Ramos about an 09 Odyssey EX-L & she told me, five were in inventory at the location. I was here to buy one. Jimmy had one question for me after that. How many did she say she had? After my answer, he went to check inventory.

Well he disappeared for almost 30 minutes, leaving me sitting at his desk. At which time I realize how much the car buying experience [is bad] in America. I mean the sales force are just runners of information back & forth to the sales manager. I noticed everyone has a computer on the desk but everyone has to visit the managers office, instead of an e-mail.

After 30 minutes Jimmy shows up and tells me. We do not have any of the EXL without being loaded with extras. But in reality we only have two, one of which is sold & the other is so loaded it could be a Touring model. I was lied to by one associate, & made to wait & wait & wait, by another associate until my blood boiled over. I only wish I had a better way of reciprocating the deceitfulness, the waste of my time & gas, by this Garden State Honda Business and its business practices. Lost sale.

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I leased an 06 Honda Accord from Garden State Honda in Clifton, NJ...My lease was up on April 13th of 09...I received a call on Dec. 13th from a salesman named Anthony and he told me to come down to turn my car in early...I told him that I just paid the lease payment for Dec/Jan ($357)...and he said not to worry that he would take care of it...

I had been searching online and decided to lease another Accord--but a 2-dr coupe, so I knew exactly the car I wanted to lease.

I am a single 64 year old school teacher...and Anthony took advantage of me with his fast talk...In two hours I was driving away with my new car...The thing I didn't do was to check the paper fault for trusting...

They did pay the 3 payments left, but the verbal agreement was to pay me back the $337 which I had sent out for my 06...
My car had only 14,000 miles on it and was in great shape, so they took it in for a month on my money...
I said that I would have waited if I was going to be rooked...I can't afford to lose $337, especially in these times...
Naturally I called several times, talked to several people--Anthony, Jose, Carlos (general manager) and no one got back to me...It seemed as if I was becoming a mockery...

Now it is March 13th and no one has called...I am so upset...I don't even want to go back there for service...PLEASE help me...


Regarding our GAP Cancellation - I have been calling our dealer, Garden State Honda, located in Clifton, NJ for the past 3 months and not a single person has called us back. I call the Honda Gap Services; they tell us that our records are not in file, hence call the dealer. I call the dealer and they tell us to call our lender, which happens to be Wachovia. I call the lender; they have no idea what is going on. This has been happening for the past 3 months. This is ridiculous. I call the dealer again; no one picks up the damn phone and we leave a message - no one calls us back. Either Honda is trying to do fraud or someone is just irresponsible.

Finally, we got hold of a representative with Honda Care Gap Services who pulled our file up, and she had mentioned that our dealer who we dealt with has never faxed over our GAP Cancellation form. I specifically asked should we fax over and the accountant ** told no, he would do it. When we ask for him in the dealer, he doesn't pick up. What, he doesn't work full-time there? Doesn't he have a phone? This is the worst dealer we have dealt with. I am very disappointed at the fact for the past 3 months, I have been making trillion phone calls and no one responds to us.


After spending 6 hours on location on 12/13/08 we finally signed off on our lease, paid the downpayment and the lease, and were told in order to save time we could come back on Monday to pick up our paperwork. On Monday we were told our paperwork wasn't ready. On Tuesday we could't reach our contact in the finance department.

On Wednsday we were told our file had been given to someone who was on vacation til Monday the 22nd. On Thursday ,when we tried to return the vehicle, we were told there was a problem with the financing (which we had already signed off on and paid for) and they tried to 're-negotiate' and asked for another day. Friday morning 12/19/08 (having still not received OUR paperwork) we returned the vehicle, under advice from council, and requested a refund of our deposit and first months payment.

Loss of hourly/salary wages taking the time to deal with the situation. Now having to rent a car for holiday travel and finding a new new car.


This is my situation:

In March 2007, I cancelled my Extended Warranty, Disability Insurance, and Credit Life at the dealer with the financial advisor, Angel M.

In June 2007, I checked my Honda Financial Account. I noticed the only transaction that posted was Extended Warranty. I went to the dealer to speak with Angel M, but I was told by the finance manager, Ali, that Angel M no longer works there. I requested with Ali to cancel the Disability Insurance and Credit Life for a second time. Ali explained to me that it will take 6-8 weeks for the money to post in my American Honda Finance Account.

In August 2007, I called the company that handles Disability Insurance and Credit Life; they stated that they have not received any information from the Garden State Honda. I asked them if I could cancel directly with them, but was told that the request must come from Garden State Honda.

In September 2007, I spoke with Ali and told him that I have not seen the money post to my American Honda Finance account and he explained to give it some more time.

In December 2007, I spoke with Ali and he stated that the information was submitted and doesn't know why it hasn't been processed to my account.

On January 21, 2008, I called Honda Corporate Office and I was given a case #. I was called by Barry on January 22, 2008 from Corporate Office and he assisted me with the situation. Barry contacted the dealer and spoke to Jennifer M, who explained that Garden State Honda was going to process the cancellation.

On April 4, 2008, the car was in an accident. Liberty Mutual processed the accident as a Total Loss. On April 21, 2008, American Honda Finance received a check from Liberty Mutual and I was told that they could not process GAP insurance because the Disability Insurance and Credit Life havent been cancelled on my account. On April 25, 2008, American Honda Finance faxes a request to receive the cancellation money of Disability Insurance and Credit Life.

On May 13, 2008, Ashley from American Honda Finance faxes a third request to receive the cancellation money of Disability Insurance and Credit Life and left a message for Jennifer M. On May 19, 2008, Ashley sends a fax to Bridget and left a message with Jennifer M. On May 22, 2008, I had to make a car payment of $444.55 on a car that I do not have because the dealership neglected to process my cancellation. I have left messages with Jennifer M and no answer. On May 27, 2008, I went to the dealer and spoke to Jennifer M and they made a check on May 27, 2008. I called American Honda Finance and spoke to Cheryl, who was trying to resolve this matter. Cheryl called Garden State Honda and left a message with Bridget.

On May 30, 2008, Jennifer M called Cheryl, letting her know the check was returned because it was sent to the wrong address. Cheryl left a message with Jennifer M to receive a new tracking number. On May 30, 2008, I notified Better Business Bureau and have a case #.

On June 2, 2008, Ashley called and left a message with Bridget. On June 4, 2008, the check for Disability Insurance and Credit Life posted to my American Honda Finance Account. Now more than a month and a half later, Gap Insurance started processing my remaining total loss of $1,421.92, when in turn, should have been $1,866.47, if Garden State Honda would have done their part. I had to make a payment to keep my account current, so it wouldnt go to the credit bureau and affect my credit rating.
I am requesting $444.55, because Honda Financial Services shouldnt be waiting for the Disability Insurance and Credit Life cancellation, because it should have been cancelled over a year ago.

Once the car was classified as a Total Loss, Gap should have been the only thing that I and Honda Financial Services should have been waiting to process. I am not even requesting proration money for the Disability Insurance or Credit Life, since it was over a year ago. I just want the monthly payment I had to make of $444.55. I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible, before I have to escalate it to legal matters.


In September of 2007 I walked into Garden State Honda, because my current lease was about to be up on my honda and I wanted to lease another Honda. Through our discussions and negotiations, I negotiated that Garden State Honda take over the cost of my over mileage that I currently had on my lease.

After I left the dealership because they did not want to agree to the terms the first time around, but they called me back and agreed to take care off the excess miles. That they I did not sign the paper work because the car had to have a tale light fixed because it was totally busted. When I returned to sign the paper work and pick up the vehicle, I signed the documents assuming we were still in agreement for Garden State Honda to take care of the excess miles.

A month later, I get a letter in the mail from the Honda Corporation telling me that I owe them 2,500 dollars for the excess miles. I tried to contact the people I worked with at Garden State Honda several times but no one would get back to me. I left several messages on the ansering machine of the General Manager detaliling my current problem but never received a call back. Both the salesman and the sales manager recall us negotiating that into the deal. Please! Help me resolve this.

This problem has caused me to suffer mental stress over something that I am owed. I have had to drive into the dealership several times because no one has returned my phone calls and yet I still am battling this issue. My credit score has suffered tremendously because I refuse to pay the billed amount. I am getting calls all through out the day from the Honda Corporation because they are trying to collect the money. Even the Hondad Corporation themselves tried to reach out to Garden State Honda and no one would return their calls. I am not looking for anything extra, I just would like the dealership to do what is right.


I purchased a brand new Honda Accord off of their showroom floor on 8/26/06. At that time I traded in a 2000 Honda in which I was financing through Honda. I owed 5k they gave me 7k for the car. They were to pay off the 5k and apply 2k to the purchase price of the new car. The contract stated they had 20 days to pay off the 2000 Honda by contract and took 120 days. My credit is now affected and I'm in the middle of applying for a mortgage.

Now I'm looking at paying a higher mortgage rate for the next 30 years because I can't get a letter indicating it was the dealership that took possission of the car and it wasn't me paying it late.

My second issue is when one of the tires blew. Luckily, I purchased for $398.00 a road hazard warranty that would cover the tires and rims on the car for 2 years. When I went to get the tire replaced, that's when I learned my saga got bigger. When I called the number for the warranty for the tires/rims I was told I didn't exist. The contract was not valid and never registered. Essentially they knowingly and willingly sold me a blank piece of paper for $398.00. Because I needed to drive the car, I tried to buy the tire and rim myself and would settle the bogus warranty sold to me at a later time with Garden State Honda.

That is when I found out the tires and rims that came on my car (on the showroom floor) were 'aftermarket' and had already been discontinued before I bought the car. I called Falken tires and Motegi Rims to confirm this. Since these are 19 or 20 inch tires, they are extremely expensive and nobody just keeps them in stock. After several phone calls and complaints to NJ Honda, I finally got them to ship me a tire and rim that they ASSURED me was the same as the other 3 on the car.

When the tire and rim came they were totally different from the other 3 and the dealership knew it when they shipped the tire to me. So that I could have a functioning car, I put the tire/rim on and continued my quest with GSH with no resolve. Noboby would call me back. I tried Corporate Honda and their position is that they do not own the dealership, they're independenlty owned so it has nothing to do with them. I have so many phone calls with dates and times and who I spoke to with me always doing the initial contact with nobody calling me back.

I could not get to anyone higher at corporate Honda and later found they 'closed' my case without my knowledge. I wrote to the President of the division hoping to get a senior executive to call me back to help me but again it was Caroline the case manager who intercepted the letter I wrote. In the meantime, my son was driving the car this week when yet another tire blew out and he veered off the road with damages. The tire seems to have shreadded for no reason and now I'm convinced those are hazardous tires that were probably used when they put them on the car and I never knew.


I had gone to Garden State Honda to purchase a 2000 Volkswagon Passat.

A couple days later I returned the car due to a few issues the car had such as missing mirrior switch, I was given the car also with a spare tire on the front passenger side.

After I returned the car I still wasnt approved by a bank for a loan. The day the dealer gave me the car I went to purchase a new tire which I have the receipt for and I also had my car checked I was told by the mechanic the Control Arms on the passenger side were in really bad condition which are the cars suspension I decided to return the car as I stated earlier, also in the contract it stated if I'm not contacted within 72 hours of the day I was in the dealership to let me know if I was approved by a lender I have the right to return the car it has been over a week and i hadn't received an answer.

I did return the car and stated my arguement. I was told I could not be issued a refund due to dealerships policy and they failed to show me in writing where it stated that information. I was also told by the finance department I was approved by a lender but fail to give me any information on the lender.

I left the car at the location so I wouldn't be accused of putting miles on the car. A couple of days after I was in the dealership I received a letter from a a bank stated I was denied for the loan processed through Garden State Honda. All I want if for the $1000 I put for downpayment to be refunded.

I'm being given a hard time about gettin my money refunded. Why I have family who work in the car business who let me know there giving me a hard time so I would be forced into purchasing a car.

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