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A few years back, I took my Nissan to the Cherry Hill dealer for service and asked to check the transmission because my vehicle jerks when I changed gears. The dealer service rep told me that they couldn't find any problems with the transmission. In June 2013, I took the vehicle back to the dealer for the same problem with the transmission and to fix the front passenger headlight which cost me 451.00. I was told that my vehicle needed a transmission valve and body, air cooler pipe and seal.. Radio CD player fixed but that I didn't have warranty.

I told the customer service that when I did have warranty, they told me they couldn't find the problem. I left angry. In September 2013, three months later, the front's driver side headlight went as well. I realized that the vehicle was not worth cost of nearly 7,000.00 to fix. I decided to call the Cherry Hill Nissan Dealer in Aug 2014 to see if my vehicle had a recall since I was told those vehicles has transmission problems... I was told to call 1800Nissan1 to check.

When I called that 800 number, I was told that they will see how they can help me but that I needed to get the diagnostic done to my vehicle again. I made an appointment and they charged me 58.00 to get the diagnostic done to my vehicle. The dealer customer service was honest with me and told me that he doesn't think that Nissan is going to get my vehicle fixed and not to get my hopes high but it is worth a try to see. I was also told that the customer service from Nissan was going to call me and tell me if Nissan would fix my transmission since I went to the dealer to get it fixed and was told nothing was wrong when I did have warranty the first time.

I spoke to a customer service handling my case two days later and was told that unfortunately, they couldn't do nothing for me.The female even asked me after she told me she couldn't do anything to help me.. "Could I help you with everything else?" I told her that she didn't even helped me but took 58.00 from me to get a diagnostic done. I don't recommend anyone to buy a Nissan Vehicle. Nissan doesn't care. They only want your money.


I went to the Nissan dealership on Saturday 10/10/09 and as we(my husband and I) pulled into the Nissan dealer we were met by a man by the name of Rich C as we walk onto the lot we went to the Nissan Altima. He asked what we were looking for and both my husband and I agreed this car would be okay but I said I am not paying the price on the car.He asked what were you looking at?I told him 19,900.He asked where I saw this at and I told him on line.He said oh ok an internet customer?We can work with that and we also have additional rebates we can throw in.I was happy with this. It seemed like a pretty fair deal.

We went in he gave me some numbers. I told him I would go and check into another dealer.They couldn't touch the 1.9%financing.When we returned I spoke with John one of the Regional Mangers and told him I didn't want to put down 3000.00.I didn't really have it, I would try for the 1500.00 and get me under 300.00 a month. He said the numbers don't add up but he would look into it.I was a bit confused on the amount monthly because if I was buying a car at 19,900.00 with 1.9%, 6 years and a rebate of 1000.00, putting down 1500.00. I didn't understand how the numbers didn't add up. I put my hand up in a bit of frustration and said ok see what you can do.I was confused. John came back with a figure and I said ok, as I walked away I was baffeled.I couldn't quite get it.

I sat with Rich again and he was showing me the bottom figure.During this time my husband and I were sitting there and I asked him what the total of the car cost was and he avoided the question and went to another topic which took me off course with the amount of the car. I asked him two more times at which the last time after taking me to another topic the second time he said the finance department would have it.I didn't understand this and I had been there for hours at this point. I was confused and yet I signed. We were speaking with Rich and I signed some initial papers.We were the last people there.I went into the finance department and began to sign.I felt pressured, tired, and a bit aggrevated because I didn't understand the fees.I asked the finance man(I think his name was John also)how much am I paying for the car. He finally showed me the cost and it was the sticker value which was initially on the car.

I didn't understand and told him this wasn't the price Rich had told me I was initially getting the car for.I told him he said 19,900.00 and rebates. He said he gave you 1000.00 in rebates and 6hundred something are there in hidden fees.I said where do you find the hidden fees?He said oh you take...I felt so pressured and confused it just didn't make sense.I signed and don't know why because I normally check all my numbers.It was a weird valunerable pressure I haven't experienced before.I took the car home and was upset with myself because it didn't make sense how this happened.I called Rich and left a message on Sunday and told him how dissapointed I was because he quoted me a different price and the one key wasn't responding to the car which put me in more of a slumber.

I didn't understand why I signed something I didn't agree with and wasn't what I was told.Rich called me Monday on 10/12/09 and I told him why I was upset.He said he didn't know the cost of the car himself. Which is still weird to me.I further explained to him that I would have to come in and give back the car. I told him I wanted them to take something off the car because the totals were way off.He had John the regional manager call me back and he asked what can he do.I told John even though 900.00 isn't much of a difference I would like them to meet me half way since I was disturbingly misquoted and signed under pressure.He said he couldn't help me.I told John I would have to return the vehicle and was on my way.

I called the finance department of Nissan earlier I spoke with Varginia from India at 12:57 to let NMAC know I was misrepresented on

this deal and did not want to go through with this transaction.She asked me for my social and said I wasn't in the computer yet so she couldn't do anything.I went to the Nissan dealer with my brother-in-law because I had such a bad weekend in tears of what happen how I felt as if I was coerced into signing something I felt pressured to do and wasn't happy at all with the results of what I didn't think I was buying.We told them we had to return the vehicle because the amount shouldn't have been where it was and I wasn't given the proper info while going through this transaction.

When we arrived at the dealership sometime around 3:45 on Monday Oct 12, 2009 I parked the Nissan Altima in the front of the parking lot facing the traffic. We walked in and John was the man we spoke with and said there wasn't anything they could do.He said this will be a voluntary repo and would go on my credit report.I said I don't understand you sold me the car for a different price then what was quoted and the bank doesn't even have record of me yet. He said you are an adult you signed didn't you. I said yes I felt pressured and didn't even agree what was going on. I felt intimidated. He said he would never sign something without knowing everything he's signing. I told him I am only human. He said let me see if there's anything I could do.

He came back 1/2 to 35 minutes later and said he could meet me half way 450.00 I told him they had originally told me 19900.00 with rebates. I don't think this is fair.Darryn asked John for my check that I had given them, which we agreed upon purchasing the car would be cashed on Thursday because I had to transfer funds. John refused to give us my check.Darryn said I would have to put a stop payment because we don't have a trasaction going through.I barely had the car 2 days. Darryn and John shook hands.John told Darryn thank you for keeping this professional.I left my keys but John wouldn't take them.He said as far as he's concerned it's not his property.I picked them up, placed them on Rich's desk.Darryn then picked up the key's from Rich's desk and waited for Rich to return to his desk where his clients were waiting and just handed him the keys and Rich took them. We then walked out.


I came in to Cherry Hill Nissan to have my car re-
inspected after receiving a 30,000 miles maintenance
inspection on November 8th. My reason for visiting the
dealership again was because I could still felt the shimmy
that I requested to be taken care of during the November 8th
visit. When I arrived at the Service department, and explained the problem Mike Cristella and George of the Service department were very rude and disrespectful. George
especially was disrespectful and made a mockery out of the
situation, by making comments such as What else do you
complain about?? and At what speeds do you feel the shimmy?
Were you driving that fast this morning in the rain, if so I

would have put you over my knee and spanked you.?

I couldn't believe how unprofessional they were, this is below the standard. My husband is so upset that he does not

want me to go to Cherry Hill Nissan again for service at all.

That place is a joke, they only care about getting you to sign the contract and off the lot. My safety and concern about my vehicle were not taken seriously and that is not acceptable. After I pay off this car I am going to trade it in and will never buy another Nissan again.


I negotiated a deal where I traded in my 2004 nissan titan for a 2008.5 nissan titan. the amount financed was $27,196.82 at a approved rate of 3.9%. during my purchase I was advised that they were gonna attempt to get me approved for the 0% financing. several days to a week later I received a phone call to come back to the dealership because I was approved for the 0% financing for the 60 months with no other changes.

On 6-9-08 I arrived and met with Michael S who handles the finance paperwork. 1st he presented me with amount finance of $29,700.00 at 0% for 60 months, then 2nd option of amount financed $25,200.00 at 6.9% for 60 months. I informed him that I was only advised of the percentage rate change and not the negotiated amount financed.He left briefly and when he returned, he tried very hard to convince me to sign one of the contracts.

Due to the new changes other than the interest rate, I advised him that i decline on signing a new contract until I could consult with Nissan Corporate and an Attorney so I could fully understand my rights. during that time he became very rude and told me angrily that he would have to check with management to see if it was ok for me to continue to drive a vehicle I had no intentions of purchasing. I was offended and left his office. Shortly after I was approached by the Sales Manager Sam T who presented me with two contracts with the same alterations that MR S presented to me.

I advised him that i would only sign a new contract with nothing altered other than the new interest rate I was approved for. he attempted to pursway me to which I again politely declined until I spoke with Nissan & an attorney. He then advised me that if i didn't sign one of the new contracts within the next 24 hours the vehicle had to be returned and the contract I originally signed will not be honered. I do not want to return my new truck but i'm feeling forced to sign a new contract that suits them so i dont loose my new truck. this feels like a mafia tactic whe i'm made an offer I cant refuse. this is the second missrepresantation and alterations of a deal from this dealership. I experienced the 1st time when I purchased a Titan in November 2004. I was assured that they would make it up to me on my next purchase. please if you can help contact me.

since i puchased the vehicle i had the windows tinted which cost me $105 not to mention the many hours spect at the dealership on several occassions. I checked with my old nissan finance account and was advised that the dealership never contacted them for a pay-off and that im responsible for the next payment. I have been very upset and worried about the outcome of this matter.


First I took my car in for recall service which from the getgo I got the distinct feeling they did not want to do. The recall was a safety issue, the fuel injectors leaked and the engine could catch fire. When the parts arrived and I recieved a phone call to drop the car off, two days later I recieved a call to pick the car up because some parts had not been ordered and they had to wait for them to arrive.

Then about two weeks later, I dropped the car off again, and the whole time the smell of gasoline while I am driving is causing headaches and quite simply making me very nervous. Anyhow the car goes back, two days later, I get a call from the dealership, pick the car up it won't start, you have to get it fixed before we can do the recall. So I go, but my tow truck guy can't make it until after the dealership closes and no one is going to be there but I have to get it off thier lot that night!

So while the mechanics watch and laugh I push my car off the lot, my mother tries to help me and winds up damaging another car in there for service. When I get close to the end of the lot, I fall and my car keeps on rolling out into the street, luckily nobody hits the car or me, but my car does roll over my ankle while the mechanics stand there and laugh at the whole thing. So the car gets fixed (it needed a new battery-something that was fixed along with a new alternater a year before this, and I had had no problems since then).

Anyhow the car comes back for attempt number 3 and once again I hear, not all the parts are in, get the car off the lot. Don't know why at that point I just didn't give up with them, but I brought it back a fourth time and finally got it fixed although when I got it back my mirror was damaged, my radio no longer worked and the lights in my dashboard were out. So anyhow, I left quite loudly saying that I would never deal with Cherry Hill Nissan again. (There were customers in the waiting area I wanted to hear about my ordeal). So about two months later who do I get a pre-recorded message from on my cell phone (because that is the number I gave them to get ahold of me-but stated that it was a cell and it was only to be used for contact regarding the recall service)

Hello valued (hahahahaha) customer we have not seen you in several months, come in and take advantage of our 19.995 oil change special. It get the point. Every six weeks or so I get these messages, the first one I ignore. The second one I call and scream and tell them to lose my number I do not want to hear from them, etc. etc...they transfer me to Bob Millers voicemail, so I scream on that and tell them never to call me again.

Every six weeks to two months I get these calls, and every time I call them back screaming to take my number off thier marketing list, I will never buy so much as a bottle of car wash from them! Every time I get transferred to Bob Millers voicemail. Finally I find out you can sue them for violations of the TCPA so I send them a letter threatening lawsuit, and they tell me I have a prior existing relationship with them and that by giving them my cell phone number to contact me regarding the service, I therefore agreed to any marketing that would ensue after that. I am going forward with the lawsuit and I hope that the judge has had a week of telemarketing and spamming before court so that he/she triples the damages which is allowed under the law!

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I purchased a 1997 Nissan 200SX and had only owned the car two months when it would not start and have to be towed to the dealership. They said the cause was improper adjustment and fouled. They cleaned and adjusted the spark plugs. Since then I have had the same problem two more times (12/29/00 & 1/02/01), and both times my car had to be towed to the dealership.

This problem is only bad when the weather is especially cold. I kept telling them that I thought it had something to do with the control module. The first time it was towed on 12/29/00 they said the spark plugs and filters had to be replaced, and they cleaned the throttle, costing me $291.35. At this time my car had 30,192 miles on it and according to the maintenance schedule in my owner's manual the spark plugs didn't need to be replaced until 60,000 miles. The second time it didn't start on 1/2/01, it cost me $259.19 and they AGAIN replaced the spark plugs, both filters and this time listened to me and had to replace the control module(which was bad).

At this time my car only had 31,409 miles on it. The control module was still under warranty. I feel this was the problem both times for my car not starting and if they had replaced it to begin with, I could have saved $550.54. The second time I was without my car for almost a week and was not offered a loaner to get to and from work.

I feel that because I am a woman they tried to take advantage of me. The last time the car was there, a man in the service department named Jorge told me it would cost about $500 to repair my car, not informing me that I would not have to pay for the computer module, as it was under warranty. The $500 was for so-called "preventative maintenance." When I asked for an itemized list of what they were going to do to my car for this amount, the cost was cut in half. Most of the things they were going to do I had already had done. I was also without a car for approximately a week and had to find other means of transportation to and from work.

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