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These are the details of what has been going on with the car I purchased from A Coupla of Guyz Inc. from my Problems and Repairs Journal: I purchased on 12/16/2009 from A Coupla of Guyz Auto Sales. On 12/22/2009, the car was making a really loud squeaking noise. I took car back to the seller (A Coupla Guyz Inc.) for repairs. Due to the holidays, I had to bring the car back on Monday, 12/28/09. On 12/28/09, the car was brought back and kept by the seller for two days, 12/29/09 and 12/30/09 for the repair issue. On 12/30/09, I received car back from the seller and the car was repaired.

On 1/07/2010, the car was making the squeaky noise again. I informed the seller, was advised to bring it over to their mechanic (Jeff’s right across the street on the corner of Bangs Ave. and Hwy 35) to look at for the belts were changed on the car, and they did not know why it was still making this noise. I was advised to drop the car off to the mechanic on Saturday, 01/09/2010, to have the car looked at. Come 01/09/2010, the mechanic at Jeff’s was booked for the day so they advised me to drop it off Monday. On 01/11/2010, I went to drop car off at the mechanic, and I was having a hard time steering the car. I got the car to the garage and parked it. I explained to the mechanic’s wife that I had a hard time steering and that something needs to be checked. The car was with mechanic from 01/11/2010 until 01/15/2010.

On 01/15/2010, I got a call from the Seller (A Coupla of Guyz), said that the car was ready and fixed. They told me that the power steering pump was replaced. On 01/23/2010, I stopped back by the car dealership for the squeaky noise was back again. The mechanic at dealership looked at the car as I waited to see why it was making that noise again. I was advised to bring the car back Tuesday, 01/26/2010. Due to weather issues, I could not bring the car back until Monday 02/02/2010. By then, I brought the car back car and was kept for two days, then repaired again for squeaking noise - 02/02/2010 to 02/04/2010. On 02/8/2010, I brought car back to the seller and explained that there was no heat in the car and that when I went to take it through inspection, the check engine light came on. They checked the car with a hand held machine and the code came up stating that the thermostat needed to be replaced. They advised me that the car needs to be left to be repaired.

Due to the weather, I was not able to take the car over until the following week. On 02/16/2010, I dropped the car off for repair of the thermostat. On 02/18/2010, the car was repaired and picked up. On 02/26/2010, I took the car back to seller for the heat is still not working. On my way from work, the car starts smoking. I pulled into the dealership while the car smoking. The mechanic at dealership came out to open the hood and looked at it. Both owners (Bob and Joe) looked at it, and I was told that I had to leave it to be looked at. I left car at dealership. By 03/04/2010, I received a call that car was repaired and went to pick up car. After picking up car on 03/05/2010, it cutoff on me three times, twice while driving and started smoking again. I was advised to bring the car back again. I brought car back and advised them that I had to work the weekend and that I needed a car.

Joe and Bob agreed to reimburse me if I could get a rental car and that the car would be done no later than Tuesday, 03/09/2010. I rented car from Enterprise in the amount of $437.39; $250.00 deposit and $187.39 for actual rental which will be credited back to me and $188.00 which is the amount of the rental. On 03/10/2010, I received call from Bob at A Coupla of Guyz Auto stating that the car was ready, and I could come and pick it up. I picked up the car at 5:00pm, drove the car to Target and then home; and the car lights started to dim. The following day 03/11/2010, I got up in the morning to go to work. The car would start and then cutoff. I had to catch a ride to work. I called the Dealership, spoke with Dave and explained to him that the car would not start this morning. I then explained that I could not get the car over to him and that it would have to be towed. He asked for the keys and I told him that I was at work, and I would have to see if I could get them to him.

I got off at 3:00pm, went home, caught a ride over to the car dealership, and dropped off the keys. On 03/12/2010, there was no call from the car dealership regarding when they were coming to pick up the car; and the car sat at my house from Thursday 03/11/2010 until Wednesday 03/17/2010. Car was then towed to dealership on Wednesday, 03/17/2010, and my dad called about the car on Thursday, 03/18/2010. He was told that I must have run over a puddle because when they came to get the car, all this water came out the side of it. The car had sat for three days and it rained for three days straight. I did not have the keys to the car, so how I could I have ran over a puddle of water is beyond me. Then they stated that they were using the car to run errands to see how it runs and that was the last time anyone has spoken to someone at the dealership.

On 03/22/2010, there was still no call or information about the car. I received information from a friend regarding an attorney to reach out to regarding my complaint. On 03/23/2010, I called the attorney’s office of Robert ** and made an appointment for 4:00pm. On 03/24/2010, I called A Coupla Guyz Auto at 8:30am, left a message for a return call regarding the status and condition of the car, and advised that I needed an answer today. On 03/24/2010, I had an appointment with Attorney Robert ** at 4:00pm and explained my situation about my car and all the problems I had since purchasing it. Mr. Lueddeke then reviewed my paperwork and contract and stated that there were a couple of violations that A Coupla Guyz has violated, and that I had a good case. I sign the paperwork for the attorney to pursue the case and he explained that it would $300.00 to send out the letter to the dealership and for the follow up calls.

On 03/26/2010, a letter dated 03/26/10 to A Coupla Guyz Auto was sent to them. It advised them that I had been seeking counsel regarding the purchase and all of the infractions and violations that the dealership had in the misrepresentation of the vehicle. They received a copy of this letter via email from the attorney’s office. On 04/02/10, I tried contacting the attorney Mr. ** the following week for he afforded the dealership five days to reach them and come up with a resolution to this issue. I was informed that Mr. ** was on vacation but I could leave message for his daughter, Karri**. I left a message for her to return call. I also sent in a payment of $300.00 to start the filing process on the suit. On 04/05/2010, I called a couple of times and sent emails for the attorney to contact me.

I finally received a call back on 04/07/2010 from Karri explaining to me that she had heard from Joe at A Coupla of Guyz, and they stated the they would not take the car back or refund the down payment because they felt that due to the fact that they put a new motor in the car and they fixed it for free. She wasn't really aggressive with them; she just explained what they told her. I advised her that they have had the car more than I have had it since the purchase on 12/16/09, and about the financial inconvenience and personal inconvenience that this has caused me that they should have fixed it at no cost. I also explained that they had me sign a work order for the motor they put in the car, and they were sending the claim to the warranty company. I did not get a copy of it and also, that I contacted the warranty company who stated that they never received a claim from A Coupla of Guyz regarding my vehicle. She stated that she would call them back and explain our position and get back to me.

On 04/23/2010, Karri called me regarding her call back to A Coupla of Guyz Auto and stated that same thing that the dealership would not comply; and that she suggested that we file suit against them. I asked her what the additional charge was for going to court, and she stated $1,200.00 and filing fees. I explained to her that I did not have $1,200.00 to go to court, and she kept expressing that we have a good case. I told her that I would pick up the car and have another mechanic look at it to see exactly what is wrong with the car; and she stated that it was a great idea. I told her I am just trying to get another car that’s all. I wanted them to swap this one out for another one because of all the mechanical issue this car had and continues to have. The car was picked up Friday, 04/23/2010, and there are still some unresolved issues with the car. The car cut off 4 times since Friday, there was no oil in the car, the check oil light was on; and the transmission feels like it’s slipping when it goes into gear.

I went over to A Coupla Guyz Saturday, 04/24/2010, but they were closed already. I wanted to have my mechanic look at the car to see what exactly the problem is sometime this week. On 04/26/2010, I drove the car to work and had an appointment to have the car looked over by another mechanic. The car cut off on the Asbury Park Circle while I was driving it. I called the attorney Karri and left her a message. She then called back and stated that she was going to call A Coupla of Guyz again. I let the car set for a while, it started and I was able to get it to the mechanic to look over the car. He stated that he could not hook the car up to the computer due to the Check Engine light being disconnected. He advised me to take the car to Auto Zone and get the free check to see what the computer reads.

I went to Auto Zone, spoke with the manager who came out and tried to hook up the car and was told the same thing that the computer could not be read because something was disconnected from the car. I then parked the car for it kept cutting off and blowing out white smoke from the back. I received email from Attorney Karri dated 04/26/10 and it reads: “Hi Karen: Sorry to hear that the car is still problematic. I will call A Coupla Guys but in the meantime, I think taking it to an independent mechanic and getting an estimate for what is wrong with it is a good idea. Again though, I have feeling A Couple Guys won't want to do anything like swap the car and that it will require a lawsuit against them. I'll let you know if they change their tune after I call them.”

On 04/28/10, I received call from attorney Karri and she stated that she did speak with the dealer’s at A Coupla of Guyz, and they stated that they still stand by their decision but would give me a discount on another car. I explained to her that I did not want to do anymore business with the dealership due to the fact that they were not willing to work with me in resolving this; and now, I do not know what I would be getting next from them since they sold me this lemon that I have now. I do not trust these guys at all. Also, that I would still be paying for this car that I have once they added the balance of my loan on to this new loan for the trade in. She stated again the filing fees and court cost. I explained to her I would let her know what the outcome was with the other mechanic. The car sat until 05/14/2010.

On 05/14/2010, I got the car started and took it to Frank’s Auto Repair in Belmar, NJ and spoke with **. I explained to him the issues with the car and he told me that he would look it over and let me know all the things that are wrong with the car. On 05/17/2010, I received a call from ** at Frank’s Auto Repair and he ran down the list of everything that was wrong with the car: 1. motor mount nuts missing; 2. fan hard wired to the car; 3. The temperature gauge does not work; 4. no air condition in the car; 5. missing lug nuts all over the engine; 6. exhaust leak back of engine; 7. oil overfilled or may have water in it; 8. codes present P0102 mass or volume air flows; 9. circuit low input; 10. no power steering; 11. may have bad intake gaskets; 12. motor runs rough; 13. p0442 evaporating emissions system leak detected (small leak); and 14. The check engine light has black tape over it. This is against the law.

On 05/19/2010, I picked up car from the repair shop and paid $85.00 for them to check the car. I was told that the car should be taken back to the dealership, that it has too many issues going on with it. I called the finance company, Credit Acceptance. They stated that I needed to take it up with the dealership or see if I could trade it in there at the dealer who sold me the car or somewhere else. I explained to her that I did not trust A Coupla Guyz Inc. for all they have put me through in the last couple of months. I have been paying for rides back and forth to work, my son’s soccer practices and games, grocery store, etc. My ride to work for the week has been $30.00 a week for the past 2 months for gas. I refused to drive the car for my own protection because it cuts off and it so unreliable. I will not take the risk with my life. The inconvenience has been so overwhelming, I feel like I'm paying a car note for a car that I have not been driving and the dealership has had the car more than I have.

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