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I bought a 2015 Nissan Note 4-door on march 23-2015 from Newburgh Nissan now changed name to Thruway Nissan in NY. The car was missing the cap on the front bumper which is about 2 inches square. There is a tow hook that goes behind the cap. That night we were taking the car home we notice the cap was missing. The salesman said he would find the cap the next day because the parts dept. was closed. The next day I go to the dealer and the part was not to be found. The salesman said he would order a new cap and would take about a week. Two weeks passed and I called the salesman and he said it was on back order. Another two weeks passed still no part, still on back order. The manager now tells me a new owner took over the dealership and would be in soon. They give me the part from another car but it was the wrong size. The SR and SV models have different bumper size caps.

Now the part comes in and had to be painted to match the color of the car. I get the phone call the pick up the part, it's now 10 weeks since I bought the car. I get the part and put it on my car and the blue color does not match. Now I go back to the dealer and they tell me that there's a guy that comes only on Mondays to do body work. I would have to bring the car on Monday morning so he could match the color. The problem is that me and my wife both work and need a loaner car so we don't lose a day's pay. The manager says he has no loaner cars ready because the new owners still have to get plates for them.

In other words I would be paying for that part on a new car that should have been on the car because I would lose a day's pay. This is a new car why should I lose a day's pay to have my car fixed. I have bought 6 cars over the years from this dealership. I will never buy a Nissan ever again because this is not the right way to do business.

I bought a used vehicle from these people for a negotiated price that included new tires and replacement of the convertible top which was damaged at the time. They only replaced one section of the top and the canvas didn't match and looked ridiculous. I had to argue to get the other pieces replaced as well. Then when I picked it up, it had a terrible wind noise. I brought it back the next day and it took them over 1 month to fix the wind noise. After waiting a month to get my vehicle, they were supposed to lock the key inside so I could pick it up after hours. When I got there, my key was not in the vehicle. They lost it and accused me of only ever having one key and trying to scam a new key out of them. And finally after waiting over a month to get the vehicle, I drove it for one month, approximately 2000 miles and the transmission failed completely leaving me stranded in New Jersey. Newburgh Nissan told me I was on my own for the $3600 repair bill since it had been more than 30 days since I bought the vehicle. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a 2004 Nissan Frontier 4x4 from the used car lot from Newburgh Nissan. The used car salesman, Mike, assisted us with our purchase. We offered a deal on the car which was "new tires that were to be ordered from the supplier," an ABS light sensor adaptor, and a fiberglass cover that was on a 2003 truck going to auction. Mike accepted the deal and said that we'd have to come back for the work to be done because they need to order the tires ahead of time...okay, fine. We live 1 hour away from Newburgh so it's definitely a pain to come back down there. 2 weeks I texted Mike to give him the heads up he requested that we were going down there to get the tires, ABS sensor and cover done. I also notified him that the truck was leaking coolant.

I went down there yesterday for our appointment at 2 pm. I walked into the service department and no one was paying attention to us. I got tossed back and forth between two people when they finally printed up the invoice for requests of services that Mike had made the appointment for.

I looked at the invoice "Swap tires and rims off other truck"...uh, what? I confronted the service people: "Oh, those tires are brand new! We put them on before it was decided to go to auction." Well, that's not acceptable; the deal was for new tires, not used tires. I went outside to look at this other truck that they "supposedly" checked out but didn't even know what the truck looked like. They were bald on the sides and the rims were the wrong size! Excuse me?

I called up Mike who said, "Well, the tires aren't exactly new; the customer had them put on by us a month before he traded it in." Well, WTF, Mike? I asked for new tires. He then had the audacity to ask me to work with him since he was so nice to include the cover from the other truck. "No, you said before with the cover we'd be getting new tires. Who gives you the right to just switch and swap?"

Then on top of it, we got the mechanic involved. The mechanic came out and had to tell the woman, Jessica who was working service, "You shouldn't be putting 16" on a truck with 15" rims. It could alter the speedometer and affect the ABS." She blew it off like it was no big deal. Then to make matters worse, she started bitching at us that we had altered the plans and our truck would not be ready tonight because we decided that we wanted new tires. She acted like it was our fault. My boyfriend got justifiably upset as she talked over him consistently - no level of customer service.

I had to break it up when he finally yelled at her to "stop being stupid!" She actually revved up against him. "Why don't you stop being stupid?" she shouted, "I won't be disrespected like that!" Really, where did you learn customer service, sweet heart? Broadway? Anyway, she turned to me, "Since it's your truck, what would you like us to do?!" I said, "I need a car to get me home. I can't come back in the morning since I work." She called up Mike to ask if he'd vouch for a rental car. He said nope, that they already were spending too much money (Because their ** up made them having to pay for new tires just like what was agreed on before!).

Lo and behold, I'm in a rental car today and have to face these ding-a-lings tonight. I'm sure there will be more mess-ups.

Bottom line, customer service is bottom of the barrel and of course their used car salesman, with tattoos up and down his arms (this is corporate professionalism?), is a con-man. Do yourself a favor, Nissan, shape up or move out.

I went into Nissan with plans of buying a Nissan Cube since I bought a car from them before. I figured it would be best to give them business again. When I got there, I told them my plans and the salesman said he would bring a Cube around to test drive, which took them a good 20 minutes to do. When they brought it up, it reeked of chemicals because it was infested with bees. So after I test drove it, we went inside to discuss prices. He sat us in the show room at a table not even in his office and was not very knowledgeable about the vehicle at all. As we were discussing different payments, he was going back and forth with some other salesman in a different room. And when I requested for that guy to sit with us, he completely ignored my request, which I found shady. I also asked if that was the best price they could do and once again was ignored.

After three hours of back and forth, I decided I still wanted the car and went through the process of paperwork and $500 down payment to find the vehicle I wanted because it was not in stock. And then they wanted to charge me more if the car had extras, which I did not want. I wanted the base model. We went home. So 3 days later, I received a call from them saying I need a co-signer. I said no problem and they said they would start locating the car I want. So a week later, I got a call saying they are returning my deposit. I asked why and was told they been trying to reach me all week - which was a lie - and I need to have my co-signer fill out paperwork. I told them, “Well, if you informed me of this on Monday, it would have been done.”

So here it is, Tuesday of next week, 4 days later, and I received no calls or anything. I am trying to get my deposit back and they’re giving me this whole runaround. And needless to say, I have to wait till Friday to get it back. All that I know is that I will never go back to this dealer and I am very turned off about the way I was treated there.

My husband experienced a radiator leakage for his 2007 Pathfinder and visited the Newburgh Nissan in Newburgh, NY on March 14, 2011 for an evaluation. We were informed that our vehicle had an extended warranty and had to pay $129.75 for an evaluation. After evaluation, we were told that our warranty wasn't valid because a wrench was allegedly found wedged into our radiator. We were never shown the object, but were told in order to repair the radiator, we would have to pay an additional $1120.00 to this matter handled.

We declined service and returned home to call the dealer -- Hudson Nissan, Jersey City, NJ -- where vehicle was purchased. After speaking with the manager of Hudson Nissan, he attempted a conference call, while I remained online, to speak to Newburgh Nissan. Newburgh indicated that they couldn't honor the warranty. The manager of Hudson Nissan requested for us to drive to Jersey City, NJ and they would handle the matter.

On march 17, 2011, we drove to Jersey City, NJ, two and 1/2 hours away from home, to have this matter handled. While Hudson Nissan serviced our radiator, we found that our vehicle had needed additional work. The manager took us in the work area to show us the radiator to our vehicle. They did not find any wrench inside or wedge anywhere in the radiator of our vehicle. To our surprise, we were stun and baffled. We requested for the most serious matter to be handle first and anything minor we would handle later. The service of our vehicle totaled $721.85.

We spoke to Ms. ** and Leila who were very nice. We did not understand the equation for the offer $200.00. My husband and I took two days off from our jobs to handle this situation. We were informed that we had two warranties -- one issued by Nissan because they were recalls on the radiators for the pathfinders and the warranty that we paid for additionally. We were also informed that Newburgh indicated that we removed the wrench in order to qualify for the warranty. My husband and I are not mechanically inclined. We were already informed by Hudson Nissan that they would honor the warranty because the vehicle was sold to us without being serviced.

To make matters simple, basically we are requesting for Nissan to take -- pay us half of our outer pocket expense of $851.60 which would amount to $425.80. It wouldn't be fair since we had the vehicle for a year to ask for anything more. We just are looking for a fair and honest return. Also, the Newburgh Nissan dealership should be reprimanded or fined. They are selling your product and representing your company. The bad publicity is unnecessary. Times are hard for everybody. We absolutely would not be making any visits to Newburgh Nissan.

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