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Greenwich, CT

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I received a letter from New Country Audi stating that they would like to buy my Audi and get me into a new Audi. I went in to discuss this offer and explained that my car had 5 months left on its present lease. Rather than buy my car, they said they would give me the money to cover the 5 lease payments. New Country then wrote up an agreement for a new car which specified that I was to receive a check from New Country to cover the last 5 lease payments. I was asked to sign the agreement and make a deposit which I did.

When I returned to pick up the car I was told by the salesperson that the manager had no recollection of the details of contract and would not give me the check to pay off my present lease. I showed them my copy of the contract at which point the salesperson said that the manager felt that it was too expensive to give me the money to pay off my lease. Instead, they tried to get me to purchase a different car at a more expensive lease price. I said this was unacceptable and sounded like a bait and switch operation and asked them to honor the contract. They did not and instead refunded my deposit.

I contacted the parent company New Country Motor Group but they did nothing. I contacted Audi of America and was astounded to find out that they do nothing to control the business practices of their dealerships. I find it incredible that a business would not honor a signed contract with a deposit. It speaks volumes as to the lack of integrity of the dealership. It also says something about the parent company and Audi of America which condone this type of behavior. If I had tried to get out of the contract I am sure I would have lost my deposit or faced some legal action. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true since all I lost was my time and respect for that dealership and Audi of America.

A total scam. They called, offered to change my car few months before the end of lease at no cost, then charged. It was a nightmare to find someone to have a decent conversation, let aside being threatened by collections people. I'll get rid of my VW and Audi ASAP and of course, never buy any of these brands again. My neighbors shared similar experiences with this dealership and they already switched to BMW down the road.

As of today I have now had two bad experiences with the service department at New Country Audi. My first negative experience was on February 7, 2015. I scheduled a service appointment because my engine light and I figured it would also be a good time to get my 55,000 mile service done as well. I was impressed when I called that I was able to get a Saturday appointment so quickly. However, I should have known that there were issues with the service department when I received a call to confirm my appointment for the wrong day. Nonetheless I straightened it out. Being that this was my first time at the dealership I was not familiar with the valet process. I was greeted by a rude gentlemen that gave me an attitude when I got out of my car.

When I went inside the process was no better. I sat with a service advisor named ** to review what was to be done. He quoted me an outrageous price for the 55,000 mile service and told me that my spark plugs needed to be replaced. Thank goodness I knew better than that, and knew that in fact my spark plugs did not need to be replaced at 55,000 miles. I declined the service and had only the engine light serviced. I was also appalled at the significant price difference in service between New Country and Danbury Audi.

The ONLY reason I returned for service on my car today march 17, 2015 was because my car would not make it to Danbury Audi. I dealt with a different service advisor today, **, who was much more knowledgeable and helpful, however, this appointment also ended in irritation and disgust. I spoke with ** several times throughout the day regarding several issues. One of which was the service. I explained my prior dealings and why I declined the 55,000 mile service to be done. I was informed that the information I was given and the price quote I was given by Mr. ** was in fact wrong. After dealing with Mr. **, I started to feel a little better about the dealership, and thought ok I’ll continue to take my car here when needed... once again I was WRONG!

When I walked to the dealership to pick up my car this afternoon, I was again treated rudely and left once again irritated. Before leaving my house I checked the New Country service invoice for forms of payments that were accepted. According to the invoice it states, “For your convenience, we accept local personal checks up to $500.00, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.” However when I paid with my Discover card, the only card I brought with me, I was told it wasn’t accepted! I pointed out to the girl what it states on the invoice, had her read it. The answer I got was “well, I don’t know”. I was told I could not take my car to get home to get another card, and I wasn’t even offered a ride to my house, which is two streets away from the dealership.

As having been an employee in many retail shops, as well as working at several car dealerships both front of the house and back end...I can say that customer service goes far with people and New Country Audi service department seriously lacks in that area. If you are printing something on an invoice, it should be honored. After all, a customer is expected to pay for services rendered by you, why are you not held to the same expectations? These invoices are misleading and a reflection of New Country Audi.

I was greeted rudely by Simon in sales. He's arrogant and rude the whole time, trying to talk me out of trim line of the vehicle I wanted. After discussing the trim line about 5 times repeating my self that it had to be that way, test driving car, he was negative about everything. Once again, he talked me out of trim line, trying to get me to buy a used car they had after turning down that idea several times. I told him I was only looking at a brand-new car many times. He still proceeded to try and sell me a used car they had there.

He quoted a price on the wrong car to get me there, and then he did the typical "Oh, I thought you wanted this car." What a surprise that the car he quoted me was 4k less the one I wanted which we discussed. And I emailed him exactly what I wanted. I built car and sent him spec sheet. Once I told him I sold cars, he got extremely defensive and told me he was trying to steal the car and that he needed to make money. He said he would have given me a better deal if I told him I sold cars upfront. What difference does what I do make?

He proceeded to barade me for not telling my job. I tried to walk out, and I was cornered. I got out and got in my car to leave when the salesperson ran up to my window and was yelling at me. I rolled down window, and he continued disrespecting me. As I went to pull away, he started cursing at me and told me that i ** and was screaming at me in the middle of the dealer parking lot. I pulled out and drove away.

On 12/29/09 I brought in my '03 Audi A6 for a whine sound which was also felt in the steering, especially when turning and only when it was lower than 35 degrees. I handed the service advisor written internet research that other Audi owners stated corrected the situation: check for loose banjo bolt or other connections to power steering pump (I cleaned off built-up grease/oil/fluid at the hose connection); check all other power steering connections and reservoir cap;

check, clean and re-seat stainless mess screen filter in the power steering reservoir; change the fluid.

I specifically stated "the power steering pump is okay." This is maybe a 30 minute, $100. job. Upon picking up my car, I am handed an estimate that recommends a new power steering pump for $1,000. I also noticed on the service ticket "Whine...goes away after warming up", which I did not tell him.
Additionally, he recommended a timing belt service for $2,500. The manual recommends this service at 110k miles. My Audi has only 90k miles.

I purchased a liter of OEM power steering fluid and took my car to a local station which replaced the fluid.Total cost $65.

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Purchased a 2001 Audi TT Quatro Cabrio in late 05 from a local Chevy Dealer, with less than 30,00 miles.. It was traded in for a Hummer. Had the previous owners name so checked in with New Country and found that it had been maintained according to the book but still paid more than 300 for a full assesment. NO PROBLEMS NOTED.

Then it all began:

New alternator was the first thing and it was strange that there was less than 33,000 on the car. Things went relatively well for about a year. Then the troubles began. All seemingly minor but with big price tags. Mosly electrical. Are service advisors on commission? Well let me bring you up to date. Brought it in to check brakes because ABS light came on. New brakes and rotars all around, two abs sensors. New windsheild washer motor. All this under 50,000 miles.

Left dealership and ABS light came on again! "Let's try an overlay harness." Still problem existed and not only that but my radio reception was screwed up.

At this time the car still had under 50,000 miles? "Well must be the ABS system 1,200 plus labor,"
"but can't guarentee that is it". What is it? "Can be many things."
Removed radio and checked for problems.
Left dealership today with the following recommendations.

Quatro system may be interfering with radio. Sign it may be going.I Didn't even check cost because the ABS light is still on But the ABS is functioning and the suggestion was to change that as well.

Guess what. The radio is working much better but I have to return to dealer tomorrow because I now have no HORN.Will probably be told it is a result of a bad timing belt and requires an additional 1,000.But maybe if they fix the horn, the ABS light will go out.

Where is the expertise? They advertise great service. Even give you a cell phone number

Total days spent at dealership 9. With little satisfaction and everyone scratching their heads. Would love to leave it there tomorrow but maybe I can use it as a planter on my lawn as it is a beautiful auto,

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