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My father purchased 1 Dodge Neon and one Plymouth Neon for my sister and myself in December of 1998. Both of them are 1996 models. Both of them have been in the shop for valve and head replacements. Mine, the Dodge at 80,000 miles has had 1 replacement and is now leaking again 2 years later. I cannot afford to get it repaired again. I also have no A/C for the second time in 30,000 miles. Why no recall on the head? After so many consumer complaints? I plan on getting it fixed and trading the worthless "golf cart" in. I have put more money into repairs than my father paid for it. **.


I purchased a 1995 Dodge Neon in 1998, I have had numerous problems with the car since. There is an oil leak and a bad transimission. I am extremely disappointed it the making of this car.


I purchased a '98 Plymouth Neon on Dec 27, 1997. Since I have had the car I have various "oil" related problems. I had a cracked oil pan replaced, the O-ring replaced, and was just recently informed I needed the head gasket replaced due to the gasket leaking oil continually.

I have always stayed current on my "preventive maintenance", and have had all the tune-ups,etc. done on this car as needed.

I was informed by my mechanics (Goodyear) they had been seeing a lot of Neons coming in with the same problem. They told me the gasket needed to be addressed immeadiately.

I called Daimler/Chrysler and requested them to fix this problem. They asked I take the car to the dealership I had leased from and let them perform a diagnostic. Once this was done they would let me know if they could provide me with any "Goodwill Assistance".

I agreed, and called Norm R. in Temecula and set up the appointment. When scheduling the appointment, I was told by one of the service mechanics that the head gaskets that had been used in the Neons leaked, and they had a new gasket out which did not leak. I asked if this was a known problem, why then had the part not been recalled. He was not sure.

I scheduled the appointment, and took my car in. They found the same problem as did my mechanic - the head gasket was leaking. They later called me in the week to say they spoke with Daimler/Chrysler and that they would not replace the part for free but that I would have to come up with half of the cost.

I am truly dismayed at the end result of this matter. I feel this part should have been replaced for free at no cost to me, for the fact the dealership stated this was a problem they were having with the "old" gasket , and that new gasket didn't leak. My mileage at the time was 57,120 and they said they wouldn't fix it because it was no longer under warranty.

I think this is a situation which needs to be addressed. I would like to know if this part has been defective in the past why was it not recalled? I need to have secure transportation, and had purchased this car thinking I was getting that. I am very disgruntled with this corporation for not standing behind their product.


I have a problem with the fact that this is the second
time since I have had this Plymouth NEON 1996, which I bought
in 1998 used, that I have had to visit the Plymouth dealer
to have the head gasket, valve cover gaskets, and the oil
pan gaskets rechecked or worse reinstalled on my vehicle within
the last 6 months. I can not seem to find a recall on anything
but the airbag for this vehicle, but everyone I know who owns
a NEON, has had to have a new HEAD GASKET and all other gaskets

related to it replaced.

Is there a recall, and if so, is this replacement paid for
by PLYMOUTH or what? I am still under the 12,000 mile warranty
with the company I bought the car through but what happens
if the head gaket blows after that warrenty is up? I am paying
a lot of money for what I consider a lemon.

I am a single mother, have a job that is just holding my head
above the economic water, and have to use the little money
I make for repairs due to the engine oil from the valve cover
gaskets leaking into one of the spark plug chambers causing
my car to run improperly. I have a four year old, and I live
in a very rural neighborhood. I love the style of the car,
and when it is running well the feel of the car, but I feel
now that driving this car can be a danger, and I want you
to tell me what to do every 6 months when I have to spend
my entire earnings to pay for replacing a head gasket that

should have been recalled.


After bringing back my fiancee's car to the dealership
for the SECOND head gasket repair in 60,000 miles, I was told
that the car needed a new head. This head, is of course not
covered under the extended warranty, and would have to come
out of our own pocket. The head had corrosion pitting in the
coolant passage areas that would cause sealing problems with

the head down the road.

I called Chrysler corporate to ask them to help me out with
this problem. After discussing the problem with the "Customer
Relations Manager" who is supposed to be a regional manager
but was actually a single store employee, they denied that
this was a defect problem, and said they would not pay for

the new head.

This is a 96 Plymouth Neon, by the way. This is such a common
problem that there are numerous web sites dealing with this
problem, and two TSB's released on the issue. Even the Service
Manager has a Neon that he admitted has gone through two head


Result: Against their advice, I just had the head machined
the maximum amount, and had the engine reassembled. The extended
warranty did cover the head gasket. Consequences: Had to pay
for the machining of the head ($85), the dye test ($94) and
the oil change ($20). The warranty on the car is now void.
The new head would have cost over $730, none of which was


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1995 Dodge Neon, 81,429km., in Dec. 1997 needed to replace
the headgasket. Jan. 2000, 126,815km, the headgasket needs
replaced again. I called Customer Service and DaimlerChrysler
paid 50% of the bill which was around $600. I would just like
to add this info to yours. I paid the total cost of first

repair in 1997.


In Sept 1997 I bought a used 95 Dodge Neon. After having
it two years I am facing a head gasket problem. I need to have
it replaced. This as you may well know is expensive. I feel

I have been ripped off.

The dealership had to know about this problem with head gaskets
of the Dodge cars. I never even got a notice in the mail about
this problem, now I am having to leave my two small children
with a sitter so I can get a job just to be able to afford this


I WILL NOT buy another car from DaimlerChrysler. If other people
want to throw away their hard-arned money on these problematic
vehicles that's their busniess. I however will be buying my

next car from a competitor.



I recently wrote in and filed my complaint about my '98 Neon, with a blown head gasket. This is a follow up to that letter. Daimler agreed to provide me with goodwill assistance on getting the part fixed. My part on the cost of the repairs was $161.00. At first I was a little dismayed because I felt this was pre existing problem and they should be responsible for fixing it. But, I went ahead and thanked the Lord for the assistance they provided. The day they completed to work I went and picked the car up. The following morning while out on errands I noticed a puddle of fluids under my car. I got nervous, but thought maybe it was from a previous vehicle. I did look to see what color the fluids were and what the consistency was. It looked to as though it was oil and radiator fluid mixed. I have experienced this before and recognized the coloring. I then proceeded to drive home, and shortly thereafter I went back out to check my car, and sure enough there was a running stream of the same fluid coming from beneath my vehicle. Needless to say I called the dealership who fixed it and explained to them the problem. They wanted me to bring the car to them, which was about 40miles away, so they could check it out. I didn't have a problem with that, but decided to check my fluid levels before that. I checked the oil stick about 10 times and every time the stick came up dry. Not a drop of oil was on the stick. Not even on the very end. I figured oil had to be somewhere in my car because it was leaking with the radiator fluid. I then checked the radiator fluid, and there I found the oil mixed with the radiator fluid. I called the dealership and explained my findings, and that I could not drive my vehicle, and that they needed to provide a tow truck. They did and they kept my car for the weekend. I received a call from the servie manager before closing on saturday, that they performed a diagnostic on the car and find that their mechanics did everything correctly in installing the head gasket. It was a MYSTERY to him as to what could be possibly wrong with the car. Well, I received a call Monday stating that oil continues to go into my cooling system, and that they are not exactly sure, but the cost is coming back on me. I am truly upset at this point. I have a paper trail on my car, by mechanics (Goodyear) who have done an excellent job in maintainig my car. I have NEVER had any problems with my cooling system until the day after the dealership puts their head gasket in. Somebody messed up big time, and now I am having to be the one paying for their mistakes. This is getting to be very disturbing as to how this situation is being handled.


My wife is the owner of a 95 Plymoth Neon. We recently
found out that the head gasket was bad and that it needed
to be replaced. After checking with several mechanics and
autoparts dealers we discovered that the majority of 95 Neons
have this problem. It seems that the head gasket design is
bad. The gasket can't withstand the pressure.

After talking with the local Chrysler dealer, they informed
us that they repair locally three to four Neons with the same
problem every week. This is more proof that it is a general
automotive defect and not a localized issue.

We contacted Chrysler and they agreed to pay for one-third
the labor involved. The estimated cost for the gasket was
between $550 and $600. Both my wife and I are college students
and can't afford a bill that high. We feel that Chrsyler is
resposible for a design flaw in the car and should pay for

more of the bill.


My wife purchased a 1997 Dodge Neon new in March 1997. For
the last few months we have smelled burning oil coming from
the engine. I took the car to a Dodge dealership in Sherman,TX.
A mechanic showed me were the oil leak is comming from the head
gasket. He told me that they should have a recall on the Dodges
for he has changed a number of head gaskets on Dodges and Mopar

had to change the design of the gasket for them to work.

He also told me to watch for fire from the oil leaking on the
exhaust manifold, I also just read were they are investigating
the cause of a fire in a Neon that started in the rear of the
engine. It could have started from an oil leak, due to poor

gasket design.

The Dodge dealership said that it would cost $564 to replace
the gasket, with the gasket costing $162. I'm not rich and

don't understand why a failure in design should be at my cost.

My 1995 Neon with 53,000 miles blew the head gasket and
head. Because the car was out of warranty chrysler "offered"
to supply the nessary parts to repair the car. I was not allowed
to take the car to another dealer nor was I allowed to take
the parts and fix it myself.

Ii asked for the name and phone number of the district rep and
was told by the dealer and the customer service people that
no names or numbers were to be given out, that district reps
do not talk to customers. I was charged $630.00 for parts and


Purchased 1995 Dodge Neon in late '94. Just 3 1/2 months
out of warrenty, on 3/11/98 with low mileage at 32036, blown
head gasket. Not covered under warrenty, paid $556.89 for repairs.

On january 5, 2000, found out dealership I purchased from sold
Dodge dealership back to Chrysler, I was sent to another Dodge
dealership nearby for service.

My car had another blown head gasket. I was shocked to say the
least, less than 2 year later and only 16,000 miles. Odometer
now at 48227. Asked for a viewing of the head gasket during
repair. Was shown where silicone had been added to the replaced
head gasket.

The service person informed me that Chrysler knew they had a
problem with this gasket and did not have the new modification
to the gasket until Oct 98, seven months after my repair.

Chrysler agreed to pay for repair less a $100 fee to me. I'm
still upset. They knew about the problem and they didn't say
anything. They made me pay for this problem the first time and
partially the second time.


I am a very angry consumer. I bought a Dodge Neon (at Farmington Motors) back in September of 1997 that had only 30,000 miles on it. Since then my wife and I have put only 37,000 additional miles on the car. In that time we have had to replace two head gaskets and have been told by the dealership's service department that we need an additional $600 to $700 of additional work that the warranty at that time didn't cover.

We had bought an extended warranty and extended our warranty to 50,000 miles. We had the car checked out by a mechanic independendt of Farmington Motors who informed us that he could find nothing wrong with the car.

The dealership told us that we needed new strut mounts ,motor mounts, bushings and possiable struts. We are now experiancing additional problems. The radio is messing up by losing time, randomly scanning, and go on and off own its own. We found an oil leak that seems to be coming from the rear seal. We do not have the money to get it fixed and our warranty ran out 15,000 miles ago.

I am angry because our car has so few miles on it and has had so many major problems. I was considering buying a Dodge Durango after paying off the neon but after my experiances with Dodge products I am not going to buy another Dodge product if my life depends upon it.


We bought a 1995 Dodge Neon with 45,385 miles on it, we've had it about 20 months, and about every other month the whole time we have had it it has been in the shop.

The head gasket blew at 60,000 miles, the computer broke, numerous relays switches, sensors, motor mounts ,motor suspension, interior paneling has made the passenger door impossible to open, gas pedal switch fell out, the air conditioning system had to be replaced.

We bought this car because we have two small children and we felt that we needed a reliable car, it was rated one of the top 10 buys in Consumer Reports.

Financially this has put us in a bad situation.


We purchased a 1997 Neon with 5,000 miles. It was a demo with all the remaining warranty. We purchased it in 1998 (it was a left over). It has had a short block and a head gasket (paid by Chrysler), a radiator, starter,battery, tires, brakes and now, six months after paying for a radiator, it needs another head gasket and radiator!

We purchased this car with the idea that we could make the payments and not have to pay for repairs. We live on one salary and have 6 children. This was the most expensive payment we could afford. We have been without our car for weeks at a time. Our dealer refuses to give us a loaner car. Once again, we are under tremendous emotional stress. We can't get in contact with our dealer and the person we talked to told us that Chrysler hasn't returned their calls. We need a car and can't afford to fix this one again plus make our payments.


I've had to take my 97 Neon into the shop twice now for headgasket repairs, within 99/2000 and each time it costs $500 to repair and additional costs which the shop itself adds on to the bill. This seems like a lot of work being done to this car.

The first time the headgasket went the mileage was around 60,000km and the second time the mileage was 130,000km. Is this to happen again a 190,000km?

The Dodge dealers have no sympathy whatsoever for the people driving these pieces of crap. I can't even trade this car off, because no dealer will take the lemon off my hands.

I've also had to change the fuel pump, at which time the shop in Grande Prairie couldn't find the problem so they replaced all the spark plugs, changed the oil and I still ended up sitting on the highway on my way home that night, after paying them $350 for these repairs that weren't even needed.

I had to borrow money to pay these bills, and I had to miss work because I didn't have a vehicle. I feel very betrayed by the Dodge dealers, they don't care what their customers think they just keep ripping us off and going about their business. I feel this should be stopped. They've made enough money off of me.

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