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It appears the salesman Fred down to sales manager Tim ** - not sure if that's his last name I bought a 2015 Frontier truck. We live in SC... SC doesn't require inspection. My son drove down to get it serviced. Fred advised he needed to do that. It turned out he waited an hr a half or so for nothing but to be told, "Oh you don't need." You would think they would have noticed. Finance dept never called advising me who was going to hold the note. I had to call. It just seemed they didn't care enough to inform us, nor did they even seem to care.

Bought the car brand new on 6/24/15 in the dusk and on a rainy day. Couple weeks later I hand washed it only to find numerous paint defects not to mention poor dealer prep of interior. While there for 1st oil change I showed the service tech the various defects. Was verbally acknowledged but nothing apparently was documented nor was it fix. Contact was made with Nissan consumer affairs through Twitter on 10/17/2015. I have the following case numbers #**, case #**, #** along with numerous emails exchanged from them the latest. Got nothing but a runaround. Even took it to my local dealership and they took pictures. Their reply was that after contacting "Nissan" that it was the dealership which I bought it from should have prepped it before putting it out for sale and thus their responsibility.

On 2/16/2016 Feleisa at Gastonia Nissan was sent a detailed email with several pictures to back up complaint. On May 6th I emailed Gastonia Nissan's managers. I have met with a Mr. ** and he supposedly met with a regional specialist on my behalf. Still nothing has been accomplished! I've meet with a Randolph ** and discussed an option of trading for a new 2016 Altima 3.5SL. That's with Nissan assistance to cover the $11000 dollar difference due to Nissan's poor used car resale value. Of course that didn't happen. Car is quickly running out of factory warranty which may be the reason for the constant runaround. Then there is the dents after service. On 1 of the oil changes they spilled oil on engine cover, made for a great smell for several miles.

Arrived to this dealership for a scheduled oil change. This service takes 20-30 minutes anywhere else, but at this dealership we waited for 2 hours. We were never given an explanation as to why it was taking so long, and no one offered an apology. We saw other customers come and go while we sat waiting. When we told the service person we had been waiting for 2 hours, the response we received was "We're aware". This dealership lacks basic customer service skills, and we will never deal with them again. Also, the dealership washed our SUV after the oil change. Several streaks of dirt remained on the windows. Very poor customer service and very poor quality of service overall.

I went to pick up my daughter's property tax form yesterday. I spoke with the manager and he got me the paperwork. I then asked if he knew where the closest DMV was and was told that he doesn't live in Gastonia and didn't know. I'm sure he would have found out if we hadn't already purchased a car. Personally, I think if he didn't know where it was, he should have found out. I had thought maybe when I decided to buy my next car that I may buy from them. I will never buy a car from them nor recommend them to anyone. Highly dissatisfied, with management. If he didn't know he should have asked someone else or looked online. I went out to my car and googled it myself.

I recently purchased a 2008 Nissan Sentra from the Gastonia dealership. I just made the 6th payment on 8-4-11 and when I bought the car it had approximately 37,000 miles on it. I put $5,000 as downpayment on this car (cash/trade in) and the car has 45,156 miles on it now.

The first day I brought it home, my boyfriend pulled the visor on the passenger down and the mirror cover fell in his lap. The next day, I pulled the visor down on the driver’s side and, of course, the mirror cover fell in my lap. I called JaJa and when I took the car to be serviced for the first time, the manager and the mechanic looked at them and said that they would have to purchase the whole visor. They told me that you could just purchase the cover to go back on and do I really need a cover over the mirror. I said yes, that would be a distraction with me driving and looking in the mirror while trying to drive.

So he said that he would have them order 2 visor and that I would have to pay $70 of the $370 it was going to cost. Not trying to be hard to get along with, I agreed. Still today they are not fixed, times are hard.

What really made more upset is that the buttons on my radio is just popping off. So I called and took the car down to the dealership. They didn't understand it either. But to replace the radio, it would be $900 and that they could not do that. But if I could afford to make higher payments, they would put me in a brand new car.

Of course that was not an option for me, so I asked to speak with someone else and spoke with a general sales manager named Mike. He said the same thing. That the warranty was expired and that they were not responsible for replacing the radio. He said he could explain the buttons popping off. His theory was that the heat was playing a major role and that he was trying to do something for me because he could understand me being upset. So I could either get the visors fixed at no cost to me or he would pay a $100 on an aftermarket radio.

In my defense, I cannot control the heat and the car is barely 3 years old with only 45,156 miles on it. The factory radio is just going to fall apart and that the radio cost is $900. You all would also be upset of the quality of the faulty equipment, which reflects on the Nissan name.

I owned a pre-owned Nissan 200SX 8 years ago. The car was wonderful. I had no problems with anything and it was fully loaded and was an excellent car. I was not looking to buy a car with payments when I bought this 2008 Nissan Sentra, but with the Nissan 200SX being such a great car inside and out, I went against my wishes that day thinking that at least it would be worth it. Now I am wondering if I left myself open to being a dummy.

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I wanted to communicate my family's collective and complete dissatisfaction with the recent purchase of a car from your dealership. My mother, who is 77 years old, made the decision that she needed to purchase a car from your dealership based on a recommendation that she had received from a colleague from her volunteer programs of which she is involved. My sister and I, and our families, who both live out of state, were in town for the week and were thrilled at her decision. She had the model and color picked out before she even entered the showroom. She purchased the car with cash. The total transaction time took a little over 3 hours. It was not a bad day for the dealership. The car was purchased on Memorial Day, Monday, 5/31/11. The events that happened after the purchase are where the issues began. They are outlined below:

On Thursday am, June 2, my mother informed us that she was not happy with the color of the interior - it was too light. We let her know that once a car left the lot, it was hers and she would have to deal with her decision of the color, etc. My mother was not satisfied with that response and put a call into the dealership to check her options. If there were no options, then she would have to deal with it. My mother was told by the salesperson, Chris **, that he wanted her to be pleased, was sorry that she was upset, and if that was all the problem was, he would be able to fix that and it would not cost her a penny. Obviously, we were shocked at his response to her. I told Scott (my husband), and he decided to call to confirm what she was told. He was told the same thing, and that there were 35 similar cars on the lot that she would be able to choose from. Off to the dealership they went. We were fully expecting her to be bringing home another car that afternoon.

On the Thursday afternoon, June 2, when my mother and Scott returned from Gastonia, they had the same car. First infraction: what was promised/offered to my mother (and my husband) on the phone was nowhere near what she was told in person at the dealership. Apparently, a conversation took place at the dealership between the salesperson and the General Manager. The salesperson promised something that was not even an option and the GM called him out on in at the dealership and offered no solution to the issue. Finally, my husband inquired about having the seats re-covered with a different color. They left the dealership with again, another promise, that they would be called back with an option of colors, choices, etc.

On Friday morning, June 3, we received a call from the dealership - the only option was to have my mother pay for a third party to re-cover the seats in leather in her car for a cost of $700. Note that originally, this was not going to cost her a penny. We talked to my mother, and got her to agree on recovering the seats. The next issue was to choose a color that was available and get the car to the dealership. Again, the salesperson made an offer to bring a loaner car to my mother's house, bring color swatches to choose from, and take her car to the third party vendor who would be recovering her seats.

Another call from the dealership occurred. The salesperson was not going to be able to bring the car to us; we would have to bring it to them. This time, my husband and my sister accompanied my mother to the dealership. At this point, we were all extremely agitated at the disrespect that was shown to us and the lack of concern for our time involved in this after being told/offered/promised things that were never intended on being delivered. It was completely unacceptable.

On Friday afternoon, June 3, this would be the fourth trip to your fine Nissan establishment. At this point, everyone was beyond frustrated and appalled at the treatment given to first of all, my mother, and to all of us, as consumers. My mother picked out an acceptable leather package, was again, promised a time of delivery on Wednesday, June 8th. We were leaving Charlotte on Saturday, June 4, leaving my mother to deal with this by herself after being treated so poorly by the team members at your dealership. The conditions were discussed with my mother, sister, and my husband. They were the ones who asked for the terms in writing - again, an infraction. Why would that not automatically be done? My sister had the salesperson to confirm with the third party vendor that specific color, style was available, etc. It was confirmed.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 8, a phone call from Texas and Nashville to my mother - there was no car, no word from dealership. My mother telephoned the dealership, again, completely frustrated, and asked about her car. There was no courtesy call to let my mother know not to be waiting for the car? My mother volunteers at an area program and left that program early thinking her car would be ready and she needed to be home. She was told the third party vendor was backed up and that her car would be ready on Thursday (6/9).

On Thursday afternoon, June 9, my mother called the dealership to ask about her car. She was told that it would be ready and delivered to her by the afternoon. She received her car by the afternoon only to discover that the leather covering was not the same that she picked out. Remember, we had the dealership call and confirm that this color was available. My mother let the salesperson know that it was not the color. Again, no solution was offered. She paid, again, in cash, for the transaction, and asked for a receipt of payment. The sales person promised that he would send her one in the mail.

Exhausted yet? You should be. This entire transaction was completely unacceptable from the first day of unkept promises. To us, the simple solution would have been for the General Manager (or whoever is in charge) to apologize for his salesperson's miscommunication to the consumer and covered the seats for my mother at no charge. The GM is responsible for his sales team and should have not passed his problem onto the consumer. In fact, no solutions were even offered. The consumer, with her family's support, was the one who made solutions to the issues, again, for a charge. Again, it was a nice day for the dealership, a bad day for the consumer.

I certainly will not be passing along a good word about your dealership when it comes to referrals. In fact, I will be contacting the BBB and reporting the way this entire transaction was handled to them as a dissatisfied consumer.

I purchased certified pre-owned 2002 Nissan Altima in January 2005. The vehicle had right about 30K miles upon purchase. I paid cash for this vehicle. A few months after driving I noticed a lot of vibration. The vehicle was never checked for the many recalls prior to re-selling and, therefore, the struts had been recalled but not replaced. Nissan did, however, replace those at no additional costs. However, I was responsible for new tires. In addition, there have been several other recalls surrounding this vehicle that Nissan handled.

The main problems surfaced around 2008. The engine light began to come on consistently. My vehicle is consuming numerous amounts of oil. I have tried several different options such as high mileage oil and Lucas. I have had all the below replaced: catalytic converter, O2 Sensor, engine coils, and spark plugs. Water pump, head gasket, radiator hose, thermostat, battery and alternator were also replaced numerous times. Only to be told by Nissan (without a certified tech diagnosis breaking down the engine) that I needed a new engine and 4 new ignition coils. Nissan admits that the recall in 2004 of the exhaust pin contributed to engine going bad; however, they stated they are not at liberty to replace my engine.

They did, however, offer me a consolation alternative of top $$$ for my trade and double rebates. As a single parent on the highway traveling at least 80 miles per day, I have been thoroughly disappointed in the service that I have received from Nissan. I followed by their guidelines of having their technician check my vehicle but to no avail. I trusted Nissan in that my vehicle would last me. I do not have money for a new vehicle and I would be reluctant to ever neither purchase another Nissan nor refer anyone to purchase one of their vehicles. I paid cash for my vehicle. I have exhausted my savings accounts and daughter's education fund on repairs. I cannot afford to purchase a new vehicle. I work 40 miles from home, but now left with no reliable transportation to work.

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