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Raleigh, NC

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My experience with Capital Ford began in the summer of 2015, June to be exact. My first purchase was a 2007 Dodge Durango. Within 40 days of my purchase, the vehicle had a malfunction on Interstate 95 while heading to Washington D.C. for a conference. My longtime girlfriend, her cousin (female), and young daughter, and a male companion were passengers in the vehicle. My work commitments did not allow my travels on this particular weekend. The vehicle stalled, shutting off all functions while going 70-80 mph on a business highway during rush hour. Fortunately no one was injured, yet this could have been a bad scene.

I contacted Capital Ford, and acquired a rental to retrieve my vehicle from Fredericksburg, VA. I missed 3 days from work, and spent hundreds of dollars to travel and pay for my car to be fixed. There was an aftermarket warranty on the vehicle. However when the time came for the auto dealer involved in fixing the truck to complete work, I was told that the warranty company did not have any of my information. I had been assured by Capital Ford that this was a feature that was guaranteed to be of service.

I paid out of pocket for the repairs and waited 10 plus hours for the repairs to be finished, driving 4-5 hours starting at 11 p.m. Capital Ford did reimburse me for repairs, and paid 1 of 3 days I missed from work. Being that this happened within the first 40 days of my purchase, I contacted the Used Car Manager and General Manager to pursue a trade out of the vehicle. I was met with great trepidation and lack of care. Eventually they agreed if I got another vehicle from Ford, they would buy back the Durango and sell me another vehicle that was better, would hold up to their name as a quality auto dealer.

After lengthy talks, around 30 days later, they recommended a 2009 Ford Explorer as a replacement. A sales manager mentioned that the car had been taken through inspections, and had some work done recently and would be an ideal vehicle. I asked for the repair list, and never received it. I was assured that the vehicle would be of quality by the General Manager.

No more than 90 days after my initial purchase of the vehicle, the Ford Explorer again had severe malfunctions on the highway. I recently moved to Houston, Texas and at the time of the event, had my employer in the vehicle and consequently missed a very important court date. The ABS and 4 wheel drive systems collapsed mid-drive, making it almost impossible to control the speed and the direction of the vehicle. We again were on a busy 5 lane highway during midday commuting. Upon further inspection while waiting on the tow company, we found a vice grip left on the axle by Capital Ford. Currently, the car has over $2500.00 in damages.

When I reached out to Capital Ford I was met with less than impressive customer service, and attitudes. Consequently, I have been let go from my job due to lack of transportation, and my financial institution has issued a repossession of the vehicle causing damage to my credit score. I've been more than patient in dealing with Capital Ford. However I am reaching out to the state in order to get some recompense for what I consider to be dishonest sales practices, that have endangered the lives of several passengers and drivers. I have been honest and forthright with the GM and all sales managers about the situation, yet no one seems to care about my situation or that both vehicles that I have bought from them failed within the first 90 days of purchase, on the highway mid-drive. These incidents and negotiations have cause me time away from work, my job, credit score, and quality of life.


I purchased an auto (2005 Toyota Solara) on 7/04/2009. That Monday, I returned to the dealership and spoke with the salesmen who sold me the car, Don and Bubba. I told them I was hearing my steering wheel make popping noise, my ignition was turning over properly, and the transmission was changing right. Mr. Don told me that that's the way the car sounds because it was a v-6 engine and for me to just drive it. It's been sitting up a while, but it's ok. He drove it down the road. So I had someone take a look at it the same day, and I was told the truth. The transmission was slipping, the cv joint in the steering was going, and the ignition might need new brushes.

That Tuesday, I took the car back (This is a certified used vehicle.) and left it on the lot with the keys. I spoke with the General Sales manager, David, who was very nasty and threatened to throw me off the lot. I insisted I take the car and go. The car was still in financing processing with CitiFinancial Auto. I faxed them, called them, and had the process stopped. They called, interviewed me, and stopped the loan completely. They stated they would not be sending a check to Capital Ford since I declined the loan. And they did not.

I called, and they confirmed it again. The problem is, I gave Capital Ford $1,000 down, and they have not returned my money yet. When I called, they sent me to different people; and no one knows anything. The bank said I have no loan and no car and that they're supposed to return my money. The dealership has the money; the bank doesn't get it. I kept leaving messages, and they never return my calls. A guy named Eric works in financing, and he's not allowed to speak with me. He refers me to a Mr. **, who never called me back. No one at the dealership will address this issue and return my money. It's been almost a month.

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