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El Cajon, CA

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In 2013 I bought a BRAND NEW 2013 Nissan Versa. So far I have had my transmissions replaced 2 times. Not to mention a few recalls. Now my car has been in the shop for a week and a half. My blower and resistor went out in the car causing no air whatsoever to come out of the air conditioner. They say the warranty place wants them to disassemble my car even more before they approve it. I even tried to see if they can get me into another vehicle with no money down, but I have not so good credit so they didn't even give me a call back. I've had nothing but trouble with this car. I have 50,000 more miles before my warranty is up. Then what? I have 3 children that I have to transport to and from school plus not to mention getting myself to work. I will be contacting the BBB.

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5 weeks ago I spent $600 on a tune-up (which includes an oil change). I took my car to Wal-Mart to have them take a look at it, my car was dripping oil, and running hot. So before I allowed them to work on my car I took it back to mossy Nissan of El Cajon, where I was told the last person to work on your oil change put an oversized drain plug & from there the list of problems came. I informed the guy that Nissan was the last company to touch my car ($600 tune-up) It was then brought to light that the services that I paid for (that are now causing my problems) weren't done on my car (listed in the computer). So Andy (a service guy) got over on me (Still unsure why my tune-up was $600, 5 weeks later I am told services were not done to my car).

With everything now needing to be fixed the moment comes out to $2596.15. 5 weeks after Nissan of El Cajon charged me $600.00 for a tune-up??? How so???

I had my car towed from Nissan to another place, they priced me at $865.99. MOSSY NISSAN OF EL CAJON, YOUR WORKERS JACKING UP PRICES & NOT BACKING THEIR WORK MAKES YOU LOOK VERY BAD. I bought my car from you Nissan, after this I will never ever buy another car from any Mossy Dealership.


I purchased a brand new 2006 Nissan Pathfinder in 05/2006. I had a warranty for 2 1/2 years. Two years after the warranty expired, the radiator coolant went into the transmission and ruined it. I took my car to the dealer and they charged me $5,200 to get it fixed. A lot of people are having the same problem with their Pathfinder. The dealer knew since 2005 until 2007 that the radiators in those years were defective. The dealer will not fix my car for free and I don't think that's fair. Usually a vehicle like that will never have that kind of problems if the radiator is not defective. Please, someone help me. Let’s sue those guys. All they want is make money out of us. Thank you very much.


I have a 2004 Nissan Altima. In April 2006 my family is moving and I am picking my son up from school. With less than 8000 miles on the car, the ignition locks up on me. I call the dealer and they tell me to tow the car to them. My husband demanded that they call a tow truck. They did and 3 days later I get the car back (never received a courtesy car). The service advisor I spoke with told me that he couldn't start the car either.

He then had his service manager dissasble the steering console, I guess they couldn't find a problem. When they put it back together the ignition worked. Since they couldn't "duplicate" the problem I had to pay the $58.00 towing bill in order to get my car back. 3 months later I take my 2 and 8 year old boys camping.

What turned out to be 106 degrees and high fire danger we decided to cut our trip short. Again the ignition locks up and again it is up to me to figure out how to get my car home. Tow trucks couldn't get my car out. It took 6 hours to find a locksmith that was willing to find me 80 miles away (in 106 degree heat). I am able to start my car with a screw driver to get home. Currently my car is being worked on again. However, I still can't trust the new part isn't going to have the same defect.This has been a known defect on this model but somehow they let me leave the first time endangering my family's saftey.

Now I have to pay money on my "dependable" new car that I have no idea when it is going to strand my family again. It still doesn't even have 12,000 miles on it.


Bought a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder LE on 5/14/2006-signed all documents including the transfer of title etc. The rate on the contract stated 7.9%-72 months.I get a letter in the mail 5/23/2006 stating that they will have to increase the cost of credit b/c of-and had a couple of boxes checked.I have called in order to get an answer re: this issue and have not heard back as of yet.They NEVER stated once that this contract was contingent on financing approval-I was under the impression that I was approved!

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My name is Brian and the reason for my complaint is that I bought a brand new Nissan Altima in 2002 which was serviced regular basis had resent engine failure.

In early June while driving, I noticed the check engine light come on and so on June 30th I took the car to Mossy Nissan (where It is serviced mostly) and they performed a major maintaniance service and did a diagnostic check to see why the check engine light came, and the only thing they found was an exhast problem which they fixed because I was barely within the warranty guidelines. 3 weeks later the engine failed and must be replaced at my cost. At the time of the original repair, my car had about 79,000 miles and when the engine failed the car read 81,000 miles and my warranty was valid up to 80,000 miles.


After browsing the web, I really shouldn't be too shocked to find people who have experienced similar problems with Nissan Financing.

On 11/23/03, I purchased a Nissan X-terra from Mossy NIssan in El Cajon, CA. A credit report was ran, a contract was signed and the deal was done. 3 weeks later, Mossy Nissan calls me to say they cannot finance me at the 3.9% as outlined in my signed contract. They say there will be no problem with financing and they will defer my payments for 90 days. Everything is going along fine until I set down and read my contract. The contract says all changes must be made in writing.

I sent Mossy Nissan a letter asking them to list what I needed to do and instead of their cooperation, I get a disturbing phone message at home telling me that they do not want to do business with me and for me to bring back the X-terra. No valid excuse, no pacification. Just bring back our vehicle. By the way, this is 40 days after the contract has been signed. More than 30 days after their right to resind the contract. In fact, I have already mailed them my first car payment. Aparently, since I elected to stick with the original contract and the original 3.9% financing, they won't be making any money on the deal so they would rather create an upset consumer. This has got to be the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I am now forced to hire an attorney just to make them abide by their own contract they themselves drew up and set their own terms to.

Now whenever I see a Mossy Nissan comercial on TV, I have a whole new perspective on any Nissan products. I can assure you I share this experience with EVERYONE I COME IN CONTACT WITH. That's a way to make your customers happy. Way to go MOSSY NISSAN!!!!

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