In mid February 2011, I made an offer on a vehicle I was interested in purchasing at Miracle Ford in Gallatin, TN. Initially, I made the offer via the Miracle Ford website email, but had no response. I dropped by the lot and Jim ** assisted me. I told him I sent the email offer. The offer was on a 2009 Hyundai Elantra on the used car lot. The asking price was $11,899.00. I told him my offer was for $10,000 and I wanted $4000 for my trade in and I would like to finance $6000. He stated he would see what he could do make that happen and would contact me the next day. We spoke the next day and he said he was working on it. If it was something they could do, he would call me and get my information for financing. I received a call later to get my info for financing. Later on in the day, close to the end of my day at work, Jim called and said they found a finance company that would finance me and gave me my payment amounts. I agreed to the payment amount. I went to Miracle Ford a little past 5:00 pm and had a long wait as other people were ahead of me.

By the time I got in to the finance office, it was almost 7:00 pm and the business manager, Jim **, had my paperwork prepared. He explained my payment amount. He started the "sign here" process and explained the 5yr/100,000 mile warranty on the vehicle and the free key/keyless entry replacement. I signed those papers. He gave me several papers to sign after those and I did so. Those are the only papers I remember being mentioned with any specifications and it was generic information basically. I was finished and everyone was glad because everyone was waiting on me so they could go home. I kept my end short and moved along. In my deal, I was to receive a free window tinting. I had a bit of a hard time getting Jim ** to make good on that promise. I had to have the car looked at the same time my windows were tinted because of the steering pulling to the left and then to the right.

They said they did an alignment, but it was still the same to me. I had to go back to find out where my paper was as I needed to renew my license plate. The paperwork had been sent off, or maybe it had been lying around a long time. It’s because at least 4-5 weeks had passed by this time and I had not gotten it back. My father, shortly after my auto purchase, was diagnosed with cancer and given 1-2 months to live. I had taken his care on, as well as worked a full time job. I basically was only able to make a payment or two and not really even think much about my purchase for the next few weeks. My father passed away on April 18, 2011. I have had a few weeks of finalizing the business for my father etc. I had taken time on May 12, 2011 to call Hyundai in Hendersonville to have the alarm checked on my car, because ever since I bought the car, the alarm randomly goes off, even several times a day. I made an appointment to take it in and get it checked under my factory warranty. When I arrived at Hyundai, they told me I did not have a factory warranty on that car.

At most, I might have 50,000-mile warranty. It would be limited if I did and may or may not cover the alarm issue. I was upset as I was told at MF that I had a warranty on this car. I left the Hyundai dealership service center and called MF right away and spoke to the lady out front. She said they didn't know what they were talking about, that she had sold service warranties for years and you can take that anywhere and get a repair done. She said I should take it to Good Year in Hendersonville and they would work on it. I explained to her that Hyundai place said that Miracle Ford has to honor a warranty. She disagreed. She forwarded my call to Jim ** who would get me fixed up. Jim did not answer, someone else did. I left a message for Jim to call me and that I was upset. I got no word from Jim that day. When I got home, I pulled out my paperwork. For the first time, I reviewed it. Here is what I found: My purchase price was not $10,000. It was the full $11,899.00. My trade in amount was not $4000.00. It was $2500.00. I was sold a "service contract" for $1695.00.

I paid for window etching for $199.00 and I really don't even know what that is. But I think it must have something to do with this paper in here that discusses an anti-theft product. I guess I bought that too, but I really wasn't aware of it. And I was especially not made aware of the fact that it was optional for the purchase of this vehicle, not mandatory. Keep in mind that the key replacement, the window etching, DOC fee, and something described as 5769 were all charged for on this contract and I had little knowledge of it. Yes, I signed the papers. But I assumed this was what I had to sign to buy the car. I am sure I wasn't explained anything else.

I wasn't asked if I did or did not want these items prior to seeking financing. It was already figured up evidently in my total price before I even arrived to sign the papers. I have proof on my buyer's guide that I was guaranteed a factory warranty, not a service warranty. And with God as my witness, I never agreed to the full sales price of this vehicle. I have spoken to the general manager of Miracle Ford, Jim **, who has not bothered to return my call to address these issues. I plan to seek further action in any way I possibly can to expose the practices of dealerships so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.