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My 2011 Chevy Malibu windshield wipers stopped working. I brought it to my local dealership and it cost me $350.00 to get them fixed. I was told it was the transmission, not the motor that had to be fixed. I just think this cost is absurd as well as the fact that it would have to be replaced after 2 years. I am very disappointed!


On Monday July 5th we went to this dealership and found this car that we wanted to purchase and got a sales price of $19,000.

We went on Tue., July 6th to try to arrange financing through them. They decided they could not finance the deal. On July 7th, we went to our personal bank and they arranged financing on the car.

We went on July 7th to Miller chev to finish the paperwork there and now they are trying to say that they can not sell the car for less then $19,999. We have a business card that was written by the salesman above giving us the price of $19,000. We already have the financing arranged on what they originally told us.

Car dealers make money on the financing and therefore, they sometimes offer what appears to be a lower price if they believe they will write the financing. It sounds like that's what happened here.

The dealer replies:

You have posted a complaint from "Dave of Monticello" about Miller Chevrolet. I am the salesperson that helped the gentleman on our sales lot. Actually he wasn't the person that came in originally and I gave the price to, it was his girlfriend. I told her that the starting price of the vehicle was $19,999 and that we do negotiate. She asked how low I thought we could go and I told her it would't be below $19,000 because we don't price our vehicles with the intention of making someone battle to get the price down, but we usually have a little room. I also told her that it was not my job to make the decisions on final price, that our sales managers do that.

Well her boyfriend "Dave" called me 2 days later and wanted to buy the vehicle for $19,000. I checked with my manager and found out that on that vehicle it was already priced as low as we could because it had been on our lot for awhile. I am not bothered by "Dave" and his "misunderstanding", but I am bothered by this web site for publishing to the world something that you don't have the full information on. I am very surprised that you would try to give a company a bad reputation without knowing all the facts. I wonder if you will have the nerve to post this message also? People do make mistakes and there are misunderstandings. I think the biggest mistake has been made by you for not getting the facts before you post something. Do we have any recourse against this web site?

Hard to say about damages. How many people see this site and believe this crap?

-- Dave Miner

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