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Lasco Ford

Fenton, MI

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45 Lasco Ford Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2018

The 29th of March 2018... We were looking to buy a vehicle. Unfortunately my husband got sucked into Lasco Ford by a shady salesman and his finance guy. I refused to be involved because I knew what was going to happen. And even after all the "we care about you" "you are family" my husband fell for it. Stuck with a 4 year old car with a $400 payment for 6 years! The car is junk. They knew it. They just also knew my husband would fall for their b.s. On their website... on Facebook... They had a picture of my husband and his new car purchase saying he got a great deal. I just commented that it was not a great deal. They took my comment off. So I rewrote it. They took the whole post off. What's that tell you about a company that can not deal with any negative criticism? I would NEVER recommend Lasco Ford in Fenton to anyone I like.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 18, 2017

I repeat stay away from this dealership, they claim to be "wholesale", they buy cheap at auction and sell for "good" KBB, so you think there is a deal. There is no good about them they claim a 172 point inspection, I've been doing my own 172 point inspection for the past week to bring the car back to normal. I went to the dealership early in the morning to unmask possible coverups and still got taken for my money. I should have walked away when the tire was flat, or when the battery was not the right battery and was too tall, not secured and started melting a mark on the underside of the hood, because it was arcing I found out later, I thought it was kind of comical when I made my salesman fumble on his words when I asked for a simple battery tie down that he could not supply, because he claimed the car was too old.

Again this was little to me, so it wasn't a break over the car just yet. It was snowing badly so I didn't get a chance to crawl around the car but it was very clean... on the outside. They leave the gas low on purpose so you can basically play roulette on the test drive, and can't get a full warmup/ experience. They did change the oil, that was nice of them but it was a thicker viscosity than intended to coverup possible noises that the valve train is showing wear on, I found this out when I changed it back to the 5w-20 that the cap calls for. Pulled plugs and coils just to see if anything was actually done, which I knew it wasn't because they had an aftermarket coil in a box in the back of the trunk, not even OEM and found 3 ACDelco plugs and 1 Champion.

Now granted it is a used car, and everyone knows what used cars entail, but I would expect these tricks from a shady Craigslist ad, not from a so called reputable FORD dealership. I cannot stress enough do not give this dealership your business, you will be sorry. I'm not claiming to be a mechanic and I'm very much new at working on cars and spotting flaws on used vehicles but really be careful, like the old saying says if it's too good to be true it is.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

I brought my Ford Escape into Lasco Ford after experiencing charging problems. It took them 2 days and a $309 bill to figure out I had a bad battery... I was promised be charged minimum labor but didn't. They failed to give me the Multi-point vehicle inspection report when I picked the car up. Returned to pick up the report and was told that they had changed their history journal system and had lost all of the previous repairs on my car going back 4 years... "Sorry we can't help you..." I will not return to Lasco for any Ford Service work period. Another lost customer...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

My husband and I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Edge Sport from Lasco Ford in Fenton, MI. In the beginning of our purchase, the salesman from the dealership was extremely helpful and paid attention to our every need. But after our purchase, it was a different story. We drove six hours one way to pick up our car. We were told that our car would be ready for us right away when we got there, that there would be a few forms for us to sign, and then we would be on our way. When we arrived, we were greeted by the salesman that would be helping us with the final steps of our purchase and that we had been previously working with over the phone. But our car was nowhere near ready! It still had to be detailed, and they were still installing splash guards that we had purchased, onto the vehicle. Basically, it took about three hours before our car was ready to drive home... at this point, my husband and I were slightly irritated.

Now this is where the real fun begins. At the dealership at the time of signing, we were informed that our license plate would be sent to us in the mail, and there was absolutely nothing that we would need to do. They sent us on our way with a 30 day temp plate. After about two weeks, and no license plate yet, we decided to contact our sales rep just to verify that it was still being sent to us. He never responded to any of our calls, texts, emails, etc. After another week went by, I contacted the supervisor asking what was going on as the temp plate will soon be expiring. He then redirected my call to someone that would be able to answer my questions. Basically, the dealership informed me that they will send the "forms" (mv-1, etc) directly to the DMV closest to where I live and I would have to drive there to sign these documents and get another temporary plate while they processed the documents.

I called to DMV to confirm this, and the DMV employee stated that the dealership was completely incorrect to do this. SO, I recalled the employee at the dealership and informed them of the issues and after a day they finally realized what they needed to do. The dealership told me to call the DMV to make sure my application was at least scanned in, so I could go and get a temporary plate without any issues. (Another temp plate for 90 days.) I called the DMV, and I spoke to a very nice representative, and she tells me that the dealership has scanned in 15 forms that aren't necessary and they have submitted an application for the title and license for the STATE OF MICHIGAN! I LIVE IN WISCONSIN!

Honestly, it seems like this dealership got their money and could care less about the issues after the purchase. They gave me a 30 temp plate, when they knew that this was going to be a longer process. Half the paperwork they submitted was incorrect, and they did everything half **. I will never EVER EVER recommend Lasco Ford to anyone. EVER.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

We purchased a end-of-model-year "new" vehicle that had a mouse nest in it. The mouse nest caused the AC/heater fan to vibrate and make terrible noise. We were unaware of the cause, but when the Service Department found it, they charged us for it as it was not covered by warranty. We owned the vehicle 8 weeks and put 8,000 miles on it (hardly conducive to a mouse nest). The vehicle sat 8 months from manufacturing to purchase. When did the nest most likely occur? Well, the dealership said we had to pay, so we then contacted Ford Motor Company to let them know about their dealership with such poor customer service. Guess what? They don't get involved as dealerships are privately owned. Think TWICE before buying FORD. Think THREE times before buying a FORD from LASCO FORD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

I have been here before and WOW, what a difference. Looks good with the remodeled showroom and their staff were all very friendly. It was nice to check out the vehicle I was interested in an area where it wasn't raining. These guys have really stepped it up and I ended up buying a vehicle the same day due to the experience I got and I will be back. Great job Lasco and thank you for getting me a good deal on my F150!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2015

I just bought a used truck almost three weeks ago and the truck was not properly inspected before they sold it to me. I took it in today because the brakes are squealing and the front end has a shake to it. They tell me everything is fine but the u-joint is bad and the rear differential fluid is dark and smells bad. They didn't fix that problem either. I will never refer anyone to Lasco nor will I ever purchase another vehicle from them again.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2015

Last week I took my car into Lasco Ford to have recall work done. I was told to bring the car in at 9:00 in the morning and expect the work to take 3 to 4 hours. I dropped my car off about 8:45. I return at 11:00 to check on the progress of the work and told that when it was ready I would be notified. I called at 3:00 to check on the work and again told that I would be notified when the car was ready. So I asked Julie the service rep. if there was a problem and could I have an idea when my car might be ready and again I was told, when the car is ready I will be notified. At 4:45 I went to the dealership and ask to speak to a supervisor. At about 5:00 I saw the service manager and at that time my phone rang and it was Julie and she said my car was ready -- 8 hours later.

I went to her office and she said, " sign these papers and your car is outside". I never was given any explanation or some kind of apology for the long wait -- 8 hours for a job I was told would take 3 to 4 hours. I was very dissatisfied the way I was treated and will never go to Lasco Ford for any new car buy and car service.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2015

I went into to sign the financial papers. He kept just shuffling paper after paper, sign this sign that. Tire coverage gap 48,000 4 yrs bumper to bumper coverage... 1 third of what the car cost!! The friend I was with took me to get another $300 dollars--cash only and he said "no you don't need that stuff." So I went back said "I don't want anything but my plate back!" "No no," he said. "I will fix it." I thought meaning take all that stuff off. Don't know what he meant. Went to pay first payment. Still owe what the car cost and $3740 worth of extra garbage. Called to see why it wasn't taken off. No callback, and it's not even 4 yr 48,000, it's 3 yrs 36000. I pray in Jesus name this will save someone from aggravation. It was very dishonest.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2015

Found what appeared to be a great deal on a vehicle on the internet. Called Lasco Ford to inquire and spoke with a salesman. We discussed the vehicle and let him know I was 86 miles away and put 100 dollars down to hold it. Great. That was Fri. evening. Saturday morning my wife and I head up to Mich. The salesman called, says the truck is parked in front of their office. As we pull into the lot we think we see it. Then as we got closer and the way the sun was shining, we see a very large dent and another smaller one on the passenger side. The vehicle was dirty. So we went in and spoke with the salesman to see if they had maybe brought up the wrong vehicle. Oh, no mistake. That's the one.

Now according to the website this vehicle had been advertised for more than a month. After we seen it we understood why they still had it. My wife was very upset with me at first then with Lasco. A bit of her German temper slipped out and demanded our 100 dollars returned and wanted an explanation as to why, (when they're selling a vehicle that's 1 yr. old with only 7000 miles) no one told us about the damage knowing how far away we were. Well, the salesman said he wasn't aware of the damage. Of course she didn't buy that and at this point we're wanting our money back and leave. Then the sales manager comes out and wants to know what is the problem. So we explain and he wants to see the damage. So he says "what will it take to make this work." He said he would fix both dents, all scratches and detail the truck. Plus get rid of the very strong pipe or cigar smell. We agreed then he turned us over to the salesman.

Almost all the paperwork was taken care of along with an agreed price and finance charge. We discussed warranty issues. The salesman told me that there was 1 extra year on the 3 yr 36000 warranty. It would be 4 yr. 48000 mi. from original in service date. Perfect. He said he would call when the truck would be ready. I informed him that the repairs would have to be perfect that my wife will be with me when we make the 86 mile trip up. It took like 4 days and we headed back north. My expectations were low. I couldn't believe that this was the same truck. The repairs were perfect. Now it looked like a 1yr old 7000 mi. truck. When I opened the door the smell - that horrible smoke smell was still there. We then went in and talked to the salesman and he wanted to complete the final paperwork. Once again as we went over the paperwork I brought up about this extra year warranty, if it was an actual extension of the factory one. He said yes. Perfect.

Now we head in to see the finance manager. More paperwork. He's going over everything, agreed upon price, satisfaction with repairs, interest rate on the loan, and the warranty. He tells us that there is no extra 1 yr 12000 mi. warranty. "I'm sorry but you don't understand. We made a deal. We agreed on a price and everything else, plus the horrible smoke smell is still there." He gets the sales manager in and he says "I'm sorry but the salesman made a mistake." So I said "we had a deal" and we shook on it. Ok just take off the price what the cost of the added year warranty is. He got just a little pompous and said "ok do you want the truck or not, you're getting a great price." I told him that we had a deal no matter what great price I was getting. A deal is a deal.

Once again he said "do you want the truck or not." Oh, then he offered us an extended warranty at cost. Plus I almost forgot about the tenth of a percent on the interest loan rate raised from the original agreement and would not put it back and never did get the smoke smell out. Yes it was a great price for that vehicle and that's why I came so far. I am 58 yrs old and have never had any business go back on a deal that was made. I don't care how good a deal it was. If you agree on a deal then stick to it. They apparently found that once they did the repairs and cleaned it up that they could get more money for it. I really think they wanted us to back out of the deal. So be careful these days because a deal on a man's word at Lasco Ford and who knows maybe just anywhere is worthless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2015

Offered a $7,000 trade for my car, a firm exact trade based on the appraisal that was done by one of the sales MANAGERS. After I spent much of my time searching the lot online, and in store I was able to find a vehicle I loved that I wanted to purchase. Once we sat down to fill out the paperwork to purchase the vehicle, the trade in price DROPPED to $3,500. When I asked about why the price difference they basically said "too bad this is what we can offer" but said it was okay because if i just added the other $3,500 in difference they could still make the deal. How on earth is this a correct way to do business? I was baited in with promises of a good deal, then at the last minute they took it all away, but still pressured me into making the deal. They don't care about the customer, only the money. DO NOT shop at this dealer. They will do everything they can to lie and cheat to make a deal the works in THEIR favor only.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2015

My wife was driving a used Ford Fusion when I contacted Lasco about getting a new vehicle. They talked to me about a new Fusion lease and the lease payments that they could offer. Honestly I was shocked. They bought my used Fusion from me for a very fair price then I was able to lease a brand new fusion for about $200 a month and my wife is thrilled! They have also spent time now after the sale helping her with the new toys like her phone connecting to the car, which she loves. They really are a class act. Very impressed with the entire staff from beginning to end. You have my business for life.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 28, 2015

My fiance and I bought our 2008 used Impala from Lasco Ford in Grand Blanc in September of 2014. The man who sold it to us was very nice and helpful. That was until two weeks later, the a/c started acting up and he wouldn't return any of our calls. About 6 months later, the power steering went out. We took it back to Lasco where they "fixed it." We weren't even off the lot and the power steering went out again. They said it was our power steering coolant lines and it would cost about $600. Well, we recently took our car to a mechanic friend who just shook his head at the terrible job Lasco did. They used the wrong parts and even put parts in the wrong spot! They completely ripped us off and I will never buy another vehicle from them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2015

While I was completely dissatisfied with their sales department, considering the fact that it took 7 trips, close to 10 hours, and a whole week to purchase a vehicle from this company, that all dulls in comparison to what I have had to experience with their service department. Upon test driving the vehicle I noticed an obvious shaking issue. I was promised by the salesman and manager it would be addressed before the purchase was complete. Supposedly, the issue had been "fixed" while we worked on our financing.

I left with the vehicle and immediately noticed the shaking was still very much there. I called back and was told to schedule an appointment to have it addressed. I scheduled an appointment and was told they would have a loaner for me while they worked on it (I had to schedule out a week to ensure I would get a loaner). I called the day before to make sure I'd be all good to go when I dropped off my car and they were unaware of my appointment and don't even have any loaners to give out. PERIOD! I took my vehicle in and was given a ride to work.

Four hours later the car was returned to me and had apparently been "fixed". I wasn't given any paperwork to show what had been done, and when I called, I was told some story about having a bent wheel and was told they replaced my tires (which looked fine when I looked at them). When I left work, the shaking was just as apparent as when I left it with them before service. I called the next day and was told that there was nothing more they could do, I could bring it back in but all they were going to do was replace the tires again (WHICH WAS NOT THE PROBLEM).

So, I took it to management, as far as it could go. I was put in touch with another service person at their other location. I took it over there where I did receive a loaner and they fixed the issue (which was tie rods and ball joints). Everything was okay for about a week until the next issue popped up. My car wouldn't start and about every sensor was going off. Had it towed back to the dealership where it was diagnosed with a throttle body issue. They had my vehicle for about another week.

When I got the vehicle back, I noticed that it still seemed to run funny but I couldn't pinpoint what the issue was. After having the vehicle back for about 3 weeks the next issue popped up. I am now losing power to my engine while driving, and I have to jump my car every time it needs to be started. Have it towed, yet again. This time it's the battery cable has corroded. This time I'm told it's not covered under warranty (like everything else thus far) and that it's going to be close to $250 to fix, on top of towing which was $130. Almost $400 to fix a battery cable? I think not. Obviously, this is not okay, battery cables do not corrode when driven for 5000 miles. It had to be like that when it was sold to me.

After a lot of phone calls and complaints I am able to get them down to $200 for everything. After a couple days, I get a phone call while I'm waiting for the cable to be fixed and am told that they are going to cover everything fully 100%, oh and by the way, we scratched your car while it was here so we are sending it to the body shop to be fixed so it's going to be about another week. After 2 weeks of waiting to get my car back I finally get the call that it's ready. When I picked my car up, I noticed a shutter when I hit my gas pedal. Literally, as I am pulling out of the parking lot. I drive the vehicle home and schedule an appointment with a different dealerships service department, at this point I am DONE with Lasco.

After 2 days at their facility, they tell me that my transmission needs to be replaced. They found metal fragments in my fluid and that it smells awful. Also, they found that the transmission lines need to be replaced. AND there is also an oil leak at my pan gasket (it had rotted). The oil leak has also destroyed my crank shaft balancer. NEVER buy a vehicle from Lasco. Shady business, empty promises, BIG ADVERTISING that means nothing! There's a reason why they say they can finance anyone. Such a sorry excuse of a company!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2015

I purchased a 2007 Ford Explorer from Lasco Ford in February 2014. The purchasing experienced was lacking to say the least, aside from my Salesperson ** who tried her best. After three days of negotiations and travel from Saginaw to Fenton we settled on the 2007 Explorer. Not once did Lasco Ford ask if I wanted an extended warranty on this vehicle. After my sales paperwork was printed off and signed I noticed that they added an extended warranty in the amount of $16500.

After a few months of taking ownership of the vehicle the transmission started acting funny, not shifting right. I made arrangements to take the vehicle into the DLR (all the way back to Lasco) and just as I thought the transmission is bad, but conveniently the part that cause the extensive damage is a transmission shift cable/coil and the warranty company will not cover any of the repair. Suprise!!! Now they say I need a whole new transmission and it would cost me $2600.00. I have a useless $1650.00 warranty that I can't do anything with and a useless 2007 Explorer.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 14, 2015

On Feb. 25, 2015 I purchased a 2010 Ford Explorer from Lasco. While signing the papers the vehicle was hit where it was parked (minor damage to rear bumper). Needless to say, the truck was repaired and picked up Fri., the 27th. The repairs done by the paint shop were not satisfactory; an appointment was made for the following Tues., March 3. During the drive home the Explorer started making a grinding brake noise. I knew it was something to do with the dust cover and not the brakes. Sat., Feb. 28th I returned to the dealership, first customer in line for service. The problem was corrected after a four-hour wait. During the 2 days we had the truck home, we noticed the rear defrost was inop. and a lifter would not retain oil and made a slight ticking noise when cold (this was noticed when initially checking out the vehicle). I was assured by my salesperson this too would be corrected.

On March 12th, ten days later after several calls with no call backs, I was told the Explorer was ready for pick up. I got to Lasco and after inspecting and rejecting the repair (the paint was not even close to a match), and the lifter noise was never even looked at. The service manager was called in, he agreed that the paint was not even close to being a match and he would have it repainted and the lifter fixed and I could have my truck the following day. Once again and six phone calls with no return calls, I am told the paint is now peeling and it will not be done until maybe Mon., March 16th. I will keep you all posted as the saga continues. Hindsight being 20/20, I will never again buy anything from Lasco Ford Fenton. I have contacted an attorney but it doesn't look good for me. I purchased an extended warranty and I do not know if it is transferable to another repair facility; waiting to find out.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2015

We had a terrible experience with Lasco Ford in Fenton. I would not recommend them to anyone. Immediately I noticed their lack of customer service. They only show you the cars they want to sell, are dishonest, pushy and rude when you don't do what they want. We felt we were being taken advantage of the moment we walked in the door. Thankfully we knew it and were able to walk away before making a purchase. The manager was actually pretty nice, but didn't act surprised at all when we told him our concerns. We went to Al Serra and were very happy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2015

I was taken advantage of. The finance man added every warranty possible, just said sign. He just kept saying what a good warranty it was, did not say any prices or additional costs. I was rushed thru this process. When I called and complained he said to cancel them. That took several months and I lost a lot of money for canceling. They don't care about customer. I feel like they Stole from me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

I left my car with the service department on Friday 1/9/14. I had a thunk in the front end that I wanted checked out while still under warranty. They informed me that I needed tie rods. The car only has 35,000 miles on it! 1 week and 1 day later, I still don't have my car back. Every day I call it's another excuse and another promise that I will have it back tomorrow. I have dealt with the service department a few times and this will definitely be my last.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2015

I bought one Ford Focus. We have agreed with value. But when I pay, the value was $1000 higher. The sales person named Andrea ** never more answer the phone and I'm trying talk with director and I couldn't, yet. No honor! Pay attention when you're there.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2014

This dealership is shady as hell. They will lure you in, get you into a piece of **, that's probably been totaled or has been in an accident. Forged warranty crap. And promise you nothing but lies. They will call you like crazy and harass you till you buy a car and then when you sign and drive off, something happens, oh well it's on you. They will hang the phone up on you and you call and complain about something major, they don't call you back. They lie and hurt all these poor people that they lure in and scam them into thinking they have a good deal but really you will end up paying 2 to 3 times more than the price they gave you.

I would recommend looking elsewhere for a new or used vehicle. I bought a 2004 Lariat from them and had nothing but problems with it and I still haven't received my plates, pulled a Carfax on it and this truck has been in many accidents. The control arm broke on it and through me through a red light and almost got me and my uncle killed. I can't drive it because the engine noises got a lot louder and the temp plates expired days ago. I lost my job because of this issue and I'm looking to suing the hell out of them. This was the worst experience ever going to the dealership. Lasco Ford should just shut down because they're going to keep doing the devil's work and hurting people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2014

I am so disappointed and angry to say the least with the entire process of dealing with Lasco Ford. The only reason they have one star is because I didn't have the option to give them no stars. To begin with I am in the Navy and I found the dealership through USA as a certified dealer. I pulled up the quote for the vehicle I wanted along with the contact information for the person that deals with military sales. When I got to the dealership witch is well over an hour’s drive the point of contact was not there though I called prior to arriving to meet with him. I never talked or saw him during the whole process.

Secondly the price quoted by USA they refused to accept. They said the vehicle I was purchasing was more loaded than what I got the quote for. I got the quote for the 2013 fully loaded sports edition explorer and they were trying to sell me the limited edition for thousands more than the USA quoted sports price. I was there for almost 8 hours! I drove the vehicle home since they told me I could take it home and see if I really liked it. I loved it! And came back the next day to do some paperwork where they tried to tell me there was an issue with the financing and I couldn't get it for the price I had negotiated it for the previous day! Wtf!

Finally after Ashbourne several hours everything was set to go. They were not so happy that I negotiated so low. I guess they figured they could push me over since I'm a female. Like I said I'm in the military and I'm sapped in Michigan. They tried to pressure me into titling the vehicle in Michigan rather than North Carolina where I'm from. They said Michigan taxes wetter lower and I could roll it into my financing. They wetter irritated when I asked them how much NC taxes were and they didn't know. So how could they tell me that Michigan taxes were lower when they didn't know how much NC taxes were?

I called the NCDMV, a call they could have easily made to find that NC tax is 3% compared to 6 in Michigan! Then they tried to tell me they couldn't register my vehicle or get me NC tags. This isn't my first Rodeo. I purchased a vehicle in Maryland a few years back and had no issues. I told them I could walk them through the process since they obviously didn't know and didn't want to take the time to know. They gave me a temp tag then took so long doing paperwork to NC that my tags expired. They never followed up to tell me the stairs of my tags. I had to repeatedly call and finally after several weeks’ worth of messages with no call back drove over an hour very pissed off and demanded they figure some way for me to drive my 50 thousand dollar vehicle. This must have been the worst part of the story you say... ha!

No! A few months later, I stay getting letters from all these companies that ran my credit for vehicle financing. Probably like 12 companies. Each request brings down your credit rating and stays on your credit for 2 years! Again wtf! Still not the worst part. I later found my clothes hanger hook on the driver’s side passenger seat was broken... I live alone and never carry passengers. Just recently I had problems with my tires losing pressure. I filled them up and a week later my pressure lights come back on. I know something is wrong so I take it in to a local Ford dealership where they tell me I have a leak in one of my tires. I think maybe I've run over a nail or something.

They tell me that the leak is where I had my tire plugged from a previous leak and I am shocked! I have never had my vehicle serviced for any tire issues and have never had a reason to suspect I had a plugged tire. This made me very upset because the only way I could have a plugged tire is if I purchased the vehicle that way, and who purchases a 50 thousand dollar vehicle with a plugged tire? Who thinks to verify that the dealership did not sell them a new vehicle with other than new not previously damaged tires.

Of course the dealership refuses to accept ownership of the issue and said my car could have been shipped to them like that. WTF! AND YOU THINK IT'S OK TO SELL IT TO CUSTOMERS THAT WAY? I will never go back to that dealership. All military stay way! And everyone else! I have contacted Ford directly to inform them about this dealership and will contact USAA to inform them as well and to remove their sponsorship from this business. I have served multiple deployments in Afghanistan and I can't even get decent customer service from them at best!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2014

Promises, promises, they tell you one thing and then change it at the last minute. This is the most shady dealership that I have ever worked with...... Very very disappointed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2013

My husband and i purchased a Ford Escort '08 on 12/10/2013. When we took it for a test drive, we noticed the radio and CD player didn't work and mentioned it to several personnel members. We were told they would take care of it and made a notation in black magic marker. After many, many hours and days of waiting for them to complete the sale, we signed the papers. We again ask about the radio. It was pulled into service and 4 hours later were told 'It just don't work' and that it would cost us $300 plus to fix. In the beginning, we were told all cars undergo an inspection before they are sold and there will be no problems. We have a 3 mo/3,000 warranty plus a 24 mo./24,000 100% coverage warranty but yet they want to charge us $300 plus. I advise never, ever go to LASKO FORD IN FENTON.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2013

I am a former service manager for Lasco Ford. The way we were told to inspect these cars was appalling. These were not safety inspections. They were fixed as little as possible and let the poor customer be responsible for the rest. I would never let anyone I know buy a car from Lasco Ford or Lasco of Gran Blanc. Anyone suing Lasco may want to have their lawyer contact me.

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Original review: April 10, 2013

I bought a used 2005 Ford Escape. After purchasing the vehicle, I noticed little things that needed to be repaired. Before I purchased, I told my salesperson that I wanted the noise taken care of and I would bring it back. Come to find out, my vehicle had been in a front end accident and my engine needs to be pulled for the repair. They refused to do it at their costs. They never told me the vehicle had been in an accident. I was only buying a car to build up my credit, and now I'm stuck with a vehicle that needs constant repairs I can't afford with my $500 a month to drive the vehicle. I'm a single mother with 2 kids. They need to quit ripping people off. I will never buy a car from them. What exactly does this "extended warranty" cover? Nothing!

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Original review: March 5, 2013

Dishonest staff at Lasco seems to be a theme in many of the reviews here and my experience underscores that and it's enough to prevent me from returning there for the new car I'm about to purchase or future service that will inevitably be needed on my current car. After dropping my car off for the first actual repair at Lasco, I called at 5:50 to request a ride back to the dealership. I stopped working and waited 40 minutes before calling to find out why no one showed up (it is a 10-minute drive) and was told Miguel was already on his way.

Twenty minutes later, a different employee called to say he couldn't find my building. Once we got back, I waited in the service lobby for 40 minutes before being told my vehicle had been completed long ago and they didn't know I was there (they brought me). I planned to use the Owner Advantage points I saved up from previous oil changes toward the bill and they told me they expired - of course, they never told me that when they asked following previous oil changes if I wanted to save them up!

They lied to me about sending someone, that someone had already left to get me, that they didn't know I was waiting and that I could save up my points for future use. If they will lie about such small things, I know I can't trust them when they tell me I need repair work done or about the terms of a potential vehicle purchase. There are no such things as white lies, but there are lots of dealership choices!

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2013

I purchased a GMC Sierra 4-wheel drive from Lasco Ford on December 3rd. By December 28th, the transfer case was completely shot and needed to be repaired at a cost of $2800. I called Lasco and they gave me the runaround about not having a warranty when there should have been one for 30 days. Matt Lasco got very belligerent on the phone when I mentioned consulting with an attorney. I stopped payment on the first payment check I sent to them and now have people calling and threatening my family members and me. I'm in the process of taking legal action against Lasco.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2012

On Sept. 14th, we purchased a 2003 Chevy Venture from Lasco Ford. We had preapproval from our own bank before we drove 2 hours to Lasco's. The deal was that they would meet the price we wanted to pay on the van if we financed through them. We shook on it. Four hours later, we signed the papers paying 12.79% as opposed to our preapproved 8.5%. We had planned on paying it off quickly, so the rate wasn't that big of a deal. What is a huge deal though is Lasco Ford never one time mentioned that the credit request was sent out to several companies and each company ran hard copies of our credit scores.

For each hard copy ran by at least 6 different places, my husband and I lost 4 points per run(!) substantially affecting our credit in a very negative way. Had we known that was how Lasco did business, we never would have agreed. A letter to them expressing our displeasure at the way they did this was completely ignored. We've removed the Lasco plate frame from our license plate and scraped off their sticker. We will not advertise for them. I think that what they did was dishonest and harmful to us, and to be ignored when we complained just made it worse. We waited four hours to sign papers that wrecked our credit. What kind of good deal is that?

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Original review: Oct. 27, 2012

We purchased a 2007 Ford Edge from Lasco Ford in Fenton, Michigan. We ran a Carfax on this vehicle before buying it and it said the vehicle had no accidents, etc. Two years later, after having several rather expensive problems with ball bearings breaking, transmission shifting wildly, a loose front seat, and side mirrors that don't work properly, we decided to go to a dealership and buy a new Edge. When they ran a Carfax on our vehicle, it showed that it had been in a serious front end accident and frame damage was mentioned at the auction. Instead of getting $13,000.00 on a trade-in, we were told we would only get $7,500 because of the frame damage.

Since then, we found out that it takes a month or two for these things to show up on a Carfax report, depending on the situation. The manager at the new car dealership told us that a vehicle with a bent frame is the worst thing to have for a trade-in. We had another shop look at the vehicle and they said whoever did the repairs on it did a terrible job. Besides that, the whole sales process was done very unprofessionally. The manager at the new car dealership told us to look Lasco up on the internet. They are notorious for dishonest sales practices. If only we had read the reviews on many sites that told of similar stories, we would have avoided the last two years of hassle. Don't buy anything from Lasco Ford in Fenton!

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