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I leased a 2001 Dodge Durango in April of 2001. At the time I worked only a few miles from where I lived and a 3 yr./36,000 mi. warranty was sufficient. After a year my position changed at work and I began to drive more miles and decided I would just purchase my Durrango when the lease was up because I would be over on the miles. On July 2, 2003 while on my way to work the oil pressure gauge dropped and the warning light came on. I pulled into a service station to check the oil. I had had it serviced only 4 days prior at a local service station. I have a concrete driveway and I knew it was and had not been leaking any oil.

The oil level was fine so I waited a few minutes and restarted my Durango and the oil pressure gauge went back to normal. I continued on to work and 5 miles farther the oil pressure guage started jumping up and down and I felt it loose compression so I pulled over and turned the engine off and called a wrecker. I had a mechanic at work look at it because we thought it might be the oil pump and he told me there was more than that wrong. I had it towed again, this time back to Extreme Dodge, so that they could look at it and they called me the next day to tell me that I had low compression on the #7 cylinder and when they removed the valve cover there was sludge in the engine, therefore everything that was wrong with the Durrango was a result of lack of maintaince.

During this time whenever myself or my husband called our salesman he would never return our calls, he would have the service manager call us. My Dodge Durango is the 3rd new vehicle I purchased from him, my husband is on his 3rd new Dodge Pick-up, and our oldest son has purchased 2 used cars from him.I didn't find this web site until after we had our Durango towed home because they wanted $8500 to put in a new engine, otherwise I might have told them to keep it, pay the overage on the miles, and let them sue me to recover the engine.

We're now in the process of having a used engine put in with the price tag still being several thousand dollars. After we read all the testimonials that were so similiar to mine my husband called our dealer and was told that "I just sell them". So now I am starting the process of finding out who to call, and who to report this to so that other people are made aware of the fact that there is a problem with some of the engines, and some one needs to step up to the plate to help us. I know that right now I would have a hard time purchasing a Dodge.

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