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I haven't bought a new car in twelve years and yesterday's experience just brought back old bad memories. This dealership is running false ads just to get customers to come in, then the sales manager tries to bully you into buying a vehicle by increasing the advertised price by $5,000. All he could do is cry about not making money on the car. The sales guy that I talked to on the phone said my payment would be between $300-$317, but the sales manager tried to get me to pay $375/month, I told him to stick it! I told the sales manager off right in his showroom so other customers could hear. One customer came up to me as I walked out and wanted more details. Apparently they were trying to do the same thing to him.

I thought these tactics stopped years ago. What happened to the no haggle pricing, lol. I felt so good that I walked out. I drove right to the Hyundai dealer in Riverside where they welcomed me with open arms and bought a much better vehicle with a hell of a lot more options for the same price than Metro Nissan was trying to sell me. Oh, the car Metro Nissan was selling as new had 843 miles on it. I asked them several times if the car was registered by the first owner, they would not answer. They tried to deflect their answers with BS answers. You can't sell a car as new if the car was registered by the first owner. I'm so happy with my Hyundai Sonata Sport!

Satisfaction Rating

While my car was being serviced, I was approached by salesman Asem ** and I asked "Are there 2012s here?" He said "Yes." He showed me a 2011 Sentra base model. I asked about the 2012s and he told me they wouldn't be here until December or January. I was confused thinking I misunderstood him the first time.

After 4 hours of haggling I did not to take the deal on the 2011 Sentra and I told the Sales Manager, Rick **, that it was because I wanted to research what the prices of the 2012s upon release. He said "How can you research something that hasn't come out yet? They won't be out for a few months." I even asked Rick how much the 2012s would be and he said he wouldn't know until they came out. I eventually went to a neighboring Nissan and specifically asked for a 2011 Sentra (the 2012s "weren't out yet" so why would I ask for one?) and they gave me a better deal so I purchased the vehicle.

I called the original dealership and spoke with their General Manager, Tom **, to discuss my experience with Asem ** and his customer service. He revealed that 2012 Sentra cars had been on the lot for 39 days and that I must have misunderstood his salesman! He was extremely rude and acted as if I wasn't worthy of conversation and so, I had to defend myself! Those salesmen were trying to clear their 2011 inventory and were outright dishonest and it led me to purchase a vehicle that greatly depreciated in value once I drove it off the lot because it was already a year old the day I bought it.


On 12/03, I drove/dropped my car off at Metro Nissan due to a sensor chip program problem. No check engine light was on. I just wanted them to recheck the chip and verify that it was programmed correctly on 09/08/09. I explained to the serviceman how the car felt while driving it. He assumed it was a transmission problem and indicated it on the work order form. 12/03. Serviceman called and stated that I needed a transmission and the cost was $4500. I mentioned to him that I keep Immaculate repairs records and if I needed one, my personal mechanic for almost 5 years would have informed of it.

On 12/03, I attempted to retrieve the car. However, Serviceman Fernando and Michael **, operational manager informed it that my vehicle was totally non-operational and could not explain to me why it wasn't working. I had no choice but to leave the car there until they resolved the issue. On 12/04, Serviceman Jon called and informed me that they mixed up my car with another vehicle and my car was ready to be picked up.

On 12/05, when I picked up my car, I noticed that I had to juggle/force my key into the ignition. On 12/06, it did it again. This time I saw a new shiny ignition in my car and other new part under the hood of the car. So basically, the Metro dealership raped my car and imposed unauthorized repairs without my knowledge or consent and left me without any recourse and security of not knowing what they did to my car while in their possession.

I informed Naveen **, GM and Michael ** of this situation. However, the dealership admits to no wrongdoing. I am the only owner of the said car and I know this was a conspiracy act covering up their negligence.


HI i purchased a 2004 nissan maxima from Metro Nissan of montclair ca. In october of 2005, i bought my car with an extended warranty,and in october of 2008,i took it in cause transmission was shifting out of gear and jerking,they supposibly did a ECM&TCM reprogram per bulletin,thats what my receipt says,they also replaced motor mounts and replaced automatic transmission fluid,they told me take my car hm ,drive it for 2 weeks then it should run fine,i did that and i still did the ,.same thing.

So i took my car back and they said my warranty expired,i called NISSAN CORP,to complain they said they would investigate and get back to me with an answer so for the next 2 weeks i waited,they finally did get back and said,they are not responsible because warranty expired,i told them i took car to METRO NISSAN when my car was in warranty and they said take it home for 2 weeks it should be fine,they kept saying i should have took it back,i read all thease other complaints and do feel NISSAN CORP. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF US,


After spending 4 hours haggling with them I finally walked out with the price I wanted and a the car i've always wanted. My 2005 Nissan Altima. the next morning while driving back to the dealership to get some minor issues resolved on the Due bill, I was sitting idle at a light and then all the sudden all the lights popped up on my car and the car turned it self off. I panicked naturally but the car started right up. I immediately took the car in, and they then told me that it had something to do with an "assembly sensor" i'm no mechanic, so that sounded like they knew what the issue was. So they send me home and tell me the part is going to be ordered and in their office within a week and they'd call me when it arrives.

The next day on my way back from the hospital, the car shuts off on me again. So I turn the car on. AGAIN no problem, then as i proceeded to accelerate the car starts choking and jerking. I had my foot on the gas but it continued to choke, and would acccelerate past 15 mph. I pull over and turn the car off and let it sit for a bit. The as i turn the car back on and I attempt to take the car immediately back to the dealership as I was trying to merge on the freeway, the car turns off and just stops in the middle of on coming traffic. One car had to swerve to NOT hit me! I couldn't get the car started but when it finally did I pulled over and called my father to pick me up.

Now I realize that when purchasing a used cars you're going to have issues, but this is a MAJOR mechanical flaw and it could cost someone their life! and reading through all the complaints it doesn't'settle easy with me that there are a lot of these cars on the road that have the same problem as me. I do not want this car, I am in discussions with nissan to cancel my contract but they refuse to help me. This should not happen to a car 2 days off the lot when they pretty much gave me the song and dance how these cars are certified. they go through all these tests. Right now i'm in a rental car, but I do not want this car and there should be a way for me to revoke this purchase given it's only been 2 days. Someone please help!

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i purchased a car on 2/22/09. the dealer notified me by phone on the 11th day, 3/05/09, stating they are unable to finance me and to return the car. to my understanding, according to the seller's right to cancel on the back of the contract, the dealer has 10 days to notify me. they also sent a certified letter telling me the same thing, and again the letter was delivered on the 11th day. the dealer is saying as long as the letter is post marked by the 10th day, they are covered. is this information true?


I purchased a 2000 Nissan Sentra on March 20th of this year. The car kept grinding going into 3rd gear. So I took the car in to be checked. It turned out that their was a problem with the transmission. Iwas told that I would have the car back within 4 days. That has turned into 21 days and they say they can not get the part because it on back order until July 19. To get a whole transmission they don't know how long.

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