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I purchased my new Mercedes S55 and in just a few days made a vacaton trip for approximately 10 days. Upon my return, my new car would not start due to no battery charge. I called Mercedes customer service and they sent a representative to my home who jump-started my car.
For a few days my car started OK and then I didn't drive it for two days and it wouldn't start again. Customer service sent a representative to jump-start the car again. The next week the same thing happened again and I called the man to jump-start my car without calling Mercedes.
I made an appointment in Tyler, Tx for the following week and drove about 100 miles to Tyler with my car -- 200 miles round trip. This Mercedes dealer took the battery off of my car and replaced it with a new one. Also, they mentioned that the car must be driven at least 30 minutes every 24 or 48 hours to keep the battery charged.
I called the customer service again at Mercedes and they agreed that the car would have to be driven 30 minutes every 24 hours for it to start. Is this logical for a new S55 Mercedes (the most expensive one built) to not start and have to be driven everyday in order to be able to start the car, when I want to?

Maybe Mercedes assumes that those who are willing to spend $95,000 for a car will simply hire someone to start it up every now and then? Joe should take it back to the dealer a few more times and, if it can't be fixed, he should consult out section.

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