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I purchased my 1999 ML320 from an advertiser on Craigslist in Greenville, SC. The ML had 238,000 miles on it mostly highway miles. The truck was owned by a regional sales manager with a large area to cover. It had the typical ML issues, central locking system solenoid issues, (when you pushed the lock button, the solenoids rapidly recycled like a machine gun). My BMW/Mercedes mechanic said that this is common. It needed some bulbs in the dash and only one window regulator. That was 1 year ago. Since then I have racked-up 45,000 business miles as a roofing consultant. My ML also has the fold-away, third row seating. The carpeting is great, the steering wheel shows no signs of splitting of the leather, the perforated leather seats are intact and EVERYTHING works! The only major expense was two months ago when I got some "bad premium gas" at a Shell station.

A tanker was dropping gas into the storage tanks and I should have gone somewhere else because I used to drive a tanker in my college days. BUT I didn't. Two miles later the ML went into limp mode in the east Tennessee mountains and I made it home. I took it to my mechanic who confirmed the bad fuel. They removed the fuel tank, drained and cleaned it, replaced my fuel filters, had to replace all 4 cats and oxygen sensors and $2,600.00 later all was well! That's all the trouble I ever had. I have my servicing done with Lubro Moly Full Synthetic 5W-40 oil. That's the only oil I use in all of my vehicles, 2000 Range Rover SE with 243,000 miles, 1988 BMW M645CSi with 48,000 original miles, 2005 Volvo S80 Premier T6 Sport with 112,000 miles, and 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT V6 Magnum with 246,000 miles.

The oil in my ML is changed every 6,000 miles since all my driving is done on the highway. From what I've read, I must have one of the best ML320's out there. I only paid $2,800.00 for it originally. All I can say is research the vehicle and its condition well and use common sense in choosing your vehicles. I can't be the only one that gets this kind of service from his/her vehicles or am I???

I recently purchased a 2002 ml320 that I got a good deal on! When I purchased it, the check engine light was on, we ran the code and it was simply a faulty gas cap. Got that fixed! The car was in pretty good condition except for a few minor cosmetic issues, the rear bumper cover needed replaced as well as a small dent in the hatch, got those fixed!! The sunroof wouldn't open, put a new comfort relay in the fuse box and that fixed it. First day we had the car home we went out to start it, it would not start.

The key turned and everything lit up but it wouldn't start. It started fine when we went to test drive it and after we bought it. I read through the owner's manual and I thought maybe it was just some quirky security feature, so gave up that night, the next day I try again and it starts right up. It has started fine the few times I have started it over the last week. I have not been driving it though, it has been parked in our garage while I have been cleaning and detailing it and waiting on my friend to paint and install the new rear bumper cover. So I pulled it out of the garage this morning and moved it in the driveway and it started right up both times.

Also, the radio is not working, all the fuses checked out. The radio will power on and lights up but there is no sound from speakers and it says no CD installed. When the car does start, when the radio powers on, you can hear a pop but that's it. I Google this issue and apparently it is a common problem with these. So I was taking it to the audio shop today to have them check it out and it would not start again. I'm not sure what that issue is yet.

I did really like this car, it was in good condition, looked good except for the crack in the rear bumper, I liked all the features and it rides so comfortably and handles well. But since I've had it, which is just a little over a week and haven't even had the. pleasure of driving it yet, other than the 10 miles from where I bought it to my house! I have put almost as much money in it for little repairs as I paid for it. I am so disappointed, I expected a little more out of them!!! Has anyone had these issues with the radio and with it not starting?

I purchased a used 2002 ML 320. Recently, all of the brake lights came on as my daughter was driving this vehicle on the highway. She said the car jerked and began to quickly reduce speed - a dangerous thing on an interstate highway. I restarted the car later that evening and it seemed fine. I headed for home and after driving for about 7 or 8 minutes, all of the brake lights once again came on. I was forced to pull over. I turned the car off for a few minutes, started it up and proceeded home only to have all of the lights come on again after driving approximately 7 or 8 minutes. I took the vehicle to the dealer and he said I need a new ESP control unit which would run me about $1,700. With three in college, I don't have that kind of money, so the car sits in my driveway. I went online and lo and behold, it seems a lot of ESP control unit complaints were lodged (among many other complaints) about the 2001 and 2002 ML in particular.

I think it is clearly a safety issue and the company should be forced to conduct a recall to replace the ESP control unit. It seems to be a software problem, more so than a mechanical one, and accordingly should not happen. I contacted MB and they said the vehicle was too old. I said given this is a software issue, age is not a factor. I asked them to replace the ESP control unit at their expense and they refused. This is my third MB and it will be my last. Even if I find the part elsewhere, they still soak you because they must "code the part to the vehicle.” I am considering filing a class-action lawsuit. If anyone is experiencing similar problems, please contact me at **.

My child's car seat does not lock properly in my ML 320. The problem has to be with the car as the car seat fits properly in my other car. I requested the service centre to look into it and was basically told that either I buy a Mercedes car seat or the car seat will not fit and this is patently ridiculous as I was not told when I bought my car that I should buy everything that comes along with it or my child's safety is at stake.

I am disgusted. I bought the 320 thinking it would be a safer car for my child, but his car seat buckle has opened and he has flown across the back seat, and everytime I take a turn his car seat dips all the way across the seat.

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