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I own a 2003 Mercedes CLK 320 convertible. I love my car. However, I am having to trade it in because of rust problems! The car has only 28,000 miles and has been kept in covered garaged parking when not in use. Both doors started rusting at the very bottom about a year ago. Mercedes says it is out of warranty and the repairs will be upwards of $5,000. I am very disappointed with Mercedes and sad to have to get rid of my car.

Believe it! The new 2004 Mercedes CLK320 does not have a lock on the glove box. It has a lock on the center console top which can only hold a wallet. Mercedes dealer says it was a mistake, but people do not notice it until after delivery. Don't bother to call the factory. Mercedes arrogance is classic.

Damage Resulting: Carry away valuables when the valet parks your Mercedes.

I have had a myriad of problems with my 2003 CLK 320A. The rain-sensing wipers have a mind of their own and continue constantly even after it has stopped raining. It drives me bonkers. They say there is no adjustment and the "PICKET FENCE EFFECT" causes this problem. Ever heard that one before?
The car also has a hesitation after it is warm and you let it rest for a while. Upon restarting and entering traffic, it hesitates and nearly stalls and after a few seconds begins to accelerate, nearely causing an accident because I am now in the road with no power. It's been in the shop three times and they tell me there are no codes and they find nothing wrong with the car. It occurs sporadically and I never know when this will happen.
I have no trust in this car now and wait until no one is in sight before I enter the roadway. Also, as anyone who owns a CLK can attest, they have the flimiest, most ill designed cupholder I've ever seen. It won't hold the cup securely and it often just slips out. Yesterday, it did slip out and some of my Pepsi apparently dripped down into the electronic transmission shifter. This made the transmission lock up in low gear and I couldn't get it out. I pulled over and it came out of Drive and went into Park. The entire car malfunctioned when I tried to restart it. It would not restart and all kinds of lights started flashing. I couldn't put up the windows or the convertible top. I could not get into my trunk to fetch my laptop or other work materials. The entire electrical system was haywire because of a poorly designed cupholder and transmission shifting unit. Shouldn't it be waterproof if they put the cupholder directly above the transmission shifter opening? Particulary a cupholder that won't hold a cup!
I tried to start it again and it finally did. It would not come out of Park and tons of lights and codes were flashing. Then the convertible top starting coming open and closed all by itself. Up and down it went. Time after time. Not too safe! The whole incident has left me more soured toward this car then ever. The SOS button was the only thing that worked correctly in the car! I was informed that I would have to pay the towing (this on a car that comes with life-time Roadside Assistance) because I put the Pepsi down in the elcectric shifter. They are the ones that designed and built this thing and I believe that they should stand behind it.
Now I really have no trust or feeling of safety with this car. With only 11,00 miles, it has already been in the shop more times them I can count on one hand! They did tell me that they would goodwill this problem once, but this towing and future problems are on me. Isn't this a design FLAW? I've never heard of this type of problem before. Why wouldn't they fix it in such a way that this would never happen again? When I first told Frank Basso what was happening, he immediately asked me if I had spilled something from the cupholder, which is directly above the opening of the shifter. This must be a significant problem with these cars, because he knew exactly what had happened. How do I get MB to take this beautiful but poorly designed car BACK? I just don't feel safe in this car anymore. This thing could put your eye out!
I missed the entire day of an insurance enrollment. All my materials were in the trunk and I tried everything to get it open. I waited a few hours for the tow truck and it had to be dragged onto the flatbed because it would not come out of Park. This can't be good for the tires, transmission and drivetrain. I paid $97 for the tow. Not to mention the emotional damage I feel when I think about how much I invested in this car which I now can't trust or feel safe driving. I am very disgusted with this car. I understand why Consumers Report rates it as the car line with the least initial QUALITY! What do I do to have Mercedes take this car BACK?

Thomas needs to brush up on the and then talk to an attorney.

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