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I was Mr. Richard **'s dream come true: a young, naive girl who was desperate for a car, had already fallen in love with a car advertised on his website without even looking at it in person, and who had no knowledge of the steps one should take before purchasing a vehicle. In June 2009, my 15-year old Toyota died on me and I needed a car and fast. Mr. ** and his company (Chesapeake Auto Buyers) was recommended to me by a family friend so I walked into the situation blinded by unwavering trust of a man I didn't even know. Mr. ** completely took advantage of me.

First, the car was advertised online as having a CD player; however, upon inspection of the vehicle, I realized that it did not have one. When I confronted Mr. ** about this indiscretion, he told me that he would have a factory CD player installed for me. He also promised to fix some exterior blemishes, a few interior flaws, and a rattling heat shield. I made the mistake of trusting that he would keep his promises just because they were in writing. My mother and I spent seven months calling him and receiving nothing but lame excuses in return.

When I first called him two months after purchasing the vehicle about how the CD player situation was coming along, he said everything short of calling me a liar. After I realized I would be receiving no respect from him, I pawned the situation off on my poor mother. My mother called him every two weeks for the next six months, during which time he proceeded to call her "persistent," as though she were pestering him about some minor issue that wasn't promised to us at the time we purchased the car.

Second, when Mr. ** showed me the Carfax report, he crossed out the number of owners reported by Carfax (3) and replaced it with a handwritten 2. Not knowing any better, I took his explanation as mere fact and thought nothing of it. I was later told by my mechanic that he suspected that the car was totaled by one of the previous owners which might explain the indiscretion in the Carfax report.

Third, Mr. ** told me when I bought the car that he had put new tires on it. Not thinking to inspect them, I took his word for it. Not two weeks later, I needed to take the car into a service shop to have some issues repaired. The mechanic told me that I desperately needed to replace the front left and rear right tires because they were completely bald on the inside. When I told him that this was impossible because Mr. ** told me the car had new tires, the mechanic told me that not only were they not new, but they were likely junkyard tires because there are four different brands of tires on the car and none of them were very good.

Fourth, Mr. ** sold me a lemon. Had I owned the vehicle any longer (I was fortunate enough to have to get rid of the vehicle after I was struck by a driver who was asleep behind the wheel), I would have filed the car under Maryland's Lemon Law. I had recurring problems with the driver's side door, including a lock that didn't work and a window that would not go up or down properly. Faulty wiring also led to a radio that didn't function properly and the transmission was all but shot.

On top of that, I had an oil leak problem that no mechanic was able to fix. I would strongly recommend that nobody ever buy a vehicle from Chesapeake Auto Buyers unless you have every intention of being jerked around. If you insist on buying a vehicle from Mr. **, be aware that he will ask you to write him two checks: one for the price of the car (minus $500) made payable to his company and another for $500 made payable directly to him.


My wife and I went to look at a car on Feb 5, 2009. We liked the car and the owner (little did we know), Richard F, said with a deposit he would hold it a few days while we found out if we could get financing. We were told we were pre-approved by our bank. We wrote him a check for $500.00 made out to him personally not Chesapeake Auto Buyers or ToyotaFinders. Well with the economy, the bank wouldn't give us the loan for that particular vehicle. We called Richard and told him. He said, "OK", he'd see we got our money back.

Well on March 25th we still hadn't gotten our money back after many phone calls to Richard he continued to say, "I'll send it out this week" or "I'll see you get something this week" so we contacted the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's for the state of Maryland. We have a receipt and can get a copy of the cancelled check. After contacting the Consumer protection Division we waited for them to get back to us.

On June 11th we received a letter telling us that they have attempted to resolve our complaint but they regret to advise us that Chesapeake Auto Buyers does not answer the phone nor do they respond to written correspondence. We were told that they could be of no further assistance. They said we might be able to file suit in Small Claims or District court but they cant give us any legal advice. We even had a lawyer right them a letter asking them to refund us the $500 so we wouldnt have to take further action. We have never heard back from them.

Since this has happened weve been searching the internet and have found others who have had problems with him also. We even found out that there are 2 court cases against him.

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