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I purchased a car from this location although the salesman Sheldon was awesome. Don ** is a joke. He waited until I got to the bank to get check and wanted to charge me extra for fixing the side mirror even though the car should have never passed Maryland state inspection with a broken mirror. Additionally, they provided me with paperwork stating they owe me the mirror repair and rust removal. I called numerous of times to take care of those things and have been given the runaround. Almost two months later they still owe.

All they are interested in doing is selling cars. I guess paying $15,000.00 in cash doesn't mean anything, because they want to gain money from you from financing. I wish I would have took my business elsewhere. Inspect your car people and do not leave with that "I owe you owe" crap because they will never hold their end of the bargain. Before you pay make sure all repairs are made. Horrible. Go elsewhere or you will be like me, searching assume names for Jack Says Yes to see who owns this place.

Satisfaction Rating

In January of 2014, my fiancé and I purchased our second Sonata from Antwerpen Clarksville. We were so satisfied with the first experience we went back. We originally wanted to purchase another 13 Sonata but the one we wanted had been in the shop for minor repairs and the dealership refused to sell us the car. The dealership ended up knocking down the price of a 14 Sonata and we signed for it. The day after buying the car the check engine light illuminated on my way home from work. I drove to the dealership, which was not on my way home, to have it checked out. It turned out to be an easy fix. The lot attendant that prepared the car for us upon purchase didn't tightly close the gas cap. A few days later, I cleaned snow off my car to venture out and when I used the windshield wipers to quickly clear the excess water from the windshield they never stopped. The communication with the dealership while the car was in the shop was terrible. They would promise me one thing and not follow through.

Once we finally got the car back we noticed tool marks on the leather steering wheel. The dealership had damaged the steering wheel when they removed the steering column. The store manager, JB, said they would order a new steering wheel and call me when it came in. After two weeks of emailing the sales guys and calling the dealership I sent a final email to JB asking where the steering wheel was. A day or so later he got back to me and said I could bring the car in to get the steering wheel replaced. We picked the car up from getting the repairs a few days later. About a week after getting the car back, I noticed the dash illumination toggle was broken. Again, we contacted the dealer and made arrangements to have that and the bumper that kept popping out of the clips repaired. They gave us a loaner car and replaced the bumper in a day but had to wait for a part to be delivered for the dash illumination.

Zach, the service representative, told me that I would have to drop the loaner car off and pick up my car until the part arrived. If I lived closer to the dealership I could understand but I live about 40 miles away and work about 30 miles away (I work an hour from where I live). I was flabbergasted that they literally wanted me to drop the loaner off for two days just to get a new loaner car when the part came in. Finally, Zach placed me on hold and spoke to his service manager, Shawn. Shawn approved for the part to be overnighted so that I could keep the loaner and just pick up my car when it was fixed. The conversation with Zach that day made me so angry I finally reached out to Hyundai Consumer Affairs. The day we picked that car up from that repair we noticed a chip in the side mirror. We contacted the dealership again. This is when the accusations began, the dealership believed I was beginning to make things up. Although they thought I was making things up, they agreed to fix the issue.

I was still in contact with Consumer Affairs at this point and they pushed my concerns to Antwerpen's owner. Tim, who works closely with Antwerpen's owner, contacted me and told me "things will happen fast" in regards to having the mirror fixed. A week passed and I called Tim back inquiring about when the mirror would be replaced. Tim responded by saying, "Oh! I'm glad you called. Your paperwork was just on my desk." This was a frequent line given to us by the dealership. Tim then said the mirror was in and painted ready to go, they were just trying to schedule getting a loaner to me and picking my car up from my work location. Tim said he would call me back. Another week went by and I heard nothing. I called Consumer Affairs again. The representative I spoke to contacted the dealership. The dealership called the wrong number! I called back the next day and spoke to the service manager who knew nothing about Tim promising to having someone drive a loaner to me and pick up my car.

As frustrated as I was I just agreed to drive the car to them the next day. Tim must've talked to the service manager because about 2 hours after I spoke to the service manager Tim called and said the offer to drive the loaner to me and pick up my car was still good. I then proceeded to ask him why Shawn, the service manger, didn't know about it. Tim then responded how that was coming from the owner so Shawn wouldn't know about it. Well, if you promise a customer something, shouldn't everyone involved (including the service manager at the dealership) be aware of what you have promised the customer? To this day, I have owned this car and had nothing but problems. I have requested compensation or a buyback from Hyundai and they dodge the request.

On a four month old car I have pin striping missing and have only driven the car for 3 out of the 4 months I have owned it because it's been in the shop so much. Hyundai has said since the dealership has repaired the damages there is nothing else Hyundai can do. This is frustrating since we were sold a faulty product and spent so much time in and out of the shop. I will never work with Antwerpen again and I will never own another Hyundai.

Satisfaction Rating

Back in early Oct. 2011, I called Antwerpen to find out if I could trade a 1990 old for a vehicle on their lot. I informed the salesmen Ged I had just started working and had below 600 credit. He took all my credit info and an hour later called me to come on in to pick out a vehicle. He stated he will not let me leave without being in a car. That I enjoyed. He then put me in a 2010 Malibu and took my 1990 Malibu as a trade. He and the finance guy gave me a deal for $425.00 per month and asked me to post date a $1000.00 check which my wife did.

I was told to contact a finance company called Exiter with insurance information. When I called that company, they did not have any info on me. I then began calling Antwerpen to find out who I needed to pay, how much and when and not to touch the post dated check until we established the loan info. The day after the purchase, I secured insurance through Allstate along my other family vehicles.

Each week, I was contacting someone from the dealership through telephone calls, email and texting, trying to get info on finance and my perm tags but instead just got a tag extension. Finally a manager named Bas and a lady Angela ** called, asking me to bring the car back now three months later. I have been left with the expense of paying for a vehicle I did not own and I know have to re-register and tag my 1990 old vehicle along with some repairs to the exhaust system which was not damaged upon trade.

I want them to know they cannot continue to handle customers like this and pay for the damages to me. I can reached at **. By the way, both salesman and finance guy have been unavailable to answer any questions.

Satisfaction Rating

Buyers beware. I bought a 2012 Hyundai Sonata limited and a 2012 Accent on the same day. What a mistake! I hate the day I walked in the Hyundai dealer. I have had several problems from the beginning. The thing that really burns me up, is the inequality in their customer service. Customer care is a joke, they don't care, and they're rude on the telephone. The representative suggested that I take the car from dealer to dealer, to see about getting it fixed. If the first dealer could not fix it, or find the problem, then go to another dealer, not considering the inconvenience it would be on me! Once you buy, they're done with you. This car has a knocking sound, sometimes when I put it in drive.

The heated seats never worked in the front, nor the back, from day one. I took it to the dealer, and they kept it for a week, and told me that they understood what I was saying, but that they were working properly, even though they could not tell the difference when they were on or off. That was a Hyundai dealer, and I said my 2006 Subaru has three settings, and it works great. Also, I can tell the difference in all the settings. The guy at customer service said Hyundai can't compare to Subaru. I guess they don't stand by what they are selling customers! If you buy a new car from Hyundai, and something is not working properly, good luck getting it fixed!


Jack says, yes, and then says, no! On 3/2/2011, I thought I got a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I went thru all the signing of papers, put down some monies, and payment has been taken out of my bank account. Yes, some of the monies have been returned. A month later, I found out that I have to return the car and get my old one back. Along with missed payments to the old finance company, MVA is writing me and saying that my old car is not insured. I was told twice that I had a company willing to finance the 2011 Hyundai.

Now, the $3000.00 down-payment turns out to be a $7000.00 of monies that I don't have because the $2,800 check was deposited a month after I got the car, causing over-drawn amounts in my account. Also, the finance company of the old car was taking from my account at the same time and neither has been paid except for one payment to the old finance company. That payment took care of the payment owed for the March payment was late. Antwerpen Hyundai is not paying off the car as planned and April is due as well as May and my bank account as well as credit with my old finance company is marred.

I did have a good conversation with the manager who contacted me after my first complaint. But the end result is that I need $7,000 if I want to keep the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. Jack does say, “Yes.” But after driving the car for two months, be aware of being told, “No, we can’t help you unless you get up $7000.00.”

The trust I put with this company has been a nightmare. I am wondering if any truth will come out of this whole deal, which ended in not getting the car I thought I had. I will never recommend anyone to Antwerpen Hyundai or any other branch of cars they sale. They rip you off, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and the customer walks away unsatisfied.

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On March 2,2011, I went to look at and test drive a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I indicated that I liked the car and wanted to trade my 2008 Ford Focus. I was asked to leave and would be called back if I was approved for car loan. I left and about 30 minutes later, I received a call from Mr. Hampton ** that I had been approved and could I come back with bank statements, pay-stubs,and tax returns. I returned to the dealer with all the information and the process began. I signed agreements with the company Total Loss protection.,odometer disclosure statement.

Limited power of attorney, acknowledge of retail order, purchaser acknowledge disclosure form, prior use acknowledge, authorization of pay off, guarantee of clear title, customer title disclosure/trade-in statement, odometer disclosure, limited power of attorney, retail installment sale contract(simple finance) stating the pay off of the Ford Focus at 6500.00 and the purchase of the Hyundai at 8272.00. Total amount to be financed 27372.00 at 75 months term.

A paper customer accepts sale price and/or trade allowance form. Also a agreement to furnish insurance. I left the dealer with all paper work and car. About the second week in April, I begin getting call from the Finance company that financed the 2008 Ford Focus that that were having probable getting in touch with Antwerpen concerning the pay off. My first payment to Antwerpen came out on 3/28/2011 and another on 4/11/2011. I called and talked with Mr. ** concerning my former finance company Prestiage Financial not receiving the pay off and I was told to have them call the finance person by the name of Jacob. I also call Jacob, was not able to get in touch with him so I left a message asking what was going on and never heard back from him.

I called Mr. ** back and he informed me that there was some kind of hold up but it was being taken care of. About the third week of April, I received a message from Jacob that they trying to work something out and I should start paying Prestiage their payment until I heard back from them. On 4/27/2011, I received a call from Mr. ** that they had gotten men approved with another company and could bring a copy of my 2010 tax return and a copy of another month's of pay stubs. I took that information to Jacob at Antwerpen on 4/30/2011 and he stated that he would call me if he needed anything else.

I never heard any thing from him until a message was left on phone on 5/5/2001 that I needed to contact him concerning the 2011 Hyundai Sonata ASAP! I called to speak to him on 5/7/2011 and was told he was in a meeting, so I left a message to tell him I received his message concerning to contact him but I was out of town the week-end of 5/6-9/11 on a business trip and would contact him when I returned. I called Antwerpen Hyundai on 5/10/1,1 asked to speak to Jacob and he was not there. I asked to speak to the salesman Mr. Hampton ** and was told he no longer works there.


I had an accident and no one at the dealership or any dept. would get me to the proper person.

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