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Union, NJ

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My mechanical issues are temporarily resolved. I believe the mechanics do try to do the best they can to help. But I would not look to purchase a vehicle here, or even something from the snack machine.

W. of Westfield, NJ on

Original Review

I only give one star because I can not give zero. NEVER have I been lied to so blatantly. These are the people that make you feel like all dealerships are filled with snakes. From the service department to the sales floor I was told so many lies, I can not even begin to list them. Everything from the $400 standard disposition fee (their manager w/ 10 yrs experience thought it was $600-oops) to what was wrong with my 2013 Hyundai Sonata (w/i 6 months I needed no transmission, engine and now radiator issues).

They tell you one thing presenting themselves as wanting to help me out of what they admit is a 'bad car with obscenely high payments,' and then another will come over and tell you something COMPLETELY opposite and that what the 1st guy said is not even a possibility. They contradict themselves. If you want an honest dealer and/or mechanic DO NOT GO TO MAXON HYUNDAI. The Technicians all the way up to the director of operations and above - LIES.

Satisfaction Rating

Went to repair my Mazda and due to costly repairs decided to trade in and purchase a new car. The salesmen are very friendly and professional but their tactics unfortunately worked on me. I never realized they didn't give me the buyer's guide that is on the window of new car and so they inflated the price of the car. I didn't realize this till the next day when I review the contract with someone else. Went back to them no seems to find the buyer's guide and they stick to a crazy story of having to increase the price to offset something else. So I will be financing the amount of the car as if I never gave a 5500.00 down payment.

Satisfaction Rating

I recently purchased a 2010 Hyundai Tucson from them and they gave me a chewed up alarm and key and didn't even bother to try to order me a second and replace the chewed one. They lied to me about my temp and permanent plates. I called the warranty company to file a claim for the alarm pad and they told me that it's not covered under my plan when the paperwork and the manager told me that it was. The finance agent explained absolutely nothing and every time you call get someone's voice mail and no return call. I want my $300 plus dollars back for this policy that was not explained or at least get my two alarm pads. I am paying over $2000.00 for what I don't know. (They claim for some type of warranty but does not explain what it covers and you can't speak to anyone to find out.) The people who answer the phones are rude and just rush to transfer the call. I've purchased 3 cars from them but never again. Lesson learned.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 2004 Nissan Maxima on 12/6/2011. I was told anything wrong with the car will be fixed for free within the first 30days. After that I will have to pay a $250 deductible. I also have it in writing that I will get new tires and they only approved for one used tire, which they drove all the way to north Newark in my car to get changed. On 12/27/2011 their service center determined that I need a new transmission. However, their sales manager denied the work unless I pay the $250 deductible.

But it’s only been 3 weeks, so it should be covered under the 30-day time frame. Every time I try to speak to someone, they put me off to someone else. One of the sales managers told me we have our money already, so he doesn’t care what I do; but they will not give me new tires or replace the transmission for free. The issue with the transmission has been there since the very beginning, but I believed my sales rep "Al" that it would get fixed right away. Something needs to be done.

I also asked for my car back that I traded in and we would just end our relationship, and the sales manager "Tae" said he doesn’t know where it is. I have spoken to him twice since I have been going back and forth and he always says I will look into that and call you back, but he never calls back. Tonight, I was just so upset when I left that dealership that I just wanted to throw the keys at him. The conversation was ended once again with, "I will call you back once I find out what is going to happen."

Why should I have to pay the deductible when they clearly sold me a car with a bad transmission? Also, the mileage noted on my paper work shows over 97000 miles but the car shows just a little over 73000. What is that all about? Al keeps saying that he will fix that and that the paper work is wrong, but I find that hard to believe that all the paper work would have the wrong number. I think someone turned the miles back on the car. Now I have to worry about either not having a car to get back and forth to work so I can pay for the car and get my kids to school everyday or worry about cutting off because the transmission will finally give out. I see why the last person traded it in.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano in June of 2010. I noticed three weeks later after I had the oil changed the odometer read that I had driven over eight thousand miles. I didn’t say anything at the time. However, the next oil change read over five thousand miles; at this time which is a year later, my mileage is over 48000 miles. I don’t have a job, so this is impossible. I was told, “You have the car.”

I went to Maxon several times, only to be laughed at. I had to replace tire rods, a control arm, wheel bearings on both sides and a transfer case-- none of which were covered under my extended warranty. It is because according to my odometer I had surpassed the 36000 miles. Something needs to be done about this dealership. I also would like to be reimbursed.

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I gave them down 2000 dollars for a 2010 Hyunda, Accent . When I went to put insurance, I did not know that I had 4 points in my license. The insurance will cost me too much money and I wont be able to afforded. So i spoke to the manager name John ** and explain my situation. He caught on attitude and was very rude. I took the car back to the dealer but they don't want to give me back my 2000 dollars.


The finance associate spent very little time with me. He had me take the Santa Fe home on Saturday, 11/7/09 and he promised to have a good and lower monthly figure than the one quoted. He would have it by Monday. I returned on Monday which by the way is a trip to the moon and I had some bad news to deal with. He kne this and I guess took advantage of the situation. He had me sign papers, never explained them to me. He didn't know what monthly figure I was going to pay. Who the bank was and when was the first payment.

Now, I have spent way OVER two weeks trying to get someone from MAXON to return my calls at the dealership. I never had this problem before at Hudson Hyundai. I call Maxon and I am put on hold for a very long time and no one returns to handle my calls. The Saturday before last I called my salesman and which I do not expect him to handle since it is not his responsibility and mentioned no has called me regarding my registration and plates. He then said the office was closed, but that someone would call on Monday. I have not heard back, no one there cares and I still do not have a registration or plates. OH, and by the way, by law today is 12/7/09 and I do not have plates. What happens now? I am very disappointed in them. I should have kept my Jetta. I think I deserve an explanation.

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