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I leased my new 2007 Camry Le V4 the end of November,2006. I have owned & leased over 7 Camrys in the last 20 years. From the start, I was having problems with acceleration and hesitation. I never experienced this problem before.

On Christmas day,I was on the Sawgrass Express going through the SunPass express lane at a speed of 25 mph I tried to accelerate as I was passing through the toll but my car would not move; I thought I stalled but after several second (what seemed like forever) my car finally took off. I was so fortunate there wasn't a car in back of me or it would have rammed into me.

I took my car into the dealership complaining about the problem and telling them what had just happened and they said it was a minor glitch and they were sorry but there was nothing that can be done; I was very unhappy with the car. I went on line to see if there were any recalls or anyone else complaining about the same problems, so needless to say, when I came across your article dated 10/16/2006 Software Glitch Slows Some 2007 Camrys I was so happy something can be done to correct the problem.

I called my dealership and made an appointment this past Saturday to speak to the service manager who told me he was aware of some people having a problem but he didn't know anything about the software modification. He also looked through all 56 current bulletins but he could not find anything on easily accomplished. He called Toyota directly for me and I spoke to a representative explaining the problems I am having and your article and they didn't know anything about it either.....

Can you please help me. The service manager said if he had a bulletin number or some additional information that may help him to find something. Also, I didn't understand why Toyota Customer Relations didn't know anything about a bulletin or the information in your article.


A few days ago I noticed smoke spewing out of the rear of my 2000 Toyota Sienna. My wife brought our car to our local Toyota dealership. Dave the service assistant told my wife that we had 'sludged the engine as a result of improper maintenance'. Now the dealer is threatening that it will a needed new engine will not be covered under warrenty. We aren't strict about the timing of our oil changes but we do get them about every 4-6 months.

I purchased a vehicle from Maroone Toyota on May 24, 2001. I traded in my Mercedes to them, and they gave me $5800 for it. The Toyota was purchased for my wife. I left Florida and returned to N.Y. Approximately one week later I was told that the bank they initially put my application in with did not approve the loan and they would have to send me another application with a different bank, via Federal Express, during the interim. Meanwhile, my wife changed her mind about the vehicle, and wanted to change to an upgraded model, this was done, and they were to send me out another application Fed. Ex. I waited aprroximately one week and after making numerous calls to Maroone, I finally received the application on June 11. During the interim I checked with Mercedes Benz to make sure the loan had been paid off in full by Toyota. Upon contacting Mercedes on the same date 6/11/01, I was told my account was in Collections, because it was late.

I informed Mercedes that the vehicle was traded in to Maroone Toyota, they said they had not been contacted by Toyota and needed the payment promptly. I contacted Toyota and was informed by Joe that he would contact them and send out a payment immediately. Since initialy speaking with Joe, I have not been able to get in contact with him again, and my account is now 30 days past due, and this is going to be noted on my credit report. This will ruin a credit report that's been meticulous for the past 39 years. I contacted Toyota's customer care both in Torrance Ca., and Maroone Toyota in Fl.,I have spoken with the Manager of Customer Care and his secretary. I've gotten nothing but the run around from them, meanwhile my credit is now defunct because of their incompetence.

On February 12, 2001 I bought a 1997 Toyota Camry for $11,500. The total vehicle cost was $12,924.77 with taxes, dealer fee, and tag fee. I put $5000 cash down, $2000 in the form of a personal check and $3000 on a Discover credit card. At the time of purchase I was advised that the car had a limited warranty for 99 days or 3300 miles, whichever came first. Also, part of the warranty is that the dealer will pay 100% of the labor and 100% of the parts for the covered systems that failed during the warranty period. The items covered uner the warranty are: engine, transmission, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive steering, front suspension, brakes, seals and gaskets, air condition, and electrical. The night of the 12th when I bought the car, the vehicle had some items that needed to be fixed such as the steering. (The car was mis-aligned, pulling towards the left.) Also, the driver's seat was lose and it seemed that it needed a new seat track.

As warranty stated I assumed that these items would be fixed without a hassle. My son went to the dealer to have the car aligned on February 17. At this time the service manager, Bruce, told me that the alignment would be no problem but that the seat or seat track they could not fix. So the car was aligned, but three days later the car was brought back due to the fact that the car was not aligned properly. Again, my son spoke to Bruce, who advised my son that it was normal for the car to pull to the right. This was unacceptable to my son, and the car was re-aligned for the second time. On March 9, 2001 the car was brought back to the same dealer due to more problems that the vehicle had shown. There was blue smoke coming out of the exaust pipe everytime the car was started when the engine was cold. The driver's seat was just too lose and it was very uncomfortable to drive rocking back and forth when accelerating and braking. Also the driver's power door lock was not working properly. So all these items were stated to Robert, the assitant service manager, who reasured my son that these discrepancies would be fixed.

My son dropped off the car around noon on March 9. Later that day Robert called my son stating that they had found the problem regarding the blue smoke. It was the engine valve stem seals. Regarding the other items, he stated that they would be fixed but that the dealer had to hold on to the car until the following day. The next day at around 2:00 PM, my son went to the dealer to find out the status of the vehicle, since Robert had not called. My son spoke with the mechanic, Shelton, who brought him in the shop where the car was being worked on and showed my son other problems that the car had. The vehicle had a bad engine oil leak, and the boots on the left and right driveshafts were about to tear. My son proceeded to call me and right away I was on my way to the dealer. When I got to the dealer my son had spoken to the general manager, Jon, who didn't really give him any option but to trade the car for another one. He was directed to the used car sales manager. At this point I was present. The sales manager gave us the option to trade the car for a new one, again, and we were told that "we could kiss the $5000 good bye."

We didn't want a deal we wanted to return the car for it being a "lemon." Just too many problems and I didn't want this car at all, whether it could be fixed or not. The sales manager stated that "lemons" do not apply for used cars. At this point in time they told me that they could fix the car I had bought or that I could trade the car for another one and repeatedly telling me to forget the about the $5000. As you can read, this was an experience that I do not want anyone else to go through. Not to mention their level of professionalism, when the general manager told my son to call a lawyer because they could not help us. At this point in time the dealer still has the car in the shop, and they are supposed to call me or my son on Monday.

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