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I am a young lady with a 2-year-old. I leased a Nissan Pathfinder from Maroon Nissan of Pembroke Pines. Within the first week, it started to make a vibrating noise. It turns out they kept the car for two weeks, changed the engine and the vibrating sound is still there. I spoke to the general manager, who speaks to you as if you were his child. He refused to change the car for the same model. He didn't return any of my phone calls and claimed the issue was not theirs, etc. Never in my life had I had this problem and a GM refused to make a customer who does business with them for years. The last was the worst and horrible GM ever. Do not buy any cars from ** the GM.

Satisfaction Rating

I am an elderly person that went to buy a car at Maroone Nissan in Miami. This is my first time buying a vehicle. This company put all sorts of warranties on me without me understanding the charges. They are as follows: Anti-Theft $349; Gap Insurance $799; Maintenance $599; Service Warranty $1,843. After my grandson that is from New York came to visit, he explained to me what all these charges were. I called Maroone Nissan and spoke to the receptionist that transferred my call to an employee named Vanessa at phone number 786-552-6665. She faxed all the forms to cancel these forms, which were signed and sent via fax on October 11, 2012. After this, Vanessa said that she is no longer cutting the checks of cancellation that it is being done by their headquarters.

They sent a check for $815.00 for the cancellation of the Service Warranty and Maintenance. These policies were never used, and they charged me a prorated charge of $1,627.00 to cancel when I only had the car for 19 months from the purchase. I had also canceled the GAP insurance, which they have not paid me for. As a 74-year-old man, I believe this was taking advantage of my trust that I had in a company that one would think would have some type of value. I understand that because of my ignorance in the whole car buying experience that I cannot go back. But I think that after what they already robbed me, they are still trying to continue to steal an extra $1,627.00 from me to end the crime. All I ask is for this company’s practices to be investigated. I can only imagine how many others have been affected by their deceit.

Satisfaction Rating

We bought a new 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum on December 2010 and after 2 weeks we notice there was a problem on the roof, and the inside cloth around the sun roof area was damaged. We made an appointment to replace it and they supposedly did the job but it was not good again, besides they left the car dirty inside, they told us to pick the car at a certain time and was not ready we had to wait a lot.

Now, we received a letter notifying there was a problem on the aircon. We went to the dealer yesterday. The service guy said it will be ready in 3 hours. After almost 4 hours, we returned to pick the car up but it was not ready. They didn't even touch it, never received a call to say not yet. The same guy said today at 10:00 AM it will be ready, we went to the dealer again and it was not ready. We made a complaint with the manager of the dealer, they gave me a car, dirty, without any gas and not like the one I had, they gave me a Nissan Altima and they didn't say when my car will be fixed. I had a family of 6 that I'm not able to fit it a small car. I'm not recommending any person to buy a car in Maroone Nissan of Kendall Because of the bad service and not keeping their promises. I'm not doing it any more.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano that was given to us with no anti-freeze. It also seemed to have no engine or transmission oil. Supposedly, from what the car dealership tells us, it can only be viewed at a certain degree point. The car seemed to have transmission problems – it was causing a jerking sensation every few miles. We brought it back to the dealership. It was within 3 days of purchasing it and we requested a different car. They refused because we were over the 150-mile coverage (we had 300 miles on it).

Satisfaction Rating

If I could give no stars or negative stars, I'd do so. Worst experience of my life. I bought a pre-owned car from them. They were all nice during the purchase and a little bit after the purchase. AFTER they sold me the car and I drove away, within a day I got a Check Engine Light and an SRS light. Both problems, which they claimed to have fixed. I had to wait for the next Tuesday to come around since it was a long weekend and the service department was closed that Monday.

Before I brought the car to the dealer, I brought it to my personal mechanic and he ran a diagnostics on the car and had four alerts. When we checked it out, we found two hoses are loose and barely connected. I also have a problem with the airbag again. I went to the dealer straight after that and they told me to give them until Tuesday next week since they needed to order the parts. I called back on Tuesday. They told me they got the wrong parts so I should call back on Wednesday. When I called back on Wednesday, they told me they have the pieces but they will bring those on Friday.

I called back on Thursday to make sure they have the pieces and they told me that the mechanic (Robert) is personally going to pick up the pieces (after they supposedly had the parts) and will come in on Friday. Today is Friday, I am here, and they don't have my pieces. I went to the Used Car Sales Manager and had a word with him. Obviously, they covered for each other and told me that I misunderstood them and that they were going to receive the pieces today. I called them out and told them that they were lying to me. ROBERT, the MANAGER, got angry and told me to get out of his face for calling them liars and to go get my car fixed somewhere else.

NOT a problem. I will never return to this dealership that's full of disrespectful and deceiving employees.

I do NOT recommend this dealer to anyone.

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I have a 2010 Nisan Frontier SE Crew Cab V6 6-speed manual transmission purchased brand new on March 27, 2010, not delivered to me until April 6, 2010. I am the sole driver of the vehicle. I am an experience stick shift driver and have been driving just manual transmission vehicles since purchasing my first stick in 1975. My truck prior to the Nissan, a Ford Ranger 4-cyl 5-speed stick was purchased new with 9 miles on it, and it was 11 years old with 85,000 miles on it before the clutch went on that, so I am obviously a veteran stick driver. I was overall very happy with my Nissan Frontier, except that sometimes I would smell a stinky smell, like a chemical burning, when I backed it up, but the smell would go away after a few minutes. I didn't know what its origins were. I suspect now it may have been the only symptom I received of impending premature clutch failure.

On April 24, 2011 (Easter Sunday), at 13 months of ownership and just 20,160 miles, the clutch very quickly started to fail, in just the space of 10 minutes. I was limping along and had to pull off the main roads and crawl along back roads in an effort to get it to the nearest Nissan dealership without it needing to be towed. The dealership I purchased it from was 28 miles away; the dealership I limped it to, Maroone Nissan, was just 1 mile away. I was able to roll it into the service area parking lot, which was closed because it was Easter Sunday, filled out the service envelope, put my keys in it and placed them in the slot, then walked home 5 miles.

Monday, 4/25/11, I received a call in afternoon from Maroone assistant service manager saying clutch indeed seemed bad, but the mechanic had not yet looked at it, and it should be covered under my Nissan 3-year/36,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Tuesday, 4/26/11, I received a call in the morning from Maroone assistant service manager; the tech determined clutch was blown and it was driver error, so warranty would not cover it and I will have to pay $1,144! I insisted I was not a novice or bad stick driver, but that fell on deaf ears; Maroone was absolutely not going to put the clutch work in as warranty work. They said it would take 2 days to order the parts. I spoke to my mechanic that had serviced my Ford Ranger for its last 5 years; he verified I was a veteran stick driver and a clutch failing at 20,000 was highly unusual even for a bad driver, and to call Nissan corporate to open up a complaint.

Wednesday, 4/27, I called Nissan corporate, consumer relations, in the morning, opened up Case File No. **, was promised a Regional Specialist would call me back by no later than close of business Thursday, 4/28. I called Maroone to let them know I'd opened a case and the case number. Thursday, 4/28, No one from Nissan Corporation ever called me. Maroone called me in the afternoon and said the parts arrived late and the truck is not yet fixed, and they had not heard from Nissan.

Friday, 4/29, I called Nissan, told the Reg Spec had not followed up on case yet, and asked for the supervisor because the truck was supposedly going to be ready that day and wanted resolution before I had to pay; no supervisor was available. I got call back from supervisor Libby, who said regular representative assigned is Travis **, but needed to work this to find out why no call on Thursday. Libby called later in the morning, was trying to get Travis' supervisor to call me. Travis called me at noon, explained he'd just received my file that day, left message for Maroone, waiting for call back. He promised to call me by COB that day. I called Maroone, left voxmail that Nissan was waiting to hear back from them, with Travis’ name and extension. I called Maroone again in afternoon, got voxmail, left message again. I called Maroone again to reach service manager, no one answered.

I called Maroone again, asked switchboard to find a service manager, and spoke to assistant service manager instead, who said Nissan had never tried to call them and there was no case open for me. I told him the case number again and that Travis was waiting for him to call back; Maroone said they don't call Nissan unless Nissan calls them first, and the truck wasn't going to be ready anyway. I rode a bicycle over to Nissan after work (since I was never given a loaner for the 5 days the truck was there so far), confronted service manager, who repeated I had no case open, made him call Nissan on speakerphone, where they confirmed I did have a case and that they were waiting for Maroone to call then.

No apologies came from Maroone service manager, left multiple managers for Travis to call a service manager, and waited from 4 to 5:30 PM for him to call. I told the service manager I was in a hardship situation because I could not take my dog to the vet on Saturday on my bicycle; he agreed to let me borrow a loaner (finally), but to return it right after the vet appointment on Saturday, which I agreed to. Saturday, 4/30, I transported my dog to the vet in a loaner in the morning, brought her back home, and immediately returned the loaner to Maroone by 12:16 PM. The assistant manager told me the mechanic called in sick and the truck would not be worked on again until Monday and to keep the loaner for now.

Monday, 5/2, I called Maroone and left messages asking for status; I called Nissan multiple times and asked for status; I was told Maroone never called Nissan, supervisors on case, regular agents on case, Travis was out sick. I never heard from Maroone, so I did not return loaner car. I called Maroone again and the service manager’s voxmail stopped accepting message. I called switchboard and they discovered it was not working. I left messages with Maroone switchboard for the service manager.

Tuesday, 5/3, Maroone’s assistant service manager called in the morning and said the truck was ready. The bill was $1,144 because Nissan never called them and no case was open. I told them again there was an open case, that the service manager had been present when Nissan told him there was an open case. The assistant service manager told me that was "your opinion," and I told him not to call me a liar. He then told me to come and pay for my truck right now and return the loaner. I told Maroone I was at work and could not afford to leave right then and would return the car at 4 PM.

Maroone then told me if I didn't come with loaner now and pay for truck, he would report the loaner stolen! I screamed at him and hung up and cried in my office. An hour later, someone claiming they were the Maroone GM called me and asked what my problem was with returning the car. I told him what my problem was and that I would return it after I got off work at 4 PM. I called Nissan again and again reporting theft threat from Maroone, etc. Travis said he was recommending Nissan approved covering the clutch repair, but that Field Operations Manager had to approve anything in that dollar amount. Travis then found out the Field Operations Manager was off, but the Operations Manager "Randy" would be calling him back to approve. They promised to call me back today.

I never heard back from Travis. At 3:15 PM, the Maroone service manager called and said the Field Operations Representative "Gus" had denied my claim and I had to pay in full. (Who is "Gus" and I was told the Field Operations Representative was off.) At 4 PM, I put gas in the loaner to bring it back to the fuel level when I borrowed it and returned it to Maroone at 4:15 PM. I paid for the truck. I found grease all over the front passenger seat. I was too mad to even talk to anyone there about the grease, burst into frustrated tears and drove home. I left another message for Travis at Nissan.

Wednesday, 5/3:, I called Nissan multiple times and finally spoke to a Lauren, who said my claim was denied by the Field Operations Representative. I asked for the name of the Field Operations Representative. Lauren said she did not know. I asked why she did not know. She said Maroone told her that that is what the Field Operations Representative said. I asked her why she used hearsay from a hostile dealer to deny my claim. She didn't know what the Field Operations Representative said at all or even who the Field Operations Representative was! Lauren sounded a little taken back by that, but stuck to her guns. The official cause for the claim denial is driver error.

I paid $1,144 for premature clutch failure not due to driver error that should have been covered by my 3-year/36,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty. I was not given a loaner for the first 5 days, which I should have been given, equivalent to approximately $200 at Maroone's car rental pricing. I paid $2,903 for extended Gold Preferred warranties from Nissan that are apparently also not worth the paper they are printed on. I have been sick to my stomach and unable to sleep since being called a liar by Maroone the first time, and being referred to as a bad stick driver by Nissan and Maroone for 9 straight days.

I no longer trust my Nissan Frontier truck to take me anywhere safely or reliably, and I do not trust Nissan to service it properly or under warranty in the future. I have grease stains all over the previously virgin front passenger seat that I don't know how to remove without discoloring the luxury fabric covering. I want to trade in my Nissan Frontier towards the purchase of a new truck from any other manufacturer other than Nissan, and I want enough money from Nissan to cover the additional cost I would require to pay for that new truck free and clear after the trade-in value is deducted, in addition to sums for the slander on my reputation by calling me a liar repeatedly, impinging my ability to drive a stick shift, and making it very difficult to concentrate on my full-time job while worrying and making phone calls for my personal Nissan issues.

Satisfaction Rating

I have experienced the following issues with my 2003 Nissan 350Z at Maroone Nissan Pembroke Pines pending now since January. I have taken my car there at least 10 times now all spanning from the date I had a tune up done and mechanic kept leaving vacuum lines loose and had to come back over and over again because of the car sputtering and the check engine light coming on repeatedly. I have spent over $3,000 in repairs since that date because the car has never performed the same again and my last repair trying to resolve the issue but car was still not accelerating, showed low oil compression and again engine and oil lights where turning on to which the mechanic took the car in again and advised this was due to the catalytic converter being melted and in pieces clogging the exhaust and advised he cleared out the debris so the car could run properly until it can be replaced.

This had the car running fine for three days until suddenly the same issues started again and car turned off while I was driving almost causing a grave accident. I had the car towed to Nissan and now am being advised the whole engine has to be replaced! After I looked at the paperwork, the mechanic had only removed a few pieces of debris from the right catalytic obstructing the exhaust leaving the rest inside and all of the left side obviously bringing forth the same issues again as catalytic debris broke apart inside the exhaust I was led to believe where removed or hollowed out but while I was driving endangering my life and drivers around my car!

I was bled for over $3,000 in repairs in misdiagnosis of my cars issues, enough to have replaced my car engine or have it rebuilt! I am being told the car engine is locked now with pieces of the catalytic so it will cost me $9,000! Since when can an exhaust run backwards blowing catalytic pieces into the pistons or engine block? I have the service head manager saying this on my voicemail. I am so incredibly disgusted particularly since this will be my second contact with consumer affairs at Nissan when all this started in January with no resolution to my competency complaints and before this final outcome.

I sent Nissan this complaint to make me whole on this issue and either fix my car or refund me all these repairs so I can get my car fixed somewhere where they know what they're doing before I have to take this to the next level and contact my lawyer, media, internet and to all I can as to how Nissan has backed up their product and services letting bad mechanics at these dealerships take advantage of their customers like myself who have been a long term Nissan drivers since 1985 in my third Nissan which at this point I believe Nissan could give a *** about.


I have taken my vehicle to the service center for a warranty issue 3 times already. Every single time there is nothing done to the car. They claim is not their fault, just because Nissan parts department is sending them the incorrect part every time. The last time the vehicle stayed at the service center for more than a week! If you are buying a $ 56000 vehicle, you are not supposed to get this type of service at all. As a result they offer to give us a rental until they can put 1 + 1 together and fox the car. They put us on a not very comfortable Mazda.


I took my car in for the dealership to replace my clutch and A/C compressor. They had to remove and drain the transmission to complete the repair. Upon the completion, no transmission fluid was put back into the transmission. No fluid was put back into my transmission causing the transmission to burn out.


In October 2009, I brought my 1998 Nissan Maxima to Nissan to have the clutch replaced. I had to bring the car back to the dealership due to the fact that it was making a loud winding sound when I drove it. I was informed that I need to replace the A/C compressor, which I did. The car was still making noise when I drove it but rather than going back to Nissan, I went elsewhere due to the fact that Nissan was fixing one issue and then I would find out that there is something else wrong when I brought it back to them. After that, I was told that I had to replace the axel so I had another mechanic replace the axel. Two weeks later, the transmission on the car went bad. I currently have the car at a facility that deals with transmission. They informed me that when I had the clutch replaced, I had to drain the fluid out of the transmission in order to replace the clutch.

And at this point, there was no transmission fluid in the transmission and they don’t see where the the leak is. Therefore, the conclusion was that Nissan did not replace the fluid in the transmission and that caused the damage. I contacted Nissan and they stated that they did not have to drain the fluid from the transmission in order to replace the clutch. The body shop that replace the axel did not see a leak while replacing the axel and they also stated that whoever repaired the clutch had to drain fluid from transmission. Nissan is denying that they caused the damages. I need help to find out who is responsible for the damages. The transmission is damaged and I cannot drive. I am looking at a repair bill of about $1200 for something that I did not cause.


I have a 2008 Nissan Altima, and it is giving me some trouble since I got it. First, it was a squealing sound when braking. Next, one morning, it did not start and a mechanic told me to hold down the gas pedal at the same time because it was flooded with gas. Now, it started once in a while, and the other times, I have to jump-start it.

I checked the battery, and it was fine. I checked also the alternator, and it was working properly. So I decided to look in the computer for answers, and to my surprise, it is a common problem with all the Altimas.

After reading all the complaints, I went to the dealer and left the car, after telling them my situation. They called me an hour later to say that I need to replace my battery which I know is fine. This is the method they are using with everybody; they make you change the battery first, then they say it is the brake switch, and later, that it is the smart key, and at the end, an unknown problem.

First of all, batteries usually last for more than 3 years. Second of all, they should be able to diagnose the problem the first time and not after a series of changes that cost money and time. And finally, they are the representative of the manufacturer after all, so they should be the ones notifying this kind of problems and not the consumers.


Two seperate issues with the same Service Department. I own a 2008 Nissan Armada that had 31,000 miles on it. Upon leasing the vehicle we purchased Tire protection and maintenance. One of my tires got a nail in the tire. The Service Rep. said it could not be repaired because it was in the wall of the Tire. They never physically showed me. He said the tire would need to be replaced and because the others had 31, 000 miles on them they all needed to be replaced.

Well I could not afford to replace with the same Michelin tires so they talked me into Goodyears. This cost over $800.00 for four tires. They did not even put the covers on the stems. The vehicle does not ride near as nice as with the other tires and I am so very disappointed. I have my car detailed every week and the Detailer told me that he would have noticed if I needed tires since he cleans them weekly. Was I ripped off for four new tires?

Then this week I had battery issues. I called the Dealer Service Dept. and they said most likely there will be a rebate. So I drove 20 miles in the pouring rain, waited 1 1/2 hours and no rebate. I could have purchsed a battery around the corner of my houre for full price. They said I was 200 miles over the warranty.


I took my Nissan Xterra for service,at 8.07 am, they said it would only takr 2 hours, they ket the car the whole day and the charge for labor was 296.64, the total service bill came up to 470.57. I have all the paperwork

I had to use my husbands emergency credi card and he is unemployed, a total strain on our finances and they are just taking advantage of people like me.


I traveled from Chicago to Boca Raton Fl. I had my 2002 Nissan Pathfinder checked before I left to make sure I had no problems, etc. 107k miles on it. GREAT shape. All was good. Shortly after getting down here, the check engine light comes on. Now, note that the check engine light is almost ALWAYS on; sometimes due to gas cap. other code comes up! The repair shop resets it...comes on about 3-7 days later.

Suddenly the heat indicator shoots up past H; code now says that the thermostat needs replacing, among other things. $200 in parts, $600 in labor + $200 for coolant flushing, etc. 3 days later...engine light comes on again..this time its a piston...only 1 is not connecting...will cost $1700 to replace all 6 along w/coils because you cant replace just one, as I was told. Told not to worry just yet...2 weeks later...heat indicater shoots up again past H. Had it towed. Told that coolant is leaking but not outside vehicle so it has to be inside. $900 to find out what it actualy wrong, $4600 for rebuilt engine, $9k for new. Truck is worth $6900 blue book trade in. You do the math...

Ben was absolutly WONDERFUL!!! He manages to get all the time I had the rental car covered (2xs in 1 month)and no charges for the towing and diagnostics. Figured I paid $1200 for really, nothing.

Its going back to Carmax and I'm geting a Toyota or BMW. Bye Bye Nissan.

PS..I have had pathfinders forever...but not anymore....


My 2005 Nissan Murano without a smart key has been experiencing the same problems that their current recall for vehicles with a smart key. Both dealerships both here in Mass. and in Florida have refused to acknowledge the recurring problem with my vehicle. Turn the ignition key and nothing happens until I jiggle the steering wheel and are able to start the car but all presets, radio, clock, etc. have to be reset again.


I purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima back in Ausgust of 2006. I have taken my car in for service because of a recall and at the same time addressed an issue about a leak from the rook that I made them aware about since I purchased the car. I was told then that I had warranty until the car hit 60k miles. The sales man told me "don't worry about it just bring the car in and we will fix it for your since you still have warranty." So when I did take the car in I was told I would have to come out of pocket for it because the warranty that covered that part expired at 36,000 miles.

I bought the car used and it already had 34,000 mmiles. No one ever told me this and therefore I was mislead to belief that I would have COMPLETE warranty until 60,000 miles. The Sales manager said I waited too long and frankly what did I expect since I bought a used car. Well I purchased the car from a well known, reputable, company MAROONE and I expected to get what I paid for and a reliable car. Now I have made my complaint and no one wants to pay for the defect to be fixed when it was there since I purchased the car. My friend owns a similar car but it's a 2003 and it has the same issue. There is no recall listed on that, but it seems to me it should be a recall. The glue on the windshield and the sunroof is defective and it needs to be reglued in order to prevent water from leaking through.


I bought a 2005 Nissan Altima in New York where I live, I traveled with my family for a vacations in Miami but the car gave me a little problem the under tray of the motor was loose and tied it with a rope the light of check engine soon light up. Well I took my car with these problems to the Marrone Nissan of Miami and they charge me a total of $ 61.70 for the Clips and a new splash guard.

When I pick up my car to check the new splash guard I find out the it was the same one and didnt change but they charge me and I spoke to the manager and he didnt want it to reimburse me the money the amount the I just paid for it also I told him the under tray still loose so they just put on 2 little clips also they knew that I was traveling back to New York the next day but they didnt care.

When I was coming back to New York with my family the light came on again Check Engine soon and the under tray I had to tied it up again. They really rip me off in this place. This happened on September 07, 2005.


I am a owner of a 2003 nissan maxima I have been a victim of theft of my headlight 3 times within 4 months This has been very costly to me over 3000.00 of my own money as well as over 10,000 in repairs I am very upset with management of nissan,salesman etc. because they knowingly knew this was a manufactory desighn defect and problem since 2002 and sold me a 2003 maxima.I was told by management this was a insurance problem. Please help me in retaining all my losses back .The first 3 times it was my lights next time it might be my life..I would like for nissan to take problem back and give me the value of the car or upgrade it to the 2004 model that has been modified because of the 2002and2003 problem


My problem began when I had Nissan render service to my car, a owned 200SX, on September 23, 2003. Ever since then my car has been turned into a lemon compared to how it was for the last couple of years. I have never been so frustrated in my life, and recieved numerous excuses simply because I am a women. Dealing with individuals that can not only assist me but has kept me off my job and my daughter away from school since this time because of the numerous problems I've encounted. Here is a brief update of the times I had to return my car for services that I paid over $2,000 for!

Furthermore, I was assured it was done. September 27,2003 my oil light comes on, took it in, spoke with Kevin who stated " it was just missing a couple of pints of oil we took care of it". Before I could get down the block I hear a noise from the engine which was the work that was done, sounded like my timeing chain, and immediately I turn around and took it back. Told "Kevin" and he had "George" a service mechanic test drive it with me,who heard the noise. I was told then by "Kevin" that it was a loose hose of somesort its been taken care of. October 2,2003 I return because my oil light has come on, just a reminder this the same light that supposedly was fixed previously for missing a couple pints of oil. I once again call "Kevin" who states " bring it in". I now have to call in to work because I have no transportation. "Kevin" then tells me they would need to keep the car for a number of hours to make sure nothing else is wrong". I leave there midevening unable to attend school. October 4,2003 my oil light returns on and I detour from taking my daughter somewhere else to return to Nissan. Once again spoke with Kevin who states " the censor light simply keeps appearing because of the year of the car but we added more oil. October 8,2003 my engine lights comes on, and I am off from work again because of no transportation, and his time I speak with "Bill Mallaghner" the Service Manager to complain of the numerious times I have been here for my car since they worked on it, and now my oil light continuously being on, and the engine light is now on. He states "this is my first time hearing of this let me have someone look at it."

He returns and states "it was the censor light and with cars that some times happens when extensive work is done on it, and we added more oil it was just missing a couple of pints ,we took care of it". That line sounds familiar. The weekend October 12,2003 I am driving home with my daughter in the car and both the engine and oil light appears, it starts to hesitate as I'm driving, and then the speed monitor begins to decrease so I manuever the car to the side of road when I then hear a loud sound. I stop the car and, take my daughter out, and walk a couple of feet away from the car and called a friend to pick me us while we wait for my husband. My car is then towed to Nissan the next moring October 13,2003 another day my daughter is not in school. My husband and I speak with "Bill" and we were upset rightfully so. Bill states " it is coincidental that all the problems occuring has done so after we fixed the car, but that is all it is a coincidence". I leave with that comment because I am not pleased with his tone, to let my husband deal with him. I'm hoping to find someone over him to launch my complaint to. I was told by a very nice lady to speak with "Pedro" the sales manager because the General Manager, Al Johnson was unavailable. I explain the situation to him, needless to say I was emotional because of the time and money spent dealing with this, to no avail he was useless. We both walk back to my car where my husband, Bill, Kevin, George, and another service mechanic are gathered around, and then we meet back in "Bill" office where he tells that the car needs a new engine that they would be willing to pay for as a courtest because all the oil has leaked out. There was no oil in it! yet just a couple of days ago I was told by Bill it was just the sensor light and oil was placed in it. They could not give me a loaner car because the general manager was not there so I ended up having to rent a car. Which is second time doing so( origionally for three days, and now for four days to fix this problem).

The services rendered on my car cost me $2110.82 and I was told it could not be refunded by Bill. The rental Nissan agreed to pay for, and as they put it,"its for the aggravation I had to go through. The money lost for something that I now have back that sounds worse than it did when I first recieved it is ridiculous.

I am typing this complaint because they problem did not get better yet worse than ever before. It makes a loud noise everytime you stop and when you turn on the car. To no avail have I been able to reach Al Johnson,General Manager, who has tried to reach me and in return I tried to reach him. I was told between meetings he had to attend it would be difficultwas told it would be very difficult to get in contact with him. So now, I am at the point It seems with a car that is not reliabe, and $21100.00 debt all for nothing!

I really hope something could be done, and the moral of this complaint is to request a refund of my money since what "Bill" considred services were rendered and the problem seemed to have gotton worse!


Lots of water coming in on the right side (passenger side) to the carpet.

VIN# 1N4DL01A71C156395
Date of Purchase: 1/01/2001
Odometer 35605

Leased from Esserman Nissan

They (Maroone Nissan)didn't honored the warranty, they charge us $ 281.01, including $ 225.00 for "remove the evaporator and clean from sleves and dirt plus flush the drain", plus parts and tax. Invoice date 8/04/03.

Now after almost 10 days the water star coming in again.

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